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ABERYSTWYTH. Vs Our representative in Aberystwyth is Mr. J. DEN LEY SPENCER, 32, High Street, tf) notice should be given of all events require-1 to be reported in the COUNTY TIMES. DAVID, THK SHEPHERD Boy." This musical cantata was performed at the Pier Pavilion on Wednesday evening. THE SOLTH BEACH.—This beach is well patronised by bathers of both sexes, and it would be a con- venience to the gentleman if one or two bathing machines were placed on the beach. THE PUBLIC LIBRARY.—Up to the week ending Wednesday evening 431 books were issued from the Publil: Library. Books have been presented to the library by Mrs. GHbertson (Marine Terrace) and Miss De La Hoyd (North Parade). TIP: GARDEN PARTY. Amongst the list of those invited to the Queen's garden party at Buckingham Palace on Munday, and given in honour of Princess Maud's wedding, were Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch. SUNDAY SCHOOL EXCURSIONS.-—On Wednesday the members of the Wesleyan (English) Sunday School, together with a large number of friends, left by special train for Criccieth. In the afternoon of the same day. the membeis of the Salcm Sunday School had an excursion to Trawseoed. FINANCE COMMITTEE.—Councillor J. Watkin pre- sided over a meeting of this committee held Oil Tuesday evening and there were also present Alderman Peter Jones, and Councillor E. P. Wynne, with Mr H. L. Evans (borough accountant), and Mr Rees Jones (borough surveyor).—The labour sheets were passed and the bills examined.—There was no other business. OUTINGS. On Saturday the men in the employ I of Mr. David Lloyd, builder, had a pleasant drive to Machynlleth, where they were joined by Ir. Lloyd, and sat down to an excellent repast at the Blue Bell Inn. On the previous Thursday the per- manent staff of the Cardigan Militia, together with their wives, made their annual excursion to the Devil's Bridge. SCHOOL BOARD, Tuesday. — Alderman Peter Jones presided over the ordinary meeting of the Board held at the Schoolroom and there were also present Archdeacon Protheroe, Mrs Griffiths, Councillor W. Thomas, Mr T. B. Hall, with Mr R. J. Roberts (clerk), and Mr Saer (headmaster).— The average attendance during the past month was as follows Boys 84, girls 75, infants 67. During the previous months of April and May the per- centage was as follows Boys 88 8 and 90'5, girls 79'3 and 80, and infants 80 and 77 respectively.—- Archdeacon Protheroe thought some repreibnta- tions should be made to the Sunday School authori- ties to hold their excursions and school treats on the same day, as the holding of the various trios inter- fered with the attendance of the scholars of the day school.—Mrs Griffiths said that in England the excursions were usually held at Whitsuntide.—The Attendance Officer was asked to make a special effort to secure a better attendance in the future.— The Chairman said that a larger sum had been earned by the pupils of the Science and Art classes for the work done by them since the establishment of the classes and this showed that the work done was of a satisfactory character, and it was a pleas- ing feature to obtain that special recognition.—A letter was read from the Science and Art Depart- ment respecting some alterations to be made in tie Science and Art grant and the Board then rose. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—Alderman Peter Jones presided over a meeting of this committee held at the Corporation offices on Monday evening and there were also present Councillor William Thomas, Alderman Doughton, with Dr A. Thomas (medical officer), Mr H. L. Evans (borough accountant), and Mr Rees Jones (surveyor).-—The wages and labour sheets for the fortnight amounted to £5 2s.—The Chairman said that the notifica- tion returns for the past week were before them and he was glad to see that Aberystwyth was free from any disease.—The Medical Officer presented his report which showed a death rate of 9*1 per 1,000 which was the lowest record since the first quarter of 1889. The total number of deaths for the quarter was 20, two of whom were strangers. Under one year there were four deaths over 25 and under 65 there were four deaths and over 65 there were six deaths. There were no deaths from infectious diseases. During the quarter there were 39 births, being at the rate of 11*35 per 1,000. It bad been estimated that on the occasion of the Royal visit there were 30,000 people in the town, and he was glad to be able to cotfgratulate tni- authorities upon the freedom from accidents o. mat occasion.—The Chairman said that it was an exceptionally pleasing feature of the report to see the low death rate. THE CAMB&IAH AttCtMMMMMCM. SOCIH*.— Tl»j -meeting of this society will be held here on September 7th and following days. The society was founded in the town in 1846, and therefore will be celebrating its j ubilee. The local committee have drawn up a programme of which the following forms a part:—One day would be devoted to Aberystwyth and the vicinity another to Strata Florida and the neighbourhood; and the third to Aberayron and the coast. On the fourth day the society intends going further afield. The mambers will visit Towyn and Llanegryn, where there are rare and valuable effigies, and will be allowed to inspect the M.S.S. of Mr Wynne, of Peniarth. One of the most noteworthy of the outings will be that to Strata Florida. The society will be permitted to inspect the silver gilt dish and old chalice of Llanafan Church, as well as to take drawings of an important stane at Gwnnws Church. The old bell there, too, is worthy of inspection. Llanilar Church has a roof which is considered one of the best in North Cardiganshire; and a chalice there is worthy of inspection. The greatest feature of all, however, will be the inspection of Strata Florida and Ystrad Flur. Mr Stephen Williams, a great authority on Strata Florida, will be present at the meeting. On the road to Aberayron there were two stones some years back, at Meine, and these it is intended to worm out and photograph. Archdeacon Protheroe was requested to write to some of the vicars in that neighbourhood to bring any treasures they may have in their possession to be viewed by the archaeologists during the Aberayron outing. The Bishop of St. David's has kindly consented to act on the local committee as a corresponding member; and Mr Willis Bund has promised to read a paper on Llanbaiarn Church. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—MONDAY. Mr E. J. Evans presided over the meeting held at the Workhouse, and there were also present Messrs James Jones, J. M. Williams, Capt James, W. A. Miller, Major Bonsall, T. Powell, David Lloyd, G. Morgan, David Edwards, Thomas James, John Jones (Llanrhystvd), D. Morris and Evan Simon with Mr Hugh Hughes, clerk, Mr D. Davies, assis- tant clerk, Mr J. Rowlands, sanitary inspector, and the Surveyors. DEATH STALKING THROUGH THE LAND. Dr James, medical officer, wrote as follows :-1 have to report that several cases of diphtheria and of scarlet fever have occurred in the district since the last meeting of the Council. Diphtheria has occurred at Cwmpadarn, in two houses at Capel Dewi (Mr Isaac Edwards), Fronfraith cottages Peithyll and Commins Coch. The well at Cwm- padarn was polluted and was probably the cause of the disease. At Commins Coch school district I found that the children had been suffering for several weeks from a contagious throat affection These were not reported. Children from these infected districts have attended school hence the spread of the disease. There is a great scarcity of water at Commins Coch and the drainage, as I informed you on a previous occasion, is bad in many places. The school privies, especialiv the urinals, are not satisfactory. Scarlet fever has broken out in the Clarach school district The first cases notified were Miss M. E. Prosser and Miss Edith Jones, Bow Street, then two cases at Rhos- cellanfawr. I have endeavoured to trace the origin and spread of the disease and have arrived at the following conclusion. Mr Francis Jones, Nantyfallen had scarlet fever several weeks before any of the Clarach scholars were attacked. He attended schools during the contagious peeling stage He infected others. Several cases then occurred at Penybont, Clarach, and one at Maentwrch and the above notified cases. One fatal case occurred at Nantyfallen. The above report indicates the im- portance of prompt notification and the vital importance of pure air, plenty of pure water and good drainage.—P.S.—Fresh cases have occurred at Darowen and two cases at Talybont of scarlet tever."—The Inspector said he had not received any report, and he knew nothing about the matter until Saturday —Major Bonsall: Did you not have a report from Dr. Rowlands ? — The Inspector: No. Major Bonsall: He attended a fatal case at the back of our house where a poor child died of diphtheria.—Tke Clerk said that the doctors were not supposed to report to the inspector but to the medical officer. Major Bonsall said that he got the school closed and he believed that the only intimation Dr. James bad TeC^Vw-,ra8 from the Clerk to the Board.-Mr that he met Dr. Rowlands who h'™ there were cases all over the district. The Chairman How is it these doctors did not inform our medical men ?—A member: Perhaps they have done so. The Inspector said that he learnt at one place that it was only by mere here- say that Dr. James became aware of it.—Mr. James Jones said that the doctors who had not sent in a notification to the medical officer should be sum. moned. As a result the members saw that the outbreak was all over the district.—-Mr. Miller: We ought to take severe measures.—The Chair- man The Medical Officer does not: allude to any notification received from medical men.—The Inspector said that he had posted up notices of extracts from the Public Health Act.—The Chair- man: Who is the medical man who attended these cases?—The Inspector Dr. James attended one case, but I understand that Dr. Rowlands at- tended all the others.—The C hail-man: Will you pass a resolution asking Dr. James to report as to when he was first notified as to the breaking out of these epidemics. Mr Williams said that he would propose that.—Mr Miller: It will delay the matter. Cannot yon hold a special meeting to deal with the matter ? The Chairman We can pass a resolution. -Mr James Jones: 1 propose that we hold a special meeting after the meeting of the Board of Guardians next Monday. Mr. Miller: I sccoud that.—The Chairman: In the meantime the clerk to write to Dr. James.—-Mr Miller: To all the medical officers. -The Chairman thought that they should notify the town doctors. — Mr J. M. Williams: 1 am afraid it is all our own fault. Do we do our duty as members of this Council ? I am sure we do not ? Do our officers do their duty as they ought to do, It shows plainly that we do not do our duty. Years ago we tried to get water at the top of the hill, but it was opposed, and now there was no water. Look at Llanbadarn that has been on for years. Then there was a case where a man attended the Council and made certain statements which were not true. It was said that only an old woman had died at a certain village; but there had been a great many funerals there. We do not do our duty. I am tired of coming here. I am sorry to say our officials do not do their duty; I am sure of it. The Inspector said that he and Mr Miller went up to Cwmpadarn, but they had no authority to bring the water down. They did all they were asked to do.—Mr Miller said that he went as one of the committee and they devised a scheme, and should have got a good supply of water. The scheme was handed over to the Parochial Committee, and he was told to mind his own business and that they were quite satisfied with the water they bad got. The Parochial Committee went to visit the place and decided not to have the water. And now what was the result F—The Chairman said that there was considerable truth in what Mr Williams had said with regard to the duty which devolved upon the Council. He hoped that they should do a little bit more this next two years.—Mr Miller said at Llan- badarn they had had three Local Government Board enquiries and he began to think that it was all a farce to attempt to do anything of the sort. —The resolution to ask the medical officer for the necessary information was then carried. BORTH CULVERT. A discussion in committee took place upon this matter, and it was agreed that the two District Councillors and the Clerk, together with the whole of the Parish Councillors, should meet at Borth and talk the matter over. PWLLHOBI DRAINAGE. Mr. Miller brought forward the question of pav- ing the drain at Pwllhobi which he regarded as a nuisance in its present state.—The Clerk was of the same opinion.—It was pointed out that the matter had been referred to the County Council and no reply had been received to the letter sent in. SOURCES OF WATER SUPPLY. The inspector was instructed to obtain samples of the water used by the public at the various sources throughout the Union and obtain the necessary analysis and report to the council. LLANBADARN WATER SUPPLY. Plans of the proposed water supply at Llan- badarn were laid on the table and were estimated to cost £ 612.—Mr. Miller pointed out that at first the cost was estimated at £120 but now it had risen to JE612 and that was the result of dealing with the Local Government Board. There was no other business. PETTY SESSIONS.—WEDNESDAY. Before Messrs John Morgan (chairman), David Roberts, Thomas Hugh Jones, E. P. Wynne, R. J. Jones, J. Lewis and Edward Evans. PUBLIC NUISANCES.—P.C. Powell charged Lewis Jones, Crynfryn Buildings, with touting for passen- gers for a pleasure boat, and was fined 2s bd.—The same officer summoned Henry Sandford, Bryn place, for allowing his chimney to go on fire, and he was fined Is.—John Leslie, of Manchester, who was charged with being drunk and disorderly, ad- mitted the offence, and he was fined 10s and costs. ALLK^ ASSAULT.—John Latto charged William Williams with assaulting Mr A. J. Hughes defended.—The complainrnr <: "dd that whilst standing on his own door on Sunday the defendant itruok him.—In crosa-«x5nxiiiiation of thø -Lr, of ihe ••jmplait.nrt- sue nad been told what to say by her mother and admitted that her father went up to defendant and said some- thing to him.—John Jones, called for the defence, said complainant struck the defendant first and started the row.—The case was dismissed. THE ROYAL VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH. The final meeting of the Reception Committee, formed in connection with the recent royal visit, was held at the College on Saturday afternoon, Mr C. M. Williams (chairman of the Cardiganshire County Council), presided. The minutes having been read, Mr J. D. Perrott, treasurer, presented a balance sheet showing a credit balance, which, it was resolved, should be given as a subscription to the furnishing fund of the Alexandra Hall. The Finance Committee having been empowered to settle all outstanding accounts, Messrs J. R. Rees and E. Jones Williams were appointed auditors of the balance sheet. The Committee then proceeded to pass votes of thanks to the chairman and mem- bers of the different committees to the ladies and gentlemen who so generously extended their hospilality to the University guests to those who kindly placed their carriages at the disposal of [the committee; to the donors of evergreens nnd flowers; to the directors, general manager, and other officials of the Cambrian Railways Company for the splendid manner in which they met the wishes of the committee by placing a special rain at the service of the distinguished guests, for the excellent train service which they had provided for the general public, and for the cordial manner in which they had co- operated with the committee in making the royal function so great a success to the general and local managers and the other officials of the Man- chester and Milford Railway Company for the ex- cellent arrangement made by them to meet the convenience of the Committee and the general public; to the colonels and other officers of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry, the Pembrokeshire Volunteers, and the Breconshire Volunteers for the guards of honour, which added so much to the dignity and effectiveness of the procession, and who are congratulated by the committee on their soldier-like appearance, and on the excellent discip- line preserved throughout; to Mr. J. D. Perrott, the treasurer, and the members of the Finance Committee who have so successfully dealt with the financial arrangements as to enable them to present tothis com mittee a satisfactory balance-sheet; moat cordially to Alderman Jas. Jones, Swansea, for the handsome barouche and four postilions provided by him for the use of their Royal Highnesses, by which generous act he relieved the committee of great responsibility, and the committee desired to record their deep sense of obligation to him for the deep pains taken by him to provide an equipage so admirably adapted for the occasion, and which reflected great credit on those responsible for the arrangements; to the Mayor for the urbanity which marked his conduct in the chair, and for the constant devotion which he had shown in order to make the ceremonial one worthy of the borough; to Mr David Jenkins, Mus. Bac., Mr J. T. Rees, and the school teachers for the pains taken by them in training the children whose singing formed so great a feature of the reception accorded to their Royal Highnesses; to Messrs Piggott and Co., of London, Messrs Ben Evans and Co, Swansea, as to both of whom the committee expressed their sense of the thorough manner in which the firms had carried out the work entrusted to them, and desired the secretaries to express to them the recognition of the committee of the able manner in which their representatives acted on their behalf; to Mr Kil- vington, stationmaster, for the untiring manner in which he had carried out the omrous duties im- posed upon him and for bis unfailing courtesy in meeting the wishes of the committee; to Mr Howell Evans, chief constable, for the fore- thought displayed in making the necessary police arrangements, and for the most efficient manner in which the arrangements were carried out, so that the whole proceedings passed off with- out accident or turmoil; to the borough surveyor l, Jones) the assistance rendered by him to the in placing his experience and knowledge at their service in superintending the erection of the marquee, and for work in con- nection^ with the installation ceremonial to the Lord-Lieutenant for his great assistance; to the Rheidol Juvenile Choir, whose very effective sing- ing added greatly to the attraction to the Misses Davies, Llanbadarn, who, by their presence with the choir, added greatly to their picturesque appearance; Councillor Peake and the members of the Fire Brigade and to Principal Roberts for hia great assistance at the representative of that committee on the Executive Committee of the University. The concluding vote of thanks was to the hon. sees., Rev Mortimei Green and Mr A. J. Hughes, and the assistant sees., Messrs Bickell and Charles Mas soy, Mr Francis, Wallog, speaking very highly of their great services. The hon sees. were each asked to accept, an honorarium, not as payment for their labours, but as some token of the appreciation of the committee of their valuable services. LLAN BA DA UN PAWn SCHOOL BOARD. Major Bonsall presided over a meeting of the Board held at the Boardroom on Thursday moru- ing and there were also present Miss E. Davies, Messrs J. P. Thomas, Hugh Hughes, Rd. Edwards, and Rev E Jones, with Mr Atwood (clerk), Mr Morgan (headmaster), and Mr Edward Jones (attendance officer). EXTENSION OF CWMPADARN SCHOOL. Mr Richard Edwards presented a penned sketch of the propesed alterations at Cwmpadarn. School cind stated that there was plenty of room to en- large the place to take in Penyfron. They estimated the cost to be £ 450 to £ 500. If this scheme was carried out there would be a saving of about zC25 a year in the cost of the staff and this would go towards the paying for the building.-—In answer to Mr Hughes, Mr Edwards said that the estimate was not based upon any details but was only a rough calculation.—Mr Hughes said they would not save a shilling in the cost of the teaching staff, because the same staff would be required in the new school as they had at present. He would be quite willing to go in for a new building if it could be showed that there would be a saving, but he did not see any prospect of a saving being effected.—Major Bonsall thought that an estimate of the cost of altering Penyfron should be pre- pared; and lie was supported by Messrs Hughes and Thomas.—-Mr Hughes proposed that they employ a local architect to provide a rough plan of the proposed alterations at Peuyfron school. This was agreed to, and the question was adjourned for a month. NEW DAY OF MEETING. Mr Hughes moved that in future the meetings be held on the third Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the summer and 7-30 p.m. in the winter.—The Chair- man said he would fall in with this view if the meeting were held a little earlier, as meeting at 7 p.m. would throw 'the hour of departure rather late.—Mr Hughes accepted this, and the rest of the members agreeing to it, the proposition was carried. COMMINSCQCH SCHOOL. The Clerk reported that this school was closed in consequence of a11 outbreak of epidemic, and it was decided that it should be properly disinfected and the school properly cleaned throughout, There was no other business.