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SALES BY AUCTION. \F-— t(W of Trustees. NORTH WALES. C°U^XIES OF MONTGOMERY AND DENBIGH. Ss|e of v lIIellt aluable Freehold Farms, Freehold Tene- tjQjj •*?' Cottages, Accommodation Lands, and a erable number of full-grown Valuable Oak ^arch Trees. j lifESSRS R. GILLART & SONS are Aw. instructed to offer for Sale by Public 0l1! at the Wynnstay Hotel, Llanfyllin, I 4T2 0F FRIDAY, JULY 3ist, 1896, W- 0 dock in the Afternoon, the following Pro- >it .,es ktioWn as the NANTYMEICHI AID ESTATE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. Parishes of Llanfyllin and Meifod. lot. Description. Area. A. R. P. aysgog Farm, Mr Jobn Owen, tenant 183 3 19 2 Parish of Meifod. 2 Parish of Meifod. "Accommodation Land, Mr. 3 P Cristopher Gittins tenant 11 1 34 "asture Land on Alltygader, J. 4 p Marshall Dugdale, Esq., tenant 8 0 38 enybryn, Mr Edward Jones, 5 tenant 4 124 ytanydderwen Farm, Mr John 6 p Wis, tenant 87 2 20 ^tanypwll Farm, Mr Edward 7 p Jones, tenant 148 3 38 |eiliarth Farm, Mrs Margaret 8 tjiPVVen) tenant 164 2 1 ^synant, Mr Edward Jones, | 9 p tenant 2 0 17 I asuantymeichiaid Farm, Mr I lo p Henry Price, tenant ••• 127 6 2 ^waelod Farm, Mr Joseph Davies, U u, ten»nt 96 3 5 "ronlas Farm, Mrs Sarah Evans, 12 tenaat, 65 316 rout Cottage and Garden, .1 13 <5 Marshall Du oxiale, Esq.. tenanc 0 1 36 "Oiithy, Cottage, and Garden, Mr Ut Hughes, tenant 0 0 20 1317onheillog Farm, Mr Lot Is liu,-hes. tenaiit 6 138 Cefnbugeilyn and Penycoed Farms Is Mr David Lloyd, tenant 103 328 f ronfriallu Farm, Mr David If Davies, tenant 9 3 28 A.lUgoch Farm, Mr John Jg Watkins, tenant 186 1 19 Sig Wood. In hand 68 0 29 Penymynydd Farm, Mrs Mary Jones, tenant 18 3 19 Alltgoch Cottage, (farm), Mr v Edward Jones, tenant 20 3 24 Cwm Nantymeichiaid Farm, Mr Edward Jones, tenant 201 2 33 Nt /^wlchydderwen Farm. Mro Margaret Evans, tenant. 39 2 1 Tfybrith and Dyfnant Farms: Mr David Evans, tenant 118 1 14 COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Parish of Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnanfc. Cottage Garden and Land at Commins, Jane Davies, tenant 0 2 10 Ul Total 1676 3 33 Lot 1 to 23 inclusive will, in. the first instance, be as one Lot; and, if not so sold, in three gj 8> viz., Lots 1 to 3 inclusive, Lots 4 to 8 inclu- jj ^ts 9 to 23 inclusive; and, if not so sold, and ae Vendors so decide, in such other Lot or Lots Y^y be then determined by them. will in any case be offered as a lot by Particulars, and conditions of Sale may be jj .ed at any of the principal Hotels in the ^K&hboiirhood of W. A. PUGHE, Esq., Solicitor, ^^M.Vllin of Messrs PEMBKRTON, GARTH, and GOPE, l^torg, 5, New Court, Lincoln's Inn, London, f "i or of the AUCTIONEERS, Macliynlleth, and (Merioneth). ABERYSTWYTH. R. J. E. JAMES will offer for Sale, on A* WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12TH, 3 O'clock, at the Talbot Hotel, two semi- ^tftched Freehold Villas, situate in Trinity Square, gaining 10 rooms each, with usual out-offices, &c. 0t" ^urther particulars, &c., apply, Hugh Hughes, ^^Solicitor, Market Street, or to the Auctioneer. -W LIMITED TO 600 HOUSES. lO^ANK LLOYD'S Great July and August NORTH WALES HORSE SALES AT rf. WREXHAM. July 30th.—Waggon Horses, Lurry and Tram Horses and Colts. ri{iay, 31st-High-classHarness Horses, Hunters, & Hacks, and Cobs, from 14-3 upwards. aturday. Auwush 1st.—A fine selection of Show c'obs and°Ponies, 14-3 and under. 427 Horses entered. zP,30 in Prizes. -Q-^rand trade expected, buyers from London, Belfast, Glasgow, and Edinburgh having "mated their intention of being present. > pltries finally Close by to-day's (Saturday) post, uly 18th, to FRANK LLOYD, Wrexham. PARF,EZEI" HALL. PAREEZER HALL PAREEZER HALL, PORTLAND ST.. ABERYSTWYTH. SCII(,"F-OLS -& 'I "IC-N f PARTIES 4ni1^nd oveT convenience for holding Luncheons rj, r Iea;s at the above Hall, which is supplied with ftiea LTroS),Xea Ware, &c., and has perfect arrarigo- tLeuts for procuring hot water on the premises at e Shortest notice. AMPLE ACCOMMODATION FOR 300 AT ONE TTTIC. Ahe Reception Committee were per!ce satisfied with the arrangements made aU Hall for Guests on the occasion of the Visit. 1'0 r Tenll", applv fill. fill. T. ROBERTS. Paveezei- -TONES & &OF Tap cui,? 4UMENT, SHROPSHIRE SEED EST AT S H RE W S BUI v Y F i'F It FECIAL p Pi, I Z E £ 2^ FOR COMrKTITIO^ ( ¡ FLOWER Ç'¡ T(-)'V- 1896, tV n. 0-11 %WPT,m i.vcr,cfH?v KERRY, AND Vv ELSH POOL, NEVV;TH MAChYN „ >ars Free. Send for Par WFT HALL ON MONDAYS. SALES BY AUCTION. WHITFIELD'S OLD ESTABLISHED WEEKLY AUCTIONS For all classes of FAT, DAIRY, AND STORE STOCK IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. FOUR REGULAR SALESMEN IX CHARGE OF SEPARATE DEPARTMENTS. T. WHITFIELD, SEN.—DAIRY CATTLE. T. WHITFIELD, JUN.—FAT CATTLE. G. WHITFIELD—SHEEP AND CALVES. E. WHITFIELD-PIGS AND STORE CATTLE. Sales commencing at 10 30 Settlements as soon as the Stock is Sold. OFFICES Willow House, Oswestry. POWIS HABITATION OF THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE. A FETE In connection with the above Habitation will take place at LEIGHTON HALL, (By the kind permission of Mrs. Naylor,) ON THURSDAY, JULY 30TH, 1896. The beautiful Gardens and Grounds will be open to the Public at 2 30 p.m. The NEWTOWN SILVER BAND has been engaged to play selections and for DANCING. SPORTS and other competitions will take place, and a Comedietta, Duchess of Bayswater & Co. by a party of Welshpool Amateurs. TEA to commence at 4 o'clock. Members Tickets (which are not transferable), 4d. each, up to July 28th inclusive after that date, 6d. each members' friends, Is up to July 28 inclusive after that date, Is 3d each. Conveyance will leave the Cross at 6d each person. M. SHUKER, Hon. Sec. LLANFYLLIN DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE S HOW WILL BE HELD ON BODFACH PARK, ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 1896. CATTLE, HORSES, SHEEP, PIGS, CHEESE, BUTTER, POULTRY, &c., Will be Exhibited. A DOG SHOW, Open to all comers, will also be held. A L E A I'l 11 a AND~T U fi N on T S (LOCAL AND OPEN.) N.B.—Entries Close on Thursday next, the the 23rd July, except for Leaping and Turnouts, which close on the 8th August. Prize Lists, Entry Forms, &c., may be had on application to EVAN WAT KINS, Secretary. THE TALYBONT & NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW Will be held at TALYBONT ON SEPTEMBER 23un, 1896. Including Grand HORSE LEAPING and SHEF' SHEARING Competitions open to within the district between the Llyfnant and e Rheidol. President—SIR PKV SL PRYSE, BAR- Vice-Presidents— M. VAUGIIAN DAVIES, Esq., M.P.; P.P. PRVSI R. H. REES, ESQ. Entries close on September 16th. j Entry forms may be obtained from the,ecretary, Mr. W. R. Morgan, Talybont. C A E R S W S A (JRAM) N.^AAR Will be held in t BRITISH SCHOOL, '^ERSWS, Under distinguishee, ON FRIDAY, Jlll 31sT, 1896, T i mds for the In order to ra?se RESTORATION OF Li/ vVNOf; CHURCH. The Bazaar will b>d at L30 P"m"' LADY PR CE-.JONES, V, SYTO WW DOLK' as follows, viz.: -—1st, Mrs. a ot.1 I Miss Williams's Stall; 3rd, A Hickman sS aJ, T1|(, Rcfreshment StaH 5th, The Parish Stall;, Sta)|_ A r lower and t ,r rl ,tai!.uifMits at intervals, consi3tmg Various En, A,.t Eshlbitiori< rhoao.raph, Ac. of Concerts, r 1.30 to 3.30, Is.; 3.30 to 6.30, 6d. AuU)lSSK>3tj 6.30 to clo' 6.30 to r, .-ions, either in money or, kind will be or',Ifullv received by the Rev. D. Parrv, the ^°st ^bL!atiwnog or hy lC'UdRVA~. O. KYFF1N WILLIAMS, Hon. Sec., Caersws. Hon. Sec., Caersws. TERKY FESTIVAL THIS YEAR AGAIN VlTH ENLARGED PROGRAMME. AUGUST 21sT, IS9t;. VV. PROEDFOOT, ) gf cs O. S. BOWES, ) K K' ABERYSTWYTH IY T t I CYCLING CLUB S P O E T S TUESDAY, AUGUST 4TH. 1890. Prizes Value £50. CYCLING MASQUKRADK AND FLORAL CAR- NIVAL WITH CONFhiTTl FETE. DANCING AND ILLUMINATIONS. ENTRIES CLOSV JULY 27TH. FOR FUETHEU PARTICULARS SEE POSTERS. Entry forms, &c., may be obtained of Messrs H. E. Wiieatlcy and D. C. Edwards, Portland House, Aberystwytb. PUBLIC NOTICES. COUNTIES OF DENBIGH AND MONTGOMERY. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACTS 1888 AND 1894. LLANFYLLIN UNION AND LLANSILIN AND LLANGOLLEN RURAL DISTRICTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Joint Committee consisting of Representatives of the County Councils of the respective Counties of Denbigh and Montgomery under and for the pur- poses of the Local Government Act, 1888, and the Local Government Act, 1894, or either of them, will hold an INQUIRY at the GUILD HALL, OSWESTRY, in the County of Salop, on TUESDAY" the 4th day of AUGUST, 1896, at One o'clock in the Afternoon, and will then and there proceed to fix or alter the number of Guardians or Rural District Councillors to be elected for each of the several Parishes of Llanarmon Mvnydd Mawr, Llancadwalader, Llangedwyn and Llanrhaiadr-yn- Mochnant in the Llanfyllin Union, and for the aforesaid purposes to exercise all such powers as are vested in a Joint Committee under the pro- visions of the last-mentioned Act. And Notice is hereby further given that all persons interested in all or any of the foregoing subjects may attend the Inquiry and be heard. Dated this 17th day of July, 1896. LL. ADAMS, Clerk of the County Council of Denbigh. G. D. HARRISON, Clerk of the County Council of Montgomery. notice. SCHOOL BOARD FOR CEMMES, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. "VTOTTCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in reference to the above District, that I.-The above School Board have (subject to the approval of the Education Department) made certain Bye-Laws in pursuance of the powers given to the School Board by s. 74 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870, as amended by the Elementary Education Acts, 1876, 1880, and 1893. 2.—A printed copy of the proposed Bye-Laws will continue deposited for inspection by any ratepayer at the National School, Cemmes, the office of the School Board, for one calen- dar month from the date of the publication of this notice 3.-At the expiration of the said calendar month the said proposed Bye-Laws will be submitted to the Education Department for approval. 4.—The School Board will supply a printed copy of the said proposed Bye-Laws gratis to any ratepayer. JOHN ROWLANDS, Clerk. 14th July, 1896. CHARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS-WYNN, ESQRE. DECEASED. PURSUANT to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Vie. JL Cap 35, intituled An Act to further Amend the Law of Property and to Relieve Trustees," 1- "I." -1J 141 Y- a!)us hav,,ig aDV CLAIMS or DEMANDS against the oataio of H MARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS- WYNN, lato of Coed-y-Maen, in the County of Montgomery, and of No. 2, Lower Berkeley Street, in the councy of Middlesex, Esquire, deceased (who died on the 25th day of April, 1896, and whose will was ploved in the Principal Registry of the Probate DivisPn of the High Court of Justice by Arthur WatlID Williams-Wyim, one of the executors there- in nLmed, on the 24th day of June, 1896, power beifg reserved of making the like grant to Henry Gfulburn Chetwynd Stapylton. the other executor ptmed in the said will), are hereby required to end in particulars of their debts, claims, or de- mands to us. the undersigned solicitors, on or before the 22D DAY OF AUGUST, 1896, after which date the Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased, having regard only to the debts, claims, and demands of which he shall then have had notice, and he will not be liable for the said assets, or any part thereof so distributed, to any person or persons of whose claims he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 9th day of July, 1896. DAWSON, BENNETT, & RYDE, 2, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, Solicitors for the said Executor. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. ~l^"OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the sixty- -13i fifth Half Yearly Ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors of the Cambrian Railways Company will be held at the Eustou Hotel, London, on THURSDAY the 6th day of AUGUST next at half-past 'Twelve o'clock in the aftercoon, for the transaction of the general business of the Company. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that at the conclusion of the Business of such Half Yearly Meeting a Special General Meeting of the Company will be held at the same place for the purpose of authorising the creation and issue of D Debenture Stock under the powers of the Cambrian Railways Act 1896. The Books for the Registration of Transfers will be closed from the 24th July to 6th August both days inclusive. Dated this 14lh day of July, 1896. J. F. BUCKLEY, Chairman. General Offices, R. BRAYNE, Secretary. Oswestry. PHRENOLOGY! PHRENOLOGY!! PHRENOLOGY ARE YOU MAKING THE BEST USE OF YOUR TALENTS ? THE CHILD-WHAT WILL HE BECOME? THESC QEKSTIO.VS CAN BE AN-SWKRKD 15Y PROFMSSOR CHARLES STEWART DAVIES, Tiie EMINENT HUMAN SCIENTIST, At his (.'oDsnlting Booms on the Premises at Mr Smith's, Outfitter, Great Dark.srate Street, and Market Street, Abe-vstvvyth. All those W)Q wish to know for what trade or profession l l.ey nre beqt, fitted for in life should not, miss this opportunity. BRIGHTON TEMPERANCE HOUSE. POrtL ROAD, NEWTOWN. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR VISITORS, CYCLISTS, TRAVELLERS. AND OTHERS. TEA, DINNERS, ic. VACANCIES FOR OX r OR TWO BOARDERS. rlns. JONLS-ASTLEY, Proprietress. L. LEWIS, MONUMENTAL AND GENERAL MASONRY WORKS, SALOP aUAlJ, OSWESTRY. TUITION-. WELSHPOOL G RAMMARSCHOOL Preparation for the UNIVERSITY LOCALS, PRECEPTORS PUBLIC SCHOOLS, SHORTHAND CERTIFICATE AND CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. Over 70 passes during the last five years in above examinations. 12 Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. Comfortable.home for boarders. Moderate Terms. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS—ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming. T. F. BILES, Head Master. THE COLLEGE, QUEEN'S PARK, OSWESTRY. THE MISSES HOULT (CASTLE BUILDINGS) BEG to thank their Friends for their kind support, and have much pleasure in stating that the AUTUMN TERlI will commence in their NEW RESIDENCE, QUEER'S PARK, Which is in every way admirably adapted for Educational Purposes, having large and lofty Schoolrooms, and Dormitories, and Tennis Court. The MISSES HOULT are assisted by Resident English and Foreign GOVERNESSES, and visiting PROFESSORS. Preparation for Oxford Local, College of Precep- tors, and Music Examinations. Home Comforts and Careful rraining. TERMS MODERATE. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL Founded 1812. A HIGH-CLASS BOARDITG SCHOOL FOR BOYS. HEAD MASTEt: R. A. POPE, M.Å. Formerly Classical Scholar If Sidney Sussex College, Cambi idge; and Resistant Master at Shrewsbury Soo" Før ProøpAl'.ru', &c" "'r'1-r, THE HEADMASTER, J..sPI!.R 1IõûSE. CLEVELAND HOUSE SCHOOL WELSHPOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Pupils receive a sound and tlbrough Education at Moderate Charges. Happy Ibme for Boarders. Also a CLASS FOR LITTLE BOYS. PROSPECTUSES oN APPIICATION TO THE MUSES DAWSON. OSWESTRY GKAMMAK SCHOOL (1407). Mil. G. COBLEY, Senior Assistant Master receives 25 Boarders in house. There are a few VACANCIES for aixt Term. Terms Moderate. Prospectus Oil application. LLORAN HOUSR, OswssTsy- MACHTNUETH COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. Head Master. MR. H. H. MByt.ER, M.A., OXON. Assistant laster MB. ALBERT WATSON. B A CANTAB. Assistant Wisti £ gS MISS FLOÏtENCE WHITE, Late Scholar of the Royal H°^°Vay College, Egham.v TEN SCHOkAltsjnps I Will be offered for dtoK»Per;ifci>n for Children in Elementary Schools and Gths; also, Bursaries sufficient to cover the estihated expenses of travelling to and from',school. Children who 5 are eligible for admission without|js«,,mua'ioii. EXAMINATION fm and also for Admission, will be heljt the Intermediate School, Machynlleth, on the ljM1 day JULY, at 10 a.m. SUBJECTS for Sfeh<ars'lS>s! Examinations as follows :-Reading, itidg, Arithmetic, English Grammar, GeographY;<tt)g-ou. and Wales). Optional subjects 1 History and Welsh (translation). Application to ba SIlt in to he Clerk on or before the 11th day of July, 4896- Fr^^g 0t)t,aiued from JOHI#RpwlANDS, liachynlleth, 29th April, 1896. 'rk to the Governors. HIGH GIRLS. ASHFORf, TODLESEX. CHILDREN whosffifaf'ker tr mother shall have 'oVen bor'i witl^ the Principality of Wales, the County of Monmouth, 01 jhe Parishes of Oswes- try, vSelattyn, and K^J^^bech are eligible for admission at the red#fce" jUl< inclusive fee of £ 32 per annum. There fM d H few Vacancics in September. Applications should be ^"tressed to the Secre- tary, 127, St. George^•^oa Hmlico, London, S.VV. tary, 127, St. (.Jeorge),ltoa ,hmhco, London, S.W. gT'GT J&iShamT GUN Mi^lJP4.CTURER, PISHING ROOiAND Cackle MAKER AN D CU,LER, CYCLE 4GENT JL JL AND HFjPAIIER. BICYCLES FOR 8\.LE OR HIRE. Pneumatics (Double T'H^e,^tacl)able Tyres) from 18 10 Ltidies, fom £ 9 10s. RIDING TAUGHT FltE.£; to an Purchasers. REPAIRS of every desc>iption. SPECIALITIES I- "IS!-II.NG TACKLE— GREENHEART FL"i two tops, in bag 10/6. SPLIT CANE FLY R01^ 15/- each. i SPORTING GOODS DEPOTL 20, BERKIEVT ST. WELSHPOOL; 3, BAILEY SXKE];Tj (JSWESTKy_ HOTELS. WATERLOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH.—This Firet-class Family and Commercial PRIVATE V V HOTEL and Boarding House is situate in the centre of the Esplanade, and commands an unbroken sea front. The House has recently been enlarged and re-furnished, and possesses every modern improvement, making it one of the most comfortable Hotels on the Welsh Coast. PRIVATE BRAKES LEAVE THE HOTEL DAILY TO ALL PLACES OF INTEREST. TERMS MODERATE. A. E. & A. MORRIS, PROPRIETRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH.—PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Family and Commercial. This Hotel is situated in one of the principal Streets of fhe Town, and is near to the station, the Castle, Pier, and Promenade. The House is old estaLmshed and fully licensed. BED AND BREAKFAST FROM. 3/6. STABLING AND POSTING. THIS HOTEL IS ENTIRELY UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. PROPRIETOR 1. PARRISH. WHITE HORSE HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH (a Minute's walk from the Sea; Three Minutes'walk from the Railway Station). This Hotel, which is situated most centrally for Tourists, Cyclists, and Commercial Gentlemen has recently undergone extensive alterations, including the addition of New Coffee and Commercial Rooms, is replete with every comfort. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. STORE ROOM FOR CYCLES. TARIFF STRICTLY MODERATE. M. A. REA, PROPRIETRESS. "OCEAN VIEW," ABERYSTWYTH.—PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT. The house is handsomely furnished T hroughollt, having large airy bedrooms, with perfect sanitary arrangements. It is situated in the best part of the PROMENADE and com- mands an extensive and UNBROKEN SEA FRONT. Good table and attendance. References are of the highest character. TERMS MODERATE. MRS. KENSIT, PROPRIETRESS. LLEDFAIR HOUSE, MACHYNLLETH.—PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABLISH- MENT. The House is most prominently and spaciously situated, and is handsomely furnished throughout. It possesses excellent Sitting-Rooms, Bedrooms, etc., and has good Sanitary Arrangements. Home Comforts. TERMS MOST MODERATE. E. A. AXD C. E. LLOYD, PROPRIETRESSES. MACHYNLLETH.—LION HOTEL, First-class Hotel for Families, Visitors and Commercia .HLm- Gentlemen. The house has been entirely renovated, and its Sanitary Arrangements and Bath Rooms are of the most modern kind, thus affording the best accommodation in the town. The Hotel is largely patrouised by Anglers and Sportsmen, and possesses an excellent Billiard Table. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AGENT FOR BASS'S BEER AND ALLSOPP'S STOUT. WHOLESALE BOTTLING TRADE. EDWARD JONES, PROPRIETOR. E. J. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous customers for their patronage for the last three years and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of their support. THE CAMBRIAN HOTEL, BOli l1 II. One of the most Comfortable Establishments on the Coast. BRACING CLIMATE RUO^RRR^RO AND ADJOINING THE ÐEA. EIGHTEEN-HOLE GOLF LINK, AND ALL OTHER OUT-DOOR RECREATIONS. PRIVATE TENNIS COURTS. LANGUAGES. FRENCH CHEF KEPT. J. HOHENBERG. PROPRIETOR. THE BULL HOTEL, WELSHPOOL. GRAND COFFEE, COMMERCIAL, SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. SUITES OF APARTMENTS. HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AN ORDINARY DAILY AT 1 P.M. TELEGRAPHIC ADDREIOS" BULf" WELSHPOOL." -31ISS JENKINS, MANAGERESS. -'lJillL.- THE CROWN BREWERY. A. D. DAWSON, BREWER AND WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FINE WELSH ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, FROM 10d. PER GALLON, CARRIAGE FREE, IN 9, 18, ;36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS. The Celebrated "Crown Bitter Ale," and Cobbler Mountain Scotch Whisky.. J IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FROM 7d. PER GALLON. Onlers received for the above at Bull Hotel and Eagles Vaults, VvVlsbpool; Sarn Inn, Kerrv Belle Vue, Trefeglwvs Raven Inn, Ckurclistoke Anchor Inn, Bettws, Salop. —————— TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS MALT, NEWTOWN, MONT." fun age I- T. E. SKIDMORE. TESTIMONIALS. e Nowcowii; August 19tli, 1895. Yo T. K. SkiibuorP. Air Dpir Si' Y°a mav, I think, be glarl to know that the Bcer'vou supplied to Camp was of excl- tne in fact the tiegt of the six Latalious in as to this, and espeeiuliy K0Eimc„«,-Y0,„8 (Signed), EDWIN J. PIPER, Captain, ° Brigade Transport and Supply Officer. RFTXTKACT FROM LKTTER.J The Turf Hotel, Salop, 15th Au- 1895. Dear Sir, Your Beer was acknowledged all through the Camp as the r-cvt, Beer, not onlv in Camp, but in Blackpool as well.— Yours truly, To A. D.Dawson, Esq., Nc^vtovn. NKWTO'WX HORTICTLTD;L-\f.o(':wn" .■■■FKMV AND Fl- TK. New low si. Ausrubt 26th. 1895. Dear Sir, I am pleased to inform yon liia-t catering of Mr. T. J. Bratton, and fhpqual) /of the goods supplied by you for the above Fete, gave geueial satisfaction.— ours truly, Krxest C. MOEGAX, A. D. Dawson, Esq., Crown Brewery, Kewtown. I PUBLIC NOTICES. CAJIBRIAN RAILWAYS. DAY TRIPS TO ABERYSTWYTH AND CAMBRIAN COAST. EVERY MONDAY IN JULY, 1896. From Oswestry, Welshpool. Nevrtown, Llanidloes Machynlleth, and intermediate Stations. For full particulars, e handbills. -+ SEE THE COMPANY'S NEW SOUVENIR ALBUM Containing 50 Superb Views of the Gems of Welsh Scenery. Price 6d. At the principal Railway Bookstalls, the Company's Stations, and General Offices, &c., in May. ♦ ON EVERY THURSDAY & SATURDAY IN JULY, 1896, HALF-DAY EXCURSION TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED TO LIVERPOOL (Lime Street, Edge Hill, Spellow, or Walton), ASD MANCHESTER (London Road), as under:— Leaving Oswestry at 11 45 a m, and Ellesmere at 12 0 noon. Third-class Fare for the Double Journey, 2s. 6d. Passengers return the same day from Liverpool (Lime Street) at 11 55 pm, and Edge Hill at 12 0 midnight, and from Manchester (London Road) at 12 0 midnight. Further information regarding Excursion TrainB and Tourist Arrangements on the Cambrian Rail- ways can be obtained on application to Mr. W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. EVERY SATIURDAY IN JULY, CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS WILL BE RRX TO LIVERPOOL & MANCHESTER From Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Welsh- pool, Llanymynech, Llanfyllin, Oswestry, Ellesmere, Fenn's Bank, and Intermediate Stations. Train leaves Llanidloes 6 40 a m, Newtown 7 8 a m, Montgomery 7 26 a m, Welshpool 7 43 a m, Llanfyllin 7 30 a m, Oswestry 8 25 a m, Ellesmere 8 43 a m. — -+- FURTHER REDUCTION IN FIRST- CLASS FARES. On and after JULY 1ST, 1896, THE FIRST CLASS FARES To and from Cambrian Stations will be CONSIDERABLY REDUCED. ♦ — DAY EXCURSION TO BLACKPOOL SATURDAY, JULY 25, 1896, From Llanidloes 5 10 a.a., Llandinam 5 25 a.m. Fare 3s 9d. Moat J..ane 5 30 a.m.. Newtown 5 45 a.m., Kerry 5 20 a.m., Abermule 5 55 a.m., Mont- gomery 6 5 a.m., Forden 6 10 a.m., Welshpool. 6 20 a.m., Llanymynech 6 45 a.m. Fare 3s 6d. Return train leaves Blackpool at 11 0 p.m. the same day. Passenger? have exceptional privilege of return- ing by any ordinary thiough train up to and in- cluding Monday, August 3'on payment of 2s extr a. v CRICKET MATCHES. AUSTRALIANS v. ENGLAND,at MANCHESTER THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AXD SATURDAY, July 16, 17. and 18, 1896. On the above dates, CHEAP DAY RETURN TICKETS will be issued to MANCHESTER From Llanidloes dep. 6.40 a.m., Newtown 7.8 E.m.. Welshpool 7.43 a.m., Llanfyllin 7.30 a.m., Oswestry 8.25 a.m., Ellt smere 8.43 a.m.. Fenn's Bank 9.7 a.rrj. For times of trains from intermediate stations see handbills. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS, SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, AND OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON. AWARDS—Two First Prize and Three Silver -N 1. 1 Medals for Superior Work and Finish. ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES OF OUR OWN MANUFACTURE ALWAYS IN STOCK. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ESTIMATES FREE. _0_ HERBERT fONES, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE N O W C) N H.J., having disposed of his business to Mr. Cranage, is now offering at CJST PRICE FOR CASH A OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND ELECTRO P L A T E All A atehes rllited to- One, Two, or Three Years. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES. NOTE THE A DDK ESS— 15, HIGH r., XE;,VTHV:N. "WTcoadey," PLUMBER, PAINTER. DrX.'OaATOirUVc. Salop Road, OSWESTrlY, BEOS respectfully to ret ,rn t! ks :o the Nobility, Gentry, and Pi:plic srenrraiiy for iht'ir kind patronage durintr 'hf »<r 1 .• '■<*■'>, and to say that he nas gone to considerable en, » • fitting up a > in STOVING r: OO,l foi: JAPANNING ever, description of Ir.jii a: <! J,, ("n,i, bv carel nl attention to all orders' en t ni'«t<-d' "iT'* combined with moderave eh- r<'«s' to 'l■f ° with a continuance of the same" ° 1;u'ared A LARGE "TOCK OF PAPEKHANGlN G.s i ^],; JSTEW b ST DESIGNS, Always on hand, at Moderate Prices.