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NEWTOWN. I FIND it necessary to state that I am prepared to supply Fijst-class Pianos. Organs, aUf: Harmon- iums at prices not to be touched by any firm n the county. Write and compare it will well r repay you.—E. Francis. Carno, Mont. [Advt. SALVATION ARMY. — On Monday evening two lantern services were held at the Barracks, one for children and the other for adults, both bpin largely attended. Mr D Powell, amper, manipulated the lantern. NEWTOWN FOOTBALLERS AND THE WAR.—It is feared that Newtown Football Club will lose the services of two of their best forwards in Jack Miner and Dicky Morris, the former having volun- teered with the Imperial Yeomanry, aud the later with the South Wales Borderers. It is however thought that both will be able to take part in the Cup Tie at Aberystwyth, on the 20th inst. TO-DAY'S MATCH WITH ARE:RYST%N-I-Tli. This Combination fixture is looked forward to with a great amount of interest, but the home team will not be fully represented as one or two of the men are suffering from influenza. The Committee have invited the members of the local Imperial Yeomanry to the match. POLICE COUBT.—YESTERDAY. Before Mr Richard Lloyd (presiding), Messrs Hugh Lewis, Rd Morgan and A S Cooke. A KERRY SHOEMAKER FINED.-Alfred Jones, shoemaker, Kerry, was charged with trespassing- in pursuit of game on the 18th December.—P.S. Morgan said that on the above date, about 5-20 in the evening on the highway between Sarn and Kerry, he met defendant who, when he saw him, attempted to make off. He (Sergt Morgan) how- ever caught him and searched him. suspecting that he had been out on a poaching expedition. He found inside his coat a rabbit not quite dead, several purse nets and a ferret. Defendant also carried a gun, one barrel of which was discharged and the other loaded.—Mr Martin Woosnam de- fended and pleaded that Sergeant Morgan was not justified in searching Jones, having no reasonable grounds for suspecting him to have been poaching. —Defendant said in addition to his ordinary work be did a little rabbit catching. On the 18th of December whilst returning from Mr Hamer's, Gwenthlow, where be had been employed catching rabbits he met Sergeant Morgan who searched him alleging that he had been trespassing m pursuit of game. He offered to take the sergeant back to where he had been working throughout the day, but the officer refused to accompany him.—John Hamer, Gwentblow, said he had given defendant permission to shoot rabbits on his farm whenever he wished to. He did not know whether defendant had been on his land on the 18th but very likely he had.-The Belich retired to consider the case, and on their return said they thought the case clearly proved against defendant who would be fined £ 1 and costs and his gun and nets sold and the pro- ceeds paid to the county. In default defendant to undergo 14 days' imprisonment. Allowed a month to pay. CHRISTMAS CCLPRITS.-Richa.rd Williams, Lady- well-street, and William Jones, Gullet Court, were charged with the same offence as tbe foregoing defendant.—George Samuei Breese, gamekeeper to Colonel Robinson, of Aberhafesp Hall, said that on Christmas Day, whilst walking with his employer in an enclosed wood on the estate, he saw two men, who ran away. He went after them and saw one of them, whom he reoognised as Williams, put something into a hedge. Going on etill further he found both men had been stopped by the Colonel. Asked what they had been doing defendants said they had been rabbit catching. They further stated they had no game in their possession. Witness took the defendant Williams back to the place where he had seen him hide something in tha hedge, and there found a dead rabbit. Asked where was the ferret both defendants replied they had not got one. Williams saying he had killed the rabbit with a stick. Making a careful search of the wood he and the Colonel found on one spot two nets and in another place four nets laid on a burrow and a ferret inside tne burrow.—Defendants, who made no appearance, were fined as follows: Jones, against whom there were no previous convictions, 10s and costs, and Williams, who had seveial times figured in similar cases, jEl and costs. In default Jones to be imprisoned for 14 days and Williams for 21 days.





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