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FOOTBALL NOTES. LBY VETERAN."] Last Saturday I spent with the juniors, and I ean truly say that it is a long time since I enjoyeda game of football so much. I think my two old cronies, Messrs Edwards and Davies, the staunchest supporters of football in Oswestry, would say the same. These two worthy old gentlemen for once deserted the first team, but it was to assist and Cheer the coming men on to victory, and when the whistle finally sounded, with the Oswestry Reserve victors by three goals to two, the players themselves were not more delighted than my two dear old friends. The game lwas exceedingly fast from the kick-off. I believe I should not be wrong if I say it was the fastest game I have seen on the ground this season. The ground looked in capital condition, but when play actually commenced it was found to be on the sli apery side, and the home players took quite a quarter of an hour to feel at home." The forwards could not stick on their pins like the Athletic men, and, consequently, the latter bad the best of the opening exchange". When the Reserves once got into their stride then they proved themselves much the better men. During the first half the combination of the visitors was first-rate in the open, and the home supporters, who at first felt confident their pets would pull through, began to have doubts as to the final result. In close quarters, however, the visitors were anything but dangerous, and the Reserves goalkeeper in this period had not a really troublesome shot to stop till the last five minutes. This was partly on account of the poor work of the Athletic in front of goal, but it was also due to the grand defence of George Whitfield and his worthy partner, who did eo much work and bottled the opposition so effectively that Thomas was not called upon. The first portion was noticeable for the really splendid goalkeeping of Nicholls, who kept all shots out of the net in such a manner M to call forth loud cheers from the spectators. At the same time there was fault to be found with the combination of Oswestry. The passing was ragged and anything but correct. Milner was not himself, and did not play up to his form all through, and this seemed to upset the other forwards, though they were very fast and smart, but short and quick passing was not often practised. The two outside men were often cheered for clever runs, but both had the same fault-they would persist in taking the ball too far in their respective corners before crotmtng, &-od tha result—robbery— aoenrred too frequently. Tbe halves were safe and the two backs very fine. The same may be said of the visitors' defence, and the left half was not over gentle in his movements. The result at the end of 45 minutes was a blank, and both sides had done such good work that it seemed a question of con- dition for the rest of the game. On changing ends the ball travelled M rapidly as before up and down the ground, and the play was again even till the visitors scored from a foul-a rather poor goal. This woke the little Reserves and for the next half hour they gave us a rare specimen of fast and good football. Ere long pretty play brought the ball down on the right and after a little dodging it was sent in the net, but'tbe lost player was offside- only just a little—and the goal disallowed. From the-kick-off down came the home left wing pair, and after a nice dribble Watkin most judiciously eentred, and Kynastoa landed as fine a goal as any- one need wish to see. Still keeping up their form and pressure the home players peppered away well at goal, and on several occasions only missed by inches., From corners, exceedingly well-placed, two more good goals resulted, and it seemed all over with the Athletic, but like rare plucked ones they came on again and forced the pace, while the Reserves seemed played out in the last ten minutes. A good bit of combined play ended in the inside right scoring o. 2 for the visitors, and from the centre kick they made the pace very hot for the Reserves, and till the end of the game the visitors had rather the best of it. The victory of 3 to 2 did not quite represent the play. The home team should have scored, at least two more goals, and the visitors ought to have been kept out, but the Os. westry boys were not so sturdily built as the Athletic, and the great pace on the heavy ground told its tale on several. Barratt and G. Whitfield lasted well to the end, but the othera tired badly. Barratt, all through played a great game, and another year will find him a leading man in the 1st team. W. Jones, in the first half especially, tackled and fed grandly, and what is better still he played a very gentlemanly game, and at times under great provocation. Walsh was always in ths thick of the fray, aud the backs never shirked their work. In the second half the forwards improved and the passing was quicker and much more correct-with: less dribbling into the corners. The visitors, though defeated, proved a very clever and good team. Their goal-keeping was Al and the defence very stubborn. The forwards, as in the first half, were capital in the open, but again dreadfully weak and uncertain near goal. Gosson was the best of the lot. While the Reserves were qualifying for the next round, the 1st team were fighting at Chirk for a couple of points which they succeeded in notching. The game was not a very good one and par- took more of a scramble with here and there brilliant touches. The ball was kept moving from one end of the field- to the other and the play was very even. If anything, the home team had more real good chances of scoring, but strange to say the Chirk passing usually so cool and effective in front of goal was very wild. The defence of Oswestry was capital, both Edwards aad Lewis proving well nigh impassable. Oswestry finished up by scoring two goals, which were obtained by Edwards the iull back. This work of J. Bdwards must be about. a record in its way. The well-deserved victory of Oswestry, now places them first on the League list with the same number of goals as the Druids, but with a better goal average. The Druids found stubborn foes in Brymbo on Saturday and a rare tough fight found a blank scorit.g sheet. Both teams were short of some of their best players, the Druids suffering most in this respect. The game to-day for the Welsh Cup, between Oswestry and the Druids has a very open aspect. On form nothing divides the teams and the only advantage the Druids have is, as to ground. Put this on one side and I fancy Oswes- try. Even with the ground in their favour the Drnids will find their match. I fully expected Newtown to snatch a couple of points from Rhostyllen, but sad to say the reverse was the case. As at Chirk the game was a very fast one and very even. Half-time found the scoring level, ONe goal each. In the second half and playing up the hill, the home team played in a most spirited manner and gained two goals to none. The victory of Rhostyllen was a surprise to most people, but on the day's play the home team de- aerved their victory. In justice to the losers it should be stated that Evan Bees, owing to domestic affliction, was an absentee, and his place was taken at the last moment by B. Hughes. Aberystwyth Town met their rivals from the College on Saturday. The day was bitterly cold and spectators id not turn out so numerously as •n former occasions. Ia the first few minutes the College had the best of the game and it looked as if they were going to ioore first. They had a good defenee and though they were short of the services of Roose they played a really good man in goal. The Town were without Morris, which was a great loss. His place was taken by Edwards. The home forwards were not exceptionally smart, but the defence was really strong. Rea and young James were the favourites. Rea played a regular fighting game, and though opposed to heavy backs came out with flying colours. In the first half James was not very good and was often in the way morn than anything. In the second half he shone well and popped three goals in. The halves were strong, and W. R. and Edwards played a confident and winning game. Rumsey Williams did good work all through. The College men depended largely on a Kick and rush, but this time it did not come off, and they often lost ground by it, as they gave the opposing defenders time to clear. The result of this game, 4 to 1 in favour of the Town, proves that great improvement has taken place in the Town team, and they need not lose heart in their Cup encounter to-day. Which ever side wins the game will be a good and determined one, and with Professor R. T. Gough at the end of the whistle there will be no favour shown. All will depend on merit, coupled of course with the usual amount of luck. In the North Shropshire Junior Leagne the Ellesmere Rangers, with a weak team, rubbed it in to poor suffering Bascburcb by no less than 16 to nil. What would they have done with the full team present ? In the same League Whittington defeated Ruyton by 5 to 1, and thus kept up their previous good form. At first the home defenders were un- certain, but after Ruyton bad scored their first and only goal the Whittingtonians pulled themselves together, and then they went for the Ruyton men with a vengeance. For the rtst of the game Ruyton were out of it. Shrewsbury bad not much trouble in putting "paid" to St. George's account last Saturday in the Shropshire Cup tie. It is some years since St. George's contested for this Cup. They were always warm customers to meet, and many a sturdy fight have I witnessed between these old opponents. Now the Shrewsbury boys are certainly the best team in the district owing to the higher class matches they take part in. The Dragons in this match fought determinedly, especially in the second half, but they could not reduce Shrewsbury's lead of 3 to 0 at half time. From all accounts there was not much drawing-room play. A difficulty has arisen with reference to the match between Bangor and Wrexham, in the fourth round of the Welsh Cup competition. By the draw Bangor have choice of ground, but it seems that their playing piece is not large enough to satisfy the rules of the Association. Tn all pro- bability, therefore, the match will have to be played at Wrexham. Aston Villa players pulled themselves together a bit on Saturday and added a couple of points. The result of their encounter with the Sunderland team hung in the balance till the whistle blew, aud the oldileague Champions scared the Villa sup- porters by their plucky and good play. Everton are well in the running for honours. They are only three points behind with the same number of games played, and if anything goes wrong with Aston Villa Everton are just the players to take full advantage of it. FIRST-CLASS LEAGUE. The following are the results up to and including Monday last:- Goals P. W. L. D. F. A. Pts Aston Villa 20 12. 4 4 43 29 28 Liverpool. 24 11 7 6 39 28 28 Everton 20 11 6 3 42 29 25 Derby County 21 11 7 3 53 37 25 Sheffield United. 19 8 3 8 31 16 24 Preston North End. 19 8 4 7 40 26 23 Bolton Wanderers. 19 9 6 4 29 22 22 West Bromwich A. 22 8 9 5 21 36 21 Sheffield Wednesday 20 7 7 6 30 28 20 Notts Forest 21 7 9 5 33 34 19 Blackburn Rovers. 22 8 11 3 24 47 19 Bury 18 4 6 8 23 31 16 Wolverhampton W. 20 5 11 4 27 28 14 Burnley 19 4 9 6 27 38 14 Stoke 20 6 12 2 31 48 14 Sunderland. 22 4 12 6 23 39 14 WELSH LEAGUE. The following are the results up to and including Saturday last:— Goals. ° P w L D Fr Ag Pts Oswestry 9 7 1 1 25 8 15 D 9 6 0 3 22 10 15 Newtown 11 6 4 1 39 9 13 Brymbo. 11 4 6 2 22 14 10 Aberystwyth 12 5 7 0 20 30 10 Westminster Rovers 11 4 6 1 17 48 9 Chirk* 10 5 5 0 18 16 8 Rhostyllen 10 3 6' 1 20 24 7 Welshpool. 9 1 7 1 6 27 3 Chirk have had two points deducted for playing an ineligible man. NORTH SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT JUNIOR LEAGUE. The following are the results up to and including Saturday last :— Goals P W L D P A Pts Ellesmere Rangers. 7 6 0 1 51 6 13 Whittington 8 4 3 1 25 21 9 Oswestry Reserve 4 3 1 0 27 4 6 Whitchurch Reserve. 4 3 1 0 22 6 6 Sweeney United. 5 2 3 0 8 21 4 Ruyton-xi-Towns 7 2 5 0 9 34 4 Basohnrch 7 0 7 0. 3 52 0 THE CAMBRB N LEAGUE. The following are the results up to and including Saturday last:— Goals. P. W. L. D. F., A. Pts Towyn 8 5 2 1 23 11 11 Dolgelley 7 4 1 2 23 17 9 Portmadoc. 8 4 4 0 21 17 9 Blaenau Festiniog. 9 3 4 2 15 23 8 Barmouth 8 2 3 3 17 22 7 Penygroes 5 0 4 1 4 13 1 WELSH JUNIOR CUP. OSWBSTRT RESERVE v SHREWSBURY ATHLETIC This match was played at Oswestry on Saturday. The following were the teams :-Oswestry: Goal T. Thomas; backs, George Whitfield and J. Brook- field (captain) half-backs, W. Jones, T. Walsh, and J. Barratt; forwards, M. Matthews, W. Kynaston W. Milner, M. Watkins, and T. Parry. Shrewsbury Athletic Goal, Nicholls; backs, Howells and Walker; half-backs, Powell, Cox, and W. Harris; forwards, Roberts, Thomas, Gosson, H. Harris, and Saxtery. Referee, Mr Joe Davies, Cefn linesmen Mr Walter McGregor and Mr Cox. From the kick- off, Milner got away, but in trying to pass sent the ball out. Some high kicking took place for a time, then Kynaston got fairly on the run and sent a shot rigl t for goal, but Watkins's head was in the way. The Athletic forwards by pretty combina- tion got the ball down near the Oswestry goal and then went for it with a rush, but W. Jones dashed across in the nick of time and saved. Milner in the centre sent a nice pass to Matthews but he took the ball too near the goal lire and lost it. W. Jones returned the ball from another rush and. Matthews was well placed but waited long enough to be robbed. Back went the ball and G. Whitfield sptendidly pulled up the Athletic forwards. Again came the Athletic, only to be repulsed by Brook- field who returned the ball well to Kynaston, and this smart little player planted the ball an inch or so wide. The Athletic pressed bard and Brookfield and Whitfield had all their work cut out, but both saved splendidly. Harris, for the visitors, got up well, but before he could steady himself W. Jones pounced on the ball. Brookfield, with a long kick, gave Kynaston the ball and this player put it right in the goal mouth, and the goalkeeper cleverly sent it back. Watkiri and Parry by clever passing took the ball up the field, but the former now as on later occasions held on too long. Watkins next kicked just outside the upright and Parry followed suit. Still keeping up the pressnre Kynaston nearly scored with a nice swift shot. On the right wing, Matthews by tricky play got well up and sent a beauty right across the goal mouth, but Nicholls cleverly removed danger.. Matthews again tried the goalkeeper with a tronblesome shot and be kicked out to save. Just now the home team had the best of the play but the forwards were not up enough at times and lost: one or two capital chances. Milner tried to thread his way through but failed, and Brookfield in a moment had to save from a dangerous rush. Good play on Oswestry right was next seen, and Milner receiving a nice pass' from Matthews shot just an inch -over. Watkins took the ball a little too far into his corner and again was beaten. The Athletic goalkeeper was next loudly cheered for a fine save and Matthews who met the return kicked yards too high from a nice position. Watkins and Parry put in a splendid passing run and the latter skimmed the bar. From a free kick Parry passed to Watkins and the latter sent a handful for Nicholls. From a foul against the home team the ball was worked back to the Oswestry right wing and Matthews and Kynaston were loudly cheered I for pretty play. A regular seige was next laid on the Athletic goal which had some marvellous escapes, but Nicholls proved himself a most capable custodian. Four stiff shots in succession were sent in, but Nichoils stopped all. At length the visitors got away well but Barratt stopped them, and Watkin passed well across to theright, and another bombardment took ploce in which the Athletic goalkeeper came out best. Gosson run nicely down the left, but was accidentally kicked. A foul near Oswestry goal looked bad for the home team, but Walsh relieved well. A corner fell to the home team, and from the kick Matthews put the ball just over the bar. Hands against Whitfield followed, and Jones saved, though he returned badly. From the Athletic left, the Oswestry goalkeeper received his first shot which he kicked well up. A scrim- mage took place in the opposite goal, but Nicholls could not be beaten. Barratt at the other end stopped a rush, and agaiu Oswestry pressed till the whistle blew for half time. The Athletic men got down from the kick off, and G. Whitfield returned well, but the visitors came again and tested Thomas who saved finely. A foul was given against Walsh for pushing, and this resulted in the Athletic draw- ing first bl tod. Another foul near Oswestry goal occurred, but nothing resulted. The Oswestry for- wards got away well and spoilt a rare chance by Milner being off-side. The home team pressed hard and had very rough luck. W. Jones kicked very near, and soon after Watkin after a fine tricky run passed splendidly to Kynaston, who scored the best goal of the day, a real gem, as it was well worked for and well got. < lated with this success the home team plucked up a bit, and nice piay on the right resulted in Kyoaston receiving the ball, bat he spoilt a good opening. Whitfielddefended admirably just now, and returned judiciously to Watkin who nearly scored. The Owestry forwards pressed hard, but were really not dangerous round goal. Harris, Walker and Howells, kicked out to but the home forwards worked a corner. The kick wns well taken, and after a tight scrimmage Barratt scored. Not long afterwards Parry had a good chancre of increasing' the lead but kicked to > high. Barratt stopped Gosson nicely, and Parry again shot out. The home forwards kept up the pressure aud nearly scored again. Milner was too slow to take advantage of a lovely opening. Watkin next passed nicely across goal and the ball ought easily to have been netted, but the other forwards were not np enough. From a corner to Oswestry, Matthews placed the ball right in the goal mouth, and Milner had no trouble in scoring No 3. Satisfied with their lead the home players eased up a bit, and the Athletic after a little pressure scored a nice goal. This was followed by hands near the Oswestry goal and an anxious time the supporters of the home team had, but after a little scrimmage the ball was sent away. From now to the end the play of the visitors was not very dangerous, and when the whistle blew a very fast and good game resulted in favour of Oswesty, who enter. the next round. FOOTBALL MATCHES. EXCELSIORS "A" v R.W.W. ST. GEORGES.— This tie in the Newtown Bag Competition, was played on Saturday on the Cunnings in beautiful weather, when the hitter were victorious by a goal to nil, which they got from a penalty. The match was a very interesting one. Mr W. R. Wood, the referee, had the boys well in hand. He however, had occasion to turn one of the Excelsior men off the field for kicking an opponent. ABERYSTWYTH TOWN V ABERYSTWYTH COLLEGE. ■—The College men played their return with the Town team on Saturday, Mr A. J. Hughes taking the referee whistle. The teams lined up as below Town-— oal, Rnmsey Williams; backs, W R Jones and D Edwards; half-backs, Smith, Morgan and Green forwards, J F Jones. A Ellis, J H Edwards, O. James, and J C Rea. Linesman, Mr T Hughes. College—Goal, Pryce Jones; backs, Williams and Mellor; half-backs, D W Pryce, Brownlie, and Blackhurst; forwards, D M Jones, J E Hughes, Parkes, J A Lewis and Wynne Evans. Linesman, Mr T E Soddy. The town won the boss and played with the sun at their back. The sharp frost had laid the ground pretty firm but the warm sun had thawed the surface, and it was consequently in a slippery state. The Town men laid on in piime style and Edwards got in a beauty'which Jones got full front and saved. Both wings of the rrown eleven played up well and the College defence was severely tested. Wynne Evans broke away on the left and beating Smith centred, D. Edwards kicking behind in order to save. A corner followed Black- hurst putting a neat shot in, the Town backs having great) difficulty in clearing. Rea was run down by Williams as he made traoks for the College goal, and the ball being returned into Town quarters Rnmaey Williams had to run out to save, The, College drew first blood after a rUn by 0. M. Jones. Parkes failed to get the pass but the ball rebounded off the line into play, and Hughes banged it into the net. Within a minute Jones gave a corner as he saved from a fast shot by Ellis, and Hughes cleared the goal, driving I the ball well down the field. The College men were again on the Town goal, W. R. Jones clearing, and Jones on the right then tested Pryce Jones with a swift ground shot, Anwyl Ellis testing the same player almost in the same minute. Hands by a College back on the goal line let in the Town men and they forced the ball through bringing the score level. The play was fairly even and the College had as much of the game as the Town, the backs of the latter kicking out to save. Black- hurst gave a corner in trying to clear the College goal and Rae took the kick, the College men clear- ing. The main attack on the College goal was made on the left wing and it was here that the strong defence of Williams came out strong. With the other team D. M. Jones led the van and the backs kicked out to relieve. A foul by the Town in mid-field opened up another raid on the Town goal, D. M. Jones getting dangerously near ere Edwards brought him up. The open play of the College men spoiled them of many chances and gave the Town backs a chance te clear. W. R. Jones stopped a rush on the left by kicking and Rumsey Williams fisted out from the corner kick. The heavy play of the College backs repeatedly upset the calculations of the Town wings. At half-time the score was one each. The game in the opening passages of the second half was fairly even, both goals being visited. James gave the town team the lead, beating Williams, and sending the ball into the net. Rea landed the ball on the top of the net, and hands by Morgan relieved the College goal from further pressure. Out of a scrummage in front of the Town goal D. M. Jones put the ball in, but off-side was given. Immediately afterwards Rumsey Williams saved a hard shot, and Wynne Evans was given off-side when near the Town goal. A run by Edwards, James and Rea, finished up, Mellor driving the ball behind. The College men cleared their goal from the free kick, but the Town men returned to the charge, and Pryce Jones fisted out from a neat header by Green. The Town were having the best of the game, and Rea dropped another shot in front of the College goal, Ellis kicking over. Edwards and Jones had another shie at the goal from the right, Prjce Jones saving prettily. A fast ground shot by Jones was nabbed by Williams, who drove the ball behind just as Edwards rolled up to shot. James scored the third goal for the Town by a beautiful header from the corner shot. The College men were pressed from now until the end of the game, and the Town forwards had hard lines in not scoring. Several corners were given against the College, and the goal was often placed in danger. Jones and Edwards at back, kept their goal clear, and Rumsey had little to do. The favourite wing of the Town team was the len;thev were always dangerous and just before full time, James put the fourth goal in, the game ending Town 4, College 1. FOOTBALL MEETINGS. NEWTOWN BAG COMPETITION.—The draw for the second round, which took place on Monday even- ing, resulted as follows:—Cambrian v R.W.W. St George's; Excelsiors v Park United; Llandinam v Half-Holiday Severn Tannery v Wanderers. At a meeting of the Shropshire Association, held on Monday night at Shrewsbury, Mr A. Sharman presiding, a playername Poppitt, of Wrockwardine, was suspended for one month for deliberately kick- ing the Wellington goalkeeper, named Foulkes, in a match between the clubs. The draw for the semi-final resnlted as follows :—Oswestry United v. Wellington, Shrewsbury v. Whitchurch or Wem. The ties are to be played on or before February 14: Junior Cup :—Wellington Reserves v. Ironbridge or Ellesmere Rangers, Madeley v. Whitchurch Reserve, Shrewsbury Athletio v. Horsehay Albion, Dawley Town v. Oswestry United Reserve. A Council meeting of the Cambrian League was held at the Lion Hotel, Barmouth, on Saturday, when the following clubs were represented:—Bar- month (Mr Jones), Dolgelley (Mr Lloyd), Port- madoc (Mr Breeze), and Towyn (Mr Thomas), with Mr Strowger (Portmadoc), secretary. Mr Kinman (Dolgelley) was unavoidably absent.—The minutes of last meeting being confirmed, the Dolgelley v. Penygroes match was considered.—-In the Dolgelley v. Blaenau Festiniog match, played at Blaenau, the former team drew the attention of the League to the bad state of the Festiniog ground.—The next items of importance were the protests laid by Towyn against Dolgelley, re their match of. the 19th December.—A lengthy and heated discussion took place after which it was resolved that the result should rest as at present, but certain letters, aid te have passed between the secretaries of the teams engnged are to be produced.—A further protest laid against Dolgelley by Portmadoc on the grounds of incompetency of the referee and state of ground was considered.—The referee concerned not being an officially appointed League man the protest was upheld and the match is to be re-played at Portmadoc. on March 6th.-It was further reported that Peny- groes were unable to meet their obligations against Do] gel ley.-Satisfactory reasons being given, it was decided to postpone the match till a later date.—It was further suggested, and favourably received, that the match between the winning League team and Rest of League be played at Portmadoc and one- half the gate to be given to Penygroes and the other half to the League funds. NORTH WALES v. SOUTrl WALES. The Selection Committee of the Welsh Associa- tion, at Wrexham, on Tuesday night, chose the tens to play in this match, at Swansea, on January 30h. The following is the North Wales team: Goal, J. Morris, Chirk; backs, J. Efl,ards,, Oswestry, and E. Roberts, Flint; haif-backs, M. Pirry, Oswestry, J. Mates, Chirk, and S. Roberts, Bangor; right wing, J. O. Owen, Llanidloes, and W. Butter, Druids; left wing, A. Williams, Wrexham, and W. Nock, Newtown centre, Trevor Owen, Druids. Referee, Mr John Taylor, secretary Welsh Associa- tion. Linesmen, Mr J. Handford, Cardiff, and Mr T. H. Edwards. FOOTBALL FIXTURES. All matches played on the ground of the first- named club. JANUARY. 23 Rnyion-xi-Towns v Sweeney United 30 Sweeney United v Oswestrv R. FEBRUARY' 6 U C Wales v Aberystwyth 20 Shrewsbury Athletic v Welshpool MARCH. 20 Welshpool v Whitchurch WELSH LEAGUE. JANUARY 30 Newtown v Brymbo 30 Welshpool v Druids 30 Chirk v Aberystwyth *■ 30 Oswestry v Westminster Rovers FEBRUARY 6 Welshpool v Newtown 13 Brymbo v Rhostyllen 13 Druids v Welshpool 13 -Westminster Rovers v Aberystwyth • MARCH 6 Chirk v Welshpool