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FORDEN BOARD OF GUARDIANS. This authority met at Forden Workhouse on Wednesday, Colonel Twyford presiding. There were also present Mr. W. Price (vice-chairman), Rev. J. Sawer, Messrs. W. Pritchard, T. Owen, F. Lanpfford, E. K. James, J. P. Jones, B. H. Morris, E. Price, C. Owen, R. Gwillim and W. Oldfield, with Mr. C. S. Pryce (clerk) and Mr. J. E. Tomley (from clerk's office).- A letter was read from Mr. C. S. Denniss, the general manager of the Cambrian Railways, intimating that he had had much pleasure in arranging for the afternoon up train to stop at Forden station on Board days for the convenience of the Guardians of the Forden Union.—The Chair- man read the following copy of a letter received from Mrs. Harrison, of Caerhowel, dated July 3rd. —" Pray accept our very best thanks for your letter of the 19th of June, conveying their very kind expressions of sympathy from the Forden Board of Gllardian and Rural District Council. It is a great consolation to feel how very much my dear husband was beloved and his ser- vices for the good of others valued, and although in his own house the blank is the greatest, I feel that the county at large has lost a true friend." Mr. John Evans, assistant overseer for Leighton, wrote offering of Mr. J. Naylor as his bondsman in the sum of £100, which was accepted.—Mr. Pryce Jones introduced the question of the in-door female paupers' attire, and referred to the style of the bonnets worn by them at the rejoicings recently held at Caerhowell, which he described as antediluvian. They wanted something more reasonable, and suggested that the matter be referred to the Ladies Committee. This was agrcd to.—There having been a dispute as to the payment of the medical officers during the period covered by the recent negotiations wiih the Local Government Boaid, the Finance Com- mittee considered the matter, and their report recommeurled that Dr, Pa tterson hü.ving; resigned his appointment on December ] 8th, and Dr. Morgan appointed on January 15th, that Dr. Waters be paid fur the work he had rendered in the interval as Dr. Patterson's deputy, and that Dr. Morgan be paid for the work from January 15th to the time of the rearrangement of tho districts.—Tho report was generally considered a fair one, and was unani- mously approved.—The following statistics weie presented Number of inmates in the house, 84, as against 91 for the corresponding period of last year, vagranis relieved during the fortnight 66 as against 93 last year out relief distributed. 15s. 4d. to 88 recipients; Montgomery, per Mr. R. Tomley, £914". to 63 Worthen, per Mr. J. Oliver. £1388. to 74.— Mr. W. Pritchard called attention to a re- cent recommendation of the House Committee to the effect that it wns desirable that more literature, newspapers, periodicals, Ac., should, be provided for the inmates; that application be made fur such to the committee of the Welshpool Free Library and that the Cambrian Railways Company be requested to provide boxes at the railway stations for the re- ception of papers and periodicals for the House. Nothing bad yet been done, and he was of opinion that it was very desirable that more reading matter sliouid be obtained. lie proposed that the clerk write to oho committee of tho Welshpool Free Library and to the general manager of the Cam- :i Railways Company as had been suggested. chairman who is also chairman of the Welsh- pool tree Library- Committee stated that the mat- ter had already been brought before the committee and it was there decided to let the Guardians have some literature it any of the members would call tor teem. He was pletsed to say that advantage laid already 'been taken of this ?esolut.on, and the Guardians could bv calling for it have any amount of literature, after it had re- mained on the tables of »he reading room for a eerhin time. The Free Library Committee could not afford to pay poslage or carriage.— Mr Pritchard feit sure Mr Fortune, or any of tbr Welshpool Guardians would kindly convey the literature if re- quested to do so.The Chairman observed that Mr J. Pryce Jones had on several occasions brought, literature to the house from the Free Library.— Mr Pryce Jones confirmed seconded the proposition that the General Manager of the Cambrian Railways be written to, and it was resolved. -+ President Fauro, whilst on his way to the Long- champs Review on Tuesday afternoon, was twice fired at by a man, who proved to bo Francois, who was x-eoently arrested for throwing papers from the gallery into tho Chamber of Deputies. The Presi- dent, who showed no alarm, continued his journey, Francois was seized by the police, and but for their protection would have been roughly handled. A waiter who came to his assistance, but was in no way connected with him, was severely maltreated. It afterwards transpired that only blank cartridges were fired, with the object of calling attention to a grievance from which Francois considers that he suffers. The Review passed off brilliantly, bnt owing to the intense heat, there were many cases of sunstroke.