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ABERYSTWYTH. TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON. At the recent musical examination held on July 3ril and 4tb, in the Town Hall, Aberystwyth, the following candi- dates were successful :—Senior Divison Piano- force playing, D. M. Issard intermediate, E. F. Snow and A. E. Purton. THE CHILD—WHAT WIN, HI-: BKCOME The attention of our readers is called to an advertise- ment in another column, stating that 1 rofessoi- Charles Stewart Davies has opened consulting rooms in Great Darkgate Street aad on the corner of Market Street. Professor Davies has already earned for himself its other parts of the Principality, a reputation for truthful delineations of characters which has remained unchallenged. Professor Davies is a ielkw of the British Pi.renolojrical Association. COUNTY COURT.-This Court was held before his Honour Judge David Lewis at the Town Hall yesterday mord i ng.- Richard Crouch, mining ao-ent, sued Geo. Westall, engineer, of London. for the sum of t29 8s 4d, being the amount alleged to be due for services rendered as manager of the Florida Lead and Blend Mine. Mr Hugh Hughes appeared for the plaintiff.—The facts of the case were as follows. The defendant engaged the plaintiff in July, 189o, as manager of the mine at a mouthlv salary of £7 10s. The salary was fixed in October following, and the defendant told the plaintiff that he need not trouble about what was duo for the past as he would make a present of zC50 to him so soon as the company was started, but the company was never started and he never got the cheque but instead he received notice to quit.—The defendant said that the plaintiff was merely caretaker up to October, I and he never promised to pay him X50. He was not liable as the matter was now in the hands of the company, and he further said that onlv zEl5 odd was due.—His Honour gave judgment for plaintiff for £ 22 lis lid.—The same defendaut was sued by Messrs Williams and White for £ 7 6s I 3d, lor goods sold, and defendant said that in view of tue judgment jast given he would agree to dis- charge that debt.—Thomas Parker, Fox Vaults, was sued by Herbert Matthews for the sum I' of £ .3 15s 8d being the amount due for the supply of beef. The facts of the case were to the effect that the beef was supplied to Mr Parker on Tues- day previous to the Royal visit day, as it was intended to provide the Royal naval reserve men with a dinner, but when the meat was about to be carved it was found to be unfit for human food, and the medical officer was called in and ordered it to be buried.—His Honour gave judment for the defendant. CAPEL BANGOR. RUNAWAY HORsEs.-On Wednesday a team of horses, the property of Mr. E. D. Jones, the Ex- change Capel, Bangor, were being driven to Aber- ystwyth, and passing under the Factory Railway Bridge the horses took fright at a passing train and overpowered the driver, who bad a narrow escape of being run over. Although one of the wheels got loose, they kept going at a fearful pace nntil they came to Llanbadarn, a distance of about a mile, where they were stopped by some masons working near. Though they met many traps, happily there was no collision. A woman who was in the waggon also escaped injury. This part of the railway is considered dargerous to timid horses and a great many accidents have occurred. There ought to be some warning given of approach- ing trains, and we have no doubt that if the atten- tion of the proper authorities were called to the matter it would receive the necessary attention. MACHYNLLETH. KutLY SCARLET RUNNERS.—Mx Sanger, the loco- motive superintendent at this place, informs us that he has an excellent crop of scarlet runners, which is considered extremely early, and is only another effect of the very warm weather we are now experiencing. THE ANNUAL SHOW.-Intending exhibitors at this show are requested to note that the schedules containing full particulars will be published this week, and all enquiries should be addressed to Mr. Thos. Lloyd, secretary, Talybont Hotel, Talyllyn, Corris. POLICE CASES.—At the Police Court on Monday, before Mr. Edward Rees, John Clarke, a tramp, was charged by P.S. Hamer with vagrancy, and was sent to prison for fourteen days with hard labour.—At the same Court a tramp named David Stone was charged by the same officer with a similar offence, and was sent to prison for seven days' hard labour. THE CHURCH DIFFICULTY.-His Lordship the Bishop of Bangor visited the town on Thursday and met the deputation appointed to pesent the petition to him. His Lordship listened to the depu- tation, which gave in detail the grievances under which the Churehpeople have been suffering for some time past. The interview was of a strictly private character. ———— PONTDOLGOCH. Ol TJ ^XI)it-—The half yearly rent audit of the yn Estate was held at the Mytton Arms in the above village on Fridav. Miss Mytton was re- AfW ft by h(Tr a £ ent ^r- E- H- Morris, Chirbury. />p11O t v au<^ the tenants sat down to an ex- wvl.VK o er P^ded by Mrs. Jones, and to the 6 was done. Mr. Morris took Afte- the an i^r' ^onea» Henblas, the vice chair. °iven thp^ an<i patriotic toasts had been to the death" of Xa?ainceeiliaglteHmS'referre1 moved a vote of™ I Colonel Harrison and Other toasts ™th "» spent. a Peasant evening was LLÃNWNOG. A FEW months aeo RPV TP- t» T> Parry were presented wi>ti Parry and Mrs owing to the short time the rr> pUr.Se of, £ olt1' and -disposal before the departure of th!^ their and his lady to Nova Scotia it wn t ™ j ?entleir!ai1 to get up in a fitting manner an address now been done, and will be sent i-n HT' T*118]138 ■days. The address, which has W ln %iew illuminated, is as follows To the. R beautifully Parry an., Mr, Parry. 0„ P* about to return to year home m Nova W cannot allow you to take your departure some slight recognition of the services vJ £ rendered here and the esteem and confidence yon both have won during your short stav am You both have been willing and diligent helpLTn the Church and Sunday schools, and always ha been readv to assist in any undertaking that hid for its object the welfare of the members of the congregation and of the parish generally. You Air Parry, wc have known long, many of us as a lad, and we ever found you, as well your family, ready to do your duty, fearlessly, faithfully, and ener- getically. You were always willing to assist and the vourl, to attend the service of the Church and Sunday schools. You Mrs Parry we have not had the honour of knowing as long a time as your dear husband, but it is our great pleasure and satisfaction to tell you, that you have won the hearts of the members of the t'arish Church and also of those who worship in our Chapel of Ease at Caersws. All will ever remember your gonial smile and pleasant kindly greeting. We ask yea to accept, this address, ac- companied with a photograph of part of our Sunday p, scholars and teachers and this purse of gold. We sadly say you fareweli and wish yon God ;il)etlil. (Signed1 EDW\RD REYNOLD HUGHES and THOMAS ROWLANDS Churchwardens; JOHN WAINWRIGHT, superintendent of Sunday School; JOHX KINSFY, parish clerk; THOMAS SHELTON, school and choir master; WILLIAM JoNts, hon. sec. PARISH COUNCIL.- The quarterly meeting of this Council took place on Thursday evening, Mr. T. Rowlands in the chair, and Mr. W. Jones (vice- Tiie minu'es of the last meeting were read and si,tie,i chief business of the nseet- IWJ; w;is to tnk ■ into consideration the footpath lead intr from LI *nwnog to Caersws, and postal faeiliries in the upper part ,of the parisii.-Ilr. Wain wn'irht, who had charge'of the footpath, said that the was a real grievance, and not only that hut d'surrnce to the parish.—It was resolved that a committee he appointed to investigate the matter ennsisti»cr "f Messrs. T. Wainwright, D. Jones. R. r, o and W. Jones.— Postal arrange- ments; II., %v_ in bringing this matter forward, the arransrements in the upper part of the oavVh v," e n quire satisfactory. He had seen the i'o. rua-rcr of Newtown, in whose district the :1.] 1:1,1 cot certain information from him. H; si;iro--Ted that a committ: bo ap- pointed to inform the Postal Authorities what, was realty vunted fo t12 done, the committee to consist, of four, viz, the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mr. George, and Llovd.— This was atrreed to.—I he Char, man stated rhat he had received a letter from the j,dlahirat:t" "f the village respecting the water supply. They could not take it into consideration at tnat meeting, hut could move a resolution to briny it on at other meeting. tt was decided ro hold a special meeting on Thursday next for its consideration. -+-

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