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THE CENTRAL WELSH EDUCA- TION BOARD. Sir G. W. Kekewich, Secretary to the Education Department, has placed before Parliamenta scheme of the Charity Commissioners, which has been approved by the Committee of Council on Educa- tion, for dealing with the funds contributed for the purposes of the Central Welsh Board, by the County Governing Bodies established by schemes under the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889. The scheme affects the administrative counties of Cardigan, Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Montgomery, and the county boroughs of Cardiff and Newport; as well as the County Governing Bodies established by schemes nnder the above Act for the Adminis. trative counties of Anglesey, Brecknock, Carmar- then, Denbigh, Flint, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Pembroke, and Radnor, and the county borough of Swansea; and applies to Ifunds applicable out of moneys provided by Parliament, the Meyrick fund, the part of Betton's Charity applicable to Wales and Monmouth, &c. The funds and endowments to be administered under this scheme are a uniform yearly contribution to be paid by each of the County Governing Bodies included: a yearly con- tribution by the Treasury of £500, or one-half of the expenses incurred by the Board in respect of the examination and inspection of intermediate schools, whichever shall be least; the Meyrick fund being the income of a capital sum of £ 20,000, to be paid by the Principal and the Fellows of Jesus College, Oxford, for the maintenance of certain scholarships or exhibitions; so much of the income of Betton's Charity (school account) as was in .1889 applied towards the main- tenance of elementary schools in Wales, and any further sum to which the Board may become en- titled and additional donations or endowments which may, subject to this scheme, hereafter be received by the Board. From the date of the present scheme, it is provided that the funds and endowmeuts shall be applicable in accordance with the provisions of the scheme under the title of the Central Welsh Intermediate Education Fund. The Board, which shall be a Governing Body, it is pro- vided, shall consist, when complete, of 80 compe- ten t, persons, viz., three ez-otjicic members, 71 reprs- sentative members, and six co-optative members. The executive committee, which shall be a Govern- ing Body, shall consist of 15 members of the Board. As regards the religious question, ic is provided that religious opinions, or attendance or non- attendance at any particular form of religious worship shall not in any way affect the qualifica- tion 0: any person for being a member of the Board. The c,i'-officio members of the Board are to be the Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth the Principal of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire and the Principal of the University College of North Wales. The representative members of the Board are to be appointed as folloAvs From the Conntv Councils of the counties in Wales one by each, 16 with three added from the Glamorgan Couuty Council, and two additional from the Monmouth- I county uotincii ttie County Governing- Bodies under schemes under the Welsh Act one by each, or in the case of Glamorgan by the County Council until the Countv Governino- |i0dv as r»Rrah Hshed under the Welsh Act, 16 ;^he (knor^n County Governing Body (additional), or bv the County Council until the County Governing "Body is established, 3; the Monmouthshire Countv Governing Body (additional). 2; the Cardiff Governing Body, the Swansea Governing tody, I ht, Carmarthenshire County Governing Body, the Car- narvonshire County Governing Body," and the Denbighshiie County Governing Body, each one additional the head masters and mistresses of couniy schools of North Wales, 2 the head masters and mistresses of county schools of South Wales and Monmouthshire, 3; the certificated teachers of public oiementary sehoo's in North Wales, 2; the certificated teachers of public, elementary schools, South Wales and Monmouthshire, 3; the Councils of the three University Colleges (one by each). 3; the senates of the three University colleges (one by 3; the Principal and Fellows of JetusCollege. Oxford, 2; and the Court cf the University of Wales, 6; total, 71. It is expressly provided that. women may be members of the Board, and that persons appointed need not be members of the electing body. As regards the co-optative members it is provided that three of the number shall he women. It is provided that all stocks, shares, Ac., shall be vestEd iu the official trnstee of charity funds, and that any money arising "Yoni the sale of timber, or from any min' or minerals OIl thc estates of the Board, shall be treated as capital. The executiA-e committee shall be appointed bv the Board, eight members of the committee be chosen from the members of the Board aonointed by County Councils and County Governing Bodies under tie Welsh Act, and the remainder from the other members of the Bcara. It is enacted that the Board shall carry to separate -counts the in- come received in respect of they Meyrick Fund and fiom Betton's Charity, and the funds aro to be expeuued in the .former case ln the tu.imenance of Meyrick Scholarships," and in the latter of "Betton Exhibitions," of the yearly value of £ 20. tenable for not more than three years, with power of extension in special cases to four vears, and the residue of income from the latter shall be set aside for the training of tcachers for intermediate schools. Under the general provisions of th- scheme it is expressly laid down thai no boy or girl shall by reason of any exemption from attend- ing prayers or religious worship, or from any lesson or series of lessons on a religious subject, be 1 deprived of any advantage or emolument out of any endowmeijt to which he or she would other- wise have been entitled. The date of the scheme is to be the day ou which her Majesty, by order in Council, declares her approbation of it.


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