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LLANIDLOES. LECTURE.—Mr F Eardley Wilmot, R.N., secretary of the Church of England Temperance Society, delivered a lecture at the National Schools on Mon- day evening. The Vicar (the Rev E 0 Jones, M A ) presided, and despite the unpropitious weather there was a good attendance. The lecturer was listened to with close attention, and in the course of his remarks Mr Wilmot drew a vivid picture of the crime and destitution caused by the influence of the drink traffic, supporting his argument with the testimony of judges and eminent doctors of the present day. The work of the society was based on biblical teaching, and he implored thocr pro- fessing Christians to roll away the stone whh h was a great barrier to the extension of God's Kingdom. At the close, after a few enconraging words from Mr J Davies, L & P Bank, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer, and the Vica*- siguified his it,teiition of calliug a meeting at a future date with th3 object of forming a branch at Llanidloes. AT THE FRONT.-—Llanidloes is well represented in the war. Those at the front with General Buller in Genera 11 Barton's Fusilier I rignde iLe ude Arthur son of Mr J H Mills, and three brothers named Archie, Bill, and Tom Borthwick whose grand- father, Mr McMurdo, still resides at Llanidloes. We also understand that Mr C II Beadnell. eldest son of Major C E Beadnell, a surgeon on H.M. Terrible, is at present with Lord Methuen and survived Graspan, Belmont, Modder River, and Magersfontein battles. He left Durban with the contingent under Captain Lambton for Ladysmith, but fortunately was detained on the way. Mrs Cuixiings, the daughter of Captain H C T Beadnell. who was only married last year, is also, in com- pany with her husband, besieged at Kimberley. With the Household Cavalry, now serving under General French, is Trooper R Jones, 1st Life Guards, son of Mrs Jones, Bethel street. BOROUGH POLICE COURT.—THURSDAY. Before Messrs Ed Davies (mayor), J Kinsey Jones, and Daniel Davies. GOT OFF CBEAP.- James Hamer, High street, was summoned for having deposited night soil in the street.-John Morgan (sanitary inspector) said that on Dec 13th, about 8 o'clock in the morning, when going down Long Bridge street, he saw that someone had been washing out buckets near the town pump. On making inquiries he found that defendant was the offender. He had previously warned the defendant.-P.C. Roberts said that about 12 o'clock on the 12th ult. he saw the defend. ant by the pump swilling two buckets. Witness said nothing to him thinking he was fetching water. When served with the summons be ad- mitted the offence.—Fined 5s including costs. I A';SA ULT.-ED ward Morgan, Church-street, was charged with assaulting John Davies, Lower Cefn- penarth, on December 23rd.—Complainant stated that he was in the King's Head on the above date when Morgan came in with two other men, and said to complainant that his hat was not on straight. Witness told him to mind his own business. The defendant then said it was a bad thing to have a crooked head, and witness replied that his hat was all right. A few minutes afterwards the defend- ant struck him in the eye. Defendant with other men had been poaching on his farm.—Fined 10s and costs. DRUNK.-Edward Evans, Smithfield-street, was charged with being drunk in Long Bi idge-street at 10-10 p.m. on Christmas night. P.C. Roberts I proved the case and a fine of 5s and costs was imposed. TOWN COUNCIL.—THURSDAY. Present, Alderman E Davies (mayor), E Bowen, W George, and W Ashton, Councillors J Kinsev Jones, Ed Hamer, R George, G Hercomb, D Rees, Edmund Hamer, and E D Marpole, with Messrs Arthur Davies, town clerk, J Davies, assistant clerk, James Grant, clerk of the works, J Morgan, inspector, and R Williams, borough rate collector. AN ADVANCE. The Scavenging Committee recommended that an application from Mr Richard Ingram for an advance of 6d per day for carting town refuse from 2s to 2s 6d be granted, and this was agreed to. FINANCE. The Finance Committee reported as follows :— Amount of tells collected during the month, 18s 6d I rates, £ 72; total amount of current rate collected, -9 JE401 17s 6d. The present state of No 1 accourt in the Bank was one of a debit of Ell Os lOd, and that of the water account a credit of zCI,763 9s 5d Bills amounting to £ 20 15s Id, including medica- officer's salary XID, were recommended for pay- ment.—The Rate Collector reported his inability to collect the accumulated rates (£8 Os 8d) due from Mrs Elizabeth Breeze and Mr John Breeze on their property in Commercial Square.—The Secretary of the Finance Committee (Mr R George) for a period of three years requested the Council to elect a successor, the time for which he consented to act having expired. A new rate of Is 8J in the pound was presented for signature, and bills on the water account amounting to S529 2s 3d, including cer- tificate to contractor and engineer's commission, were recommended fcr payment.—The report was adopted, and on the suggestion of Alderman Ash- ton it was decided to try other means before resort- ing to legal proceedings. A RATING QUESTION. A letter was read from the Secretary of the Cambrian Railways Co. with respect to the rating of their property, and objected to the claim made against them for borough rate.—Mr Williams said the sum applied for amounted to £ 60.—Mr J Kin- sey Jones asked whether the Company were entitled to the deductions claimed, and whether the Council would have to abide by the valuation of the sug- gested assessor (Mr Castle).—The Clerk said he had not been able to go into the matter, but would report by the next meeting. The question had not been settled with Mr John Davies.Air Jones said he had seen Mr Davies, and he d,d not see how there could possibly be any difference in the basis of the poor rate and the general district rate. Why the Company claimed exemption be could not understand. Surely they had some gronnds for objecting to pay.— Mr R George understood that Mr Castle had been appointed by the Assessment Committee at Caersws.-Mr Jones tnought the Council had not sufficient information, and on the motion of Alderman George the question was de- ferred for a month. MAIN EXTENSION. The question of extending the water main to the Woodlands, in reference to which the Council was petitioned by the inhabitants two months ago, was discussed and it was eventually decided to serve the owner with the necessary notices with a view of carrying out the work. THE LOAN THANKS TO THE COUNTY AND BOROUGH MEMBERS. Mr Kinsey Jones referred to the valuable assist- ance rendered by the County and Borough Mem- bers in influencing the Local Government Board and the Public Works Loan Commissioners to grant the extension of the old loan from 12 to 15 years, and moved that the Town Clerk convey the sincere thanks of the Council for their services.—Alderman George seconded and it was unanimously carried. WATER SUPPLY. The engineers (Messrs Beesley, Son and Nichols), stated that owing to the very inclement and wintry weather during the past month, and being advised by Mr Grant taat the works had been stopped for a period owing to frost, they did not think it neces- sary to incur the expense of a special visit to Llan- idloes to inspect the same. Mr Grant had forwarded the necessary particulars to enable them to make out the certificate to Mr Meredith of X503 18s 4d for work done under his contract.—Reservoir: The manholes on the outlet tunnel had been completed, and about 200 cubic yards of clay pn Idle had been put in titu for forming the wall-al dam, 1,480 yards run of five inch, and 170 yards of four inch mains had also been laid complete during the month. THE VACANCY ON THE COUNCIL. The Mayor called the Council's attention to the vacancy caused by the death of Mr L P Marshall, and thought steps should be taken to fill the same. -Tiir Rees Without an election I hope.—The Mayor If the proper party is nominated there is no need of an election.—Mr Kinsev Jones I under- stand that the Council cannot elect one.—The flavor: I have known vacancies filled without consulting the public at all.—Alderman George That would not be tolerated now.—Replying to questions, the Clerk stated that if any two burgesses desired the vacancy filled, notice should be given the Mayor or Town Clerk in writing, and an election necessarily would take place within 14 days. — After some discussion the matter was deferred. SUMMARY.—Mr Hercomb was appointed secretary of the Finance Committee.—A letter was read from Mr R Williams, coroner, stating that at an inquest held by him on December 22nd on the body of an old woman, who was found in the river near Severn Port, the jury added to their verdict the following rider The jury desire to call the attention of the Town Council to the unprotected state of the river bank." The place the coroner added certainly looked very dangerous, especially to children, and old people, particularly after dark.—A copy of the Lighting Committee's report calling attention to the use of No 4 instead of No 5 burners (as per contract) in the street lamps was requested to be forwarded to the Gas Company for an explanation.

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