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GARTHMYL. RENT AUDIT.—Mrs. Lewis-Andrew's half-yearly rent audit was held at the Nag's Head Hotel cn Thursday. The tenants appeared in large numbers and the receipts were good. Mr William Pritchard, the agent, presided at the dinner, the vice-chairs being filled by Mr Evan Walter and Mr Pritchard, jun. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts from the chair, Mr Evan Jones, Ucheldre, proposed the health of Mrs Lewis-Andrew. He said that since they last met she had had a serious loss, and he was sure the whole of the tenants condoled with her. She was a lady much respected everywhere -(cheers)-and the amount of work done by her in various causes was deserving of the highest praise. In the parish of Bettws of late she was chiefly instrumental in the building of the new schoolroom. The toast was drunk arnii cheers.— The Chairman next proposed the health of the tenantry, and coupled with it the name of Mr. Lewis, of Cefu.—Mr. Evan Jones, Ucheldre, pro- posed the health of the agent. -Mr. Pritchard, in response, said he knew the times were bad, but he had read in the papers lately that the Government were going to make some concession in the rates, and he thought the tenants would generally benefit; the only danger was that perhaps some landlords might increase the rents, but he was sure that would not be the case on the Pennant estate. Mrs Lewis-Andrew was wishful to do all she could for the welfare of the tenants. Before he sat down he wished to propose the health of one who sat with them for the last time, viz., Mr Harding. Thev were sorry to lose him. He hoped he would prosper wherever he went.—Mr and Mrs E. R. Owen were thanked for their excellent catering. The health of the oldest tenants, Mr David Davies and Mr Williams, and the youngest, Mr Lewis Fletcher, was drunk amid cheers. BISHOP'S CASTLE. Towx COUNCIL, Tuesday.—Present: The Mayor (Councillor Walter James), Aldermen W. E. Garnett- Botfield, H. S. Newill, and A. Greenhous; Coun- cillors B. Bowen, Thomas Junes. George Edwards, and M. Pugh, with Mr A. Hamer (surveyor) and Mr E. Griffiths (clerk).—A letter was read from the Secretary of State declining, on account of the smallness of the borough, to comply with the requisition to appoint a separate commission of the peace. Councillor Bowen proposed the adoption of the following resolution of the Finance Committee: The Surveyor having pointed out the great increase in his duties, and the salary remaining as at first fixed (£21), the committee, after the con- sideration of the question, and after obtaining information from neighbouring boroughs, recom- mend that the Surveyor's salary be lixed at £ 20, and as inspector of nuisances at 115, per annum, from the 25th March last. klderman Greenhous seconded the proposition.—Councillor Edwards said that whilst he fully recognised the increase of the surveyor's duties, he thought that the question of increase of salary was one that should be dealt with at a larger meeting. « He therefore proposed that it be adjourned for a month.—Alderman H. S. -Newill seconded the amendinent.-On being put to the vote the proposer and seconder of the amend- ment and Councillor Pugh voted fol- :t, and the members for the adoption of the report, w ich was carried by four votes to three. CÅ"WRF:GATIONAL CHCRCH. The anniversary "ee,s ° Sunday School of the above place Sunday^RevD 'f ;Vedn.eSflay last" plnnnJlf Brown, of Leominster, preached corr^erm0nS',morninff and evening, to large address to*1™- mthe afternoon gave a practical were o-ivf>n 4ents and scholars. The recitations on th? w.llnam^ferthat retlectcfl great credit ™ S er'flthlStthesiD?<" was °ne of the most attractive features in the programme. Mr S wereTn afFveS,dedf "The collections The f f PTT,US years" 0n Wednesday the annual treat was held at Lower Oakley by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Bowen, who spared no trouble to make their visitors comfortable. Tha visitors numbered about 130. Rain marred the enjoyment of the evening, but clearing off. games were heartily entered into, a pleasant evening oeing spent.
















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