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LLANFYLLIN. COUNTY COURT—TUESDAY. Before His Honour Judge Lewis. EYAM DAVIES V. MOSES MORCAN.—This was a claim for £5 5s, balance of rent. Mr. Woosnam appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Bott for defen- dant.—Mr. Woosnam said the rent accrued due up to March 25th last, in respect of a holding known as Voel Fach, in the parish of Llanerfyl. Defen- dant left the house in May, and gave up the land on March 25th. The last settlement was at Michaelmas, 1893, when there was £1 in arrear. The rent was £3 10s. per annum, and as he had paid nothing since Michaelmas, 1893, the rent now due was £6 5s. Plantiff gave defendant 30s. com- pensation for leaving Voel Fach, although the balance of rent was then due. Defendant bad taken Penymynydd before he left Voel Fach. When plaintiff asked defendent for the the rent, de- fendant said he could not claim more than twelve months' rent, and also said he claimed some- thing for improving the land. Since defendant had left Yoel Fach, plaintiff had let the place to his' brother, David Davies. This statement was supported by the evidence of plaintiff. "Plaintiff, in cross-examination, said his brother was now in occupation of the farm. and had been since defendant had left. His brother had paid rent twice at the rate of 50s a year. His brother was still in possession. He had seen some old papers on the door of the house. He did not know Avliether he had seen the papers produced before but they were the work of defendant. He had seen much of defendant's Avork.—Mr Bott, for the defence, said they did not deny that rent did accrue due, but plaintiff had made his claim for a year back, and the rent claimed for had been over-estimated by half a year. He was, there- fore, prepared to offer £4 10s. rent, less £2 for damages. He had not counter-claimed, because defendant had not instructed him in time. That would have to be a separate action.—Mr. Woos- nam declined to accept the offer.- Defendant was called and said he had never received notice to quit from plaintiff, and he was still in possession of Voel Fach. Judgment was given for plaintiff for the full amount claimed.—Arising out of this case was another claim for general damages against de- fendant by David Davies, plaintiff's brother.-His Honour urged the parties to come to an. under- standing, and it was eventually agreed between. the solicitors to accept judgment for the plaintiff for Is damages and the court fees. RICHARD JONES v. THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY.—This was a claim by Richard Jones, Manchester House, Llanfy]]jnj for £1 36s lid, damages for alleged negligence in conveying goods in a reasonable time. Mr Woosnam was for plaintiff and Mr Corfield for the defendants. Mr Woosnam said he gathered that the defence Was no doubt that the Cambrian was not the contracting Com- pany, but the Loudon and North-Western Railway Company. He wished, however, to point out that the delay complained of was purely on the part of the Cambrian Company. Jlis Honour said the contracting party was the London and North- Western Railway Company, and he could not make the Cambrian Company responsible any more than he himself was responsible..—Mr Corfield said he did not ask for costs.- -His Honour said he had no doubt Mr Corfield would deal reasonably in the matter. He had always found him most reasonable. —Mr Woosnam quite agreed, and said they were old opponents, but he could bear testimony to what his Honour had said of Mr Corfifld.—His Honour gave judgment for the defendmts, no costs on either side. DAVID MAURICE LLOYD V. THOMAS EVANS. — In this case Mr Woosnam appGared o claim £1 6s balance of wages due.- Defendan did not appear, and judgment was given for plaiiiiff. LLANSANTFFRAID (POOL). PARISH COUNCIL.—Present; n Lewis (chair- man), Messrs R. O. Perrott (vte-chairman), J. Rees (treasurer), and E. H. Evans, with Mr D. M. Lewis (clerk).—The minutes of he last meeting were read and confirmed,—A Jeter was received from Deytheur Parish Council asing the Council to appoint four members to meet four of their number in a joint committee tofurther consider the charity question, and it was lecided that the same four should meet again.—Tie next business was the appointment of Mr H. Joies's successor.—■ Mr Rees said that he wag opposedto a farmer being appointed, as farmers were alreadr in a majority on the Council, and he thought it was against the j spirit of the Act to monopolise. Ihe Act intended that there should be a fair representation of the community at large, and as the late Coun- cillor Jones was. a tradesmm of the village, he thon^fht siiat they Sllof¡lù another one from UJC A mage and also tradesnrat., — hc' 1m.! pleasure in proposing ] £ v John Evans, clothier, to be Mr Hugh .TonesB successor.-Mr Perrott seconded and it was carried umnimonsly.—Mr E. H. Evans asked if there was aiy reply from the District Council to the resolutiot passed at the last meeting concerning a sewerage. The Clerk replied there was no acknowledgement If his letter, but he understood they had appoints a committee to inspect the same.—Mr K. H. }1V¡ns was empowered to sign cheques instead of M! H. Jones.Mr J. Rees called attention to the ^Uoment question, and suggest,ed that the committer meet as soon as possible as the time of serving lotices would soon be up, and that the question onglt to be thoroughly thrashed out before the 29ti September. He begged to propose that they Dlelt; a month to that date. Mr E. 11. Evans secondec and it was carried unanimously. This concluded t,e business. WHITTINGTON. PRESENTATION TO THE RECTO..—On Wednesday week the clergy of the deanery of Oswestry met at the Vicarage 11 order to present a, testimonial to Rev. Hugh Hoblch, rector of Whit- tington, who is leaving the nelglhonrhood, and who for the last eight years has acte( ag secretary of the Chapter. The testimonial copied of standing and revolving book cases. rural dean Rev. Cecil Hook in making the presentation spoke strongly of the help Mr. Holbe<h had been to him in his work. Alluding to h's own coming de- parture, Mr Hook iu leaving the neighbourhood AVO\I,| be his severance irom his brethren with whom he had so cordially worked. Revs. E. W. 0. and LI. Wynne Jones also spoke. Mr. HOech in returning thanks said he was very sorry to ieave the neigh- bourhood. He spoke of the great kindness shown I by all, especially by the KnralDean, and also by the Bishop during his stay at Whittington. He was glad that he was going tOlive near Mr. Hook in his new parish. The Chatter then adjourned to the garden where a P^otogr-apli was taken by Miss Morris, Willow street. Only three of the clergy were absent, being' detained by compulsory duties, and each of these sent. efc.ressjous of regret at being unable to be present. LADIES CLUB.—The annual f6s^vai of the Whit- tington Female Friendly SOiety was held on Thursday in splendid weather The proceedings commenced at 2 30, when the tTiembers assembled at the Schools when, the usual business was trans- acted. Mrs Laura Price was elected as the new stewardess for the ensuing eql". At a quarter to three the procession was lor^gjj headed by the Oswestry Volunteer Band, the choir in surphecs, the Rector of the parish ( Rev H Hoi bee h), and Rev T. J. ltider, vicar of haschuich, who had come to preach, and then the numbers in the usual order headed by their Ktewardesses bear- mg the banners of the society, these being followed by the honorary stewardesses and members, each bearing a wand tastefully dressed with flowerg. The procession passed along in frotJt of the Castle to the iarish Church where seivic.(5 was held. The beautiful dresses of the ladies, combined with the lloral display was much admired and presented a pictnresqne cene, An appro- pnate sermon was preachy by lev. T. J. Ridci. After service the P^tiossion re-formed at the church gate and Proceeded to the Castle grounds where an excellent tea, was hid out under tile able management of Mrs. lIales of the White Lion Inn. Mrs. Wright of Miss Lovatt, is. Swan and Mrs. llolbcch presided at the tea After tea the recto¡. proposed votes of thanks, to the preacher, th6 doctor (Dr. Alma Aylmer Lewis, Oswestry), the secretary (Mr. J. •ck-( tt), the honorary stev..a¡.dcsses, aod the work- ing steward. sses, which were enthusiastically recei- ved. Mr. Beckett then propose a votH of thanks to the lector for his interest in the working of the society, awl expressed his rcgtet that owinu to the rector s departure the members of the society Avonld lose his valuable assistance. The roctov f,!Clingiy replied expres.sing the pleasmc he had had in the vv ork ot the society, and bis rrgret at having to leave tnero. The proceedings then concluded. During the evening dancing was engaged in to the music or the Oswestry Volunteer Band, large numbers itiming out. TREFO-Nisj^ P. (i. MEETING. — On Tuesday by the kind- ness of Mr. and Mrs. DumvilJe Lees a meeting was held at WoodJiill. A most interesting account of missionary work in Africa wns given by Rev. J. S. Morris, Zululand, and an ad(tress setting forth the objects of the society and appealing for funds was given by Rev. T. Lloyd Williams, organising secretary for Wales. The meeting was opened and closed with a hymn and prayer by Rev. G. Williams, rector. •




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