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1 LLANFYLLIN. MYLLIN LITERARY SOCIETY.—A mock Board of Guardians election was held at the last meeting" The returning officer was Mr D J Pryce. There were two candidates for one vacancy. After being nominated, the candidates Messrs C E Palser and E M Watkins gave addresses, which were followed by others from supporters. The result of the poll- ing was Palser, 12; Watkins, 7. A capital meet- ing was held. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION.—A meeting of the local Governors of the Llanfyllin County School District was held in the Town Hall yesterday evening when the following were present: Mr j Marshall Dugdale (chairman), the Rev T Jones (Rector), the Rev J C Jones, Messrs E Watkins, J G Williams, and Wm Jones with Mr Ellis Roberts, clerk.—Tenders were received for fitting up the laboratory, and it was decided, on the motion of Mr W Jones, seconded by Mr J P Williams, to accept the tender of the North of England School Furnising Company, as recommended by the architect.—The Ladies' Committee reported having visited the boarding houses and found them satisfactory, with one exception, which had since been satisfactorily arranged.—Referring to the opening ceremony of the New Schools, which are likely to be ready about April, it was unanimously decided, on the motion of Mr J Marshall Dugdale (chairman), seconded by Mr E Watkins, tha Lord lelJdd be asked to open the new buildings. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—THURSDAY. Present: Mr Will Roberts (chairman), Captain D H Mytton, Messrs John Jones, Geo Kempster, D Evans, John Rees, R H Jones, J Lloyd Jones, Wm Jones, J Payne Owen, Thos Roberts, E Davies, J Edwards, David Jones (Guilsfield), Dd Jones (Llan- wddyn), John Ashford, Evan Jones, Ellis Williams, Griffith Jones, and Edward Edwards, with Mr W A Pughe (clerk). MASTER'S REPORT. The Master being unable to attend, owing to ill- ness, his report was read by the Clerk as follows The inmates are very thankful to the Guardians for their Christmas dinner.—Air George Swain sent some rum for the old people, and Mr F W Martin, White Lion, kindly lent, them his gramophone. Mr and Mrs J Mirshall Dugdale have kindlv provided a football for the boys. Their usual entertainment for the inmates was post- poned owing to the prevalence of influenza. Miss Hayhurst kindly sent tobacco, oranges and apples for the men; tea, sugar, oranges and apples for the women and Santa Claus stockings, oranges and apples for the children. Mr J Lomax kindly sent tobacco and pipes for the men, scarfs for the women, dolls, a variety of toys, sweets and so forth for the children. And a. gentleman who did not wish to have his name mentioned had kindly sent 5s. to pay for tobacco for the old people."—On the motion of Mr William Jones seconded by Mr G Kempster the Guardians aeoorded a hearty vote of thanks to the ladies and gentlemen mentioned for their kindness. The number of inmates for the past week was 66, as compared with 71 for the corresponding week of last year. VOTE OF SYMPATHY. On the motion of Mr George Kempster, seconded by Mr William Jones, a vote of sympathy with the widow and family of the late Mr John Davies, relieving officer, was passed, the general feeling of the members being that the Board had lost a most worthy and faithful officer by the death of Mr Davies. THE NEW APPOINTMENT. Referring to the new appointment of relieving officer, Mr John Jones said he did not think they should start the new officer at the same salary as the old one. He did not consider it fair to do so. A yonng officer should start at a reduced salary, and he proposed that the salary be £ 60 instead of £70. This was seconded by Mr David Jones, Guilsfield, and carried.—Mr John Jones said they should not make these offices heirship appointments. They should advertise.—On the motion of Mr J Lloyd Jones, seconded by Mr D Jones, LlanwddJ n, it was decided to advertise for a relieving officer at a salary of E60, the appointment to be made at the next meeting of the Board.—On the motion of Mr J Lloyd Jones, seconded by Mr R H Jones, it was decided to re-appoint Mr J W Davies, son of the late Mr John Davies, who has been acting as deputy officer during his father's illness, to carry on the work for another month. THE MASTER. The Medical Officer of Health (Dr F F Jones) wrote certifying that the Master was suffering from influenza and bronchitis and had been unable to perform his duties for the last twelve days. ENOCH BAILEY. The boy, Enoch Bailey, an inmate at the Work- house, was some weeks ago brought before the magistrates charged with stealing a watch, the property of the porter at the Workhouse. After full particulars of the case had been furnished to the authorities at Stoke Farm, and they wrote agreeing to take the boy in, the justices decided to commit him to the Stoke Reformatory. A letter was now received from the Home Office stating that the Secretary of State decided to inform the justioeig that he had no other alternative but to order the discharge of the boy as he was not under legal detention, it being illegal to send a boy under twelve years of age to a Reformatory School on a first conviction.—The Secretary at Stoke Farm wrote stating that they thought the boy was likely to benefit by the discipline at Stoke and they were sorry to have to turn him adrift.—The Guardians decided to ask them to keep him for a short time until arrangements were made to transfer him if possible to an Industrial School. RURAL DISTRICT I OUNCIL.—THURSDAY. Mr John Jones, Varchoel, presiding. A letter was read from the Local Government Board sanctioning the re-appomtment of Dr F Felix Jones as medical officer of healtli.-Lianfair Parish Cout cil wrote drawing attention to certain footpaths and foot-bridges. The District Council were willing to consider footpaths which were for the use of the general public, but where the foot- path is only used by a few local people, they thought it the duty of the Parish Council to attend to it.—Another letter was read from Llanfair Parish Council, referring to the road men, was allowed to lie on the table, the Surveyors (Messrs Hole and Storer) stating that they had received no complaiuts at all from the men.— Mr J P Griffiths reported that he hrd inspected the canal boats. There were 23 of them, and they all conformed to the regulations. He found there were seven children belonging to them who did not attend school. He was powerless to act, as they were not. in his district. WELSHPOOL AND LLANFAIR RAILWAY. In pursuance of notice given at the last Board, Mr J Llovd Jones moved that the resolutio n of 18th March, 1897, be varied to the extent following That the sum of £1,600 be advanced to the Weishpool and Llanfair Light Railway Company on terms set forth in the agreement in writing to be entered into by the said Company and the Conncil." This was seconded by Mr David Evans and agreed to. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr Store!, the surveyor, reported having in- spected the draiu in front of the chapel and cottages at Bwlchycibau. He could not recommend the Council to pipe more than 74 feet of this drain as there is a certain amount of rock opposite the chapel, and should the pipes be laid without sufficient covering they would all be broken by heavy weights. It was agreed to pipe the 74 feet as suggested. Mr Wm Roberts's offer to give the team labour was accepted.—The Surveyor reported that the culvert near Abernant had been corn pleted. He also reported that the large stone placed on the VVaenfach road in Llansantffr.iid Deytheur by Mr Jones, Trewvlan, had been broken. That the Horse Bridge at Peutre Ucha, Pennant, had been completed at a cost of 115 12s. That Mr Benbow, the tenant of Brynmawr, objects to the widening of the road, between Trefnauny and Brynmawr, en the upper side as it will interfere with the gateway which leads into his field. This question was deferred.— The expenditure for the last month was: — Manual labour, C60 lis 8d team labour, £ 1 16s materials, £61 7s 10d total £ 123 15s 6d. The Meifod Parish Council wrote drawing attention to a footbridge in Gwae'.od field which required a hand rail. The Surveyor said this had been attend- ed to. He also drew attention to the footbridge over the brook on the path leading from Coedcow- ryd to Forge Farm, to the main road. The Surveyor was instructed to make enquiries as to this.











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