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TUITIOS. WELSHPOOL ■GRAMMA It SCHOOL Preparation for the UNIVERSITY LOCALS, PiiSCEPTO-iS PUBLIC SCHOOLS, SHOciTHAND G]:C!TIFICATg AXD ■CIVIL SEiiViCE EXAMINATIONS. Over 70 passes dnvuig Ihe last five years in tiiove exammiitions. 12 Shorthand Certificates gained since lSf)3. Oemfortable ho: fur boarders. Moderate Terms. CAMBLIIDG H LOCALS—ALL PASSED. II OMiUKS. HESII;NT MAST-ik.. UNIVERSITY GIn DCA T c' -can!rid; j'' c ">;il;Ui.} OiaSS now 1 »r e -1 n X. F. iilLi'iS. Lead blaster. THE COLLEGE, QUE LA'S PAi; K, OSWESTRY. The IvIiSSES HOULT -CASTLE BDILDIXG^) BEG I.O thank their Friends for .their kind sup|)0!c and have unci! pleasure in mating that the' AC i'L 'IX TEl.lM will commence in their NEW RESIDE L\CK, QUEHyg PARK, ^hich is in every w iy admirably adapted for ^ucacional Purposes, having laige and loLy Schoolroom.- ai-d Dormuor'es and Tennis Corn. Tlie M.ISSKS 110 ULT are assisted by Resident j^Slish and Fore' -;u GOVKRNESS-ES, and v lilting "ROFRSSOKS. Preparation for Oxford Local, College of Preccp- 0l"S! and Music Examioat ions. Home Comforts and Careful Training, TIC RMS MODERATE. ABERYST,y-y-iIG iA2'¡I:\l=R SCHOOL Founded 1S12. HIGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. HEAD MASTER: R. A. POPE, M A., a Fore -rly Classical Scholar of Sidney ^Ssex Coiiege, Cam budge; and Assistant Master at Shrewsbury School. F' Or Prospectus, &c., apply to HEAD MAST ER, JASPER HOUSE. ('t'EVELANI) HOUSE SCHOOL WELSHPOOL, FOR Y O.U N G L A D I E S receive a sound and thorough Education Moderate Charges. Happy home for Boarders. Also a CLASS FOR LITTLE BOYS. PROSPECTUSES ON APPLICATION TO THE MISSES DAWSON. OSWESTRY GRAMMAR SCHOOL (1407). MR. G. COBLEY, Senior Assistant Master a ■ receives 25 Boarders in Ins house. Ti ere j5e a few VACANCIES for next Term. Terms ^erate. Prospectus on application. ■s^°Ran HOUSE, OSWESTRY. MACHYNLLETH COUNTY ^TERMED I ATE SCHOOL. L RE-OPEXS MONDAY, SEPT. 21, 18%. t" School Yea.r is divided into Three Terms. b elO.£2 per Term £5 per year payable in advance. Mission when more than one from a family. Head Master: ft MR. H. H. MEYLER, M.A., erly Scholar of Jesus College, Oxfocd; and fte Assistant blaster at Mill Hill School, °Qdon, N.W. Assistant Master M.R. ALBERT WATSON, B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, siatant| Mistress MISS FLORENCE WHITE, Late Scholar of the Royal College, Egham. Successes in Cambridge Local (one mark distinction^) and in Science and Art Departments filiations, First and Advanced Stages. SCHOLARSHIPS offered for Competition for Children in Sjjg^^tary Schools and others; also, Bursaries tfav°!e.nt to cover the estimated expenses of Ch-i*D^ t° and from school. f0r *'dren who have passed Standard 5 are eligible^ j, Mission without examination. PPÜltI of Admission to be obtained from. and lcations to be sent to me JOHN ROWLANDS, Clerk to the Governors, Machynlleth. DIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH (40 WALES, BANGOR OlIstituent College of the University of Wales). ^RLCTJLTURAL DEPARTMENT. J IN-COLLEGE COURSES. AiA A complete course in Theoretical and Practical for f llure, extending over two years, and suitable 2 a**ners and land agents. '"fal ri anced Course for a third year in Agricul- 3 Chemistry. cl^8 r'e yar's course, consisting of a selection of 4 S frol11 the two years' course. ep hort course of eleven weeks, commencing in try nltIber, and consisting of Agriculture, Chemis- and Land Surveying. o degree of B Sc. in Agriculture of the Lmiver- 4 tb Wales may be taken by students who pursue years' course of study at the College. Cost of living in Bangor, with tuition fees, f LS from £30 to £40 for the College year. W5 Scholarship Examination will commence on ^ember 15th. ^it>r«.°Spectus' with full particulars as to Scholav- Diplomas, may be obtained from JU1V i JOHN EDWARD LLOYD, M.A., -<J^V1895 Secretary and Registrar. ^^IVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH. AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. the Prospectus of the Department and of t^rq,] o V* Conrses, for Syllabus of Agricu cholarships and all other particulars, apply to MORTIMER GREEN, Registrar. ^ENOLOG?! PHRENOLOGY! PHRENOLOGY lt YOU MAKING THE BEST USE OF YOUR TALENTS ? f, HILD —WHAT WILL HE BECOME? Hesr QUESTIONS CAN BE ANSWERED BY Cl F| A PROFESSOR ^BLES STEWART DAVIES, At EMINENT HUMAN SCIENTIST, Rooms on the Premises at Outfitter, Great Dark gate Street, and *arket Street, Aberystwyth. All th esSj °Sef,who wish to know for what trade or this „ are best fitted for in life should not n opportumty. L. LEWIS, "CENTAL AND GENERAL MASONRY WORKS, 8aLOP ROAD, OSWESTRY. P:BLIC AO JCAW. •;> sun F v i v SUM INSURED IN 1895— £ 390,775.000. For all particulars applv to the following Agent8- VVelshpjol—71r. DAV-JD WALT,. Newtown and Llanidloes—Mr. BEXK.KTT ROWLANDS. I W. A. Prr.HE. O.'iwestrv—Mr. T. WHITFIELD, Auctioneer. IMPORTANT TO THE CONSEILVATIYKS OF THK MONTGOMERY DO ,{OUGUS. E oveisfers lie Boroughs havs r<v .iffixed to t31" church and chapel doors—a-nl the doors f other public bml<'i:>< £ s — their Lst of Parliamentary and municipal voters for the Parlia- mentary l,oro, li of Montgomery and the places h for the year 1897. I urgently appeal to all our Conservs tive and Unionist friends to inepcet this list at )d to ascertain if their names and tUOSR of their Ue}onist irietids are pro- i!"rlv cirolled, and in C:l-=, of om:s-joIl or miR- ocription to communicate v.'it.ii me v. Ail porfons who have changed their residence S'nce July 15tk last year shouW especially inspect 1 Vie list, and i.i case thev do not find their namrp, the;). full name and address, together with t i e r previous 's, in theoi-de-occnpied since the daie named,, so that I may put the matter right. The following are the qualiifcations for a borough vote :—— any dwelling house or separate part. 2.—Occuoation of land or tenement (siien a-; warehou e, caini.ioof-horso, shop, ouit e, c aanibe.?. eof.) of Clo annual value. 3.—Lodgers occuping aparlmer.ts worth £10 a year unfurnished. Jomt OCClllYHion by two lodee qualiSes if the total value is £20. 4_ The Service Franchise. Any person who separately inhabits a dwelling house by virtue of nav office", cervicc, or employment, can claim a vote as a householder, whether he pays rent ffd rates or not. 5.—Occupation fo" 12 monfis preceiirg July 15th is necessary in each c.,i-e. I would once more appeal to all our young Unionist friends occuping apartments, or resid-ng fit iume with their psrant*. ar>d who rbi,1.: they are entitled to be placed on the register as lodger vorers, to commnnicaie with me at once. All claims must be handed to the various overseers by August 20th. After that date all persons whose names arc omitted, and have not made a claim, ivi II i-eitiain off the voters' lisi, and so be disfran- chised until 1898. I shall he glad to give further information and assistance to any of our fiiends if they will only let me know. THOS. J. PUGH, Conservative Registration Agent for the Montgomery Boroughs. Newtown, August 1st, 1896. COMMERCIAL aud TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 15, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR COMMERCIAL GENTLEMEN AND TOURISTS. Hot Joints Daily from 12 till 3. CHARGES STRICTLY MODERATE. M. REED, PltOPRl STRESS CONTENTS OF INNER PAGES. PAGE 2. Aberystwyth, Aberdovey, MachynUeth, and New- town news; Prize Day at Llariti'or3 Count School. PAGE 3. Welshpool, Bishop's Castle, and other dist -ict news; Half-yearly Meetiog of the Cambrian Rail- ways Company; Parliamentary; Markets. PAGE b. Cricket, Chess, Cycling Notes; Correspondence. PAGE 7. Agricultural Notes, Items for Ladies. -+-

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