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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of HOUSE S o\ Apartments To Let Dr Wanted, Situations Vacant or Wanted, Articles Wanted or For Sale, Lost or Fmind, and all small advertisements are inserted in the COUNTY TIMES « the charges, prepaid :— once" 3 times 20 word4 Is. 0,1. s, 6d. 27 „ Is. 3d 3s. 3d. 34 Is. 61 Od. IF .BOOXKD DOUBLE TKESF: BATHS ABE CIIARGEII. _=:=-==- situations vacant. 4 PPR ENTICE. — Siiar?, well-educated Lad, J\. 13 to 14. wanted, :I-, Apprentice to the Printing. COCTY Office, Welshpool. EPORTING. — Smar: v, ■:• educated Lad, JLVI about 16, wanted, to !eiru Reporting; mnst be able to write .shorthand.—For particulars, aw!" TIMES Office, Welsh-OJI. TO RHOEMAKERS. Waj,t.?d, a good General Hand, for Repairing: ■••or.s^aac work.—Applv Pc* c-r^, ol. Gieat Dnrki^nt^ ^zror'L", Aberystwvtr xyANTED, strong Man (air* 20 to 25), as "f USHER and Odd-man; good wages to Bu;iblo person. Applf, Brynypys. Ruabari. ANTED G<X>«1 GE„\ EL!! AL in sma'i family TV Mear >\ ►•l«hpool. iiiking, washing aLa p::vn cricking. Full particular s to M," Co; Times Office, Welshnool. E XPERIEXCED Parloui-ji'ikl for near Welsh- -aLJ OOP General who cau cook, for Welshwc." "Y'OCNG D It 'I JlAi IF v Llandrinio i £ NOOK-GF.XEtlAL for Gulhtield '1 JJLX-NURSE for Osv/Oosr JJO USE MAI D dr J^AUN DR Y-WOMA X f L.rih j GEXERAL, who CO.. • '1' Leighton High-class Registry 'j.■ 21, Berriew Street, eishpool. One shilling Q-Q paid when name is entered on the list and remainder when suited. stamped envelope for rcolv. ASITU ATI 0 NS YANTgD, a SITUATION ns Groom can ride and drive well; GOOD reference.—Apply. T. Evans-, Gro Cottage, Nr. Berriew. XT0 d SEKEEPER, eirprr^enced Nurse, House- keeper or Plain Conk. Working House- keeper, good Cook and Lanrrvwoman, Housemaid- W: stress, Plain Cook. High-class Registry Q3ios<, 21, Berriew Street, Welshpool. One shiiiicg to be paid when name is entered on the list and remainder when suited. Stamped envelope for rofly. —— LOST. STRAYED, to Old Court, Dolfor, a SOW; the owner may have the same upon giving dis- oription and paying EXPENSES, to A. Jandrell. If not claimed before August 24th, will be sold to defray expenses. TO BE LET. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, ELM COTTAGE, with large garden, beautifully situated on the banks of the Ystwyth, two miles from Aberystwyth haif-a-mile from church, Station, and Post Office.—-Apply, Ellis, Auctioneer, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH.—Home-like APARTMENTS to be Le within two minutes' walk of the Sea and the Castle Grounds.—Apply Mrs Jones 26, Penmaesglas Road, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH. — Comfortable APART- MENTS to Let; healthy situations.—Apply Mrs J. D. Spencer, 32 High Street, Aberystwyth. ABEBYSTWYT H.—Comfortable APART- MENTS to be Let, close to the Sea.—Apply Mrs. Morgan, Shipwright Arms, Custom House Street, Aberystwyth. ~1 NEW STREET (Two minutes' walk from Castle Grounds, College, and Sea). Com- fortable APARTMENTS. Healthily situated. Terms moderate. Miss Williams, Aberystwyth. BALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. LEFT-OFF CLOTHING. LEFT-OFF CLOTHING T?,AL HALL, ABERYSTWYTH. • • AMES PILOT, of Newtown, still con- ■ TO GIVE the Highest Price that can at nrivatp »• ^eft-off Clothing. I^rsonal calls at private residences made if required. PLEAsa NOTE THE ADDRESS. MISCELLA NEO US. h'r?:^0PEN" excellent prospects; PAMPMET^H Howden, 14, St. JANJ STSSUJ' APARTMENT^T^iu~T7^Z Let. Do not lose poun^v^ ^9 t0 Apartments empty when, for la fnI having your 2S.), you can have a thirty.word ADVERTTSP' MENT M six London suburban VI!JRTISE- circulating in districts, which EACHDEWSPAPERS' thousands of visitors to Welshpool DISTNW^XR8END of paper, Leytrm, Leytonstone, West Ham vi/ ^N,FL8 Woodford, and Forest Gate, Manor pTkanTm Express and Independent.—Address N W I Independent Office, Leytonstone, Essex. ER' CONSTITUTION BALLS Are an unfailing remedy (Write for pamphlet). For Horses for Grease, Testimonial. Swelled Legs, Cracked The Cannock Agr. CO., Ltd. Heels, Coughs, Colds, Star- Cannock, Apt. 16,1890. ing Coat, Influenza, giving Dear Sirs,—I have much tone and vigour, and keep- pleasure ill testifying to the ing hiah-fed Horses in euperiority of your Horse "LS O COTSTITTITIOH BALLS. We Health, &C. have used them for the last T_ JII O CIL. 10 years, and find nothing JJ OFLJSTTLG fit BD6GP ^i^ke'whatuseyoafike cases of Hove or Blown, of this testimonial.—Yours Hide bound,loss of AppetIte faithfully, IfRY R. HABT, Distemper, Epidemic, &c. Managing DIrector. For Scouring in Calves they are almost infallible. Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late FBAJTCIS CUPISB .c.V.8. Sold in Packets 1 s 9d and 3s 6d each, tlarge 21s, by Chemists d Medicine Vendors, or from Pro- prietor. The Wilderness, Diss, Norfolk, on receipt of AMOUNT THOMAS FARE, Son of the late James Farr, of Salop Road GOACH BUILDER, SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. JONES & SONS, THE SHROPSHIRE dEED ESTABLISHMENT, SHREWSBURY, OFFER SPECIAL PRIZES, Talne £25, FOR COMPETITION AT FLOWER SHOWS IN 1896, INCLODIKG WELSHPOOL, NEWTOWN, KERRY", AND MACHYJSLLETH. Send for Particulars Free. A.T WELSHPOOL MARKET HALL ON MONDAY'S. AT NEWTOWN MARKET HALL ON TUESDAYS. Seeds, Trees, Bulbs, Plants, DfVMt p— > trtlaw MOTM. Priced Oatatogwn Pott Free. ADDRESSES j J. H. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER & UPHOLSTERER, 26 BROAD STREET, AND 9, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. HOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT V.'ROR.SALE PRICES. DXIXG, DRAWIXG, & BEDROOM SUITES, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Spring, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, Feather Beds, &c. ESTIMATES GIVR.N' FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF CA PI NET WORK. FUXERALS FURNISHED. FURNITURE REMOVED & STORED, j Removal to all parrs—Estimates Free. The largest and Best-constructed Furniture Van Obtainable. STORING WAREHOUSE 9, BEKRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. "wrCOADEY, PLUMBER, PAINTER,DECORATOR,occ. Salop IOlfl, OSWESTRY, BEGS respectfully to return thanks to the Xobiiity, Gentry, and Puplic generally for their kind patronage during the past 34 years, and to say that he has to considerable expense in fitting up a STOYIXG ROOM FOR JAPAXXIXG every description of Iron and Tin Goods, and hopes by careful attention to all orders entrusted to him, combined with moderate charges, to be favoured with a continuance of the same. A LARGE STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS IN THE NEWEST DESIGNS, Always on hand, at Moderate Prices. f/ •j t\ I 3 ENULISHANO FOREiCH ( t e ( ijjii!FOR>RA!LV/YS \L COL-LIEIRIEIS S 3 Y ESTATE15 f I ill CONTRACTORS 1 1°° ¥ I BUJLDELR5 | § 5 H iiil V/HEELWRICHTS I Ail CABINETMAKERS] XV COACH BUILDERS j I M. lj|l|wV/ACCONBUILDER5l I pU- (Pfl/ COOPERS I Lj M'-U COrriNMAKERSerr i iWJH'vI DEALERS IN:- I I 1 COAL. hi > j) | IP J SLATES I | u" | CEMENT f 1 I ''W'" PIFES CTC- f # < MAKERS OF:- z VLilSMWGATES I I I [CURDLES § 6 IiifsEUSk BARROWS i SHEEPRACKS J I CR1BS ETC-f 1 LdJONES*msom f T/Mazf* r/ViD^o 5AWM/LLS, I ^JrfZMFOQL_ I A. TURNER, | T WATCB MAKES, JEWELLSE! PHOTOGRAPHER. 13, BERRIEW ST., WELSHPOOL. Gents' ENGLISH SILVER LEYEPS, capped and jewelled, expansion balance, and all latest improve- ments; warranted 3 years; Nett cash, C2 10s. Silver Walthatn Levers, 42s.; warranted 3 years. BOV5' Watches from 10s. Ladies' Silver Watches. from 133. 6d. to 42s. Guinea Gold WEDDING lUXGS by weight. A present of Half dozen Sil- veritoTea Spoons given with every ring sold. The quality of these articles compares favourably with that of the so-called large manufacturers. '=-" œ l s j i I 2 I 0 č SL PHOTOGRAPHY. AmoteurG supplied with all kinds of Photo Material and Apparatus. Dry Plates, Papers, and Cameras, by some of the leading makers, always in stock. Orders by post promptly executed. The cost of postage must be remitted extra. PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEX PROIT 10 TILL 4. All information on application, or by post, on receipt of post card. Xote the Address—A. TURXER, 13, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. WILLIAMS & KIDNER, DENTAL SURGEONS, OSWESTRY. ATTENDAXCE AT 22, SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL every Monday. Honrs 12 to I 5 p.m. LLAXFAIR First Friday in each Month. MR. KERSHAW, SURGEON DENTIST, NEWTOWN, ATTEXDS Air. COWAN'S, Chemist, 18, Broad Street, Welshpool, every Monday from 11 to 6.30. Patients attended at their own residences by appointment. Llanidloes—Every Saturday, at Long Bridge St., from 12.30 to 7.15. Llanfair—Miss Jones, Bridge street, first Friday in the month. Patients attended Daily at his Residence, Croesawdy New Road, Newtown. T. J. BRATTON, TENT PROPRIETOR AND CATERER, THE EAGLES, WELSHPOOL Contracts undertaRen for Luncheons, Dinners, Teas, Pic-nic Parties, &c. Agent for the White Star and Cunard Steamship Companies, and County Fire Office. REES JAMES, SADDLER & HARNESS MAKER, A large Assortment of I jSTABLE REQUISITES RIDING SADDLES & BRIDLES ¡ m vv Of every Description. And all kinds of SL LANE'S ELECTRIC METAL LEATHER G 9 0 D S, POLISH. A Trial solicited. IN STOCK. Try Vanner and Prest's GIG APRONS AND SUMMER BLACK OIL for CART HARNESS CLOTHING I' -¡.c" r.'J Supplied to Order.   to call farmers' atten. A LARGE CASE OF WHIPS especially to attend ithe wants of Of all kinds. customersjresiding in the country 3, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL. Q T J? t THE SENSATION OF ni\ i J n the YEAR. COMMENCING ON TUESDAY, JULY THE 21ST, 1896, CONTINUING FOR ONE MONTH ONLY, THE GREAT CLEARANCE SALE AT HENRY MORGANS CROWN SHOP, NEWTOWN, OF THE ENTIRE STOCK. DRAPERY, MILLINERY, DRESS MATERIALS, MANTLES, JACKETS, Bbys, YOUTHS', AND MEN'S CLOTHING. Hundreds of Remnants to be Q A-T Til I Cleared. DAJJJJJ I ABBESSES. A B '"sr 'B EDWAR) HES, T" GENERAL MILLINERY DRAPER, MANTLli SH0W MILLINER, B0GMS JPSTAIES. CLOTHIER, & •j g DRESS MANTLE MAKING ON THE +f,1,!7. MAKING ON THE HATTER, ¡ PHEMKES. li; ;i: Special attention paid !to Mourning Orders. !to Mourning Orders. S I'-i' -—- i riiE STOCK is NOW WELL ASSORTED OUTFITTER. -='_c?: WITH NEW GOODS. E. HUGHIS, TRADE HALL. I.IuIIr" 1:I"L-'U8' I I WESTffllifSTEM HOUSE, W3LSHPOOL. T. & R. EDWARDS, ARE NOW SHOWING THE LATEST NOVELTIES I IN BLACK & COLOUREI DRESS MATERIALS, OUTFITTING, &c. FOR PRESENT WEAR. i. MILLINERY A SPECIALITY. MORGAN DAVIES (OF FORDEN AND BUTTINGTON MILLS) BEGS to inform the inhabitaits of Welshpool and neighbourhood that he has taken the Shop and Premises, No. 1, HALL STREET ( AD.TOINING THE ), WELSHPOOL, POULTRY MARKET AS A WAREHOUSE FOR FTOUR, MEAL, CORN, FEEDING STUFFS, &c, LOWEST rKiUNs. CASH TERMS. LOUIS SCHOLZ, LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S ARTISTIC HAIRDRESSER, Special Low Prices for the follow- SCHOLZ'S QUININE LOTION, ing articles:- FOR THE HAIR, i r /a Is undoubtedly the best Lotion to Real Hair Plaits, 3/6 usual price 5/6 prevent its falling out, „ „ 5/6 „ 8/- *•* is. 6d., 2s. 0d., and 2s. 6d. „ Fringes, 1/6 „ I MkEverything over Is. sent Post Free 1 Doz. Chignon Nets, 8d post tree by mentioning this paper. Hair Brushes from 6d. each. 'wjjjjlxjL Dressing Combs^trom 2d. each. 34 prjoe IIILL, ITALIAN POMADE will train SHREWSBURY, any Moustache, 6d. & Is* A. PARRY, MILITARY SADDLER, STILL TROTTING ON ^-™IR ^TOCK OF THE SUPERIOR GEIsERAL STOCK PARK SADDLE. HARNESS IN SILVER PLATE, NICO- THE EXTRA STOUT |j Jgjw LINE. AND BRASS FARMER'S SADDLE ALWAYS ix STOCK. THE SPECIAL MAKE THE AND AI" PRICE ALWAYS IN STOCK. IN A SET OF A. PARRY'S HARNESS. RECOMMEND THEM. CARRIAGE, GIG, AND CART HARNESS MANUFACTURER, 3, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. COUNTRY WORK PERSON ALLY ATTENDED TO. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. -0- EARLY CLOSING EXCURSIONS. WILL BE CONTINUED DURING JULY, AUGUST, AND SEPTEMPER, 1896, w i m • TW of Week Cheap Tickets Tram on For- Train on Return Early Closing at Dayorwee* i8SUed to ward Journey an(j Journey. Same day. Day. Half- Day. Half- P.M. P.M. — Day. — Days. WREXHAM MONDAYS ( Bangor-on-Dee A.M. F M 0 9 0 6 6 5 7 27 or 10 16 AND J Overton-on-Dee ( g 55 1 15 1 0 0 9 5 58 7 20 „ 10 10 FRIDAYS J Ellesmere C or 1 6 1 0 5 50 7 10 „ 10 0 ( Oswestry ) 5 15 2 0 1 6 5 30 9 35 P.M. P.M. s. d. ».M. OSWESTRY THURSDAYS Ellesmere.. 4 15 0 8 7 2 Llanymynech 2 30 or o 40 0 6 7 55 or Q 18 Llansaintffraid 3 40 1 0 7 35 Llc^'ir 3 40 | (7 15 Walsh pool. 2 30 5 5 7 10 8 55 A.M. P.M. WELSHPOOL THURSDAYS Llanymynech.. 3 30 0 10 6 30 or 7 57 Oswestry 11 15 or 2 22 1 1 J 6 17 „ 7 35 Ellesmere 11 15 „ 2 22 f 1 b 5 47 „ 7 2 Montgomery. 11 25 „ 4 10 0 8 2 46 8 35 ( A.M. P.M. Llanidfoes 11 co t C7 1 3 3 53 or 7 35 NEWTOWN FRIDAYS AND J Llandinam. } or 0 9 4 0 „ 7 49 O rrrTT? n A YS Caersws P.M. 4 50 0 7 7 55 SATU Montgomery. 1 17 „ 2 25 0 9 7 20 „ 9 25 I Welshpool 1 17 2 25 1 3 7 5,, 9 10 P.M. LLANIDLOES WEDNESDAYS Llandinam ) 1Qn ,r, 0 7 5 10 or 8 20 Newtown j 1 3 7 45 „ 9 50 Moat Lane 1 19 „ 3 53 0 10 5 5 „ 8 15 1 Moat Lane .1 1 19 3 511, 0 10 5 5 8 15 C. S. DENNISS, Company's Offiegi;, Oswestry, July, 1896. General Manager, ADDRESSES. CABINET FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SOLD BY Mo LL DAVIS & SONS, ,j1.l, "I Li..t'Y, \;J ..J .l.i. k'Á 4 BRIDG! STRKET AND 20, QUEEN STItRKT, ABERYSTWYTH, ..t t.> Jt k. j ,IT,, tni-l'1t.7:t.&¡"z'l?:rT.:n"7I.o.I-¡: JOHN RICHARDS & CO., PRACTICAL TAILORS, DRAPERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS. 4, MAIUCFT STREET. ABERYSTWYTH. 1.J_1 JL" .n ,.J I..1Y .L -1., V .L ..1- '.i1.J=õ.nI!II'IIamt!" BARKER HALLIWELL'S RENOWNED WELSH ALES SUPPLIED IN CASKS OF ALL SIZES, FROM Is. (id. TO 8d. PER GALLON, DELIVERED ANY STATION ON THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAY CARRIAGE PAID. ♦ CAMBRIAN BREWERY, NEWTOWN. 'UÚl, ABERYSTWYTH MUSIC WAREHOUSED 42, TERRACE ROAD. W. K. WHEATLEY AND SONS. > [ESTABLISHED 1851.] J I, «. I PIANOS, MUSIC, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT8 TUNING-TOWN AND COUNTRY. :N m "RTTA'S BOTTLED BY DISTILLERS ONLY, A#P EXPRESSLY FOR US. "BLACK BOTTLE" TEN YEARS OLD. SCOTCH. PER DOZEN, 46s. CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED AT REA'S STORES, 48, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. FRESH SALMON FROM THE TEIFY, WYE, AND OTHER RIVERS DAITY- DEALER IN WENHAM LAKE ICE. RICHARD SAYCELL, FL^CENSNF^RDEAANLDERPT M R»AT>T7N »R^REMBER 0F THE NATIONAL SEA FISHERIES PROTECTION SOCIETY, _-«• GREAT DARKtrATE STREET, NORTH PARADE AND TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH' COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPTLY DESPATCHED. HORSE GEARS. HORSE GEARS. This engraving machine in the shows our No. 3. market. These frotS26°ye^ DOUBLE | f 3tZ • T., •• been known MOTION "~T- run for 20 7# nmjoimr,. V without hardV GEAR," 5 «^gli any rePairs- for strength sim- fe'J I tX'7: G EARS kept íJ1 plicity and cheap- J jdL stock of virion* ness, is without designs and siøeS. exception the ^MillllliBWilii: g best and CHEAP- Prices on »P* EST combined — plication to J. B. DAVIES & CO., ENGINEERS AND IRONPOUNDERS, MACHYNLLETH- ——— 00-9 H. M. SUGDEN, WOOD WARE DEALER, MARKET HALL, MACHYNLLETH* IS THE CHEAPEST PLACE FOR HAY RAKES, BUTTER PRINTS, BOWLS, CUPS, SPOONS AND PASTRY BOARDS, PRIZE MEDAL CHURNS OF THE LATEST INVENTION, MANGLES, WASHING V SEWING MACHINES FROM 30s. F. S. SILLITOE, (LATE COWAN & CO.) DISPENSING, AGRICULTURAL, & VETERINARY CHEMIST, BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Welshpool and neighbourhood that he has RE-OPENED fcIj0 premises at 18, BROAD STREET, and trusts, by strict attention to business and fair charge9' merit a good share of patronage and support. Medicines sent by Post, Rail, or Messenger with the least possible delay. REGISTERED DENTIST-TEETH CAREFULLY EXTRACTED- Trusses, Bandages, and other Appliances properly fitted and kept in Stock. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— (OPPOSITE POST OFFICE) 18, BROAD ST., WELSHPOOL- HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES, SHEEP DIPS, &c. R. W. MILLER & Co., LIMITED, PRIZE MEDAL ALES, STOKESCROFT BREWERY, BRISTOL. —————— IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST ALES, 7D., 8D., 10D. PER DELIVERED FREE TO ANY STATION. EVAN HUMPHREYS, NORTH WALES STORES, NEWTOWri, OR FROM ANY AGENT. t' ■ 1