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PASS OF BWLCH-Y-FEDWEN- TO the Editor of the COUNTY TIMES AND P° —— Sir,—May we respectfully ask the favour <• inserting this letter in your next issue of bb8 I desire if possibla to call the attention d por- proper authorities to a very much ueglec tion of the highway on the top of Bwlcb f and situated in this county. Business p~ggrftIV me over this well known and historical 'fO& J the other day, at the highest point of t while walking round a curve in the roap 0 suddenly found myself in the centre of a ytil cattle, in the midst of which, and in middle of the fairway, 6tood a most -^a looking bull of mature years. Slowly turj. tvh'j head iu my direction he eyed me ominousj' 0nC{- I in turn hurriedly scanned the surrounding^ h' for any object I could utilise as an (;')Stflie. progress in the event of his coming countenance fell pereeivablv on finding not ti but an open, treeless, fencele*# country slightest sign of anything or anyone to be I' e 111011 not. the faintest trace of any hedge or the sides of the tracing my steps, and meanwhile cast;n detallr f:- glauces to my rear, 1 made a considcrab ed .r t n e l'e' my left, and after describing an ex e ce 111° circle on the hill-side, regained the road o or Soon after doing so, I came across hwaY, n horses in the very centre of the big jI.rit3tl 1 vigourously plying its long tail to keep thatUreII summer fly at bay. Being harmless c did not disturb them, but stepped ov ge0 j drain (the only form of division I ,c?u .)roperh^c there between the road and the adjoiningt .g and went ou my way. It is to be on >je, such improvements have not been do cft tPO road so as to obviate the possibil1 r<J0 horses, &c., getting on the highway to free passage of passengers. Speaking and»fJV to a man working in the neighbourhpo '^e him whv no fence was made along8'*1 replied, Numerous complaints have find -Jlf from time to time as to allowing bul 8■ espe^' cattle free liberty on the highway, m „0ged in summer, but when those who are s appfoti<l0f)e responsible for this state of thing8 s they endeavour to throw the duty jl6 8 .jj^d other than themselves," and proba 0r '^Q»i not before someone is seriously l11JI1 the i¡Jg will anything be done to k- P gpe^ intact." I felt my friend tflect truly. The large number of ladle. ler po t tl1)S road, evidently enjoying their su'|^ ro^-ft-0 render it doubly imperative that 10-W IS or spot should fenced in, otheiwis rev expected that these same P^Pj^uJa e&.f recommend their friends to adop^t thre.g ing their personal safety inay jnse1^ Thanking you in anticipation 0 letter, I am, yours faithfaHy. ELLIS