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FRIENDLY MATCHES. DOLFOR v KERRY.—The return match between these local rivals was played on a field kindly lent by Miss Davies, The Inn. The home team, winning the toss, kicked off down the slope, making tracks for the Kerry goal, but were repulsed iu fine style by S. Bowen. Nothing daunted the home quin- tette made things warm for the visitors the first goal being registered after ten minutes' play. Dolfor still pressing added two more before the interval. Crossing over it was expected that Kerry would give the home defence something to do, but by the brilliant play of all, the Dolforites com- pletely outclassed the visitors, Morgan, the home centre, getting possession of the ball, shootiug at long range, scored the fourth goal with a very soft shot. After the ball was again set in motion L. Jones centred to Savage, who making no mistake registered the fifth. After midfield play the home forwards again bombarded the visitors' goal, the ball being rushed through a few minutes before call of time, ending in a victory for the home team by 6 to 0. Kerry must be complimented on their plucky fight placing only two of their first team ou the field. Mr R. Evans, Dolfor Villa, Newtown, kindly acted as referee. TOWYN v. ABERYSTWYTH COLL EGF,Plaved at Towyn on Saturday under unfavourable conditions. The ground was hard and slippery and sleet fell heavily. The teams were as follows :—Towyn Goal, Lewis Jones; backs, Lewis Pughe and R Jones; half-backs, E H Daniel, T Hughes, and W Roberts forwards, G Davies, A E Mason, Glad- stone Davies, David Lewis, and. B L Jones. Aber- ystwyth College: Goal, Barrett; backs, Grundy and Pring; half-backs, Johnstone, Nash, and Wordsworth; forwards, W H Jones, Thomson, Halliwell, D P Williams, and E A Lewis. Aberys- twyth won the toss and the ball was set in motion by Gladstone Davies. Towyn at once made head- way and before the visitors had a chance at the ball David Lewis had sent a daisy. shot for goal which missed only by so many inches. Daniel got the goal-kick and passed to E. L. Jones, and once more the goal seemed in danger owing to nice and combined play between Gladstone Davies and Lewis. However, Pring and Barrett managed to keep the goal intact. Williams and Lewis were next conspicuous for the visitors. Daniel having been pressed they ran up, when R. Jones checked their progress by effecting a very smart clearance. The bal-1 coming' to the possession of Gladstone Davies he passed to E. L. Jones, who ran at lightn- ing speed for goal, when the referee sounded his whistle for off-side. This in my opinion, was a palpable mistake on his part, and I claim to be in a better position to judge. In all probability it would have meant a certain goal for Towyn. The home halves subsequently failed to bold the visiting centro forward and left wing, who had initiated a very pretty run. However, they failed to pass Pughe, who cleared. Soon afterwards they were down again, and Pughe had this time to concede a corner, of which nothing tangible came. The homesters then pressed, and Grundy had to send out of play. The thow-in proved of no avail to the homesters. Later on Gladstone Davies took upon himself to make an attempt for goal. Having successfully passed several players, he left the ball behind him and ran forward expecting Mason to do the needful. This was indeed very smart work, but unfortunately the goal was not properly gauged and it harmlessly went outside. Soon after this George Davies tried the custodian and he safely cleared. Then after a little fine play between Pring and Wordsworth as against E. L. Jones and David Lewis a pass was returned to E. H. Daniel, who sent a clever shot for goal. Barrett fisted it out in a very able manner. After this fusilade the visitors had a turn at pressing. Hailiwell had occasion to attempt for goal. The shot was about a yard wide of the goal lint nevertheless the home custodian (who was new to his work) made a dash for it and twisted round the goal poat. Lie was greatly cheered for this, some being under the impression that, lie had male a marvellous save. This was not the case as he dia not touch the ball. Even play was then the order and half-time arrived with a cieau sheet. The second half was more in favour of the homesters, wito kept up a determined attack on the visitors' goal. This does not mean that the visitors did not attack the other goal. Until tne first goal was registered they had a fair share of the attacking but after that the homesters pressed and through every meaii3 possible strove to equalise, and they oeserved not only to equalise but also to win. Fortune was, however, against them and they tailed even to get on equal terms. This was due to the grand defence of the visitors. A good game e: ded in a victory for the Collegians by one goal to nil. Ani:KYSTwI'TH v. CHIRK. —Piayed at Aberystwyth on Saturday, in wretched weather, and in con- sequence before a poor gate. The following were the teams Aberystwyth Goal, Roose backs, D Edwards and G Evans; half-bayks, G Green, J H Edwards, and W Jones; forwards, J Morgan, J Evans, A. Green, Barson, and Bennett. Chirk: Goal, J Morris; backs,, Meredith and C viori-is; naif-backs, G Williams, R and W Morris; forwards, 8 Roberts, W Wynne, W Owen, E James, aud A Lockley. Referee, Mr Lloyd. Aberystwyth kicked off against the wind, and by good play on the left ai once got down. Tjie visitors by smart passing got away, only to find D Edwards return the bail to G Green, who in turn passed it on to his brother, wno put in a hot one st over. Danger soon threatened from the home left, but Meredith coolly saved and Chirk got up. The two Edwards's checked them and Bennett got up well and W. Jones snot over. Chirk, led on by old Billy Owen, put in some excellent passing and gave Roose and his backs something to do. They saved without much difficulty, and in a twinkling G Green sent in a beautiful long shot which the goalkeeper saved with difficulty. The visitors next were dangerous, but the left outside got off-side. J. a. Edwards quite tricked Billy Owen and gave to Bennett, who cleverly transferred the ball to A. Green, and the latter shot over. The Chirk left got up quickly and D Edwards saved by taking the ball off the tbT) of James. The Chirk forwards next dodged round D Edwards, but J H Edwards rushed back and returned the ball. The same player saved again when Chirk advanced, but W. Owen Hgatu came on with some tricky play and this time W Jones saved grandly. Not to be denied the Chirk forwards by lovely passing worked the ball close up to goal but sent it out. Another advance was met hv W Jones aud a corner was forced. G Green and W Owen were next conspicuous by ciever back passing, and James and Lockley on Chirk left worked the ball dangerously near goal but the determined D Edwards robbed them. Morgan and Evans got away nicely, and J H sent the centre flying over. A fonl was given against Chirk near the 12 yards' line but the ball was sent behind. Bennett showed some lively play but dallying a little too long, lost. From a free kick W Jones shot out. The next item was greeted with loud laughter. J II Edwards fairly out-manoeuvred W Owen and made the veteran look rather silly. Even pla,y fol- lowed for some time. James and Lockley caused Roose a little inconvenience but he fisted the ball half way down where it was pounced on by G Green who gave it to Morgan and the latter shot very near the mark. Some more lovely passing was shown by W Owen and the Chirk forwards and the veteran sent in a real warm one which took Roose all his time to save. From the return Ben- nett raced away and hit the post with a good shot. W Jones saved well in a scrimmage near goal and Barson tried a shot at goal. At half time there was no score. From the kick-off Chirk got down by afoul but worked-the ball out. Bennett and Barson with the aid of W Jones put in some really fine play on the left and a final good shot was well saved. W Jones met the retnru and a free kick for handling was given against Chirk near goal. Nothing came of it. Chirk now pressed a bit but with no good effect. Two or three times did they get near goal but not once were really dangerous. At last Aberystwyth got away and a magnificent run on the right ended in A. Green receiving the ball in front of goal. Like lightning he drove the ball into the net amid ringing cheers. From the centre-kick the home forwards got away with a nice passing run and Green nearly did the trick again. So close was it that loud shouts of "goal" were raised. The homesters repeated the per- formance in a second and banged away at goal. Chirk seemed done up and had all their work to defend. W. Jones fed A. Green well and the latter forced a corner. Barson and Bennett passed nicely and sent in a stinging shot. J. Morris saved but A Green met the return and banged in another hot one just out of the goalkeeper's reach. Right from the centre-kick G Green passed the ball on, but a bit too far. However the homesters pressed hard and Morris was kept alive. Once he saved almost miraculously. Again A Green had a chance but held on a bit too long and lost. Chirk rushed up but D Edwards saved. Chirk got dangerous from a free kick given for a foul by J H. Little Barson rushed away, and Meredith falling, had the goal nearly at his mercy, when the other back pushed or hit him. The crowd rushed on the ground and it was difficult to tell what was going on. In a short time the game was resumed minus one player on each side, who were ordered off. From now to the end there was little interest ill the game and Chirk seemed helpless. They got up near goal once but Roose easily took the ball and sent it well down the field. It found its way to A Green and he sent it swiftly into the net while Morris was shouting off-side." There was not the slightest taint of off-side about it and the goal, of course, was allowed. No further scoring took place and the game ended in a victory for the homesters by 3 goals to nil. U.C.W. RESERVE V. MACHYNLLETH.— Played on Saturday on the College ground in weather that was not at all nice. To begin with, Old Father Frost had been at his antics during the week, and as if the efforts of Mr Frost had not been sufficient to cool the ardour of the football enthusiasts, Mrs Snow must pay a visit in all her glory, being clothed with feathery snow to such an extent that, the hardy old couple were hardly distinguishable. The ground was like flint stone, so that accurate passing and crossing were out of the question. The Dovey brigade travelled down with the Chirk pugilists by the 1.25 train in charge of Mr Cnlo, the Club Secretary, whose industry, perseverance, and courtesv are deserving of the highest praise. Not only is he reliable but most indefatigably conscien- tious in the discharge of his multifarious duties, and he is simply beloved and adored by the Town cleven,-a very happy state of things. Machynlleth won the toss and decided to play down the slope with the wind slightly in their favour. They very soon were pressing, and notwithstanding the slippery nature of the carpet, soon made it evident to the "dignified Philosophers of Athens" that they were all there. The captain scored but was ruled off-side. Soon after Tommy Williams, outside left, scored a beautiful goal for Machynlleth. It should be stated here that only half-an-hoar was player) each way, and very wisely so too. Soon after the re-start Hoghes and Edwards managed to put the leather into the rigging but were again ruled off- side. I really think that the classical referee was a bit over-cautious with the off-side rule. The feathery flakes of snow on his window eyes—I mean his spectacles—might have had something to do with it. The game ended in favour of Machynlleth by one goal to nil. A special word of praise is due to the 'Varsity Custodian who did really sterling work, stopping stinger after stinger, a really fine goal- keeper, worthy of Trainer and Mills-Roberts at their best. Before winding up my little account I should like to point out to you with vour very kind permission the one feature which has distinguished the Machynlleth eleven since the season com- meuced, and that is, the spirit of fairness and gentlemanly behaviour. A better tempered and a more gentlemanly lot dons not the football shirt in Wales than the Dovey boys. To such an extent is this feature true, that it is the subject of general comment, and several very highly complimentary letters have been received by the genial Secretary, Mr Cula, to that effect. Not that the men are equal to resenting an insult, far from it, for they are a very strong, wiry, aknd sturdy set of man, with a lot of beef and bovril in them, but the fact is thif, they are good-tempered like every good and thoroughbred dog and horse, and as such they pass over any and every little annoyance caused by the silly hot-temper of an opponent. I hope the men of Towyn will remember this when they come over here next Saturday. Machynlleth desire to give visitors a nice reception, and begrudge them not a victory, but fair play, and gentlemanly play if you please. No roughnest), like that at Aberystwyth on Saturday between Aberystwyth and Chirk where the feeling exhibited was of the worst description and unworthy of the lowest team. I do not think Aberystwyth was to blame as much as Chirk. The College and Machynlleth match not a few yards off was a pattern for them. The Machynlleth backs had their hands full during the second half, and when Willie Evans missed that kick of his (for he is so sure always) and the outside right was sailing for goal things looked bad to the Dovey men, but Weaver was there working like a negro, and the shot for goal cannoned off his corpus. A fruitless corner was the result. A nice ani pleasant game piayed in arctic surroundings ended in a will for Machynlleth by one goal to nil. The team that played against Towyu at Machynlleth on Saturday is as follows: Goal, W Williams; backs, Owen Morris, George Evans halves, Richard Humphreys George. Weaver and VV illie Evuns forwards, Johnnie Edwards, J 0 Holt, Robert llumphrevs (captain), Tommy W illiams and Richard Hughes. Referee) Mr T H Edwards, Aberystwyth. At the match to- day it is to be hoped that certain well-known I We citizens and tradesmen of the town will not shield themselves iu the railway carriages during the match. If they do they will expose themselves in the COUNTY TIMES ttid following week. Pay up gentlemen—like men-and enjoy your fun The Machynlleth gate money should be much more than it is. WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SKMI-FINAL. OSWESTRY RESEtiVEv WREXIIAM RESERVE This interesting semi-final toik place on the Wynnstay enclosure, Ruabou, on Saturday. Vile weather and a strong wind prevailed and interfered with good play. Tho following were the teams :— WREXHAM. Goal, Evans; backs, Billington and Jeffrey; half-backs, T Morris, Farry, and W Jones; forwards, E Moss, Edwards, W Jones, Mitchell, and Williams. VSWESTITY RESERVE. Goal, Foulkes; backs, Humphreys and Bvirgin half-backs, Griffiths, Kenyon, and W Jones for- wards, Morris, Davies, Matthews (centre), Itoberts, Macuamara. Referee, Mr A Towusend, Newtown linesmen, Messrs W II Cotton and J P Owen, Chirk. Oswestry lest the toss and played against the stroii-witid. The game commenced in earnest, and a lino run on the part of Oswestry was checked for handling the ball. Two corner kicks at the expense of Wrexham were excellently placed, but proved fruitless. Wrexham inside left now obtained and raced up the field, but his shot failed through faulty marksmanship. Wrexham had the I. advantage of the wind and play for some consider- able time centred ronnd the Oswestry citadel, but Fonlkef- made several marvellous clearances. Three or four exhibitions of foul play caused the Wrexham representatives to be checked, and eventually Oswestry gained possession, and by fine combination approached the Wrexham quarters, but they failed to score. Macnamara was now in evidence, and displaying tine dash in conjunction with W. Morris an irresistable goal was gained. At 3-35 the game was stopped for a few minutes aud one of the players was cautioned. Macnamara on resuming raced away, but shot wide. W. Jones (centre- forward) returned the compliment, but shot wide. The Wrexham custodian was now called upon to repel several brilliant shots and saved a fast grounder in miraculous style. At 3-40 there was some indifferent play, but Billingtou sent in a long range shot but nothing accrued. Kenyon checked a fine rush of the Wrexham forwards, but Moss and Parry returned the ball and a corner was forced, but proved of no avail. Repeated rashes occurred and D Davies scored again for Oswestry, and at 3-50 Edwards obtained a splendid goal for Wrex- ham. Wrexham now endeavoured to equalise, but from hands in mid-field they made a poor show. A few minutes later the capture of Oswestry position appeared imminent, but a Wrexham player headed out unconsciously in front of the Oswestry goal, and at the interval Oswestry led by 2 goals to 1. On the resumption of play at 4-3 both teams played with great vigour, but a h^avy downfall of snow sadly affected them. Wrexham got away splendidly, but the off-side rule was broken and they were pulled up when about to shoot. Excitement pre- vailed and after nine minutes' pla.y Oswestry added a third goal in brilliant style. From a foul in the Oswestry quarters near the twelve yards' line, a penalty kick resulted and Wrexham easily scored their second goal, thanks to Tom Moss. Oswestry now pressed, but a splendid rush was checked in midfiold, and play returned to their quarters when Wrexham forced a corner, which, however, proved of no material advantage. Kenyon now put in some sterling work and displayed great tact, reliev- ing on several occasions. Both quarters were visited during the next ten minutes, and at 4-30 Wrexham forwards raced away, and from the right wing the leather was shot in goal, but a Wrexham representative pushed in. A goal was claimed and disputed by both teams. The Referee consulted both linesmen and decided to disallow it, being of opinion that the player was off-side. R. Roberts with his forwards broke away, but his shot went over the bar. Foulkes waa next called npon to repel a smart handful and he negotiated splendidly. At 4-.35, from a corner, Wrexham shot in, and Foulkes was baffled, and the game then stood at 3 goals each. Each side endeavoured to obtain the upper hand. Williams (Wrexham outside right) was kicked, and ifter a few minutes' stoppage the game was resumed. Oswestry shot in from mid- field, but the leather grazed the bar. At 4-40 Macnamara centred, and Matthews received and gave to Davies, who notched the winning goal for Oswestry. Great excitement now prevailed, and Oswestry gained a futile corner. Wrexham cus- todian saved two or three dangerous shots, and on time being called Oswestry entered the final by 4 goals to 3.