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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. THIRD ROUND. LLANFYLLIN v. SINGLETON & COLES. This tie was played at Bodfach Park, Llaufyllin, on Saturday last, before a fair crowd of spectators. The visitors started the ball and soon became aggressive, but met with a strong resistance from the Lome backs. After about five minutes play the homesters rushed down the field, completely beating the opposing back, and Ridge planted the ball in the corner of the net quite out of the goal- keeper's reach. Straight from the kick-off the visitors made a determined attack on the home cit«del and obtained several corners. Jones cleared well on several occasions, but was at last beaten bv a good shot, which landed the ball in the net. This seemed to demoralise the Llanfyllinites, who were quite unable to make any headway against the visitors' strong defence. Leeke sent in a capital shot, which was splendidly cleared by Jones, who just managed to send it over the bar. Singletons' showed marked superiority over the homesters, and added three more goals in quick succession. At half-time the score stood — Singleton and Coles, 4 goals; Llaufyllin, 1. In the second half the homesters played up well, and on several occasions came very near scoring, but were wild in their efforts. Singleton's added two more goals to their score and eventually won by 6 to 1. The visitors were undoubtedly the better team, showing more skill and combination, and being particularly stoog in the defence. For the home team Jones did well in goal, and could not be blamed for the shots that beat him. Pughe played a really fine game at back, the halves werp weak with the ex- ception of Jones, who played well. The forwards were lacking in cohesion, but showed pluck and determination. The homesters lacked combination and some of the players were frequently getting out of their proper places, being possibly over- anxious to score. The following were the teams :— SINV.LFITON AND COLES. Goal, Me Hart ley backs, Baltinger and Tomlins; halves, Powell. ■p. Davies and W Davies forwards, i T. Manning, J. Leeke, Walker (centre), W Davies and France. LLANFYLLIN. Goal, Jos Jones backs, J Davies (Capt) nnd W Arthur Pughe; halves, R A llryan, Pughe Evans, and Edward forwards, C Lee, D Jones, C P Owen (centre), E M Watkiris and T Hidge. Lines- man, Mr Roberts. Referee, Mr J. Evans, Oswestry. DRUIDS RESERVE v. OSWESTRY RESERVE. The Reserves of Druids and Oswestry United met at Wynnstay Park, Ruabon, on Saturday in fair weather. Mr Hannaby, of Johnstown, was referee, and the teams were as follows: — DRums RESERVE. Goal, J Morris; backs, A Hey ward and J E Williams; halves, F Butterton, W Roberts and W H Phillips; forwards, W H Jones. W kdwards, T, Ellis (centre), T Heyward and L Davies. OSWESTRY RESERVE. Goal, Foulkes; backs, Humphreys and Burgin; halves, Griffiths, Kenyon and Barrett: foawards, Morris, Davies, Matthews (centre), Roberts aud Mack. Oswestry captain selected to kick up the slope during the first half. Ellis started the ball for the Druids, and at the outset a foul fell to them which Humphreys returned up the slope. Morris and Davies were then getting away nicely, but they were smartly pulled up by Williams. The Druids' right got down the slope nicely and the homesters pressed, at last forcing a corner, which was got away. Soon after W. Edwards made a feeble attempt at goal, by shooting outside when he had an opening. The "Ancients" still kept on the slope and Kenyon was conspicuous for smart work. From a throw in Matthews obtained and sent over to the left. Roberts, instead of letting fly at goal, gave to Mack whose centre just went wide. The Druids got away together, but they found Humphreys and Burgiu sound. Oswestry right went nicely up the field, but Griffiths sent outside. Another foul to Oswestry gave them no advantage. The home front line made a very pretty rnn which looked dangerous, but Humphreys relieved and Mack took the ball to the other end, his centre being very smartly got away by Butterton, who played a good game. The homesters raced away and T. Heyward had hard lines with a shot which struck tho crossbar and went over. Griffiths was conspicuous for stopping a run by the home left. The Druids still pressed, but Humphreys and Burgiu relieved in fine style and Foulkes was not troubled. The visiting halves also played well, es- pecially Kenyon. At last tie Salopians had a clear field aud made a combined run. A fine centre by Mack was partially cleared by the home custodian, but Matthews pounced on the ball and drew first blood with a nice shot. After this the Druids right raced away in fine style, but Burgin relieved and Mack and Roberts got well up and forced a corner, which one of the homesters handled and a penalty was awarded Oswestry, which Matthews took and scored the second. Nothing daunted the Druids pressed and a swift shot trom W. II. Jones forced Foulkes to give a corner, from which the Druids pressed and were awarded a free-kick, Foulkes making a clever save. Immediately afterwards Ellis Rent in a warm shot b :t Foulkes again cleared admist cheers from the Oswestry supporters. Davies after besting two or three of the homesters gave to Morris, but Hey- wood sent out and from the throw-in Bob Roberts sent over the bar. The home right again got down and Barratt smartly saved a dangerous shot from close range. W. Roberts sent forward and the homesters went away with a rush but Burgin cleared. The Druids now pressed hard, but Hum- phreys aud Burgin played a grand game and kept the ball well up the slope. Mack centred and D. Davies sent in a hard shot, Morris having to give a corner in saving. A fine run followed on the Druids left, and T. Heyward, having beat the back looked as if he would score, but Barratt rushed forward and relieved. Butterton had a shie at goal, but Burgin relieved, and just before the interva1 Foulkes made another clever save. On resuming' the Druids pressed hard and the Oswestry defence had a handful. Davies was conspicious for a couple of nice runs and at last after and attack ou the visitors' goal he scored an off-side" goal. The homesters played up and they made things hum for a while, but Kenyon and his partners kept them out. Play now became rough and fouls were frequent. An amusing incident occurred. Kenyon accidentally handled the ball, and some of the spectators shouted hands. The whistle had not been sounded, however. A Druids man picked up the ball and was going to pKnt the ball for a free- kick, but the referee properly gave hands against the Druids man, much to his chagrin. Druids got up nicely, and Ellis passed over to the left, but off- side was given agaiust Davies. After a free kick Foulkes cleared a shot from the left, and shortly afterwards Davies shot on U) the net. Druids goal had a narrow escape, but Heyward relieved. Os- westry again pressed and forced a corner which was placed outside. T. Heyward secured from Phillips, and passed to his partner, bat Humphreys inter- cepted aud sent down the field, and soon after Humphreys was conspicuous for stopping a danger. ous run. Davies showed up well on the home left, and again called upon Foulkes to clear. Oswestry now pressed and obtained a penalty, but Matthews shot against the goalkeeper. A couple of corners fell to the Druids, and from one Davies scored a beauty. This encouraged the homesters and they played hard, but Humphreys and Burgin proved to be stnmbliug blocks. Oswestr-y got down and from a neat pass by Mack, Matthews netted the third. Up to tho end play slowed down. Final: Oswestry Reserve 3, Druids Reserve 1. DRAW FOR THE SKMI-FINAL. The draw for the semi-final ties in the Welsh Junior Cup competition took place at Wrexham on Wednesday last, and resulted as follows: Oswestry Reserve v. Wrexham Reserve, at Wynn- stay Park, on Saturday, Feb. 4. Referee, Mr Townsend, Newtown. Singleton and Cole's v. Llandudno Swifts Reserve, at Wrexham Racecourse on Saturday, Feb. 18. Referee, Mr R. T. Gough, Oswestry.








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