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9 CO EKES PON DEN CE. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR- — • for thig To Correspondents. — Commumca and. column should be addressed^ 10 tie gr 0rdy must be written upon one .sine of tie p They should in all cases be acc°nlPa^' ariiyfof name and address of the sender, not ne. ■puoLication but as a guarantee oj goo T INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION WELSHPOOL. To the Editor of the County Times AND poST. Sir,—In a recent number of your that temporary, attention wa? drawn to t ie unless subscriptions towards the Ne^\ *^1 mediate School buildings be obtained by the c-> .1(1 C1' rO 25th, the amount due for such building o.eIieral County Governing Body-will lapse to nurrent fund. This is similarly true of Welshpoo • rP. reports convince us that there is a ^,artiv to specting the schools here. This is B^u' ignorance concerning the Welsh Interme< 1 yg}jjre cation Act of 1889. aud or the Montgoni^ S"heme in particular, and partly conditions under which secondary ct uc £ ortoer, carried on in England. With regard to ie^ tj|0gt' the Act evidently contemplates only helpinn who help themselves. As the schools not °nJ a local rate of id. in the but a 1 rea»ur^ equal to the amount so raised—it was t'jOU"oUUt of any district would gladly raise a. certain arn jarY money for a sui'.able building, in which s^ecjeDtly education, so amply endowed, could be e carried on. Considering the inestimab e jfc tages which accrue to a district under t »s 0ple cannot be supposed for a moment that the. P pltSS of Welshpool will let the golden opportunrtr If of subscribing adequately to the new schoo^^ the money cannot be raised, it can only b letter crass ignorance, which it is the object of tai to remove. With regard to the second poia secondary schools in England-nearly all our I::> &e" public schools-Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury^ are charitable foundations; the building an were paid for out of private, in some by public, monies. fn our town, in rapldl) gbeen ing towns, excellent secondary schools ^aVgeCOnd- built entirely by private munificence. The s Oo ary schools in England have no local ra > Government grant; all that has been dOf tbe been through the energy and generosity I' case, people who benefited by them. Takeanothe our viz., that of the' Higher University EducatIon tbOSe Colleges, both for men and women, not on J -jge, of the older Universities, Oxford and ^.aII1^yale0> but those of the newest University, viz., It is have been built largely by private donations- n Hsll a truism that anyone who goes through an E 1Iot public school course and the University doe u1l' pay the full cost of his education. In fortunately, either we were too poor, or we I in grasp the necessity for endowing educate y is either case the fact remains that the princip9, curiously destitute of educational endowing > the inevitable result that secondary educati0^ seriously suffered. A good education is exp If the parents pay little for it in these Schools it is because the State by the Wels" e mediate Educatii n Act has acknowledged t that the people cannot afford the full cost. t øJI this splendid Act, this provision for endowm6 to be null and void because the people of We J10 are so blind to its advantages that they WI raise a paltry £ 1,000?—I am, &c., July, 1896. A Native of WELSIlPOO THE LIGHT RAILWAY TO LLANFAl ——— To the Editor of the County Times aNP <($ Sir,—Kindly allow me a small space in. valuable journal, in reply to the swaggefl^jjo^ marks of A Burgess" in your last issue. leS me to remind A Burgess" that Llanfair fol t It uot mean to consult him from where to t1 0 railway here. If for the reasons I gaVe lø former issue of your paper the Llanfairites ? the Meifod route, why should he rave and C itber a vain idea"? I can assure him we tle f mean "to ruin" nor "strangle" the tr hIs Welshpool. The ruin and strangling is tpiØ heated imagination. Why can't he trea. d t10t question iu a cool and charitable manner &tifeg & accuse us of unworthy motives ? Let us a? differ if needs be and discuss the matte^^#- friendly spirit. Xo good can come of hlC 'A As to the route through the Meifod Yalle)r) MPT Burgess and your reader*wait, the rriil1*" impending survey. In a few weeks botli from Welshpool and Four Crosses will be ggei*0 before the public, which will doubtless r your editorial remarks and be ventilated columns.—lam, »tc., .John Lloyd -—— ft PASSAGE OF THE ROYAL TRAIN XEWTOWN. Po& To the Editor of the County Timks and Pt&cS Sir,—As the erracious message from the of Wales to the disappointed spectators at town station has not yet, I think, appeared ;qne>! columns, I shall be much obliged by the i°s of the enclosed letter "purporting" to como Sir Francis Knollys, K.C.M.G., C.B. Your obedient servant, Edward Carlton Club, Pall Mall, S. W.1 Illy 8, 1896. Marlborough House, Pall Mall, S.Tv\> ,,96. 30 oj D*5ah Major Pryck-Joxes, — The Walts has just heard that, through, he is Pelj.0 some accident, the special train fa^0l^er slowly through Newtown station the ot as had been arranged, His Royal Highness be' sorry that this should have happened, you will ha ve the kindness to assure the inh of Xewtown how much he regrets the nii= Believe me, yours truly, ^g. Fraxcis KS<^ .———




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