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CRICKET. Good bowling- was the feature of the mitch at Newtown between R. W. W. and Machynlleth, and as a consequence scoring ruled low. The home team took 1st inning? and a fair start was made by W. E. Pryce-Jones and Cannon. The former was top scorer with 11. Although there was only one duck on the side the total only amounted to 60. Lloyd Jongs and Vaughan bowled in their best form and stuck the batsmen np repeatedly, the former getting6 wicketsfor27 andVaughan 4 for 29. Small as this score was It proved too much for Mach- ynlleth. Edwards and A. W. Pryce-Jones even excelled the Machynlleth bowiors and in quick suc- cession all the visitors were dismissed for 32. R. Gillart scored 13 in good form. I'J i wards took 6 wickets for 13 and A. W. Pryce-Jones 4 for 16. The fielding on both sides was close and good. In the 2nd innings of tie R. W. W. the bowline-fell off a little and the batsmen took advantage of it. When time arrived 7 wickets had fallen for 34 W. E. Pryce-Jones again piaved well for 18 Taylor got 13 and Evan Rees 34 not out. The latter's was an excellent innino-s. Montgomery would indeed have been badh" off on Saturday but for the batting of Mr. More. Taking first innings on a wicket which played fairly true the home team scored 81. Considering r! n that More scored 47 of these the batting of Mont- gomery was not up to the usual form. More ave one easy chance before scoring, bnt afterwards he played splendidly, especially against the fast bowl- ing. i or a wonder Hart's bowling did not come off against this team. Pagh and Tallis, who went on late, met with great success. The former got 4 wickets for 5 runs and Tallis 1 for 1. Lumley Jones bowled well all through, although he met with severe punishment at times from More. Welshpool failed to get the required number, and also failed to play out time. The last wicket fell about a minute before the fixed time for drawing stamps. D. R Jones (17), W. Jones (11), and Makepeace (10) hit well for their runs. The field- ing of Montgomery was ranch better than that of Welsbpool though that was pretty good, and the bowling on the whole steadier. A. Eaton was most successful, and got 6 wickets for 18. The worst defeat Oswestry team experienced for some time was that on Saturday by Shrewsbury School. Afcer scoring 184 Moser and Humphreys dismissed the strong batting team of Oswestrv for 47 runs on a good wicket. H. Lloyd Jones (41), M. Druce (65), and F. H. Humphreys (37) were in good batting form for the school. F. O. Roberts (13) not out was the highest scorer for the losers. Gobowen had a proof of the strength of the (hwestry A team on Saturday. The A team scored J.05 for live wickets and then declared. A. England (20) and Bert Gough (38) played capitally for their I jus. the latter's display being perfect. More (11) and Parsons (12) did well. With the exception of T. Price who scored 20 in good form Gobowen were nowhere in batting and all were out for 47. The Newtown County School must thank Sauuders for their victory over the Newtown 2nd XI. Morgan scored 18 in good form for the losers, but letley's bowling was more than the others could man and the last wicket fell at 45. Sannders (52), A. Withers (10), and R. E. Williams (11) were the only men who showed form for the school. Total, 98. A very even game took place between the Oswes- try High School and Ruabon Grammar School, but in the end the Ruabon players just won. The High School XI. scored 42, H. Home with 11 heading the list. Mr Thvmas bowled well and got six wickets for 10 runs. With four wickets down for 33 Ruabon looked liked walking in, but in their anxiety to win three men were run out in succes- sion and eight wickets were down for 41. In the end Ruabon won an exciting game by six runs. The race for the championship continues very open. In the absence of Jackson and Brown Yorkshire were badly handicapped against Essex, but not- withstanding this Essex deserve great credit for their victory over the strong batting team placed in the field by Yorkshire. L. C. H. Palairet easily heads the batting aver- ages and his play this week will in all probability further increase his lead. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday July 11 inclusive. BATTING AVERAGES. No. Times Most of not Total in an inns. oat. rans, inns. Aver. Palairet, L. C. H. 17 2 828 292 55.20 Ranjitainhji, K. S. 28 2 1394 171* 53.61 Abel 28 2 1314 231 50.53 Grace, Dr W. G. 31 3 1375 243* 49.10 Brown, J. T 35 6 1359 203 46.86 Gunn 30 5 1168 207* 46.72 Storer 24 5 876 142* 43.80 Woods, 8. M. J 22 2 855 158* 42.70 Killick 20 8 490 102 40.83 Jackson, F. S 22 2 810 117 40.50 Hayward 28 6 861 229* 39.13 ^eel 22 3 715 210* 37.63 iJnrnnp, C. J 21 1 751 95 37.55 Leveson-Gower, H. 17 2 550 93 36.66 Mayman H. B 22 3 699 152 36.26 rr 26 9 616 73* 36.23 H 17 1 560 146* 34.37 w 23 2 819 121 34 25 wham, W ;• 22 2 684 201* 34.20 Signifies not out. BOWLING AVERAGES (28 wickets). Hearne (J. T.) £ 7 d ?i'c W" Ave1'- Haigh SI"? 415 1766 150 11.77 Hal lam 601 44 13.65 Lohmann 4^ 41 14.97 Attewell (Wm* 9x7 x J" 51 15.11 Moid 1419 91 15.59 Hayward 370! 125 412 91 15.59 Richardson 974 ^1 1617 Curliffe, F. H. E. 466 4 L^Q OQT 8 16.35 S1?$g 5ri?f' J 874 292 1557 M S Eawha 128 898 « 18.70 PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is creditefi for a win, one point deducted k" D. Tot'l. Ptq Surrey 12 3 1 16 0' Yorkshire 10 2 4 16 g Lancashire 9 2 0 n 7 Middlesex 5 1 I 7 Essex 3 2 051 Notts 3 3 2 8 0 Hampshire 2 4 1 7 _2 Derbyshire 3 5 3 11 -2 Sussex 2 5 2 9 _3 Somerset 2 5 2 9 -3 Gloucester 2 6 2 10 -4 Warwickshire. 2 7 2 11 -5 Leicestershire. 16 18-5 Kent 16 18-5 NEWTOWN 2ND XI t. NEWTOWN COCNTY SCHOOL. —This match was played on the ground of the former on Saturday last. The homesters went in first, and compiled 45, H. Morgan making 18. Mr Tetley took 8 wickets for 14 runs, and A Withers 2 for 6. The School went in, and made 98, Mr Saunders scoring 52, A Withers 10. R E Williams 11. Mr Saunders and A Withers carried the -•core from 11 to 72 for the fourth wicket. Score :— NEWTOWN 2ND XI. W Owen b Tetley 2 W Parry c Saunders b Tetlev 1 H Morgan c R Watkins bTetley 18 T Barrintfton b Tetley 1 T Bridirwater c Saunders b Tetley 3 J Roberts bA Withers 6 A Ben how b Tetley 1 F Jones c Raandorsb A Withers 1 W Rogoel's c Roberts b Tetley 3 W Crewe not out 2 C Lambert b Tetley 1 Extras 6 T'tal 45 COGTY SCHOOL. A S Tetlev b W Owen 0 R Watkins hit wkt b W Parry 0 A Phillips b W Owen 4 Saunders h H Morgan 52 A Withers c Roberts b W Parry 10 ft E Williams c Benbow b W Owen 11 V Thornton b W Parry 0 C Jones c Lambert b W Parry 0 G Barrington c Benbow b W Parry 1 N Ware not out 1 J Owen c W Parry b 11 Morgan 0 J LI Roberts run out 2 H Percival b H Morgan r" 2 F Evans b H Morgan 0 Extras 15 Total. 98 K. W. W. NEWTOWN V. MACHYNLLETH.—The above match was played on the ground of the former club on Saturday last, and resulted in a win ;V.r the home club. R. W. W. won the toss and took irst innings, W". E. Pryce-Jones being top scorer with 11. Machynlleth were fortunate in getting the Warehouse out for 60, and had one or two of their best batsmen accompanied the team they might have won, but their batting, with the exception of R. Gillart, was very feeble, and they were dismissed for 32. The Warehouse at their second attempt registered 84 for 7 wickets, W. E. Pryce-Jones 18, and E. Rees 34 (not out) being the chief contributors to this total. Rees played excellent cricket. In the match A. W. Piyce Jones secured 4 wickets fur 15 runs, A. Edwards 6 for 13, N. Lloyd Jones 6 for 27 (1st innings and Vaughan 8 for 54. Score :— HYNLLETTI. N Lloyd Jones b Edwards 3 C R Kenyon c and b A W Pryce-Jones 0 C, M Taggard b Edw, 1 -ti (Isl Vaug-ban b Edwards. 3 R Gillart c and b A W Pryce-Jones 13 B Pearce lbw Edwards 2 Griffiths b Edwards 3 Hammond st Taylor bA W Pryce-Jones 1 R R Edwards c Rees b Edwards 1 q F Roberts, not o,.it 2 Edwards st Taylor b A W Pryce-Jone3 0 Extras 3 Total 32 T,)tal 32 R.W.W. W E Pryce-Jones c Ham- mond-b LI Jones 11 cPcarcefrYaughan 18 W G Cannon b Jones 8 runout 0 E R Pugh b Jones 0 b Griffiths 2 E Rees lbw Jones 4 not out 34 C Davies b Vaughan 1 c Pearce b V'ngh'n 3 W R Wood b Vaughan 6c Kenyon b Vaughan 0 A Edwards b Jones 6not out 6 A W Pryce-Jones b Vaughan 3 did not bat P, A Taylor not out 9 b Vaughan 13 A Marston c Vaughan b Jones 6 did not bat H Lewis b Vaughan 2 b Griffiths 4 Extras. 4 Extras 4 Total 60 Total (7 wkts). £ 4 MONTGOMERY V. WELSHPOOL. Played at Lymore on Saturday. Score:— MONTGOMERY. A Eaton b L Jones 0 W R Shaw b L Jones 7 P R Eaton b L Jones 6 R F M More c and b Pugh. 47 S Davies b L Jones 2 R T Harris cHart b Pugh 8 J E Tomley b L Jones 1 C B Williams b Pugh 2 J Tipping b Pugh 0 W Fitznugh c D Jones b Tallis 0 Extras. 8 Total 81 WELSHPOOL. J Pugh c Shaw b A Eaton 4 D R Jones b A Eaton 17 C F Tallis c P R Eatom b Fitzhugh 7 Lumley Jones b A Eaton 0 W Jones c and b C B Williams 11 J Addie b A Eaton 3 J Hart run out 0 W Makepeace c A Eaton b C B Wil- liams 10 G Owen lbw b A Eaton 0 T Hills not out 2 C F Cronk c C B Williams b A Eaton 2 Extras. 3 Total. 59 OSWESTRY A TEAM v COBOWEN-Played a Oswestry on Saturday. Score :— OSWESTRY. A England Ibwb J Peel 20 H Gough b W England. 38 W H Gough c F Peel b W England 6 J Moore b W England 11 A W Sabine not out 8 F Parsons b G Nield 12 P H Lacon not out Q Extras. 10 Total. 105 W Fowles, J D Lees, H Parsons, and Babbington did not bat. GOBOWEX. J Peel c and b H Gough 7 I Roberts b H Gough 0 G Nield b A England 1 W England b H Gough 5 T Price not out 20 R Thomas run out 0 J GrQves b J Moore. 0 F Peel b H Gough Q R Price b J Moore. 2 W Jones run oat 3 T Griffiths c Babbington b J Moore Extras. Total 47 SHROPSHIRE v. ELLESMLRE COLLEGE.—Played on the County Ground at Shrewsbury on Wednes- day, and ended in a victory for the College by 14 runs. Scores:- SHROPSHIRE. J S Phillips c J A Harvey b Boot 12 C L S Ehvell run out 5 A G Archer b Boot 30 W G Dyas run out 35 W H Griffiths c Lane b C H Lea 12 A E Payne b Lea 1 R P M Wood run out 0 H B Hedge lbw b Boot 0 F Hayes b Boot 0 T F M More b Lea 9 E M Griffiths not out 1 Extras 3 Total 108 ELLESMERE COLLEGE. U Hare run out 17 G Inglis t> Payne 1 Boot b Dyas 14 C H Lea b Payne 10 R H Phillips b Dyas 25 J A Harvey b Payne 0 C D Penn not out 43 C D Harvey lbw b Payne 0 E B Lane b Payne. 0 G L Walker c J M Griffiths b Payne 3 R S Johnson c W H Griffiths b Dyas. 5 Extras. 6 Total. 122 WEM v ELLKSMERE COLT, EG,Played at Wem on Saturday and resulted in a draw. Score:- ELLESMERE COLLEGE. Mr H Harvey c Climer b Anthonv 3 I A Harvey c and b Climer 13 i' n n Iiea c Hewitt b Anthonv 3 GDI enn b Climer 0 Boot b Hewitt 00 C D Harvey b Hewitt 4 rj B LaDe b Hewitt 7 o ^a^er b Brown 20 r r ■{?hnsJfcon e aml b H poweiV4 G C Meredith not out 17 J Curtain not out Extras Total for 9 wickets 119 „ RI WEM. H Brown b Lea W Slack c Lea b Boot n R J Clay ton c and b Boct. o W Anthony c Hare b Boot 00 T Cumberland b Boot q E C Climer not out -1^ H Powell not out Extras I otal for 5 wickets 64 G Hewitt, J A Clegg, J L Roe, J Walton to bat. OSWESTRY V SHREWSBURY SCHOOLS Played -it Shrewsbury on Saturday, resulting in an easy vic- tory for the Schools. Reare:- SHREWSBURY SCHOOLS. H LI Jones b F A W How 41 M Druce b R T Gough 55 C Ken rick b R T Gough Q G Moser h R T Gough 0 II Westby b R T G-ongh 4 F H Humphreys c A E Payne b H W Sabine 37 A B Leather c and b fl W Sabine 13 R L Evans b R T Gon-rh 3 W P Salt b If A now 0 E G Jones not oiit 0 F H Bowring b R T Gough 3 Extras 13 184 OSWESTRY. A E Payne b Humphreys 7 H W Sabine c Salt b Moser. 2 F A W How c Humphreys b Mosr-r 8 R T Gough c Westby b Moser 2 £ n 1°'^h ° RuniPhrej s b Moser 2 i> O Roberts not out 13 W H Ellis e Westby b Moser 0 J McNeil b Moser T G Whitfield b Moser 0 W K Minshall c Salt b Humphreys 1 L Roberts run cat. 6 Extras 3 Total 45