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CRICKET. FOOTBALL AND OTHER CLUB ADVERTISEMENTS Will be inserted in this position, set closely, at the following low rates, which must in all cases be pre- paid :-20 words, Is.; 27 words, Is. 3d.; 34 words, Is. 6d and 3d. for e-ery additional seven words. Displayed advertisements, 2s. per inch. Several of the local matches last week were very close and exciting. That at Llaradloes^botween the home eleven aud Montgomery was the closest. After a desperate tight victory a' last fell to the home team, but by three runs only. P. Kinsey, the last man in for Llanidloes, carried hi9 bat for four and to his nerve and steadiness at the finish much of the credit for th3 win is due. The visitors had not a full team, and under the circumstances did well by scoring 53 against the good bowling- of Parry and E. D. Davies. This score would have been increased bat for the bad work between the wickets-no less than three good men being run out. J. E. Tomlev (14) and C. B. Wi!Jiam:' (15) played best for the losers. The fielding of Llau- idloes was closer than that of Montgomery—three extras only being handed over, while Llanidloes received six more. This lost Montgomery the game. They scored 5) from the bat while Llanidloes only scored 47. Although defeated an the 1st innings the Montgomery men made a plucky attempt to win. After scoring 31 for seven wickets they put the home team in again but the latter stuck to their guns well and scored the necessary runs for the loss of six wickets. At Machynlleth, Newtown made a capital attempt to lower the colours of the home team. Grand bowling and smart fielding characterised this mat-ch-the batsmen had a day off. The 1st innings of the visitors only reached 35 owing to the admirable bowling of N. Lloyd Jones who took six wickets for 13 runs. Nothing daunted at this poor score the Newtown men set about their work in grim earnestness and actually dismissed the home eleven for 40, Binns, Richards and P. W. Jones bowling capitally. H. Lloyd Jones scored 17 in nice form aad his batting undoubtedly pulled the match off. The second innings of Newtown team amounted to 49. This time Dr A. O. Davies was the demon bowler. His average of 7 wickets for 15 is a good one. Oswestry got the better of RW.W. by 5 runs after one of the most exciting games ever played on the Warehouse ground. R.W.W., who batted first, started well. W. S. Cannon 10, Wood 17, and Chas. Davies 11 played good cricket, but R. T. Gough and F. C. Parry got rid of the others cheaply. The last wicket fell with 60. Parry's analysis is a fine one-5 wickets for 7 runs. The Oswestrians lost 7 wickets for 31, and all seemed over with them, but J. Whitfield came to the rescue of his side as he has so often done before. By good cricket he assisted Minahall to take the score to 50 before being well caught for a very useful and oppertnne score of 17. Minshali held on bravely to the end and had the satisfaction of pulling the match out of the fire. The bowling and fielding of both sides were good, and Evans kept wicket well for the winners. The return match b St. Mary's Hall and Machynlleth was playdC^alachynlleth on Thurs- day. It was fortunate for Machynlleth that they were able to secure the services of their captain, M. A. M. Suttbery. The home team took first innings and scored 80. M. A. M. Suttbery, who went in first, was the last man out for an excellent innings of 60. H. Lloyd Jones played steadily and assisted his captain to put on 27 for the first wicket. The other batsmen failed badly before t&e splendid bowling of Bartley and Woodlock. St. Mary's Hall have been in the habit of paying Barmouth an annual visit for the last 20 years and up to this game bad never been beaten by any of the teams played during the vacation. The present team were determined to uphold the honour of the club ] and keep a clean sheet," but Suttbery's bowling (18 wickets for 30) proved a little too good for them, and when the last wicket fell the score was 69 or 11 behind. The 1st match was won by St. Mary's Hall but through a slip we gave Machyn- lleth as the winners in our last issue. 08westry placed a very strong team in the field against Birkenhead Victoria. The Oswestry team was strong, in batting and bowling, and they would have made a much better show against the M.C.C. at Park Hall than the team representing Shrop- shire. For the loss of eight wickets the Oswes- trians scored 200 and then declared. All the bats- men but two got well into double figures, but Clapp's innings of 71 somewhat dwarfedthe others. His runs were got by good and sound cricket. H. R. E. Harrison, R. T. Gough, A. E. Payne, Capt Hayhnrst-France, J. Moore, H. W. Sabine, and F. 0. Roberts, batted well. R. T. Gough and Sabine rattled out the Victoria men in double quick time for 31 only. Gough's analysis reads seven wickets for seven wickets. In the time remaining for play Birkenhead scored 33 for two wickets. On Tuesday Oswestry gave Guilsfield a taste of their quality. The Oswestrians did not place a very strong team on the field though they had the services of H. R. E. Harrison, a host in himself. The nilsfield players had a rare turn of leather hunting, and H. R. E. Harrison and R. T. Gough had splendid sport on the good wicket. After oore had been dismissed for 10, Gough and arriaon were .together, and by good and bright cricket put on runs at a great pace. Before they lsrm3sed the score was nearly 200, Gough's a 0 Ji anc* Harrison's 86. Though each had ?eir cncket waa a great treat. Capt Hay- ooc fU°t hit up 17, and when the score it thp WI'mT our wickets Guilsfield had a short turn wtfc Frann i ?' R" E" Prison and Capt Hay- for 33 Th^h 0v^.e^ 9plondidly and got rid of all France four wickets^orn^ ^C*P'Hayhurs.fc- wickets for 21. ne' H" R E- Harrison six on^SiTturdav^nd c^c^eters had a great treat by the St. Helens°nCrJwThQnubthe^ererhited Saturday resulted in a victory- for" The, ™atch °E 82 to 59. C. M. Thomas, vnl f Jones batted well against *7*5 u Walter Thomas, A. S. Price, Td ChP: M" much effect that the St. Helena with so getting a very difficult job. Not orw°n ru.n defeat the visitors challenged the W tlie*r another match on Monday. This to their revenge. Going in &st, tV ^oU T fared badly, and six wickets were down for'T7 when Pugh and H. Pryce became associated S desperately short runs were made before p^G was bowled. Colman and Pugh then kept UD tlT lively game, and for a time the St. Helens men be° came slightly demoralised. Both batsmen nlavAM well and quickly, and tha innings at last reached 83. Pugh carried his bat for a very useful score of 18. Although the score was one more than Satur- day. the visitors made light of it. Waring, who went in first, at once commenced to hit, and so well did ho du it, that before the home team could realise the fact, the game seemed lo&t to them. Waring hit grandly, and the better the bowling the better lie seemed to hit. The way he pulled good length balls off the wicket to square leg was a caution. He gave a couple of difficult chances, but his innings wis the brightest seen on the ground this year. When one short of 50 he was well caught at long on by A. Pryce. The innings closed for 119, and a capitailv contested and pleasant match ended in a victory for the visitors. The games were such pleasant ones, and the visitors such an agreeable lot of good fellows that it is to be hoped the matches will be annual ones. At a smoker after the matches, when t'e Captain of the Llanymynech team. in proposing the health of the visitors, said that the Llanymynech men were so pleased with the play and behaviour of their opponents that be trusted the St. Helens men would pay them an- other visit next year. Mr. Fox (captain) and Mr. Waring, in responding, very kindly promised to bring a team in 1897. Whittington are still in good form, and on Saturday they added another victory to their list. Knockin were the visitors, and they were defeated by 44 runs and 5 wickets. The losers scored 60, Meredith with 16, was top scorer. Whittington soon hit off the runs by the aid of some free play by Charles, Sanderson. Humphreys, Rodenhurst, and Williams. In order to encourage youngsters, and to find a little rising talent the Montgomery XI played 22 Colts on Bank Holiday. The youngsters scored 65, which was not a bad bit of work against such bowlers as A. Eaton, C. B. Williams, Harrison, Tomiey, and Fitshugh, the eleven scored 92. A. Baton (24), J. E. Tomley (20), W. Fitzhugh (15), and W. K Shaw (11) not out batted well. In the second inuings the Twenty-two only reached 21. Harrison giving theni stage fri(rht." He not only got 11 wickets, but took four of them with consecutive balls. The Montgomery A team nearly succeeded in defeating Abermule in one innings. The first inn- ings of Ahermule only reached 26, against Fitz- hugh, Tomley, and E. Davies. Montgomery scored 77. Fitzhugh (20) and Tomley (not out 24) batted well. In the second innings of Abermule seven wickets were down for 26. The county championship is still open. By their defeat of Yorkshire, Surrey are again in the running. Yorkshire had all the worst of the wicket and were beaten in an innings. Surrey took advantage of the good wicket on winning the toss and scored 439. The sensation of the week has been the grand play of W.G., who now is second to the Indian Prince in the aggregate runs. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday Aug 1 inclusive. BATTING AVERAGES, No. Times Most of not Total in an inns, out runs, inns. Aver. Ranjitsinhji, K. S. 38 5 1884 171* 57.09 Abel 38 2 1725 231 47.91 Gunn 37 6 1375 207* 4435 Hayward 35 7 1244 229* 4289 Grace, Dr W. G. 41 3 1600 243* 4210 Palairet, L. C. H. 25 2 943 292 41.00 Storer 30 5 1018 142* 40.72 Chatterton 29 3 1011 111 38.88 Jackson. F. S 33 3 1153 117 3816 Brown, J. T 46 6 1519 203 3797 Hayman, H. B 22 3 679 152 37.73 Newham, W 28 3 940 201* 37.60 Leveson-Gower, H. 19 2 60S 93 35.82 Quaife, W. G 30 6 858 110 35.75 Burnup, C. J 24 1 811 95 35.13 Stoddart, A. E 34 2 1106 121 34.56 Woods, S. M. J 29 2 923 158* 34.18 Key, K. J 30 9 697 73* 33.12 Owen, H. G 19 5 462 32 33.00 Signifies not out. BOWLING AVERAGES (23 wickets). O. M. R. W. Avei. Hearne (J. T.) 1316 543 2326 179 12.99 Haigh 529.4 183 1130 76 14.86 Attewell (Wm1 1069.4 504 1600 106 15.09 Hallam 768.4 136 737 47 15.63 Hardstaff 262.2 86 569 35 16.25 Curliffe, F. H. E 466.4 159 983 60 1638 Mold. 850 286 1901 116 16.38 Hearne,A. 468 148 1001 61 16.40 Richardson 1351 429 3335 201 1659 Lohmann 519.2 189 966 58 1665 Havward 469.1 151 1036 62 17.51 Bull, F. G 300.1 82 851 48 17.72 PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn games are ignored. W. L. D. Tot'l. Pts. Surrey 15 4 1 20 11 Yorkshire 13 3 5 21 10 Lancasnire 10 3 2 13 7 Middlesex 6 2 2 10 4 Notts 4 4 3 11 0 Essex 3 3 3 9 0 Derbyshire 4 5 4 13 -1 Kent. 4 6 2 12 -2 Hampshire. 3 6 3 12 -3 Leicestershire. 2 6 2 10 -4 Sussex 2 7 3 12 -5 Somerset 2 7 4 13 -5 Warwickshire. 2 8 4 14 -6 Gloucester 3 9 2 14 -6 MONTGOMERY C.C.—The Eleven v Twenty-two Colts. Played at Lymore on Bank Holiday. Score- TWENTY-TWO COLTS. J Timmins b A Eaton 2 J A Withers b A Eaton 0 G J Clipston cPR Eaton t) C B Wil'iams 2 R Jones b C B Williams 5 G Evans c and b A Eaton 0 A Withers c Harris b C B Williams 4 R M Morris b Tomley 0 S Miller b C B Williams 5 H E Bright c P Eaton b Tomiey 0 J Powell c Sub b S Davies 3 L Barnaby b Tomiey 2 H Jones b E Davies 0 Davies b Tomley 0 T Davies b E Davies 0 E Jones b Harrison 0 A Lucas c E Davies b Fitzhugh 9 J Davies c E Davies b P Eaton 3 A Vaughan c E Davies b P Eaton 3 T Ward c and b Harris. 10 W Evans b Fitzhugh 0 W Jones b Fitzhugh 0 H Evans not out 6 Extras. 11 Total 65 THE ELEVEN. A Eaton b R Jones 24 C B Williams c A Vaughan b Lucas 5 P R Eaton b Bright 0 J E Tomiey c A Withers b R Jones 20 P Harrison bR Jones 0 R T Harris b A Lucas 1 D Proctor b R Jones 3 W Fitzhugh c A Lucas b R Jones 15 E Jones b R Jones 0 E E Davies at A Withers b Vaughan. 4 W K Shaw not out 11 Extras 9 Total 92 MONTGOMERY "A" v. ABERMULE.—Played at Lymore on Saturday. Score :— ABERMULE. E B Williams b Tomley 0 not out 1 T Chapman run out 2 b Tomley 3 J Miller b Fitzhugh 1 c Morris b Tomley 0 Worthington c J Jones b Tomley. 7 b Tomley 0 G Morris b Fitzhugh 2 not out 2 A Lucas b Fitzhugh 3 c Tomley b Davies 11 P Williams b Fitzhugh. 0 b Davies 0 E Owen b E Davies 0 b Davies 0 S Miller not out 7 R Jones b F. Davies 0 J Roberts run out 0 not out 0 Extras. 4 Extras. 7 Total 29 Total (7 wkts) 26 MONTGOMERY A." E Jones b Morris 1 E Davies c and b Morris 8 S Hamer c and b J Miller 5 A Wither b J Miller 0 W Fitzhugh b Chapman 20 W J Jones b Chapman 0 J E Tomley not out 24 G Evans b J Miller 0 R Morris b Chapman 2 T Beddoes b Worthington 2 [ J Jones c Jones b Worthington 1 Extras. 14 Total 77 MACHYNLLETH V. ST. MARY'S H.VLL.-Played at Macbynlleth on Thursday week. Score:- MACHYNLLETH. AM Sutthery c Ellison b Woodlock 61 c Mavo b Woodlock 7 «- Lloyd-Jones c Brand C ft ^artley 3 not out 30 NT1 b Bartley 1 b Woodlock 0 V«n° £ °Pea k Bartley 2 c and b Woodlock. 2 AO r^- Bartley. 0 b Woodlock 0 AEdw^T b Bartley 6 b Bartley 0 w arda c Ellison b Woodlock R Gill art run out c and b Woodlock 3 RH Edwards b Wood- °Ul 1 lock 1 J C Ashton b Woodlock J C and b Woodlock 0 B Pearce not out n Extras 2 c auc* b Woodlock 3 Extras 3 Total o7 ■••• lotal 49 ST HALL V\ Bartley c and b Sutthery 0 O Kellit b Suttherv J Brand c Edwards b Sutthery o C Simpson b Sutthery • j: M Kiliroe b Sutthery F Woodlock c Euwards b Vaughan 7 It Mayo b N Lloyd-Jones 11 J McClasky b Sutthery g E Ellison c Aston b Sutthery 9 GilIow b Slltthery Q J Crook not out 9 Extras. 12 Total. 69 WKLSPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOUL V. COUNTY INTI: MI:DIATE SCHOOL.—This match was played on the latter's ground, but the home team could do nothing with their opponent's bowling (lr. Hiles taking six wickets for 2 rnns, and S. Fildcs three for 5). Scores:— INTERMEDIATE. F Morris b Mr Hiles 0 A Hutchins b Mr Hiles 0 H Watkins st Meyler b Mr Hiles 1 Mr L Scott b S Fildes 1 Mr Evans b Mr Hiles 1 (r Roberts b S Fildes 0 J A Davies b S Fildes 2 S Owen st Meyler b Mr Hiles 0 H Morris not out 0 W Smith b Mr Hiles. 1 J S E Davies b S Fildes 1 Extras. 2 Total 9 GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Mr Hiles b Waikin 10 F Fildes run out 0 Mr Mevler c J Davies b Morris 0 S Fildes c J Davies b Watkin 1 H B Hiles not out 26 C Powell b Watkin 6 H S Hiles b V\atkin 0 II J Davies run out 1 G L Davies b M.>rris 1 A E J Davies b Hutchins 1 G Hiles b Hutchins 1 Extras. 0 Total 47 WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL V. OLD BOYS AND VISITORS (F. Anderson's Eleven). — The scratch team had innings, and scored 15 (extras 6 and Mr. Cronk 4 being highest items). The School obtained 20 for four wickets, thus winning by five runs and six wickets. The Grammar School thus wound up their season in capital style with two victoric" OSWESTRY v. GUILSFIELD.—Played at Guilsfield on Tuesday. Score;- OSWESTRY. R T Gough c Griffiths o Westby. 96 J Moore run out 10 H R E Harrison b Westby 86 Capt llnyhurst-France b Westby 17 G Whitfiell not out. 5 Extras. 11 Total 225 A W Sabine, II Home, C H Turvin, A B Robin- son, R Cartwright, and W Jones did not bat. GIRILSFIELL". W E Pryce-Jones c R T Gough b Harrison 0 H Westby lbw b Hariison 6 A H. Myfton b Hayhurst-France 8 A G Price b Hayhurst-Frauce.3 A W Pryce-Jones b Harrison 7 K N Pryce-Jones b Harrison 0 J Hart b Hayhurst-France 5 P A Mytton c Turvin b Hayhurst- France 1 G H Vlytton b Harrison 8 P Griffiths b Harrison 0 R MVLton not out. 0 Extras 3 Total. 33' NEWTOWN v MACHYNLLETH.—Played in the Plas Park on Saturday. Score :— NEWTOWN. W FRichards b N LJ Jones 9 c Dr Davies b H LI Jones 6 F R Hall b N LI Jones. 2 c M Evans b Dr Davies 0 E C Morgan b N LI Jones 4 c P Vaughan b Dr Davies 3 F Jones b P Vaughan 0 c N LI Jones b II Jones 12 FE Binns b P Vaug-han 2 b Dr Davies 1 H E Moore c and b N H Jones 0 b Dr Davies. 0 P W Jones b N LI Jones 9 c N LI Jones b Dr Davies 6 J 0 Holt (sub) run out. 4 c Dr Davies b G Griffiths 3 A E Lister b Dr Davies. 0 b Dr Davies 3 J E Roberts 0 J Edwards 1 not out 8 C Lambert not one 1 c M Evans 1 Extras 3 Extras 6 35 49 MACHYNLLETH. N Lloyd Jones b Binns 1 H Lloyd Jones c Jones b Richards. 17 C R Kenyon b Binns 0 P Vaughan c Roberts b P W Jones 1 Dr A O Davies b Binns 0 G Griffiths c Morgan b Richards 6 J Edwards b Binns 6 M Evans b Richards 0 o Hammonds b P W Jones 3 G F Roberts not out 2 J Edmunds c Richards I;) Binns 1 Extras 3 Total 40 08WESTRY V BIRKENHEAD VICTORIA.—Played at Oswestry on Monday. Scores— OSWESTRY A E Clapp c Collins b Wilde 71 W G Gough c Moore b Wilde 1 R T Gough b Wilde 13 H R E Harrison c W Brocklebank b Collins 20 A E Payneb W Brocklebank 16 Capt Hayhnrst-Franooc W Brocklebank 17 H W Sabine c and b Moore 12 J Moore not out 20 N E Tidy c and b Wilds 1 F O Roberts not out 11 Extras. 18 Total for eight wickets. 200 G Whitfield and W K Minshali, did not bat. BIRKENHEAD VICTORIA. J Wilde c A E Clapp b H WSabine. 4 not out 12 E Brocklebank c Harrison b R T Gough 2 not out 13 W Brocklebank b R T Gough 7 H Hancock c Minshall b R T Gough. 3 T H Collins st Hayhurst- France b Sabine 0 S G Moore c R T Gough b Sabine 7 G Lumgair b RT Gough 0 T H Francis runout 3 F Galloway c Minshall b R Gough 2 cF Roberts b H W Sabine. 4 J Duggan c Hayhurst- France b R T Gough. 1 E McClay not out 1 CSubbWHSabinc 3 G Francis b R T Gough. 0 Extras. 2 Extras. 1 Total 31 Total (2 wckts) 33 WHITTINGTON V. KNOCKIN.—The return match was played on the Whittington ground on Saturday. Score :— KNOCKIN W Davies c Charles b Rodenhurst 2 W Williams b Roberts 8 T Wilshawb Roberts 0 G Meredith c Rodenhurst b Charles. 16 E Bill c Foulkes b Roberts 0 A Richards c Richards b Charles 4 f Gritfiths b Sanderson 4 H Marsh b Sanderson 5 J Harris st Williams b Charles 5 T Griffiths c Beckett b Sanderson 2 B Jones not out 0 Extras. 14 Total 60 WHITTINGTON J Charles b Wilshaw 14 W Sanderson lbw b Bill 16 H Humphreys run out 26 G Roberts run out 8 G Rodenhurst llot out 20 W Williams run out 11 C Tatmao not out 0 Extras 9 Total 104 R A Richards J Beckett \V Foulkes F Grindley did not bat. OSWESTRY "A" v. Sri JAMES'S (WREXHAM)—Played at Oswestry on Saturday, and ended in a victory for the visitors. Dr Cartwright and E. W. Aston batted well for Oswestry, while W. T. W. Jefferv, D. H. Pugh, and J. Stanford did likewise for the winners. F. J. Gongh bowled finely for Oswestry, while T. C. Dcdd took four wickets for 21 runs, O. W. Copleston three for 11, and A. E. V. Berkeley one for 3. Score :— OSWESTRY "A" .1 Moore c Berkeley b Weaver 5 W D Fowles b Copleston 4 Dr Cartwright b Dodd 10 F J Gough c Jeffery b Copleston 0 B Gough b Dodd. 5 G II Aston c and b Cop leston 2 Home b Dodd 0 E W Aston b Y Berkeley. 10 Parsons not out 9 H Turviu run out 1 K Car., birght b Dodd 0 Extras 7 Total 51 » V, R ST- JAMES'S. f I ^orkeloy b F J Gough 3 WT,,7^ cE Aston bB Gough 0 T O c Fowles b F Gough .26 J ^(.antord thrown out in p H Pugh retired 14 e £ LDodd 0 Larsons b F Gom-h 3 S Weaver bB Gough. 4 B H Morrison not out f. W Copleston b F Gough 3 J Edwards b F Gough 1 G E Wykes did not bat Extraa 5 Total 75




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