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CHESS. All communications for this department should be addressed to the Chess Editor, who will be glad to hear from Secretaries of Chess Clubs as to tournaments, matches, &e. All letters to reach this office by Wednesday morning. Local intelligence will be given the preference to other news. Vs PROBLEM No. 176.Soltitions invited. (Glasgow Weekly Herald). BLACK-6 Pieces. WHITE-9 Pieces. White to play and mate in three moves. Position White-K fir K6, B at KKt7, Ktat K5, Ps at QR4, QK5, QKt3, QB2, KB2 and- KR5. Black-K at K5, Ps at QKt5, K2, KB4, KKt2 and KR3. We understand that the annual New Year's Holiday Tournament will be held at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno, in the early part of next month. It is, perhaps, one of the most enjoyable chess meetings in the country, and being held in Wales it deserves the strongest support of all the local clubs. Whilst lately visiting the headquarters of chess in Loudon, Simpson's Divan in the Strand, we missed some old habitu'es and noticed some fresh recruits. The most notable absentee was Bird, the veteran player, who was lying on a sick bed, but is since, we are pleased to say, much better. Black- burn was also absent being on a chess tour in Scot- land. Van Vlict, the genial chess editor of the Hereford Times was there deep in tho mystery of an intricate chess combination and apparently oblivi- ous of all around him. Lee was also present, and Dlaying that game of dominoes called Matador, which seems to be a favourite game amongst fre- queuters of the Divan. The mention of Simpson's Divan reminds us of an amusing story which is told of it. A certain well-known habitue was well known to have an aversion to having a money slake on his game, much to the disgust of the many professionals who frequent the rooms. During a game which he was playing with one of the masters, a bystander was making himself objectionable by remarking audibly on the progress of the game, and at last finished up by saying, I am glad to see you object to the filthy lucre, 11 r To which Mr— whose patience was now quite exhausted, replied, "it is not the filthy lucre I object to, but the filthy I looker-on." Collapse of bystander. It is not generally known that the Lancet, at the commencement of its career, had a chess column every week, its founder being of the opinion that chess was a game which should, ba indulged in by medical men on account of its superiority as a mental pastime. IRREGULAR OPENING. WHITE. BLACK. J Mason. A Barn. 1 P-QB4 P—Q3 2 P-K3 P-Q4 3 Kt—KB3 Kt—KB3 4 Kt-QB3 B-K2 5 P-Q4 Castles 6 B-Q3 P-QB4 7 P x QP BP x P 8 KP x P (1) Kt x P 9 Castles Kt—QB3 10 R-Ksq QKt-Kt5 (2) 11 B—Ktsq Kt (0,4)— B3 12 P—QR3 Kt (Kt5)—Q4 13 Q-Q3 P- KKt3 14 B-112 P-Kt3 15 Kt-K5 B—Kt2 16 B-R6 R—Ksq 17 Q-R3 (3) B-KB8q 18 I-l-Kt5 B—K2 19 QR-Qsq (4) P- QR3 20 R-Q3 RQ—Bsq 21 R- B3 Kt x Kt (5) 22 R x Kt (B3) Q x P (6) 23 Kt x BP Kt-K5 24 B-K3 It x R 25 Kt—R6 ch K-Bsq 26 Q x P Q—Kt2 27 P x R (7) B-Q3 28 Q-R3 Kt x QBP (8) 29 B- Kt3 (9) B—B5 30 K-Bsq (10) P-R4 31 B-—QB4 (11) P-QKt4 (12) 32 B—B5ch Resigns Notes by B H VPilsbiiry. (1) There is nothing to fear from isolating his Queen's Plawti, aud moreover, his pieces are given increased freedom of action. (2) The object of the Knight's moves is to k^ep the adverse pawn isolated, and at the same time prevent any direct attack upon the Kiug but they permit the entrance of the White Knight at K5, where it cannot, be easily dislodged. Black coul,1 not play P-QKi3 without loss by 11 Kt x Kt, Q x Kt (bept.); 12 B—K4, Q-Q3; 13 Q-B2, Kt— Kt5 14 Q—Iv 1:q, winning a Pa wn at least but 10 Kt x Kc; 11 P x Kt. P—QK;3; 12 Q-K2, B — Kt2 13 Q-K4. P—KKt3 was not very dangerous for Black, and preferable to the text, which allows too strong an attack. (Z) Threatening Kt x BP. (4) The sacrifice would not be sound at this point: e.g., 19 Kt x BP, K x Kt; 20 Q x KPch, K- Kt2 21 Kt, x Kt, Kt x Kt (best); 22 B x Kt, B x B; 23 Q — K5ch. K—B2, and will win. (5) White can now win by 22 Kt x BP, K x Kt; 23 Q x KPch, K-Kt2; 24 Q—B7ch. K—Rsq 25 R x B, and wins; or if 22 Q x QP, 23 P x Kt, Q KKt5 24 Kt — R6ch.and wins. (6) B — Q4 was imperative now, and gave Black a good game. (7) Kt—B5 is met by R x B, and Black would win. (8) B-Q Beq gave Black some hope, the text move should lose at once. (9) 29Kt,—B5 wins here in all variations. (10) If now 30Kt—B5, Kt-K7ch; 31K-Rsq, PsKt; 32 BxB, Black contains a winning supe- riority by BxPch, &c. (11) Again, Kt—R5 wins, if in reply B—R3ch 32K—Kt eq, Kt—K7ch 33K—R sq, PxKt; 34 QxPch, K-K2; 35BxB, and must win; and if Black in this variation 33 Queen moves anywhere, 34Q.—R6ch, forcing mate in a few moves. (13) Of course a frightful error, which loses at once. -+-




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