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FOOTBALL NOTES. [By VETERAN."] The great local Cap finals are over, and very exciting games were witnessed at all. Let us take them iu order. The Welsh Junior Cup Final took place at Welshpool, and, thanks to Mr A P Davies and the energetic Welshpool committee, passed off without the slightest hitch. The arrangements as to ground &c., were excellent, and gave great satis- faction to the Welsh Association Commmittee. The game began quite half-an-hour behind time owing to the late arrival of the Shrewsbury men. Oswestry won the toss and had wind, ground, and sun in their favour. At first the" tobacco men" showed up fairly well, and exhibited some nice passing, but Kenyon and the other defenders of the United easily kept them in check. The Oswestry forwards did not indulge in smart passing, but thev went for goal most determinedly with many dangerous rushes. Early in the game they had rather hard lines in not scoring, but their time came before the game was fifteen minutes old. A very good run and centre was made by the left wing and Davies gave the goalkeeper no chance with his shot. Just previous to this one of Singleton's backs in clearing nearly gave a goal against his side. The Singleton team put a little more life into their plav after this reverse but they could maVe no headway, and if Kenyon did not bottle up the forwards one of the backs did, Humphreys being very good in this respect. Burgin once saved in rare style from a dangerous run on the right wing. Matthews with a good long shot once fetched the goalkeeper on his knees to save, and several of the others sent in warm shots so that the goalkeeper had his hands full. Oil changing ends it was thought that the Shrewsbury men would pull through all right, and certain y for about a quarter of an hour they had the better of the play, but then they hhd shot their bolt. With the greatest ease the little Reserves not only kept back their disorganised attacks but they also made several attempts to add to their score. Once Mack after passing the backs had the goal at his mercy but for some reason Matthews chipped in and the two cooks spoilt the broth. No further goals were scored and Oswestry ran out deservedly winners of the Welsh Junior Cup, much to the delight of the supporters of the club. No one was more pleased to hear the final whistle than Mr Allen. The second half seemed to him quite double the length of the first, and he began to think the Referee had lost his watch. I was glad, as much for Pa Allen's sake as that of his club, that his team won. The United played with much more dash than the losers, and seemed in better condition. Indeed all worked so hard that they did not recover themselves for their stiff fight against Bridgnorth in the Shropshire Junior final. Mr Joe Davies, Cefn, was a capable and impartial referee and kept the players well in hand. After the match, Mr Davies, Secretary to the Welsh Association, presented the Cup to the win- ners. Mr Davies said while congratulating Oswes- try on their well earned victory, he must must sympathise with the losers, who had fought a hard battle. They had played well, but the winners had done a little better. He trusted the Cup finals would all be as fairly and pleasantly contested as this had been (cheers). The Captain of the Oswes- try team replied in a modest speech, and thanked Mr Davies for presenting the Cup and for his remarks. It was the first time an Oswestry Reserve team had won the Cup and he hoped it would not be the last. The news of the success of the Reserve was warmly received at Oswestrv, and the special train in the evening contaiaing the victorious team was welcomed by hundreds of the supporters of the club, who cheered enthusiastically as the train steamed into the station. Cheer after cheer went up when Mr Allen, the hon secretary, held up the trophy, and as the victors stepped out of the train, Mr Allen and his men were escorted through the streets by "n immense crowd. The Cup was heid aloft and ringing cheers wore given till the Cup was placed in Mr Seth Powell's shop window. Mr Allen was called upon for a speech. He said the Cup had been won bv their little Reserves, and it bad been won on their merits alone. The impartial spectators and many of the Shrewsbury suppoi i.ers said the same, so it must be right. He hoped on Monday the Cup would have the company of another. Mr Allen's hopes were not realised, for on Monday the Reserves were decidedly beaten by a better team. The efforts of Saturday's stiff encounter had not worn off, and many of the men seemed stiff and limping, bat I think if they had beeu as fresh as paint thev vvonid not have won. A tremendous crowd lined the ropes and both teams were well received. Oswestrv won the toss and had wind and sur. in their favour. In the first miDuter so they did well and got dangerous, but once the Bridgnorth men got going they made the pace too hot for the Reserves. They were a very speedy lot and quick on the ball, but they did not depeUll alone upon this. At times their combination was good and effective. The first goal to them was rushed through in a scrimmage. Before the interval they were granted a peualty, but this came to nothing. With the wind against them it was any odds against, Oswestry, but they played up pluckily and certainly had at least a couple of chances of scoring. On the other hand the Bridge- north men did most of the pressing, and certainly had hard lines in not scoring more. The goal they got in this half was an unsatisfactory one, as it was from a penalty. Foulkes, Humphreys, Kenyon, and Matthews were the best men for Oswestry, and these fonr worked tremendously hard. Burgin, too, was little inferior to his partner, but he seemed to suffer from the previous game. After this match came the game of the day- Oswestry v St George's. I should have stated earlier that there were no less than three matches on the Shrewsbury ground on Monday. The first was between Stourbridge and Shrewsburv. The play in this was very pretty and good, and Shrews- bury were very lucky indeed to make a draw of it. Their play was not of such a high character and especially was this noticeable in the forward line. Good as this game was, it was not a Cup tie. although there was plenty of excitement. That was reserved to the last on the programme. The Dragons stepped on the field brimming over with confidence, and felt the Cup was once more going to St George's. When it was found Oswestry had won the toss, the friends of the Dragons took it as a good omen. "Ah!" said one of them to me, "the Reserves won the toss and lost the game, and I'll bet vou a trifle the old 'uns are served the same." My friend, I said, Keep your mon j, you will want it later on to help to drown your sorrow." Drink the health of the Dragons von mean," said he. Well, the game may be tersely described as a typical Cup tie final. Hard work and splendid determination all through, with Oswestry having slightly the best of the game. With the wind in their favour the United pressed severely and the forwards had several good openings, but erratic shooting and very smart defence and goal keeping kept them at bay. The forwards did excellent work in the open and np to goal, but then the shooting was not up to he usual Oswestry mark. With splendid and grim determination did the Dragons face the wind and their powerful opponents, and several times caused the Oswestry defence much uneasiness. Once indeed an easy goal should have been scored but Davies, Lloyd and Watkin between them, in an almost miraculous mantier, got the ball away. The whole of the first half was doggedly contested, Oswestry nearly always dangerous. With change of end3 the friends of the Dragons thought the Cup is good as won. For a short time they certainly did a little pressing jbut ere long they were driven back and the goalkeeper and the whole of the defence were taxed to their utmost. Verv seldom in the first half-hour of this part did the Dragons become actually dangerous. At laat the Oswestry left wing got away and a fine centre by Goodrich ended in the ball being rushed into the net, Tabor, I think, putting on the last touch. This point was loudly cheered by the supporters of Oswestry while my old friend from St George's looked desperately glum. The Dragons were not done with and in the last five minutes worked harder and better than they had done before. They forced about five corners and once all but did the trick, Davies saving marvellously, but the stout United men held on and won a grand Cup final bv one goal to none. The better team won but as the score shows there was not much in it. Both teams deserve praise for their fine display. Just before the game began, Leonard Benbow sent a telegram to his old mates wishing them success in both finals. The winners played well to a man. If I were to single any one player out for special praise it would be Barratt,who worked tremendously bard from beginning to end. He played the game —attending to the ball and not to the men. Of course he did not give way to any one, but the ball he went for and as a rule got it. The defence was sound and dashing, even Watkin, after getting hurt, played well. Lloyd was quite at his best, while Benbow and Foulkes did good work. The forwards were wrestled about a bit and did not at fir,t quite play up to their best form. Wellings was the best in the first half and his centres were very correct In the second half they all played finely and Good- rich brought off one of his good things. Davies in goal was very smart. The Dragons were a very even lot—not brilliant or dashing—but terribly in earnest. They and their supporters were greatly disappointed in losing. The gate was a very good one and the amount taken was upwards of £200. The final tie between Weston Rhyn and Pant at Oswestry on Saturday for the Village Cup proved a very interesting game. Pant forced the pace at the beginning and the game was a fast and vigour- ously contested one. Both sides scored once before crossing over. Although very exciting the pace in the second half slowed down, especially towards the end. The Pant men exhibited greater signs of fatigue. Weston scored twice and ran out winners by 3 to 1, thus winning the Cup two years in succession. An achievement not accomplished previously by any other team. A tremendous crowd gathered round the ropes at Chirk for the Welsh Cup Final between the Druids (holders), aud Wrexham. Wrexham succeeded better than their opponents in the first half, but in the play there was little to choose, and the Wrexhamites have to thank their brilliant goal- keeper (Jardine), for their lead of 2 to 1 at half-time. He saved many times in a truly masterly manner. In the second half the Druids went for them in no half hearted fashion. The Wrexham players defended most stubbornly for some time but the attacks were so persistent and determined that the equaliser came eventually. Hammer and tongs went the game and Wrexham were indeed very lucky to hold out without any further loss. I can fanes the smiles on the face of Mr Davies, Secretary, when the final whistle blew. and the game had to be replayed, and when the equaliser came even the stoical face of Mr Kendrick lent itself to a beaming smile. When the teams meet again on the same ground on the fifteenth another fine game should be seen, The semi-final for the St. Martin's and District Cup between Adwy United and Whittington was well contested in the first half. When however the Adwy men had the wind and sun in their favour there was no stopping them and they ran out deservedly winners bv 4 to 1. Beginning on Good Friday Aberystwyth wns the scene of several good football contests, in each of which the home team came out with flying colours. On Good Friday Liverpool Leek paid them a yisit. This team was not only a strong eleven but thev kuew their work well and gave the homestsrs a hard nut to crack. Bat the homesters cracked that nut all the same to the tune of 3 to 2. The play of the home team was excellent throughout and the young forwards, light though they may be, played a reallv plucky game. A Green as usual coming out first. The match on Saturday with Newport (rdop) attracted a large crowd. The team played a very poor gme the forwards showing up very rigged. They managed to get a goal though before half-time arrived, and in the second half played a better game, eventually beatiug Newport by four goals to one. The match on Easter Tuesday between Aber- ystwyth and Springfield (Birmingham) was dis- appointing. The visitors showed but a poor know- ledge of football and the spectators felt that a better entertainment ought to have been provided. Springfield failed to score and the homesters ran out winneis by five goals to none. Thus in three matches Aberystwyth came off winners and put on 12 goals as against three ef their opponents. Chirk during Eastertide have considerably im- proved, having succeeded in notching five points out of six. On Friday they beat. South Liverpool by 2 goals to 1, and by the F1; ,TIe score vanquished Rhyl United, both matches being played away, the latter on Saturday last. On Tuesday Tranmere Rovers visited Chirk. The teams were very evenly matched in the first half, but the interval arrived with a clean sheet. In the second moiety Chirk displayed commendable tactics, but failed to pene- trate the defence of their opponents, and a good game terminated in a draw of no goals each. Garston Copperworks played their return match wiih the Druids on Saturday, when neither team was fully represented. The feature of the game was the goalkeeping by Ashworth for the Copper- works, who was deservedly applauded. Thomas and Jones (Ruabon) who have played for Melrose proved sterling defenders for the homesters, and the forwards were all in beautiful working order, Jim Davies being especially active together with Pugh and Ralph Jones. In the First League games the two bottom places seem destined for Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton Wanderers, nnd it is a great pity thas"two sueh old clubs should be relegated to the Second League. A CAERSWS COMPLAINT. Sat,—I have often read in your football notes paragraphs relating to the Machynlleth team and I always thought them to be a set of sportsmen who would forego anything sooner than a match, but I must say I have changed my opinion respect- ing them after what occurred here on Saturday. The team arrived here by the 2.30 p.m. traiu to play the Caersws team. The home team could not possibly be got together until 4.30, and this infor- mation was wired to tho Machynlleth secretary that morning. On the arrival of the team the captain informed the Caprsws captain that they must return by the 4.30 train as they could not possibly stay later, he was informed tha' they could not get the men together until after that time as the team is for the most part com- posed of railway men who could not leave their duty even for a football match; after considerable argument the Machynlleth men marched back to the railway station and took train for home with- out playing the match. Now this is not what the Caersws team did, they even went to Machynlleth on a previous Saturday with only nine men rather than disappoint them of a match. I hope you will find room for this in your notes, thanking you in anticipation.-Yours &c. A CAERSWS COMMITTEE MAN. THE LEAGUE.-FIRST DIVISION. Coals. P W L D F A PTS Astou Villa 29 16 8 5 57 37 37 Liverpool 30 16 9 5 42 28 37 Burnley 30 14 9 7 43 42 35 Blackburn Rovers 31 14 10 7 58 47 35 Everton 30 14 10 6 44 36 34 Notts County 31 11 7 13 44 43 35 Sunderland 31 13 12 G 39 40 32 Wolverhampton W. 31 12 12 7 48 46 31 NottsForesc. 31 10 10 11 38 38 31 Derby County 31 10 10 11 5953 31 Bury 30 12 12 6 42 46 30 West Bromwich A 31 12 13 6 41 43 30 Stoke 30 12 13 5 43 47 29 Sheffield United 32 9 12 11 45 49 29 Newcastle United 31 9 14 8 45 46 26 Preston North End 30 9 14 7 37 43 25 Sheffield Wednesday 32 8 17 7 30 59 23 Bolton Wanderers" 29 7 16 6 33 46 20 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Goals. P W L D F A PTS. Iron-Bridge 12 8 1 3 37 8 19 Walsall Reserve 12 8 3 1 37 11 17 St. George's 12 7 3 2 28 20 16 Newtown 11 6 3 2 33 12 14 Wem 14 5 7 2 14 24 12 Wrockwardine Wood 9 2 6 1 14 36 5 Welshpool United 11 2 8 1 13 44 5 Newport 11 1 8 2 5 26 4 THE COMBINATION. Goals. P W L D F A PTS Liverpool Reserve 22 19 1 2 81 15 40 Everton Reserve 22 19 1 2 92 17 40 Druids 23 14 8 1 55 24 29 Wrexham 24 13 9 2 49 43 28 Chester 23 11 8 4 49 46 26 Tranmere Rovers 18 10 6 2 35 26 22 Bangor 21 8 8 5 47 63 21 *White Star Wand. 23 8 9 6 51 41 20 South Liverpool 22 8 10 3 31 40 19 Oswestry United 20 8 10 2 44 48 18 Chirk 19 7 10 2 25 33 16 Llanrlurlno Swifts" 22 6 13 3 31 54 15 Buxton 21 7 14 0 33 70 14 Garston Copper W'ks 22 4 17 1 23 61 9 Rhyl 22 4 18 0 28 77 8 White Star Wanderers have had two points deducted for playing an ineligible man. DENBIGHSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Goals. P W L D F A PTS Chirk Reserve 15 12 1 2 63 19 26 Wrexham Reserve. 17 9 5 3 66 37 21 Adwy United 14 9 3 2 50 23 20 Oswestry Reserve. 13 6 3 4 39 27 16 Druids Reserve 13 4 4 5 35 26 13 Llangollen Wand. 15 5 7 3 37 44 13 Stansty Villa 14 5 8 1 32 46 11 Brymbo United 12 4 6 2 30 32 10 Minera St. Mary's. 15 5 9 1 25 47 10 Weston Rhyn 12 4 7 1 15 35 9 St. Martin's 16 3 13 0 17 73 6

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