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TREFEGLWYS. t THE BOARD SCHOOLS.—The Inspector's re upon the District Board Schools has ju9t ,g issued from which are the following extraC Village School: This school appears to conducted. Reading should receive in°r» attention in the upper standards. A map 0 o0ld district is needed, and the surface drainage s j'g receive attention. I am directed to call the Bo gf attention to the last paragraph of Article 85 I the Code by which it is made a condition less00 payment of the annual grants that Object lvejl p shall form part of the ordinary instruction 0. the first, second, and third standards. Evans and M. Thomas have passed fair of Evans should attend to teaching (knowlrot1. method), and Thomas to geography and I fTrra*7tfl'' spection of your school in Juue, ticfi Llawryglyn School: The results of the ex»*°l0 0,J/ in the elementary subjects are uneven, partially satisfactory. Reading and haDOw\#li- are fair, spelling is very inaccurate, .^g. metic (both written and oral) is nearly a fo" t Oil A good deal of pains appears to have been sP6cjtig- the two class snbjects with very fair results- ing by note and needlework are aatisfaO øtb Welsh as a specific subject has been taken up ;t considerable success, but the time spent uP°n{0- would, under the circumstances, have been fitably employed upon the elementary sab^o^ The master has undoubtedly worked hard d° 0f the year, but with the staff and circumstanceS tied the school, too many subjects have been attetJIP bJø 3 ib to ensure success in all. No grant is iØ under Article 105, since Her Majesty's InspectO tilÐ unable to report that the staff is efficient ot,-c\e. school well taught with the meaning of that ar1 K. Edwards is continued under Art. 68. Grant P. child 18s.—Staylittle School: After allowance for the remoteness of the School the sparseness of the population, this school be said to have made satisfactory progress do^ the year. The reading (except that of the class, which was fair) spelling, and mental arl metic generally, arithmetic (except in the 8~, standard) and composition in the upper were unsatisfactory, and but little had been to cultivate the children's intelligence and 0j them understand. For these reasons tb6 must be declared inefficient. Grammar is so that no grant can be recommended for Eng Needlework is fairly well taught, and a good sOpP^ of garments and specimens were shown. The in need more careful and systematic supervision- reading books of the first and second standards dilapidated and want renewing. Means shoal provided for readily clearing the offices as a}rejV0 suggested to the manager present. Her luspector reports this school inefficient. I ^0t for^ directed to give the Board a final warning uD., jj. Article 86 of the Code, that the grant may be eC. held under that Article at the next annual tion, if the school is again reported inefficient- to request that the Board will state what steps propose to take to restore the school to No grant is payable under Article 106 ^« Inspector is unable to report that the staff lS cient or the school well taught within the roea° of that Article."