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^^8ALES BY AUCTION. ^UABLE FREEHOLD COTTAGES TYJ GARDENS AND LAND AT 1(*MORE, NEAR HALFWAY HOUSE. aile 'b. ———————— from Westbury Station on the Shrews- bury and Welshpool Railway. THOMAS MORRIS is instructed by the I ^presentatives of the late Mr Thomas TO Sell by Auction at the ROYAL OAK 0^ WELSHPOOL, ItIDAY, THE 7TH DAY OF AUGUST, 1896, All AT 4.30 FOR 5 P.M., COTJSE three cottages known as WIGMORE "HFY ^-GES," fronting the main road from Shrews- ^A.B° ^E'S^P00^> with large gardens, orchard, *°°UT two acres of good pasture land now in [ 1 JONESCCUPATI<M of Mr William Davies, Mrs Jane ^RS MARY Davies respectively. I POR offered in one Lot, or if not so es Th 411d Mrs Mary Davies respectively. I POR offered in one Lot, or if not so ma^ divided. particulars may be obtained from the 0^E]INEER> BROAD Street, or from Mr Charles E. > Solicitor, Welshpool. I ABERYSTWYTH. J. E. JAMES will offer for Sale, on At 3 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12TH, °,C^OC'R) at the Talbot Hotel, two semi- I ^REEBOLD Villas, situate in Trinity Square, I L< °R rooms each, with usual out-offices, &c. I S J^^ER particulars, &c., apply, Hugh Hughes, "ICITOR, Market Street, or to the Auctioneer. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. "ICITOR, Market Street, or to the Auctioneer. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. 'l'lIE RHYDYRONEN ESTATE, In the Parish of LLANGURIG. FREEHOLD PROPERTY, dis- LOE8 A°°OT three miles from the town of Llanid- 8NJ^0TNPRISING a useful STOCK FARM, with C^U Dwelling-House and Farm Buildings, ^ydyronen," aud an upland SHEEP ^ITH Farm Buildings, known as Cwm- BOTH IN T^E occupation of Mr. John ABONF' AN(* containing 196 ACRES or there- YOJH,8 A^SO' ^7 ACRES, or thereabouts, of 00^. PLANTATIONS, mostly in a thriving .4..CItlon, the whole comprising an area of 273 BY 4 PR thereabouts, will be offered for Sale ■^RIV^I110^011 (UNLESS previouslv disposed of by W* T*-eaty), by ^SSRS. COOKE BROTHERS, at the Trewy- OJJ then Arms Hotel, Llanidloes, SATURDAY, THE 15TH PAY OF AUGUST, AT J 1896, o clock in the Afternoon, subject to condi- T}JE tions to be then produced. S)*, TATIOUS AFFORD good cover for game. The ^ALITV S ARE favourablv known for their excellent ^LAN' ^RTICULARS can be obtained from the TERS^ AT NEWT<>wn; Messrs. Powell and AN" A gents and Surveyors, Llanidloes, V /SR,IIN^R^ E' OR MESSRS Parker, Rhodes, and ^^«^^ORS,ROTHERHAM. Yorkshire. r, SHREWSBURY ^EAT FLORAL FETE & THURSDAY, AUG. 19 & 20, 1896. ll ————— !10ST MAGNIFICENT FLOWER SHOW T>,0 IN ENGLAND. BOUNCED by the Horticultural Press as the finest in Europe." T>°NE WORTB travelling 100 miles to see. ESS* £ 3.000 ^CH -> TL—1T ATTRACTIONS. AY THE Unrivalled BANDS (by kindper- :¡¡ 1r p mission) of OYAL LIORSE 1 H.M. GRENADIER (Blue> I GUARDS Y> CHARLES Conducted by Lieut DAN NIL EY' RAM" GODFREY. ^°st ^tcrnately and combined. The Largest and Perb Military Band heard at any Fete. S-S FIN MAGNIFICENT Performers. P. BA.KNCI THE K 0- SCOTTISH BORDERERS. ^LRV °F SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY AND SHROPSHIRE ARTILLERY, FI, otnbined Band. 60 Performers, HE WO^LNJLARVELLOUS PERFORMERS in the | WHO APPEAR AT THIS FETE ONLY. The JUAN CACEIDO the King of the Wire H* E SRAM118 EUGENES oil the Flying Trapeze CU°^HED THERS GRIFFITHS and their World- OV. DDIN DONKEY—The SISTERS MA- IN EADY Gymnasts -The MUSICAL A I TPRN-0I'R MUSICAL Smithy—The Great SEL- OF BIcyclists — The KELLINO T Troupe, 7 Performers — Professor T'PT^REAT American Dog Circus — The SI] ^AHNTT Gymnastic Display-Tlie SPANISH N ETBa AEROBATs —BARNES TRIO, on 3 JlA., and many other Marvellous Artistes T SCOTCH FESTIVAL GOLD MEDAL Iii £ „ DANCERS and PIPERS AN^ ^ATIONA^ AQD Sword Dances. A TH^ "FLYING FISH" BALLOON, and PR ARnation Balloon. Two Balloons will DCHDAY. CAPTIVE BALLOON—C. Green >> SPENCER aud Son, Aeronauts. %HSF L « Jti.LTPx ;PIXG COMPETITION, £ 100in Prizes EVET- BRITISH ARMY QUADRILLES lno> Six Bands (200 Performers), with all Jullien's original effects. NJS ILLUMINATIONS & FIREWORKS Messrs. WILDER, Birmingham. Pt:CIA. u_- L EXCURSION TRAINS from Cambrian fAl)lIS Railways and all parts. Sper :—Wednesday, One o'clock, 2s. 6d. > ■^LL?E<'S^ THURSDAY, all day from Eleven, ONE }J °NLY. (J^°RE sold at 2s. if bought on or JJ ESSED AY> August 17th. Send Stamped Ad- EC8<) JNVELOPE and Postal Orders to the Hoc. W. sec, l0' Shrewsburv. '"K ,/LV A rt T\ J'°NT NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE ^■^ICULTURAL SHOW o Win be held at TA LYBONT ft.¡Clu,)' ?-; 8EPTE:\lBEn 23RD, 1896. 411)< (' LEAPING and SHEEP til a;„C.°.mPetitious open to competitors 'dol.- lstl'ict b(;tvveen the Llyfnant aud the PL>ESI<IENT— SM> AR &IK PRYSE 1'RYSE, BART. JL LR U(5'UX- N 1CC" Presidents— >, Esq., 11.P.. L».p. 1>RYSK. KsQ.; JULRIES CLO„ H' LLKES' E8Q- B -Q on September 16th. NT^Y £ QC — R- MOR MAY 130 °^TAINED from the Secretary, ^0^, "A; RAL-VL'<»'T. FOR P?^^J^°YAL AND STEEL PILLS REMOVE T1) T QUICKLY CORRECT all irregu- ^0*O SLNG SVM* °I)STL"uctions, and relieve the 'HFE-8 IS. *P °^S SO prevalent with the sex. *HWITIQIES 2T}/' ^ND 2.S- 9d. (the latter contains 6 ON T.0 ANTLTY)> °F all chemists. Sent ITOV' TOW?01^! OR STAMPS, by the 'ATIONS IT,I E' C EMIST, Nottingham. Beware Jttrious and worthless. SALES BY AUCTION. WHIITLELD'S OLD ESTABLISHED WEEKLY AUCTIONS For all classes of FAT, DAIRY, AND STORE STOCK IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. FOUR REGULAR SALESMEN IN CHARGE OF SEPARATE DEPARTMENTS. T. WHITFIELD, SEN.-DAIRY CATTLE. T. WHITFIELD, JUN.—FAT CATTLE. G. WHITFIELD—SHEEP AND CALVES. E. WHITFIELD-PIGS AND STORE CATTLE. Sales commencing at 10 30 Settlements as soon as the Stock is Sold. OFFICES Willow House, Oswestry. KERRY FESTIVAL THIS YEAR AGAIN WITH ENLARGED PROGRAMME. AUGUST 2 1ST, 1896. W. PROUDFOOT, ) Q O. S. BOWEN, j BECS" NEWTOWN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. PRESIDENTS SIR PRYCE PRYCE-JONES, A. C. HUMPHREYS-OWEN, ESQ., M.P. THE ANNUAL SHOW & FETE WILL BE HELD IN THE GROUNDS OF DOLERW (By kind permission of Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones), ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 14TH, 1896. j BRASS BAND CONTESTS, Adjudicator: MR. J. ORD HUME, ] Sunderland. HORTICULTURAL SHOW, Prizes for Garden and Farm Produce, Fruit, Flowers, Vegetables, Honey, &E. DOG SHOW, Judge: INIR. G. HELLI WELL, Sheffield. HORSE LEAPING, (Open and Local) ( TURN-OUTS, Two Classes. c GALLOWAY RACE. TROTTING MATCH. BICYCLE RACES { (Cnder X.C.D. Rules), DEMONSTRATED LECTU R K S ON BEE- KKEPING. ( { THE NEWTOWN BAND] Conducted by J. Ord Hume, will render selections. ( DAN C-I-N TG! The Fete will conclude, at dusk, with a Grand CYCLISTS CARNIVAL t ( J L L U .\[ I N A T E D ) REFRESHMENTS ON THE GROUND. Special Railway Arrangements and Cheap Bookings from all parts. Gates Open at One o'clock. Admission One Shilling. Tickets purchased before Aug. 8th, 9d. ALL ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 7TH. Schedules of Prize* and Entry Forms may be obtained from ERNEST C. MORGAN, Secretary, The Crescent, Newtown. _——————————— ———————————— ] MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. WELSHPOOL SHOW, THURSDAY. SEPT., 10, WW. PRIZE LIST NOW READY, And may be obtained on application to ROBERT RICHARDS SECKKTARY, GREEN HALL, LLANFYLI.LN. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE HORTI- CULTURAL SOCEITY DOG AND POULTRY SHOW Will be held at the ELYSIAN GROVE, ABERYSTWYTH. ON WEDNESDAY, 19TH AUG., 1896. SEE POSTERS FOR PARTICULARS. 0.' H. G. ATWOOD, SECY PUBLIO NOTICES. WELSHPOOL HORTICULTURAL SHOW & FETE On THURSDAY, Aug. 6th, 1896, IX POWIS CASTLE DEER PARK, By the kind permission of The Right Honourable The Earl of Powis. THE CASTLE GARDENS AND TERRACES Will be open FREE for the day. FLOWER SHOW PRESIDENT FOR THE YEAR CAPT. MYTTON. A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF FOLIAGE PLANTS, CUT FLOWERS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. FETE! AT A COST FOR THIS OF OVER SHOW & FETE, The Committee have engaged, by permission of Col. B. B. D. Campbell, the Celebrated Band of Her Majesty's SCOTS GUARDS FROM WINDSOR, Numbering 31 performers, under the conductorship of Mr Henry T. Dunkerton. Also by the kind permission of Col. The Earl of Kilmorey, K.P., the Band of the SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY Conductor: Mr J. Hudson Davies. By the permission of Col. J. H. Hogarth, and Officers, the Renowned PIPERS OF THE 1st BATT. KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS. Conductor: Pipe Major Balloch, and including PIPE SERGT. STEVENSON, BOLD MEDALLIST DANCER, Who will give two Sword Dances, Uso Scotch Reels, Highland Fling and Broad Sword Dances with the others on the Stage, and play about the Park and Gardens. COMBINED BANDS Numbering about 60 performers will play from 6 to 8 o'clock. Important engagement of the following FIRST- JLASS Company of ARTISTES, through the igencv of Messrs J. & W. WILDER, Caterers, Birmingham and London ,— THE LIZZETTEE TROUPE 3f Lady Acrobatic Wonders and Drawing-room Entertainment. GARTNER AND RICHARDS, Comical Musical Clowns. MONS. DE VARO, Slack Rope performer, aud at dusk in his wonder- ful performance surrounded by Fireworks. NESTOR AND AERIAN, Acknowledged to be the most wonderful Trap?ze Artistes in the Kingdom. J A P 0 AND J A PO, Celebrated Tight Wire Walkers. KING, Ilat'd Balancer and Chair Performer. THE ARLAND TROUPE, Marvellous Acrobatic Performances. THE MARLO TROUPE, In their Comical Performances. THE FOUR VANDOLS In their Grecian Statuary. Illumination of the Park and a magnificent display of FIREWORKS By Messrs Wilder, of Birmingham, who will intro- luce some of the latest novelties of the day and concluding with a FIREWORK REPRESENTATION OF POWIS CASTLE, &c. ————— The Park will be open at 1 p.m. and closed alter ulio Fireworks, about 10 p.m. Admission ONE SHILLING, after 6 p.m. SIX- PENCE, admitting to all parts of Show, Park and Gardens. Children under 12 years half-price, rickets of Admission, if bought on or before August 3rd, can be obtained at the reduced price of NINE- PENCE each from the following:—Shrewsbury, Messrs Jones and Son, Florists, 7, Shoplatch Mr Councillor IV, ni. Davies, 11, Frankwell and Mr E. Murrell, Nurseryman, High street; Oswestry, Mr Heath, Tobacconist, Legge street Wrexham, Mr J. F. Edisbury, Chemist, 3, High street; Newtown, Mr J. Bennett, Public llill Llanfair, Mr Morris, Red Lion Ellesmere, Mr C. Hill, Stationer; Aber- ystwyth, Mr Roberts, Tobacconist, Terrace road I-laiiidloes, Mr Lewis Rowlands, Printer; Machyn- Heth, Mr J. Lewis, Draper, Londonderry House; Montgomery, Mr G. J. CJipston, Dragon Hotel; or any of the shops in Welshpool, or if by post from the Assistant Secretary, J. Lambert, Welshpool, upon receipt of stamped addressed envelope en- inioiitit. closing First and Second Class Refreshment and Tea Tents, Miuprat Waters, and Refreshments of all kinds at strictly moderate prices will be provided on a large scale. Programmes of the day giving full particulars, rimes of entertainments, and musical arrangements will be ready on August 1st. Cheap Kxcursiou Tickets will be issued from Aberystwyth, Corris, Dinas Mawddwy, Llanidloes, Wrexham, Whitchurch, Shrewsbury, Wellington, Ludlow, Llanfyllin, Newtown, and all intermediate stations. For full particulars of Trains and Fares see Raiiway Company's Bills and Society's hand- billE to be had at all Stations. Half-holiday trains and cheap fares from Wellington, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Newtown, Llan- idloes, Machynlleth and intermediate stations. W. FORRESTER ADDIE, Hox. SEC., WELSHPOOL. HOTELS. WATERLOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH.—This Firet-class Family and Commercial PRIVATE V T HOTEL and Boarding House is situate in the centre of the Esplanade, and commands an unbroken sea front. The House has recently been enlarged and re-furnished, and possesses every modern improvement, making it one of the most comfortable Hotels on the Welsh Coast. I PRIVATE BRAKES LEAVE THE HOTEL DAILY TO ALL PLACES OF INTEREST. TERMS MODERATE. A. E. & A. MORRIS, PROPRIETRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH—PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Family and Commercial. This Hotel is situated in one of the principal Streets of the Town, and is near to the station, the Castle, Pier, and Promenade. The House is old established and fully licensed. BED AND BREAKFAST FROM 3 6. STABLING AND POSTING. THIS HOTEL IS ENTIRELY UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. PROPRIETOR 1. PARRISH. WHITE HORSE HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH (a Minute's walk from the Sea; VV Three Minutes' walk from the Railway Station). This Hotel, which is situated most centrally for Tourists, Cyclists, and Commercial Gentlemen has recently undergone extensive alterations, including the addition of New Coffee and Commercial Rooms, is replete with every comfort. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. STORE ROOM FOR CYCLES. TARIFF STRICTLY MODERATE. M. A. REA, PROPRIETRESS. OCEAN VIEW," ABERYSTWYTH.—PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT. The house is handsomely furnished throughout, having large airy bedrooms, with perfect sanitary arrangements. It is situated in the best part of the PROMENADE and com- mands an extensive and UNBROKEN SEA FRONT. Good table and attendance. References are of the highest character. TERMS MODERATE. MRS. KENSIT, PROPRIETRESS. LLEDFAIR HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH—PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISH- JLJ MENT. The House is most prominently and spaciously situated, and is handsomely furnished throughout. It possesses excellent Sitting-Rooms. Bedrooms, etc., and has good Sanitary Arrangements. Home Comforts. TERMS MOST MODERATE. E. A. AND C. E. LLOYD, PROPRIETRESSES. MACHYNLLETH. LION HOTEL, First-class Hotel for Families, Visitors and Commercia .IrJ- Gentlemen. The house has been entirely renovated, and its Sanitary Arrangements and Bath Rooms are of the most modern kind, thus affording the best accommodation in the town. The Hotel is largely patronised by Anglers and Sportsmen, and possesses an excellent Billiard Table. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AGENT FOR BASS'S BEER AND ALLSOPP'S STOUT. WHOLESALE BOTTLING TRADE. EDWARD JONES, PROPRIETOR. E. J. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous customers for their patronage for the last three years and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of their support. DEVIL'S BRIDGE HOTEL AND WATERFALLS, ABERYSTWYTH.—This Hotel, which is open all the year round will be found a Cheap, Healthy, and Desirable Summer and Winter Residence. The Devil's Bridge and Waterfalls, with the surrounding scenery, have been so well and completely set forth in Guide Books to Wales that no attempt at description is here necessary. Sunday Schools, Workmen's Trips, &c., are specially Catered for. Tickets to view the Falls, which front the Hotel, are issued at the Bar at One Shilling Each. Visitors staying at the Hotel are Free to Grounds, Falls, &c.—MEDK AT. TESTIMONY The Devil's Bridge Hotel has been recently fitted with the latest and most approved sanitary arrangements which, in with ita exceptional advantage, should render it a perfect sana- torium.T. D. HAlmiFi;i- M.R.C.P. (Load.), POSTAL ADDRJSSS—ABERYSTWYTH. W. T. HILL, PROPRIETOR. THE BULL HOTEL, WELSHPOOL. GRAND COFFEE, COMMERCIAL, SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. SUITES OF APARTMENTS. HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. i AN ORDINARY DAILY AT 1 P.M. ( TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS BTN-L, WELSHPOOL." MISS JENKINS, MANAGERESS. THE CROWN BREWERY. A. D. DAWSON, BREWER AND WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT ILI" NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FINE WELSH ALES ,i: OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, FROM lOd. PER GALLON, CARRIAGE FREE, IN 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS. I The Celebrated "Crown Bitter Ale," and Cobbler Mountain Scotch Whisky. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY PROM 7(1. PER GALLON. Orders received for the above at Bull Hotel and Eagles Vaults, Welshpool; Sarn Inn, Kerry; Belle Vue, Trefeglwys; Raven Inn, Clmrchstoke Anchor Inn, Bettws, Salop. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: "MALT, NEWTOWN, MONT." V Manager T. E. SKIDMORE. TESTIMONIALS. Newtown, AUGUST 19th, 1395. through the Camp as the best Beer, not only in To T. E. Skidmore Camp, but in Blackpool as VS ell. Youis truly, „ T (Signed), J. HYSLOP. My Dear Sir,—You may, I think, be glad to know V VO JL that the Beer you supplied to Camp was of excel- To A. D. Dawson, LSQ., Newtown. lent quality, in fact the best of the six Batalions in ^.RRRTHBIR ^NRIR-TV'S SHOW IV>I camp. Everyone agreed as to this, and especially NEWTOWN HORTICULTURAL So AN. the men of the other Re, im ents. -Yours truly, FETE. lent quality, in fact the best of the six Batalions in ^.RRRTHBIR ^NRIR-TV'S SHOW IV>I camp. Everyone agreed as to this, and especially NEWTOWN HORTICULTURAL So AN. the men of the other Regiments.—Yours truly, FETE. (Signed), E»WI^T J- PIPER Captain, Newtown, August 26th, 1895. Supply 0«~. P,rtaU°Ca0„7/hr,S;hoef the goods supplied by you for the above Fete, gave [EXTRACT FROM LETTER.] general satisfaction.—Yours truly, N The Turf Hotel, Salop, ERNEST C. MORGAN, Sec. 15th Aug., 1895. A. D. Dawson, Esq., Dear Sir, — Your Beer was acknowledged all Crown Brewery, Newtown. HOTELS. THE CAMBRIAN HOTEL, BORTH. One of the most Comfortable Establishments on the Coast. BRACING CLIMATE FRONTING AND ADJOINING THE SE-k. EIGHTEEN-HOLE GOLF LINK, AND ALL OTHER OUT-DOOR RECREATIONS. PRIVATE TENNIS COURTS. LANGUAGES. FRENCH CHEF KEPT. J. HOHENBERG, PROPRIETOR. PUBLIC NOTICES. BANK HOLIDAYS, AUGUST 1ST AND 8RJi, 1896. CONSTITUTION HILL, ABERYSTW YTH. CLIFF RAILWAY & GARDENS. GREAT ATTRACTIONS. THE NEWTOWN SILVER BAND AND BATTLE OF CONFETTI, (PARIS IX ABERYSTWYTH). For full Particulars see Day Bills. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING (which includes up journey on Cliff Railway). LLANFXLLIN DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE S H 0 W WILL BE HELD ON BODFACH PARK, ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 1896. EXCELLENT ENTRIES OK CATTLE, HORSES, SHEEP, PIGS, CK^ESE.BIRTS.'BISL,: POU-LTKY, Ac., A DOG SHOW, Open to all comers, will also be held. LEAPING AND TURNOUTS (LOCAL AND OPEN.) ENTRIES CLOSE FOR LEAPING & TURNOUTS ON THE 8rn AUGUST. The Cambrian Railways Company will issue Cheap Day Return Tickets to Llanfyllin from Wrex- ham, Whitchurch, Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown. Llanidloes, and intermediate Stations, and return trains leave Llanfyllin at 8.40 p.m.. for Oswestry, Ellesmere, Wrexham,Whitchurch, and Intermediate Stations, and at 7.15 for all other Stations. Particulars may be had on application to AN WATKINS, Secretary. BISHOP'S CASTLE DI ST UICT A GRICULTURAL SOCIETY. SIXTH SHOW WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12TH, ISSTJ. PRESIDENT REV. W. B. (i ARNETT-BOTF1ELD. VICE-PRESIDENT: MR. JOHN BRER ETON. For the Exhibition of Champion and Local Classes in TURNOUTS. LEAP] NG,and MILITARY TOUKNAMLN 1 te. -C72 in Prizes will be c)ffere(i. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 10TH. AGRICULTURAL AND HACK HORSES CATTLE, POULTRY, and BUTTER. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 1ST. Hedging, Stack Making, and Root Crops will not be Judged till November, for which Entries close OCTOBER 30th. Public Luncheon on Ground at 1 30 p m Tickets, 2s 6d each. The Show will be open at 11 a.m.. Admission ONE SHILLING. emission Entry Eorms, Ac., may bo obtained from the [secretary. Ma. A. J. HARRIS, v i> • rr. • BISHOP'S CASTLE. .-nVliT u fC1. nTra,,U' Calli"S at a11 Stations, will leave Bishop s Castle at 8 15 p.m. LLANDYSSIL NATIONAL SCHOOL. A SMALL SALE of WORK AND FANCY ARTICLES Will be held at CEFN BRYNTALCH ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 1896 In aid of the above School. T'1'' NEW I Q)\ X SILVER BAND has been engaged. DANCING. To cmimence ai 3 o'clock. Entrance 6ii. MONTGOMERYSHIRE- CARRIAGE WORKS, SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, AND OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SOK. ■ AWARDS—Two First Prize and Three Silver Medals for Superior Work and Finish. ASSORTMENT OLTCARRIAGES OF! OUR OWN MANUFACTURE ALWAYS IN STOCK. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ESTIMATES FREE. m. ■ PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. DAY TRIPS TO ABERYSTWYTH AND CAMBRIAN COAST, EVERY MONDAY IN JULY, 1896. From Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown, Llanidloes Machynlleth, and intermediate Stations. For full particulars, see handbills, — *• — SEE THE COMPANY'S NEW SOUVENIR ALBUM Containing 50 Superb Views of the Gems of Welsh Scenery. Price 6d. At the principal Railway Bookstalls, the Company's Stations, and General Offices, &c., in May. -+- ON EVERY THURSDAY & SATURDAY IN JULY, 1896, HALF-DAY EXCURSION TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED TO LIVERPOOL (Lime Street, Edge Hill, Spellow,or Walton), AND MANCHESTER (London Road), as under:— Leaving Oswestry at 11 45 a m, and Ellesmere at 12 0 noon. Third-class Fare for the Double Journey, 2s. 6d. Passengers return the same day from Liverpool (Lime Street) at 11 55 pm, and Edge Hill at 12 0 midnight, and from Manchester (London Road) at 12 0 midnight. Further information regarding Excursion Trains and Tourist Arrangements on the Cambrian Raii- ways can be obtained on application to Mr. W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. EVERY SATURDAY IN JULY. CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN TO LIVERPOOL & MANCHESTER From Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Welsh- pool, Llanymynech, Lianfyllin, Oswestry, Ellesmere, Fenn's Bank, and Intermediate Stations. Train leaves Llanidloes 6 40 a m, Newtown 7 S a m, Montgomery 7 26 a in, Welshpool 7 43 am, Llanfyllin 7 30 a m, Oswestry 8 25 a m, Ellesmere 8 43 a m. FURTHER REDUCTION IN FIRSJ- | CLASS FARES.. • On and after JULY 1ST, 1896, THE FIRST-CLASS FARES To and from Cambrian Stations will be CONSIDERABLY REDUCED. TRIP TO SCOTLAND FOR 9 OR 16 DAYS, FRIDAY EVENING. JULY 31ST, 1896. For full particulars see Handbills. _H-+- GREATLY EXTENDED ARRANGEMENTS FOR THF ISSCE OF WEEK END TICKETS (Friday or Saturday to Monday or Tuesday), TO CAMBRIAN COAST STATIONS AND WELLS, FKOM STATIONS IX ENGLAND, Are now being put into operation. I hey include Bookings from Bath, Bristol, Cam- bridge, Darhngton, Durham, Gloucester, Lincoln. Cheltenham, Harrogate, Middlesborough, New- castle-on-1 yne, Nothmgham, Norwich, Scarborough, Sunderland, Tynemouth, Yarmouth, Worcester, ('tc. Full particulars may be obtained at any of the above-named Stations, or from Mr W. H. Gor,, Superintendent of the Line. Oswestrv. AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS. /|N FRIDAY and SATURDAY, JULY 31ST and W AUGUST 1ST. CHEAP EXCURSIONS will be run to NEWPORT (Mot).). DOWLAIS. MER- THYH. NEATH, CARDIFF, and SWANSEA, from Pwllheli, Portmadoc, Barmouth, Dolgelley, 1 owyn, Aberdovey, Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Llanidloes. Builth Wells. Newtown, Welshpool. S* w Llanfyllin, Oswestry, and intermediate stations. And on the same dates from Brecon, Builth, Rhayader, and intermediate stations, to NORTH- AMPTON, RUGBY, CAMBRIDGE, LIYER POOL MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD, CllESTER, RHYL H UDDERSFIELD, SOUTH PORT, BLACKPOOL, CARNARVON, BANGOR, and other places. Also on the same dates, CHEAP 5, 5, oi 8 DaYR' EXCURSIONS will be run to LEEDS, BATLÈY, DEWSBUR Y, BUXTON, WARRINGTON STCK- PORT, BRADFORD, HUDDERXFIELD' LIVFR" POOL, B1RK KN HEAD. SHEFFIELD AND MANCHESTER, from Pwllheli, Portmadoc Dol- gelley, Barmouth, Aberdovey. Towvn ALervst- wyth, Machynlleth. Llanidloes, Xewtown, Welsh- pool, Llanfylllll, Llynclys. and intermediate stations also from Whittingcon. Ellesmere Fenn's Bank, and intermediate stations. 3 or 5 Days' Tickets will also be issued from Osv\ estry to the above-named places on Julv 3let and August 1st. vvPruSAV' AUGIST 3rd, CHEAP DAY K\Ll,x,.Nlo;Nfc will be run to BIRMINGHAM, and 2. o, 4, or 5 DA i S' TICKETS wjIJ be issued bv same train. Also DAY INCURSIONS will be run to LIVEhlOOL, MANCHKSTElt. BIRKENHK STOCKPORT. WA RRIN GTON. C H ESTER. RK V1 and ABERGELE, from Llanidloes, Fenn's Bank' and intermediate stations. And a CHEAP DAY EXCURSION aW C ambrian inland stations will be run to vv T\V Til, BARMOUTH, and the Coast Sta'on C, G. DENN1SS] <;P«RRAL Manager. A A pl, AARON W ATIQX, BUILDER, CONTRACTOR And TIMBER MERCHANT. UNDERTAKER, &e, WELSH POOL. All Kinds of Building Materials kept in Stock.