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HACHYNLLETH. UNION SCHO(L ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE,—MRN. B. Owen presidod over a meeting of the committee held at the Workhouse on Wednesday.—Rev R. iichards, rectoi of Darowen, wrote to call attention to the unsatisfactory state of the attendance at the school. In 1395 the average attendance was 59, but for the pear ending April 30th the average had fallen to St. which meant a loss of X2 10s in fee grant for tie current year. He could see no reason for the unsatisfactory attendance. The number on the looks was 88, and during the month of June of last jear the attendance averged 56, but during the corssponding month of this year the attendance had rallen to 47. He thought that the attendance officer should visit the school at least once a month. Unless the attendance was regular it was utterly impossible to bring the scholars up to a proper staidard of efficiency-The Attendance Officer (Mr Howell) was instructed to call upon the par<ii!-e tl ose -L;ld -ren -who did not attend regulai'iy an- thnt proceedings ftgifcst tt .oni unleKSTTtK-m wnu an improvement i44 vie attendance. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.—SATURDAY. Mr. Edward bees presided over an adjourned meeting of the Council, held at the Workhouse, and there were also present Messrs D. D. Williams, W. M. Jones, R. lees, John Thomas, J. M. Breeze, John Pugh, with Mr. John Rowlands (clerk), Dr. A. O. Davies (aielical officer), and Mr John Jones (surveyor and inspector). CORRESPONDENCE. In reply to a lester from the Local Government Board, it was decked to say that Mr John Jones, the inspector, had given up his connection with the public-house whici he kept- TIFE COLLECTORSHIP. Mr. Rees Lewis submitted the following names of persons as sll!eties ;-Richard Jones, junior, tailor and draper; and Owen Davies, Maglona Villas -On the motion <f Mr. W. M. Jones, seconded by Mr. D. D. William, they were accepted. HE DOCUMENTS. The Clerk repo-ted that Mr. David Evans had handed over the pipers and documents which were needed at that moment, but he had not received all the documents belonginS to the Council. There was no immediate hurry for them. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr. A. O. Daviel reported that there was no com- plaint received as to the sanitary condition of the town during the Royal visit (hear, hear). During those days the struts were watered and disinfected, and he had to cora.tuhtte the Council upon the admirable arrangements made and the precautions taken for the safety- of the public. He was not aware of any accident having occurred during that time. Considering the scarcity of water the town was in a fairly saritary condition. He complained of the ashpit in ol Bank Court, and asked that the wall should be deaolished. There was over-crowd. ing at the c>mmet lodging house, and there was no distinction between the sexes. He asked that an inspector shoili be apPomted and pointed out that these posts wtra as a rule held by the police. He bad been askec to bring before their notice the question of erecting seats oQ Penrallt, the Common, and the Wylfa. The health of the town was satis- factory (hear, heu-), -lt was agreed to ask the owner to demolish the wall referred to.—On the motion of Mr. B. Rees, seconded by Mr. J. Thomas, it was decided to aoply to the Standing Joint Com- mittee for permitsion fco aPP°ml; RS* Hamer inspector of a a sa ary* Wil- liams thought it was a good chance to commem uate the Royal visit br erecting seats at the places named.-It was detmed advisable to hold the qores tion over for the Ptesent,-Mr R. Rees hoped that the Press would taL-e note of the medical officer's remarks respecting the health of the town at this time of the year.-Dr. It has a clean sheet; there is no town in the district better off.-Mr. Thomas said that there were some houses in the t3wn over-crowded, and he would speak of them again. THE WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk explained that there was a letter from the Local Government Board pressing for mforma. tion as to what was done in the matter.-Mr. John Pugh said that it was stated in the town that Esgaireire was dry, but this was not true because there was plenty of water in the pool. He did not think it necessary to wait any longer to decide upon the source and he moved that the Clerk take the necessary steps to ask the Local Government Board to send dovin an inspector to hold an enquiry. T*E ESTIMATE. The Clerk said thH the estimate for the year amounted to X525 6a. 8d.—Mr. J. M. Breeze said that the Gas Company had been asked to make a reduction in their price, but they had not done so and if there was no eduction made in the ensuing year other means of lio-hting the town would be resorted to.-Tho Cfcrk explained that this sum did not include M David Gillart s claim. Mr. D. D. Williams moved and Mr. Breeze seconded, that a rate of 2s. in the pound be levied. Carried. THE ROYAL VISIT. The Chairman proposed the following resolution That this Council detfres to record on its minutes its grateful thanks to the Dowager Marchioness of Londonderiy for having invited and entertained at the Plas, their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Victoria of Wales, and Princess Maud of Wales, when on their way to Aberystwyth where H.R.H. the Prince of Wales was installed ChanceXor of the University of Wales, and whereby our tow, has been so greatly honoured and the populace affoided an opportunity of seeing their Royal Highneises. We also acknowledge with deep thanks the valuable assistance given by Lord .Henry Vane-Tok-tpest in having so ably pre- sided at the various meetings in connection with the reception and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Dowager Marchioness of Lon- dondorry and Lord Henry Vane Tempest.—Mr Wm Jones seconded, and if, was carried. NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr Williams gave notice that he would at the next meeting of the Council move that Standing Order 9 he altered to read that five be required to form a quorum instead of seven. A VOTE OF SYMPATHY. The Chairman reminded the Council of the ill- health of Mr Richard Owen, and moved that a vote of sympathy with him be passed hy the Council. Mr Owen was missed from the meetings of the Council, and he believetl that this was the experience of all the members.—Mr John Thomas seconded, and expressed his sorrow to hear of Mr Owen's ill- health. In supporting it Mr Williams asked that they should include in the letter an expression of hope that he may soon be restored to health, and that they would again at an early date have the pleasure of his company and the value of his services. Mr Pugh added that they greatly missed Mr Owen's genial presence from their midst. He had always when occupying the chair conducted the business of the Council in a most straight- forward and judicial manner.—Mr J. M. Breeze having supported the motion it was carried.The Council then rose. HOARD OF GUARD IANS. -WEDNESDAY. Present: Mr John Rowlands (chairman), Mr Emis Hughes (vice-chairman), Mrs Lloyd, Messrs Ellis Hughes, John Davies, Wm Jones, N. B. Owen, with Mr David Evans (clerk), and Mr David Morgan (assistant clerk). I BUSINESS AT A STANDSTILL. The business of the Board usually commences punctually at ten o'clock, and on the occasion of a recent visit of Mr Bircham, that gentleman compli- I mented the members upon the fact that there was at all times a good attendance. This, however, was not the case on Wednesday. There were not suffici- ent members present to form a quorum and mes- sengers had to be sent out to look for guardians, it being an hour and three quarters after the usual time before the meeting began. STATISTICS. The following amounts have been paid in out- relief during the past fortnight:—Per Mr John Jones, Machynlleth, £19 6s 4d to 81 recipients; per Mr Wm Jones, Pennal, zC34 12s 2d to 110 recipients; per Mr Daniel Howell, Darowen, zE42 18s 6d to 156 recipients. Number in the House 35, last year same period 34; tramps relivered daring tho fortnight 42, being a decrease of 17 as compared with same period of last year THE ROYAL VISIT. The Clerk read a letter from Lady Londonderry, in which she asked Mr Evans to convey to Mr John Rowlands, Mrs Lloyd, and Mr Bennett Owen, her best thanks for the resolution they had kindly sent to her. PARISHES IN ARREAR. The Clerk reported several parishes in arrear, and it was decided to take proceedings against them unless the calls were paid up on or before that day week. CLERK'S REMUNERATION. It was agreed to pay to the Clerk the suni of £3 recommended by the School Attendance Committee for services rendered to that body. The Board adjourned for a month. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—WEDNESDAY. Mr. Edward Hughes presided over the meeting which was held at the Workhouse, and there were also present Messrs. N. B. Owen, Ellis Hughes, and John Davies; with Messrs David Evans (clerk)' David Morgan (assistant clerk), and Mr Williams (surveyor). THE ROYAL VISIT. A letter was read from Lady Londonderry thanking Mr Edward Hughes and Mr N. B. Owen and the other District Councillors who attended at the meeting for their kindness in sending her the resolution. LETTER FROM THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD. A letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that they could not assent to the re- appointment of Mr Richard Williams as inspector of nuisances for the rural districts of Machynlleth, Pennal, and Scuborycoed at an aggregate salary of -?32 per annum, except on the condition that no reductions was made in the salary assigned to the office as surveyor.—The letter was deferred until the next meeting. SUGGESTED NEW BRIDGE. A letter was read from Mr R. C. Anw^ l suggest- ing that a bridge should be erected over a stream of water about a quarter of a mile from Pennal. He ostimated that the h :d.c:n would r.1!j J antt irTBe TTouncn contributed £5 he was preparwi to build the bridge.—Tt wpp t.. j< ..m he consideration of the letter until the next meeting, when it was hoped btat the District CourcKlor for the district would be present. CALLS IX Ai: HEARS. The Clerk was directed to take proceedings against the parishes in arrear with their calls unless the money was paid on or before thaI; day week. ————