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TOWYN. PETTY SESSIONS. — FHIDAV. Before Alessrs. Humphrey Davies, J. Hughes J H. Haydn Jones, and J. Chidlaw Roberts. STRAY' ANIMALS.—Robert Edwards, can'e^jvVfn. egryn, was summoned by P.C. Wm. Evans, gwril, for allowing his horse to s"r^h 0fficer Llanegryn road on the 6th of June. A ^at having given formal eyidence, Supt. Jones Sc „]e ga there were a number of complaints aga'.ns I for allowing animals to stray.—He was u and costs.—David Pugh, Llwyngwril, ^je moned by P.C. Evans for allowing ten belonging to him to stray in the highwa} O 12th of June. This was the first charge ag" the defendant, but the officer said he ha cautioned several times.—He was fined 3 aS eluding costs.—David Roberts, Peniarth ga^1 ^veD) summoned for the same offence. Mr. W. •"• solicitor, Aberystwyth, defended.—P.C. he saw five milch cows belonging to the ,.e jaDe. straying on the highway ou the m 0n Defendant came after his cattle but lert t rep]y the road for three quarters of an hour.—* g to Air. W. P. Owen the officer said defendan- in his field and exercised no control over the C,, 1 0 Witness came up on his bicycle and l'a n, words with the defendant. He had receive tinual complaints about this man's cattle. fendant was next allowed to make a staten1^ and said he did not send the cows away was afraid they would injure the officer's bicyt-- Air. W. P. Owen contended that as the man 0(j, control of the cattle no offence had been —The Bench ordered him to pay 2s 6d costs. AN UNLICENSED DOG. — Humphrey P* j0g phreys, Talyllyn, was summoned for keeping a without a license. P.C. Parry proved the case, waS a letter was read from the defendant saying he sorry he had not taken out a license because h ^gS not aware that it was needed he being in kuS"a9 as a butcher. A fine of 5s including costs inflicted. NON-AIAINTENANCE.—Hugh Owen, Aberfan, thvr Vale, was summoned by Mr William ^°eefc relieving officer, for neglecting to pay Is per eg towards the maintenance of his mother. j,e<j said there was due a sum of £ 1 16s, and he for a judgment order for that amount. ^e^eUj1jld. earned £ 1 Is a week and had a wife and one c The Bench made the usual order with costs. A Row AT ABERGYNOLWYN. — Catherine Bryneglwys, Abergynolwyn, summoned Jones and John Owen Jones, Wesley terrace, gynolwyn, for assaulting her. Air W. P- V gji who appeared for the defendants, applied t° adjournment because a summons had been ta. out in the County Court for damages a £ ?a ^e Catherine Jones. Mr Wooscam objected a rffre Bench decided to proceed with the case. prosecutrix in the first case then gave evidence said that the row commenced in consequence dispute which took place between her and tter fendants' mother about some eggs which the la the claimed. On the 6th of June she had been to the pigstye and the defendants' mother met her Oil j road. Witness had three eggs in her hand er. defendants' mother said they belonged to Witness replied to the effect that she claimed white eggs. David Jones then came to the win and threatened to kill her. After this dispute Jones came to Catherine Jones's house and thrend ened her. He also challenged her husband I 9S .was used very abusive language. Prosecutrix afraid of David Jones and asked that n be bound over. After this threat J ^e Owen Jones jumped over the wall and came t° jjj house. He caught hold of her arms, struck her the shoulder and pushed her against the Wall, gt next picked up a marmalade jar, and aimed her head. She dodged the blow and the ill-,irilais jar smashed against the wall.—In reply to 8r W. P, Owen, prosecutrix said she had had °1.)' rows with neighbours, but slit- cuuui not anything how defendant's mother receive Jere injuries. —-Mr. W. P. Owen contended that (]Cd had been any assault at all, which he coiiteU^e there had not, it would have taken place greatest provocation, this prosecutrix having WiL S's very indecent remarks concerning David J 011 ell character. A summons for assault had been taved. out against the prosecutrix but had not been se j The Bench, after a short consultation, disn11 the case. AN ABERDOVEY QUARREL. — Thomas y ^0{ Walton, Aberdovey, summoned A. TonikmS ^,0 assault and threats. In this case there were tlIld cross summonses. It appears that TomkinS Walton had a few words near the Railway Sta and that the former threatened to do for SilI latter. This constituted the cause for one mens. In the second case Walton allege' _.Q<r Tomkins had deliberately assaulted him by^ a vehicle against him and nearly knocking cI over in the street. Tomkins denied all 'ged laid all the blame on Walton, who, lie said, 1 very abusive language. Both men were 1r^g-0- over to keep the peace for six months; an(l kins was fined 5s. and costs for the assaul^ summonses against Walton for assault dismissed.