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CAEESWS. GRAND ENTERTAINMENT AT THE WORKHOUSE.— Thursday was a red letter day in the history of the inmates of the Caersws Workhouse, inasmuch as a grand musical and miscellaneous entertainment was given, promoted by the R.W.W. Recreation Society, Newtown, the best local talent available having been secured. Each inmate was also pre- sented with an envelope containing 3d, the gift of Col Pryce-Jones, M.P., who presided at the enter- tainmeBt; oranges, tobacco, &c., being given by the other gentlemen, whilst the Entertainment Com- mittee presented each inmate with a Transvaal war souvenir. The spacious dining hall was, through the tact and careful supervision of Mrs Parry (the matron), transformed into a really beautiful concert room. The hall was filled to its utmost capacity, ladies and gentlemen from a great distance attending and showing their appreciation of the efforts of the Newtown friends to brighten the lives of the inmates of the establishment. The Chairman opened the meeting, and more particularly addressed the inmates shewing that in the midst of his activity in connection with the Imperial Yeomanry movement as well as the affairs of his own Volunteer Battalion he is able to throw himself heart and soul into the laudable effort to make others enjoy themselves. One gentleman guardian remarked that to have an M.P. to preside at their concert had never pre- viously occurred in the history of the House, axd Mr R Jones, Pertheirin in taking the chair after the gallant Colonel left (which he had to do to fulfil another engagement) he remarked this inas- much as he was taking the place of no ordinary man,—an M.P. and one wno was now very promin- ently before the county in connection with the Transvaal he must claim the indulgence of the audience. However, after a few introductory remarks from the Chairman, in which he advised the inmates, in the event of their beine: anxious to tecnre more newspapers, or periodicals, to apply to the Visiting Guardians, where he was sure their wish would be gratif-ed, the programme was pro- ceeded with. It wa opened by the Cambrian Male Voice partv with "Rule Britannia" and this gave a splendid key note to the the proceedings and their subsequent selections were equally well received. Mr G G Trow in Father O'Flynn gave the large audience every satisfaction, whilst Mr F P Keay (On Guard) and Mr E D Jones (the Bashful Young Man) were very happy in their selections. Mr E Cleaton gave a very good rendering of Death of Nelson." fol- lowed by a capital rendei inL, of The two sailors" by Mr J H Humphreys and Mr G G Trow. At the interval a collection in aid of the summer trip fund for the inmates was made and realised the good sum of X3. The second part opened with a piano- forte solo by Miss Trow, and included also a splendid recitation by Mr Keay. "The Spanish Champion"; a capital rendition of The noble boy of truth by Mr Stewart Humphreys solo by Mr H Owen, entitled," Sweet Genevieve whilst Mr Keay in a humorous song, What I have suffered nobody knows was the coup de yruce and fairly brought down the house, the performers being deservedly encored. Mr E Cleaton in a song and chorus, Jack Tar," and again with Mr R Jones in The two patriots" delighted the audience and the programme concluded by singing the National Anthem, the bolo being taken by Mr J H Humph- reys. Previous to this, however, very cordiai votes of thankt were passed to the sincere, the accom- panists (Miss Lilv Trow, and Miss Rose Thomas), the Master and Matron, for making all we pre- parations, and everything passed off in a most pleasant manner. The Rev J Hugh Edwaro v^'10 was to have given a recitation, wrote statu g that he was called to Abervetwyth on urgent bswinees, and a letter was also Pfld from Mr G M Evans, re- gretting that through family bereavement he was unable to attend. Mr Evan Jones. Henblas, Mr Kinsey, Maesmawr, Mr Danes, Dolfofien, Mr Phillips, Llwvnvbrain, and other gentlemen were present and nWisted in rri akirig the evening as enter- taining to the company as possible, and Colonel Pryce-Jones, M.P.. on leaving was accorded a ▼rv hearty vote of thanks for doing them the honour of paving them a visit. After tut concert the singers and a few friends were hospitally entertained to a very sumptuous suppei by the GUARDIANS who were recorded a very hearty vote of thanks.




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