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OSWESTRY. Our representative in Oswestry is Mr ROBERT AITKEN, Oswald House, Oswald Road, to whom notice should" be given of all events required to be reported in the COUNTY TIMES. PRESENTATION.—Miss Williams, of Oswestry, has been presented with an electro-plated tea service in acknowledgment of her services at Burnt House Wesleyan Church. APPOINTMENT.—Mr E. Vaughan-Edmunds, of the Borough Surveyor's Office, Oswestry, has been ap- pointed engineering assistant in the Manchester City Surveyor's department, out of a large number of applicants. BOWLING MATCH.—A bowling match took place on Thursday lasu on the Wynnstav Hotel Green, between the Oswestry and Whitchurch clubs and resulted in a victory for Oswestry by 39 points. HORSES POISONED.Two valuable horses, the property of Mr Wright, show proprietor, were turned with others into a field on Monday. They ate some twigs from a yew tree which caused tHeir death. C.E.T.S.—The monthly meeting of the St Oswald branch was held in the Castle Fields Mission Room when Rev P. A. Birley presided. The programme was ably sustained by the Misses Goldsworthy, Miss J. Lloyd, Miss Daisy Higham, and the Misses rl. and H. Thomas. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—At the Borough Police Court on Tuesday, before the Mayor (Mr C. E. Williams) and Dr Fuller, John Eccles, painter, Bolton, was charged by P.C. Hobson with being drunk on the Cross and Willow street on Monday evening. Fined 2s 6d and costs or 7 days' im- prisonment. CHOIR TRIP.—The members of Holy Trinity Church choir numbering about 40, accompanied by Rev W. Pownall Owen, had their annual summer outing at Chester, on Saturday, and were favoured by splendid weather, A special carriage was pro- vided by the Great Western Railway Company, and as many places of interest as could be seen in the city in one day were visited. Before leaving, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr Spink, the treasurer, and the subscribers. SUNDAY SCHOOL TREATS.—On Thursday last the members'of the Welsh Baptist Sunday School had their annual trip. They travelled to Llangollen in brakes supplied by Mr W. Price.—On the same day the members of the Zion Sunday School drove to Overton. Tea was provided in the Cocoa Rooms, the caterers being Messrs Jones and Roberts, Oswestry. The following ladies presided at the tables:tirs Batten, Mrs Tudor Williams, Mrs R. Jones, Mrs Hughes (Victoria Street), Mrs George Davies, Mrs John Richards, the Misses M. Owen, D. M. Davies, and K. Williams. FLOWER SERVICE.—A flower service was held in Christ Church on Friday evening week. The flowers were brought by the children processionally and arranged by Messrs W. W. Coulson, .J. Parry- Jones, H. Jackson, W. Powell, and P. H. Minshall. The musical part of the programme was taken by a special choir, composed of the Sunday School choir I and part of the church choir. Mr W. W. Coulson conducted, and Mi J. H. Ollerhead presided at the organ. An appropriate sermon was preached by the pastor, Rev. J. J. Poynter. The offertory was on behalf of the London Congregational Union Poor Children's Holiday Fortnight. DEATH OF AN OLD OSWESTRIAN.—By the death on Thursday week of Mr Thomas Jones, retired coaclibuilder, Salop Road, an old and familiar figure has been removed from the town. Mr Jones, who was 77 years of age, spent nearly the whole of his life in the town. He was apprenticed to the coach building with the firm of Messrs Farr. and when they retired in 1861 he took over the business, which he conducted with much success until some ten years ago, when he sold it to Messrs Jones and Rogers. Mr Jones was a member of the Coach- builders' Society. He was a faithful Churchman, and an ardent member of the Conservative Club. The funeral took place on Saturday last, and was of a private character, the service being conducted by Rev. T. Redfern. HOLY TRINITY MISSION ROOM.— On Friday evening last the annual tea took place when over 120 sat down. The tables were presided over by Mrs Churchill, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Day, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Jones, Mrs Gwynne, Mrs Hampson, Mrs Leach, Miss Lord, and Miss Peate. Rev T. Redfern occupied the chair, and after a few introductory remarks the following programme was gone through :Songs, The Better Land and "There's a friend for little children," Miss Maggie Aston Another day aiid I could'nt, could i," Miss Pattie Thomas I fear no foe and Arm, arm, ye brave," Mr W. Hughes "Rocked in the cradle of the deep" and Side by side to the Better Land," i\fr Ppo-iov/ solos. MrT. P„ Smithies; pianoforte duet, The fireman's galop, Misses lu. Owen and G. Goldsworthy. The Mission Room choir sang "The Rose Queen," "Rouse, brother rouse," The old folks at home," and Nelly Bly." During the interval, at the request of the organist, Mr H Greenwood Laf<oh, the Vicar presented prizes i-n Nullv Onv- Alice Y\ïlJi:-t.ffi3. and Lucy Hampson, "J -.¡, for their regular attlmlance, and also cards to the other members of the whoir. At the anniversary service on Sundiav, the i\>om was tastefully de- corated by Mrs Day, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Gwynne and Mrs Hampson, to vlmm as well as to Mrs Redfern, Mrs Parry (Plas Ffynuon), Mrs G. J. Dumvilte Lees. Mrs Cheeseirau. Mrs Jones, Mrs Phillips, and Mrs Richards, thanks are due for the plants and flowers they so kindly sent. There was a celf bration of Holy Cormrumion at eight o clock there were 37 communicants, a flower servic.c ,t thrm with an address from the rooin was crowded, with parents and chik ren of whom brought flowers w hich were sent t,^ Cottage Hospital and to the Worlmonse 1U ,uu] At seven o'clock a special service ot pra^ a thanksgiving was held when there was R.ng_ large congregation, who joined heartily ing of the well-known hymns Onwarcl A1] Soldiers," "The Church s own ^ou^a|-aisc the hail the power of Jesti's name, and frvivP wns Lord ye Heavens adore Him. ^'1(td (in the intoned by the Vicasr, who also l>re £ orej The unavoidable absence of Rey J. B. de,d the choir, lessons were read by Mr Churchilnwood Leach, under the direction of-intr H. Crr sang Avell and with ndav. Present HUP-AL DISTRICT COUNCIL. -,0, J.H. N. Wal- MessrsE. Jones, chairman, A. P^ E. Frith, W. ford, Fox Davies. G. J. D. L( Rev. E. NV. (). Humphreys, \V. Griffiths, 1. Bull, clerki AV. Bridgman, with Messrs. 0 Smith, sanitary in- Forrester, surveyor, and d that Sir n.. Green spector. The clerk intents for the half year Price had audited the Ynd correct. — A letter and everything had beeijayers in Selattyn parish was read from several Riced over a brook which asking that a culvert lid. The matter was re- i' sometimes flooded th<— Mr. Walford drew the ferred to the surveil to the state of a drain at attention of the Ci, and it was agreed to draw the Talbot Inn, Re medical officer to it. Mr. the attention ofjctor, reported several cases of Smith, sanitary iirk Bank and district, one of scarlet fever a the epidemic of measles showed which proved farter lasting six months. sisrns of dyinjfIMoNiAL TO MR G. J. DCMVILLE I)ropos Wednesday afternoon a LEES, or "or the purpose of me king- public merfor the presentation of an address to lu-rangemt-ille L'es for his services as Master of Mr G.Vj./ide Hunt was held ill the WYllnstay the Tav Avhen there were prefetit-itev E. i-V. Arms fau, Dr Cartwright. Messrs J. Morris, O. Br;wards, 'i'. K. Permtt. T. Green, A, Swain- J. Kdwards. T. Edwards, Alfred son/George Lloyd, H. F. Wilkinson, R. 0, Perrott, of ;)Iit)lo,y for absence was received j &Mi- Thonuts Price, Pcntroheylin.- On the it; of Dr CartAvright, Rev E. W: O. Biidgeman the chair, and expbined the objeet of the He said an informal meeting had already fi he Id of a few of the supporters of the Tanao Hunt and the object they nad in view had met h such a ready response that it Avas decided to a-Tjublic meeting. A number o1 subscriptions had already been received. which were read out together with the names of the collectors appointed in the different districts.—The proposal bus met with a hearty respousn and already about £ 60 has been subscribed.-— Messrs H. F. Wilkinson and R O. Perrott Avere appointed secretaries.-The follow- ing committee was also appointed to receive further subscriptions Rev K W. O. Bridgeman, Messrs T. Wd wards, C. Williams- Vaughan, and G. Morris, Oswestry T. K. Perrott and J. Watkins, Llansantft'raid T. Price, Pentreheylin George Lloyd, R. Meredith, and L. Whittingham, Llandy- silio and Llalldrinio; T. Greeu and E. Jones, Pool Quay H. Payne, Kuockin W.Franks, Kinnerley; J. Edwards and James lid wards, West Felton T. Jones, Ahierton, Ruyton Ff. T. Wilkinson. Bas- church R. Brown, Nescliffe J. Ellis, Brynygover, Llanvblodwel; J. Lloyd, Carreghora Stokes and Trefonen T. Rodgers, Mount Pleasant Richard Whittingham, Llandrinio. INCORPORATION, Monday.— Present: Messrs E. Jones J. Griffiths (A'ice-ehairuian), G. Dumville Lees, T. Wiiittield, S. Parrv-Jones, W. E. Frith, J. Richards, J. H. W. Walford, W. Hum- phreys, E. Fox Davies, Andrew Peate, and I!ev. E. W. O. Bridtrman with ftlessrs J. C. Bull (clerk) aud C. H. Bull (assistant clerk).—The Clerk re- ported the number of inmates in the House for the first week to be 144 agaivst 150 last year; ont-door relief, JE20 7s Id to 291 reoipientsf, against X22 Os 8d to 327 recipients last year; tramps relieved 29. Second week, 144 against 143 last year; out-door relief, X19 17s 6d to 290 recipients, against X21 9s lid to 327 recipients last year; E1 tramps re- lieved 8 cases of measles in the House.—Mr Whitfield stated on behalf of the Finance Com- mittee that the total expenditure for the quarter amounted to X547 7s 2.—The Clerk stated that the audit was held last week, everything being found satisfactory. On the recommendation of the Chairman it was agreed that all accounts be placed in the hands of any members of the Finance Committee present at ordinary meetings. Some discussion took place on the Local Government Board Inspector's report regarding the question of providing increased accommodation in the infirmary.—The Chairman said he would suggest that the master keep a journal so that the members would see how far the extension was necessary The Master stated there were 41 beds available at present, nine being in an overflow room. During last week they were occu- pied as follows :Sunday, 33 Monday, 32; Tues- day, 31; Wednesday, 31; Thursday, 30; Friday, 31 Saturday, 31. The present was the lightest time of the year. In the female infirmary there were 22 beds with an overflow.—The Chairman I hope we shall not put up any new buildings unless there is an absolute necessity for it (hear, bear).- The matter was afterAvards referred to a committee. Mr Dumville-Lees reported that he had got the consent of the following ladies to act as a com- mittee in carrying out the Brabazon scheme for the inmates of the infirmary:—Mrs Venables, Mrs O'Counor, Mrs Dumville-Lees, Mrs Stamford, Miss Lloyd (Aston), Miss Wrigly, with power to add to their number.






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