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ELLESMERE. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, MONDAY. Present Messrs Brownlow R. C. Lower (chair- man), J. Hood, R. E. Lloyd, W. Nunncrley, J. S. Knight, with Messrs J. Pay (clerk), J. Green (sanitary inspector), F. Ashley (gas manager), and E. O. Jones (collector).Considerable difficulty Avas experienced in finding a quorum, a messenger being despatched to induce another member to -attend. Mr Knight ultimately put in an appearance at 7-35 and business was proceeded with. REPORTS. Inspector Green reported a nuisance in Talbot- street, caused by a cesspit becoming choked with sewerage matter. The nuisance was abated on notice being given. Measles appeared to be dying out, and in a short time the Urban district would be free from zymotic diseases.—The Gas Manager (Mr Ashley) reported the gas made during the month to be 124,000 feet, against 149,200 last year, being a decrease of 25,000ft.—The Collector (Mr Jones) reported that since the last meeting he had collected the whole of the arrears of the gas account. He had prepared the bills for gas supplied and also the central district rate, and would proceed at once with the collection.—The Surveyor (Mr Pay) reported having paid wages to the amount of £ 18 6s 8d, which left a balance in hand of C3 Os 4d. Since the last meeting the footpaths had all been satisfactorily done.—The Treasurer (Mr Bickley) reported that on the 18th ultimo the balance of the general account Avas £ 314 15s 2d to credit of Council. He had since received zC38 14s 2d and paid t25 5s 9d, making the present balance z6320 3s 7d to credit. On the same date the balance of the gas account was L354 118 4d to credit of the Council. He had siuce received XII 15s 4d and paid £ 15 15s 6d, making the present balance JB550 Is 2d to credit. THE WATER SUPPLY. A letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that in vieAv of the strong representa- tion made by the Council the Board would not press for the construction of a reservoir, but thought it advisable that the pipes should be 8 inch pipes. —The Chairman said as they would all see the Local Government Board had acceded to their re- quest. With regard to the pipes he had made euquiries at various places and found that lead was used at Liverpool. The reason the Local Govern- ment Board pressed for cast iron pipes was be- cause a certain amount of the lead would get into the water, as the water would not be continually on the flow. He thought they ought to ask Mr Stook to alter his estimate accordin ly. Mr Hood did not see the necessity of going to the expense. He was strongly of opinion that 8 inch pipes were too large, and gave notice that he would move at the next meeting that they ask the Local Govern- ment Board to reduce the size of the pipes to 6 inches.—The Chairman said it was very incon- venient to go backwards and forwards like that. He thought: Mr Hood might abide by the opinion of thre<* »»»«"" Hood T fhipk iTiry very good reasons for saving that.—-rMr Lloyd May 1 appeal to arr Hood.—ir Knight: I am of your opinion, Mr Hood, if you ask me.—Mr Hood I am really very eorry, bufc I can't nzy way. AXTBTRATIONS AT THTC CAS WORKS. Tw> tenders were received for the proposed alterations, and on the motion of Mr N unnerley seceded by Mr Knight, the tender of Messrs Clav anr Son at £ 147 10s was accepted. OJ THE COST OF EXTINGUISHING A FIRE. Mr D. Robinson, captain of the Fire Brigade, was Ailed in with respect to the amount of his account .'or the extinguishing cf the fire at Blackwood, Perley. Mr Robinson explained the necessity for employing such a, large number of men which was considered satisfactory. COAL FOR THE CASWORKS. A large number of tenders were received for the yearly supply of coal for the Gasworks. On the motion of Mr Hood, seconded by Mr Nunnerley, the tender of the Wyn"stay Colliery Co. was ac- capted, the price being 10s per ton delivered at the railway station, and 10s Id at the canal wharf. The tender of Mr Davies for cartage of same from the railway station was accepted at 9d per ton. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—TUESDAY. Present Mr Brownlow it. C. Tower (chairman), W!v I. J Rider, (vice-chairman), Rev S. T. Wilson I 11 isa Ker, itev H. Hanmc-r, Rey H. Moody, Messrs E. Peel, J. D. Owen, T. Jonfca, J. Griffiths, J. Jeffries, S..1. Lewis, J. Darlington, C. Enibei-toii, ivilli Mr It. E. Lloyd (clerk). Mr Danzy, Local Government Board mspector was also present. -The Master (Mr avics), reported the number in the House during Wi I WG1K t0, 45, 8ecor,d we^" 54 150 tramps haa be.en relieved. The out-door relief during the nE'k'srnf're district (per Mr W. H. Rutter), £ !7 5d Hanmer district (per Mr J. l ~9 7s Od.—-The Visiting Committee reported jat they had visited the house and found cAery nng satisfactory.—Miss Gough wrote draw- ing t it, ^oard s attention to the fact that her salar\' as assis.aiat-overseer had been reduced from £ 101 138 4d toX70ivljile the work had increased. The letter was referred to the committee appointed at the last Board to consider the qu estioii.-A communication was read from Southstone Union asking the Guar- dians' co-operation to try and obtain, by a change I-1 M'VW' Pmver co make the relatives of paupers liable ior up-keep outside the house. A communi- cation from the Local Government Board contain- ing extracts from the General Orders of the Poor Law Commissioners, the Poor Law Board, and the Local Government Board, relating to the duties of re leving officers, was read, and copies handed to^ officers.—Mr. Danzy, Local Govern- ment Board inspector, called the attsntiou of the Board to the increased accommodation necessary at the Workhouse for the proper detention of tramps, lie thought the Board should take into considera- tion the erection of more casual wards in order that tramps could be detained two nights instead of one. This pian had been adopted iu several of the neighbouring unions, and had been found to work very satisfactorily, and had led to a decrease in the nnmber of tramps.— Mr. Moody thought it was scarcely wonh while going to the extra expense if the number of paupers decreased.—The matter was ultimately loft; in the hands of the Visiting Com- to report to tbe Board. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. TUESDAY. Present: Messrs. J. D. Owen (chairman), T. Jones (vice-chairman), S. J. Lewie, J. Darliagtou, Davies, 1. 1- berton, W. Creen, Brownlow R. C. Tower, C. Kmberton, J. Woodville, J. Griffiths, Rev. 1. J. ilhier, Rev. H. Moody, with Messrs. R l'i. Lloyd (clerk), J. Green (sanitary inspector) and W. H. Owen (surveyor)'.—A telegram was received from Mr. Trevor Ward, stating ho would not attend but trusting that the Council would not overlook the outbreak of fever at ITadtiil.-The •Sanitary Inspector (Mr. Green) reported cases of scarlet fever at Hadnal and Blackbirches, and a cas" of typhoid lever at Hardwick Hall. Every care possible had been taken to prevent the disease front spreading. A serious nuisance existed at Criitins, on the side of the public highway.—The open eliteh at Shade. lhk had been cleaned out. It was agreed to serve a notice on the persons causing the nuisance at Criftius.—It was agreed to procure a map of the district, the estimated cost being £ 2 14s.—It was agreed to allow the Surveyor 14 days' holiday to be taken when the least number I of men were employed on the road.—The Surveyor (Mr. W. h. Owen) reported that the barbed wire fence at Stanwardine had been removed. Mr. Horsefall had arranged to fill up the ditch and erect a fence at Pentrecoed. The roads had been attended to in the places where they had been damaged by the heavy rains. Four men were now employed. The amount of wages for the month was .£9 10s. 2d.





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