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THE WELSH JUNIOR CUP. FIRST ROUND. SINGLETON & COLE'S (SHREWSBURY) v. WELSHPOOL RESERVE. With a weakened team Welshpool Reserve went to Shrewsbury on Satmday to meet the Reserve of Shrewsbury Town team in the initial round of the Welsh Junior Cup. In the junior football world Singleton & Cole's hold an exceptionally good record and the result was regarded as a foregone conclusion. Mr Bert Gough had charge of the teams on the Copthorne euclosure as follows:— WELSHPOOL RESERVE. 1 Goal, R Hamer; backs, S Hughes and Ashley; half-backs, E Rowlands, Claffey, and G Price for. wards, T H Watkin, J Knox, P Pierce, Baines, and Griffiths. Linesman. Mr George Bevan. SINGLETON & COLE'S. Goal, Ealing; backs, Ballinger aud J Tomlins half-backs, E Powell, R Davies, and W Davies; for- wards, G Thomas, Leake, H Harris, Weatherby, and Rogers. Linesman, Mr H Ealing. The spin of the coin proved of no advantage to the visitors, who played towards the town. No sooner had the ball been started than Shrewsbury began a steady attack, a corner off Ashley being forced in the first minute. Rogers landed the ball right in goal and Hamer fisted away when a goal seemed certain. Hughes kicked away, R. Davies returning, and Rogers had an open chance but weakly shot wide. The goal-kick landed the ball well at the half-way line, and Claffey, who had it all to himself, was easily robbed, and Thomas and Leake were once more causing Hughes some trouble. Ashley came to his partner's aid and with a terrific kick dropped the ball over to Watkin and Knox who swept away towards the other end. Tomlins was beaten by Knox who finished up with a fine pass to Watkin, the latter forcing Ealing to concede a corner. For a little time play was con- fined to mid-field until one of the visiting halves was penalised for pushing. Shrewsbury got down, and as the result of a well-timed pass by Thomas, Hamer cleverly saved a rasping shot from Leake just as Rogers rolled him over, for which the home forward was penalised.. Harris at this stage was hurt and the game was for a time suspended. Harris, who had to be carried from the ground, returned after a short reel, but ultimately gave np. Ashley was hard pressed on the right and gave a corner which was cleared, and Kncx getting past the opposition half-backs centred, but Pierce missed his kick and the Welshpool goal was subject to another onslaught. Shots rained in from all quarters, but Hamer was equal to emergencies. Thomas tested the custodians repeatedly and Hamer was commended for some very fine saves. The Welshmen cleared, and Pierce getting under way passed to Knox, who being closely pressed transferred to Watkin and again that sturdy little player secured a corner off Ealing. Nothing came of this momentary advantage and stiff work followed in the visitors' quarters, the homesters maintaining the pressure with considerable vigour. Ashley cleared a rush by Rogers and his partner, but the ball only went out to Weatherby, who with a swift low shot drew first blood for the homesters. This success made the Salopians play up and the for. wards were banging in again at Hamer tnci with a high dropping shot, which Hamer only just tipped, Rogers had notched the second point. The game was now practically secured, but the Salopians were not satisfied and put on a tremendous pressure. The ball came at a fast pace from Thomas and was apparently going wide when Hughes jumped up and tipped it, and corner resulting. Thomas dropped the ball into the goal mouth, Hamer fisted away, but the ball bounded off Hughes into the net. Scarcely had the cheers died away when they were once more renewed Weatherby having run right through the defence straight from the kick-off and with an easy shot landed the fourth goal. Interval: Shrewsbury four, Welshpool none. The resumption saw Welsbpool for a time play with more vigour, Hughes who bad gone half-back making a visible impression and Watkin tested Ealing with a fine shot. Two corners followed in succession for Shrewsbury, but Hamer cleared, and Griffiths and Baines went away well on the left, the former, however, spoiling an excellent chance by pushing Ballinger. Watkin put in a fine shot from an excellent pass by Rowlands, Ealing having to handle. The homesters now aroused themselves, and forced the game considerably, Thomas soon scoring the fifth. Play was very one-sided towards the close, and Shrewsbury added four more goals to their score, which at the finish stood, Singleton's nine, Welsh pool none. THE COMBINATION. LLANDUDNO SWIFrS V WREXHAM.-At Llandudno on Saturday, Wrexbam winning by 2 goals to 1. GARSTON COPPERWORKS V CHIRK.—At Garston, before a moderate gate. The visitors were defeated by 2 goals to 0. OSWESTRY UNITED v. DRUIDS. The return match between these teams in this competition took place on Saturday at Oswestry. When they met at Wynnstay Park some time ago, the Ancients were victorious, Since then they have beaten Walsall in the English Cap Com- peetition (Qualifying Round), and this performance naturally assured a big gate on Saturday. Mild weather prevailed until the last half when the rain came down in torrents, making the ball and ground slippery, and interfering with the play which had been of a good order. The Druids had their full team. In the United team, Benbow took his place at centre-half and Wilson Davies was again centre- forward. Under the charge of Mr Higginson, Chester, the teams turned out as appended:— OSWESTRY. Goal, George Davies; backs, A. Lloyd and B. Watkins; halves, Roberts, Benbow and Barrett; forwards, Wellings, Tabor, Wilson Davies (centre), M. Watkins and Gooderich. DRUins. Goal, Sam Jones; backs, C. Thomas and Hughes; halves, Geo. Richards, J. Price and T. Davies for. wards, J. Vaughan, W. Butler, J. Davies (centre), Walter Davies and Ralph Jones. The ball having been set rolling, Gooderich made a run along the line, but Thomas relieved, and fol- lowing a pretty bit of work on the visitors' left a raid was made on the Oswestry goal, danger being averted howevar. Hands" followed in front of goal, and after some nice passing between Walter Davies and Ralph Jones, J. Davies sent outside. M. Watkins, Wilson Davies and Tabor brought play down to the other end, bnt Hughes relieved and the ball went outside at the Oswestry goal. Tabor, who received from Barrett, sent in a shot, which was negotiated by C. Thomas but Roberts returned, and subsequently Barrett had a shie, which was only partly cleared, all the forwards swarming around the goal. Wellings obtained and was in a good position but was timely robbed by Charlie" and the ball was sent outside. Ralph Jones and his partner got away, the former shooting across and B. Watkins relieved. Through a misunderstanding Barrett and Tabor let in the visiting forwards, but Geo. Davies was on the alert and fisted OUt in style. After a free kick to Oswe-stry Ralph Jones sent out- side and a little later J. Davies sent in a shot at close quarters which passed the backs, but Davieig was on the que vive and successfully dealt with it. Gooderich and M. Watkins essayed a run, but Geo. Richards paid close attention to them and the ball was forced over the line. Following this Benbow gave to Tabor who raced away with Wellings, the pace being very fast. The latter centred and Charlie Thomas shot out. The home team were now pressing, and after a foul to the Druids, Wilson Davies got away with Wellings and the goal appeared to lie in jeopardy for "Charlie" placed the ball into touch, which caused the spectators to hoot. From the throw-in, Benbow sent forward and Wellings tried to screw in from the goal line, but was not successful, being hampered by one of t.ie Druids' men. Play again was in front of the Druids' goal, and Jones had to clear front a terrific shot by Benbow, and Hughes kept out Wilson Davies and Wellings. A free-kick to Oswestry near the Druids' goal was placed into the net with- out touching a second player. Although pressing, Osweatry conla not break though the excellent defence. Jones had to clear from Barrett and M. Watkins in turn. Several shots were sent in from clibse quarters, but none found their billet. The ball was at last driven down the field, and Davies made a smart olearanoe after a pretty run by the Diuids' forwards. Hereabouts Lloyd was con- spicioas for bringing the ball away through several men and driving it down the field. The United vanguard went away in style and Gooderich just seat outside. J Vaughan showed up by a tricky ran which seemed as if it would end in disaster, but Roberts (who played a good steady game) relieved. The first corner of the match fall to the Druids, but Barrett cleared from a ruck of players, and Gooderich went down the wing with Charlie Thopnas at his side im fine style, the spectators ckeerinc. He was however robbed by Charlie who tipped the ball into touch, and the crowd showed their disapproval by hooting. Gooderich again got possession and centred but Tabor and Davies were robbed by J. Price and the Drui(is' i forwards again showed some pretty combination. Lloyd and B. Watkins, however, kept the ball away by strong kicking. The Druids pressed and B. Watkins had to deal with a hard shot from Butler and J. Vaughan sent outside. A free was awarded the Druids and the kick was sent over to the left, Barrett jumped up to head when one of the Druids' men dropped down behind him. There- I feree promptly spoke to the Druids man about this. Watkins having just shot outside at the other end, Ralph Jones, W. Davies, and J. Davies brought the ball well up by very pretty short passing, but Lloyd relieved and at the other end Weliings was racing away, when Hughes had to place the ball into touch as the only safe course. J. Vaughan and Butler were let on therightand Davies partly cleared the first shot by running out, but Butler secured and popped it into the net about ten minutes from half-time. Following this the play became very exciting. Oswestry went down with a rush and fairly bombarded the Druids goal. Shots were rained in from every angle but the defence could not be penetrated. After exciting work and an anxious time the Druids at last cleared their lines. B. Watkins was conspicuous for stopping a run by Vaughan and Butler, and shortly afterwards a free- Kick and a corner of no advantage fell to the Druids. Some nice centres by J. Vaughan having been dealt with by the Oswestry defence, the United got away in a body and secured a corner, which Wellings would probably have converted, but the whistle sounded for half-time, with the score 1-0 in favour of the Druids. On changing ends, rain began to fall and the game continued in semi-darkness. Oswestry pressed after a run by Gooderich and Jones had to clear from M. Watkins. Uninteresting play followed the ball being put, into touch- repeatedly. Subsequently Oswestry got away and Jones was again called upon to save from Barrett and Wellings, Roberts and Gooderich. Fate seemed to be against the homesters, for trv aa they would they could not get through. Semi-darkness prevailed and there were shouts of Stop the game," but play was continued in a heavy down- pour. Ralph Jones and W. Davies got away, and Davies had to handle and shoot out. Ultimately the ball was sent over the goal line by J. Davies who tried to pass it to the left. Oswestry obtained a corner, and Wellings shot over the bar. Then Mark Watkins and Gooderich got away, but down the field "Charlie" intercepted and sent away. Subsequently the Druids pressed. A nice run ended m their scoring the second goal, when Davies was out of his place. The Druids goal was then visited after a smart run, which ended in the homesters getting a corner, from which Benbow scored with a terrific shot. This was the signal for loud cheering, which was continued for some time. The rain somewhat cleared off by now and the sky had become lighter. Oswestry tried hard to equalise, but Thomas and Hnghes successfully dealt with the attacks. Play ruled somewhat even up to the end, each goal being visited, but no further scoring took place. An exciting and well fought game ended Druids 2 goals, Oswestry 1. SHROPSHIRE & DISTRICT LEAGUE. WELSHPOOL v.- WALSALL RESERVE. Much interest was evinced in the encounter between these teams in the above competition, which took place at Welshpool on Saturday. Gloomy weather prevailed, and only a moderate number of spectators put in an appearance. The homesters were not fully represented and commenced the game with ten men, but when they had their full complement the players and officials were as follows :— WELSHPOOL. Goal, C H White backs, R Heath and II Hamer half-backs, Pryce, Hutchins, and Waiter Davies; forwards, G H Mytton, Davies, J Miller, J Jones, and T Austin. Linesman, Mr G M Parry. WALSALL. Goal, Thorpe; backs, Wedge and Hickin bottoill half-backs, Lyons, Yates, and Millington forwards, Timmons, Lunn, Pearce, Griffin, and Pratt. Lines- man, Mr Ford. Referee, Mr A Townsend, Newtown. Welsbpool winning the toss elected to defend the canal goal, Pearce putting the ball in motion for the visitors. The home custodian was soon called upon, and Pratt put the ball behilJd. The play was confined to mid-field for a time, when Mytton appeared to have a good chance, but he feebly put behind. Jones tested Thorpe with a good shot, and the latter saved from Miller, Jones ultimately pntting behind. The homesters were only playing four forwards, or they would ir all probability have scored in the first few minutes, but after ten minutes' play Austin was put on in place of Jarman, who failed to put in an appearance. Griffin and Pratt were dangerous with some nice passing movements, and Heath and Hamer being in difficulties a good shot was s(,iit in, but White saved. The game was tame for a time, but the visitors again assumed the aggressive. Hamer kicked out and White saved a couple of shots in quick succes- sion. Miller and Jones tried to get to the other end, but they found a stumbling block in Wedge, who transferred play to the other end. Hamer pulled up the visitors' right wing, and Walter Davies was conspicuous with some good defensive tactics. Hutchins was penalised, and from the ensuing free kick Pearce tested the home custodian with a hot 'un, but White saved amidst cheers, and directly after he again saved from a well placed corner by Pratt. Hamer relieved, and Miller and Austin put in a good run, but Wedge came to the rescue. Heath, Hatner, and White kept the visiting forwards at bay for a time, but the latter was beaten by a good shot from Timmons after he had once saved, thus scoring the first goal for the visitors. Walsall continued to have the best of the play, White, Heath, and Hamer being kept busy defending, but at last the home custodian was beaten for the second time by Lunn. Mid-field play was the order for a time, Austin and Miller for the homesters and Pratt for the visitors being noticeable foi good runs. The home left wing was making tracks for their opponents' goal when Miller was foaled inside the twelve yards' line, and the referee granted a penalty kick. It seemed rather hard lines for the visitors, as the affair took place a considerable distance from the goal, but Mr TownseBd was quite justified in his decision. Heath was entrusted with the kick, Thorpe comiug out on the six yards' line to meet him, but the former banged the ball into the net amidst cheers. Encouraged by this success Welshpool played up with renewed energy. Miller missed an easy chance, and Hamer was beaten at the other end, but Heath headed out, and Griffin eventually put behind. Miller made a nice run and passed to Mytton, and the latter centred right in the goal mouth, Austin missing a capital chance with the goai at his mercy. Walsall again got in close proximity to the home goal, but were pulled up for an infringement of the off-side rule. Heath trans- ferred play to the other end, where Austin was conspicuous, and Walter Davies obtaining possession sent in a long dropping shot, which Thorpe mis- judged, and the United equalised amidst intense excitement. The visitors' left wing forced Heath to concede a corner, which proved fruitless. Walsall again brought pressure to bear on the home goal, and from a well placed corner by Pratt the home custodian fisted out, but he slipped ir. attempt- ing to save the return, and Walsall again got in front. Griffin and Pratt made a capital run on the visitors' left and forced a corner, a performance which they repeated directly after. Heath relieved for a 'time, but Pratt and Griffin were always dangerous and caused the home defenders many anxious moments. Pratt went up the wing in rare style, but being hampered by Heath the ball was pllt the wrong side of the uprights. Timmons and Lunn put in some nice combination, Hutchins just saving a fine centre from the former. At the other end Austin centred nicely, the leather being put behind. The visitorliagain brought severe pressure to bear on the home goal, but they could not penetrate the defence opposed to them. The next feature was a splendid run by the United forwards, Jones just putting the ball over the bar. Again returning to the attack, it took the combined efforts of White and Co. to keep the Walsall forwards at bay, Pratt and Timmoms on their respective wiags centreing in lare style, and from a nice pass by the latter Lunn scored Na. 4 for the visitors. Nothing further was scored before the interval, and when the customary breathing time arrived the score sheet read:-Walsall, 4 goals; Welslipool, 2. On resuming hostilities darkness set in and rain came dowu in torrents, which made it very uncomfortable for players and spectators, and utterly impossible to write notes. It was thought that the leferee would stop the game, but it was allowed to proceed. Welsbpool pressed for a time and Mytton put in a couple of good centres, but, they were net improved upon, and Walsa!l became the aggressors. White kept out many well-directed shots, being ably assisted by Heath, Hamer, and Walter Davies, and Miller and Austin were occasionally conspicuous with some good runs, but being badly supported they came to nothing. Walsall were the first to sccfre in this half, and tweifty minutes from time Walter Davies, with a grand shot at thirty yards range, completely beat Thorpe and scored the third goal for the homesters. Walsall pressed to the end, but Miller enlivened" the monotony of the proceedings occasionally with some fine single- handed runs. Once he out-witted the halves and gave Austin possession, teat the latter was pulled up for off-side when in a very favourable poeitioa. Miller tried hard to decrease the lead against his side. Again he got possession in mid-field and made a splendid run, with three players in hot pursuit, bat "Jack" out-witted them all, and the custodian only just ran out in the nick of time and kicked oat. Nothing further was scored by either team, and when the whistle sounded the score stood;-Walsall, 5 goals; Welshpool, 3.