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THOMSONS Glove-fitting 1 Long-Waisted CORSETS. PERFECTION Sold by all Drapers. One Million Pairs Annually | -p6 Black Is. extra. Annroved by the whole poMte A Gl_ wnnd v;- TWELVE FIRST MEDALS. if ycir Draper cannot sap- "A'S, p]y yO'l. wr-.te direct to 112. Fore Str'.st, London, eiv^'is size a,nd erclosirg P.O.O., and the Corset will at once be sent ycu. f'h'?;!? world-ren -,wned Corsets have a reputation of 30 m'^andinc. Present sales larze7. than ever. The Pocular Corset for the Million 31H), all colrnrs, W. S, THOMSON & CO.. Limited, Manufacturers, \e Street London. E.C. e Mado in Lc^'St'is. 13. \4. and ys-v-tca. < "?e «tock of these CvOOD Y ALTTE Corsets ahv-avs Gù =l: at EDWARD HUGHES', Trade HsU.WELSHPOOL. GO TO JOHN ROBERTS, TOBACCONIST. •;S, TERRACE r:D., ABERYSTWYTH, FOS TH:: BEST BRANDS 01: CIGARS, HIGH- C L A. S S V >) B A CCDS. AMI E I, DESCRIPTION OF SMOKERS' REQUISITES. Ageut [or G»eat If vi.),,z want tho MONTGOMERY (.OVNTY TIMES GO TO K03ZRIS. i s J. HFTOHINGS, NATURALISTS & GUN MAKERS. 9, BRIDGE STREET. ABERYSTWYTH. PAREEZER HALL. PAREEZER HALL PAREEZER HALL. PORTLAND ST., ABERYSTWYTH. SCHOOLS & PIONIC PARTIES Wi41 find every convenience for holding Luncheons aud Teas at the above Hal!, which is supplied,with Tea, Urns, Tea Ware, &c., and has perfect arrange- ments for procuring hot water on tho premises at the Shortest notice. AMPLE ACCOMMODATION FOR 300 AT ONE SITTING. The Reception Committee were perfectly satisfied with the arrangements made at the Hall for Guests on the occasion of the Royal Visit. For Terms, apply T. ROBERTS, Pareezer Hall. THE ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT BILL pOSTING COMPANY Members of the UNITED BILLPOSTERS' ASSOCIATION. MANAGING DIRECTOR: HERR PAREEZER. Office, The Pareezer Hall, Portland St. B In Aberystwyth and District on most reasonable terms. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. Bill Distribution amongst Hotels, Shops, House-to- House, and in the Streets. HORSE AND TRAP KEPT FOR COUNTRY WORK. The only Billposters with Private Boards in the district, which includes Devil's Bridge, Borth, Taly- boat, aad Llanwristed. MANAGER, MR. T. ROBERTS. ESTABLISHED 1857. Messrs. MURPHY & ROWLEY, SURGEON DENTISTS, CORNER OF TERRACE ROAD AND CORPORATION STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Postal Address— 54, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. V'Mr ROWLEY visits—MACHYNLLETH—The First and Third Wednesday in each month. At- tendance from 2 to 5 o'clock at Mrs. J. Hughes's, Dovey View. TOWYN—The Second and Fourth Friday in each month, from 2 to 5 o'clock, at Mrs. Jones's 43, High Street, near the Railway Station. Messrs. M. & R. are at ABERYSTWYTB MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, and THURSDAYS. CONSULTATIONS FREE. FLSAR U PH OLST R3 D ECORAMBS FURNITURE REMOVALS.*TVY$A W^Ml'MIT PAMT 6CHN STOFXC ESTABLISHED 1851. BIRKBECK BANK SooAfcuapton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. TWO and A HALF per CENT. INTEREST 801. (owed on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. TWO per CENT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS on 3JJ"- monthly balance, when not drawn below £100. STOCK, SHARES and ANNUITIES purchased noW sold. -——— SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. For fcke encouragement of Thrift the Bank re- 3eiyes small sums on deposit, and allows Interest Monthly on each completedel, BIRKBECK BUILDING SOCIETY HOW TO PURCHASE A HOUSE FOR TWO GUINEAS PER MONTH. BERKBECK FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. HOW TO PURCHASE A PLOT OF LAND FOR FIVE SHILLING PER MONTH. The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with-.full parti- (Llwe, mn be obtained post free on application to FRANCIS RAVEXSCOFT, Manager. I. & G. LLOYD, COACH BUILDERS, Alfred Place, ABERYSTWYTH. CARRIAGES MADE TO ORDER ON f THE SHORTEST NOTICE. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. IOHN LLOYD, uB& YSTWYTH TOWN CRIER AND BILL POSTER. A £ X Orders for Bill Posting and Distribution of Handbills are attended to with promptitude COUNTRY WORK UNDBRTAKBN. J8 SKINNER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH.