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CRICKET. Oswestry placed a very strong team on the field at \eL;hl'ocl against the home XI. A capital game was witnessed by those fortunate enough to bo present. The score of Oswestry amounted to 73. Four wickets, and good ones too, fell with the score at 11, and a small score seemed probable, but then Capt. Huphurst-France joined X. E. Tidy, and these tw-o by very good batting improved the state of things for their side. The innings of the Captain was a very tine and useful one. and his batting was greatly admired. H. W. Sabine, who came late, assisted his captain and played admirably for 17. S. Owen and L. Jones bowled well. The speed of the latter on the fiery wicket was rather dangerous. Owen got five wickets for 29. and L. Jones four for 56. The Welshpool innings commenced disastrous- ly. Tallis was caught from one of his miss-hits on the off, and D. R. Jones unluckily played on. Lniuley Jones played with confidence aud scored 19 in form, but although the tail played fairlv well the bowling of Sabine and Gough was too good for them aud all were out for 56, or 17 behind. The match was in every way a good one. and the Oswestry team and the spectators were evidently pleased with the great improvement shown in Welshpool cricket this season. While the Oswestry senior team were having a few anxious moments at Weisiipool, no such feeling prevailed WIth the second string who were visired by C/iirfc. Here the fan was fast and furious. G. Whitfield and YValter Gough opened the Oswestry innings in sensational style. Both played cautiously at first, but when set hit away merrily. The score was 102 before Whitfield was caught for an admir- able innings of 45. W. G. Gough soon followed for 68, made in the perfect style for which W. G. was noted only a few years ago. Now that he has broken the ice we hope to have the pleasure of seeing him again with his old comrades in the first t¡.am. He will be heartily welcomed. J. F. Gough t in a very short time hit up 41 bv most dashing'play. No matter what ball came it bad to go. With the score at 178 for three wickets, Oswestry declared. F. J. Gough and England were well set, and the latter played steadily for 14 runs. Chirk were out for 46. Mates (13) and J. Roberts (12) played well, but the others fell an easy prey to the Guuglis. The Goughs had a day out oa Saturday. There was plenty of excitement at Welshpool, but it was nothing o that at Xewtown when, after a good long clay's cricket, Machynlleth pulled the match literally cut of the fire by two wickets. The first innings of Xewtown onS; reached 53. Yaughan, Lloyd Jones, and Edmunds bowled very well, and only Richards (13) and Breeze (11) really got at home with it. The innings of Machynlleth exceeded this by 20, but the result was nearly all due to the excellent work of one man -P. Vaughau- who by grand batting scored 47. He hit very hard and made a six in audition to fours and threes. A. O. Davies scored a dozen and was settling down nicely when he was run out. Richards was the most successful bowler for Xewtown and got six wickets for very few runs. In fact after he went on the score was only increased by 13. The second innings of New- town was a little worse than the first, and only reached 48. H. Hibbott 10 and Breeze 15 not out were the only men to do themselves justice. Edmunds and Lioyd Jones bowled splendidly and completely stuck up the home batsmen. This left Machynlleth with but 29 to win and they entered on the task with light hearts. Before long how. ever C. Parry and Richards caused a different feel- ing in the minds of the visitors. By some of the deadliest bowling ever seen on the ground wicket followed wicket, duck followed duck, with alarming rapidity, and it seemed after all all over with Mach- ynlleth. One good man stuck his ground—X. Lloyd Jones—and to him and to him alone belongs the credit of pulling the match off. By most stubborn defence he carried his bat for 18 of the 29 require: Twelve a side played. Many good matches have been played at Xewtown but never a better than this. Richards aud Parry deserve as much praise as X. Llovd-Jones for their magnificent bowling. Who said that W. F. Richards was done with ? He is a better man now than ever he was. There is always plenty of keenness between R.W.W. and Montgomery, and thi3 year there was no exception to the rule. The teams met at Lymore on Saturday, and opinions were in favour of the home team. R.W.W. won the toss, and Cannon and W. E. Prvce-Jones started. The latter was in rare form and played the bowling with confidence and judgment. His 30 runs were very useful, and went a long way towards the victory of his side. Chase Davies played steadily for 11, but the others fared badly before the deliveries of C. B. Williams, who bowled splendidly—7 wickets for 23 testifying to this. P. Eaton and Tom Harris at one time looked like placing their side winners, but Wood's bowling played havoc with the tail, and the last wicket fell with the score at 58, or 11 behind. Tom Harris carried his bat for a very good innings of 19. P. Eaton (11) was the next scorer. Wood's bowling told well-4 wickets for 6. For the loss of one wicket R.W.W. scored 31. E. A. Taylor (15) and E. R. Pugh (11), both not out. The game was well contested all through, and in a most friendly spirit. y Owing to the vagaries of their steed, most of the Llanymynech men did not turn up at Whitting- ton, till 4 p.m., instead of 2.30. As Whittington wished to draw at six, only two hours remained for play. In a. little over an hour Llanymynech had scored 08, when their innings was declared with 4 wickets down. The batting of VYilshaw 16 and R.Morris 12, was good. Whittingion never at- tempted to make the runs, but killed time as much as possible. Time arrived with 3 wickets down for 30. H. Humphriesplayed a good sound innings of 16 not out. The Varsity match ended, as most true sports- men wished. The victory of Oxford is the most popular one for many years. The action of the Cambridge captain allevated sympathy from him and his su e-even old thorough goin- supporters of the Light Blues were disgusted at what they considered his unsportsmanlike work. Its all very well to win a match but it should be so done as to leave no sting behind it. A victory bought in this way is a dear one at best. The only thing that can be said in favour of the action of the Light Blues is that it is cricket. So are many other things one would not like to do. Most people were glad to find that Mitchell after all fell into the trap that he laid for others. The Indian Prince easily heads the averages this week. Abel is falling a little, while the Prince has increased his average. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday July 4 inclusive. BATTIM; AVERAGES. No. Times Most of not Total in an inns. out. runs, inns. Aver Ranjitainhji, K. S. 24 2 1214 171* 55.18 Abel 24 2 1021 231 54.32 A, Gun a 26 5 1055 207* 50.23 Grace, Dr W. G. 27 2 1251 243* 50. 4 Brown, J. T 32 6 1186 203 45.61 Havward 24 6 799 229* 44.38 Palairet, L. C. H. 14 2. 527 147* 43.91 Jackson, F. S 19 2 746 117 43.18 Woods, S. M. J 21 2 825 158* 43.42 Storer 22 5 728 142* 42.82 Marriott, H. H 13 1 503 146* 41.21 Xewham, W 18 2 657 201* 41. 6 Burnup, C. J 18 0 720 95 40.00 Hayman, H. B 20 3 669 152 39.35 Kev, K. J 24 9 588 73* 39.20 Stodciart, A. E 23 2 819 121 39.00 Peel 19 2 633 210* 37.23 O'Brien, Sir T. C. 13 1 441 137 36.75 Leveson-Gower, H. 17 2 550 93 86.66 Signifies not out. BOWLIXG AVERAGES (25 wickets). O. M. R. W. Aver. Hearne (J. T.) 889.4 377 1589 142 11.18 Lohmann 3o9.3 118 613 46 13.32 Hallam 319.4 124 614 41 14.97 Atte-n:'¡¡ (W rn, 798.2 368 1227 80 15.33 Richardson 822 264 2039 130 15.68 Hay ward 368.1 124 814 51 15.96 Mold 602.1 208 1350 14 16. 7 Curliffe F. H. E 466.4 159 983 60 16.38 Hardstaff 204.2 69 460 28 16.42 Rawiin 376.3 125 857 48 17.85 Briggs. -T. 757 243 13ö2 74 18.40 Shine, E. B 273.4 103 736 37 19.19 PRESEXT POSITIOS. One point- is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn games are ignored. W. L. D. Tot'l. Pts. Surrey 12 2 1 15 10 Yorkshire 9 0 4 13 9 Lancashire. 8 2 0 10 6 Middlesex 5 1 1 7 4 .Essex 2 2 0 4 2 Notts. 2 2 2 6 0 Hampshire 1 3 1 5 -2 ,Sussex 1 3 2 6 -2 Derbyshire. 2 5 2 9 -3 Glomvvter 2 5 2 9 -3 Warvvickshira. 1 5 2 8 -4 Somerset. 1 5 2 8 -4 Leicestershire. 1 6 0 7 -5 Kent. 0 6 1 7 -6 ELLESMERE v. ST. JAMES'S.—Played at Wrexham on Saturday, and ended in a victory for the | visitors, for whom C. Tabor bowled finely. S. Mann and F Brown batted well for Ellesmere, waile T C Dodd did good service with the ball and A Lea with the bat for St James's. Score:— ELLESMERE. F J Brown b Dodd 18 H Hare b Ingman 11 F E Roberts b Dodd 2 C Tabor c and b Dodd 1 T P .Jones b Dodd 5 S Mann b Jeffrey 23 A Skellorn c Edwards b Dodd 5 Whitfield b Dodd 2 Wellings c Whitaker b Dodd 0 Leech not out 0 E L Mylius c Dodd b Jeffrey 0 Extras. 14 Total 81 ST. JAMES'S. W Griffitbs b Tabor 8 T Ingman run out 1 W X W Jeffrey b Tabor 7 A Lea c Roberts b -Tones 13 J A Berkeley run out 0 T C Dodd c and b Tabor 0 H Edwards not ant 7 H E Copleston c Jones b Tabor 0 R Davies c Mylius b Tabor 0 G Whitaker b Tabor 0 W Humphreys b Tabor 0 Extras 3 Total. 39 OSWESTRY A v Ciiip.K.-Played at Oswestryon Saturday. Score:— OSWESTRY A. W G Gough b Jones 68 G Whitfield c Jones b Cutting 45 A England not ont 14 H G ough run out 5 F Gough not out 41 Extras. 5 Innings closed for 178 H Aston, W H Gough, J D Lees, Babbington, M E Morris and H Parsons to bat. CHIRK. J Morris b F Gough 0 T Davies b H Gough 0 E Wayne b F Gough 7 JMatesbFGough 13 S Jones c H Gough b F Gough 0 B Morris c H Aston b H Gough 0 F Cutting b II (rough 1 W J Farthing b F Gough 2 J Roberts c Whitfield b J D Lees. 12 C Morgan b J D Lees 2 J D Minchen b J D Lees 0 # Extras. 9 Total 46 PARK HALL V. OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL.—P'ived at Park Hall on Saturday and resulted in a winfor the home team. Score :— HIGH SCHOOL. G Benfield c Clapp b Sanderson 18 H Ifuglie's b Bagulev J Home b Bagulev 0 T D Parry b Bagulev 16 J E Mills b Bayuley 0 W P Weldon b Baguley 4 F C Kerslake b Bagulev 1 T J Jones c Clapp b Baguley 3 D H Waterhouse b Charles 1 1\1 W Davies not ont 8 R A Lewis c and b Charles 8 Extras 6 Total 65 PARK HALL. J Charles c Parry b Hughes. 50 A I-, Clapp c Mills b Parry 24 E Baguley c Hughes b Benfield. 21 ,u W Sanderson not out 10 W .Jones c Jones b Hughes 0 T Copper b Benfield 3 H Youens b Benfield 13 F Brown b Benfield 3 H Read c Waterhouse b Mills 1 J Jones b Mills 0 F H Jones b Mills 1 Extras. 9 Total 135 OSWESTRY V. WELSHPOOL.-Played at Welshpool on Saturday. Score OSWESTRY. R T Gough c Cronk b Owen 3 J Moore c and b Lumley Jones 4 F A W How b L Jones 0 F Corfield b L Jones 0 X E Tidy b L Jones 11 Capt Hayhurst-France, b Owen 20 H W Sabine b Owen 17 F C Campbell b Owen 3 W H Ellis lbw Owen 0 F O Roberts not out 7 P H Lacon runout 0 Extras. 8 Total 73 WELSHPOOL. C F Tallis c Corfild b R T Gough. 0 D R Jones b H W Sabine 1 Lumley Jones b R T Gough. 19 C T Cronk b H W Sabine 2 J Hart c Lacon b H W Sabine 3 G Owen lbw b R T Gough 0 W Jones b H W Sabine 7 R 11akepeace b F Corfield 4 J H Addie run out 7 T F Hiles not out 1 H Blackith b R T Gough 0 Extras. 12 Total. 56 LLANYMYNECH V. WHITTINGTON. Played at Whittington on Saturday. Score: LLANYMYNECH. G Pitt b Rodenhurst 1 R Morris b Bradley 12 T Wilshaw run oat 16 C E Rees retired hnrt 0 A W Sabine c Bradley b Rodenhurst. 1 J Pugh not out 5 H Pryce not out 5 Extras. 17 Total for 4 wickets. 58 H Colman, F J Davies, E Davies, R Brown to bat. WHITTINGTON. H Humphreys not out 16 G Bradley b Pugh 5 G Roberts c Rees b Pryce 0 G Rodenhurst c Davies, b Wilshaw 4 W Williams not out 3 Extras. 2 Total for 3 wickets 30 T R. Fovllkes- w Owen, I) Griffiths, W H Boown, Griffiths, A Groom to bat. j TV^°FI AL WELSH WAREHOUSE V. MONTGOMERY. i"St ™atc^ °f the season between these clubs thp °n Lymore '>ark on Saturday, when by 11 runs" Icores :PleaSant and exciticS game W V T> T R" w-n- VCe"Jone9 c W Shaw b C B Williams -q W G Cannon b Williams' °i i iams V P PnSh ? Shaw b Williams o E Rees b Shaw V 0 Davies run out -i? A FH ? Shaw b Williams 7 A Edwards b Williams o A W Pryce-J ones c Eaton t. Tomley 0 A Marston, b Williams. 7 V E A Taylor not out i H Lewis b Williams i Extras Total 69 2nd innings.— E A Taylor not out 15 p nl v Tipping 0, E R Pugh 11, extras 5, total (i wick^Sl MONTGOMERY. S Davies b A W Pryce-Jones 7 W Shaw c Taylor b Edwards 4 P Eaton lbw b A W Pryce-Jones n .J E Tom ley b Edwards. 6 C B Williams c Edwards b A W Pryce- Jones 2 E Davies lbw b A W Pryce-Jones 0 T Harris not out 19 E Jones b Wood q J Tipping c W E Pryce-Jones b Wood 0 W Fitzhugh b Wood 2 H Evans b Wood 0 Extras. 7 Total eg MACHYNLLETH V. XEWTOWN (12 aside). The above match was played on the ground of the latter club on July 4th, produced an exciting finish owing to the collapse of the Machynlleth batsmen 111 their second innings, but they managed to gain the verdict by 2 wickets. Xewtown won the toss and elected to bat, their innings realising 53 ATL1 „ Richards scored 13, and Breeze ll' Machynlleth started disastrously, three wickets being down for three runs, but Vaughan and Davies by plucky batting added 57 for tho 4th wicket. At this point Richards went on to bowl and dismissed the remaining batsmen for 13 runs. aughan only gave one chance in his splendid innings, amongst his strokes were a 6, two 4's and five 3's. Xewtown at the second attempt were dismissed by Edmunds and Lloyd-Jones for 48, Breeze again being the chief contributor with 15 (not out). This left Machynlleth 29 runs to win, which were not obtained without the loss of 9 wickets. X. Lloyd-Jones, who went in first, was responsible for 18 (not out) out of 26 scored off the bat. In the match Edmunds secured 5 wickets for 19 runs, Yaughan 7 for 22, and Lloyd- Jones 9 for 41 NEWTOWN. V» F Richards b Yaughan 13 b Edmunds 0 H Hibbctt c Hanamond b H Hibbctt c Hanamond b Lloyd-Jones 2 b Edmunds 10 Worthington lbw b aughan 0 b Lloyd-Jones 5 HBreezebVaughan 11 not out 15 C Parry b Lloyd-Jones 1 b Edmunds. 3 E C Morgan run out 0 b Llovd-Jones 0 F R Hall b Lloyd-Jones. 5 b Edmunds 0 H Morgan c A 0 Davies b Edmunds 4 c and b Llovd- Jones 5 P W Jones b Yaughan 4 b Lloyd-Jones 0 EWBinnsuotout. 2 bLloyd-Jones 3 J Roberts c Lloyd-Jones b Vaughan 5c Edwards b Vaughan 1 J Harper b Yaughan 0 b Lloyd-Jones 0 Extras. 6 Extras. 6 53 48 MACHYNLLETH. E Davies b Jones 0 b Parry 3 B Davies b Parry 0 b Parry 3 A 0 Davies run cut 12 lbw b Richards 0 X Lloyd-Jones b Jones 2 not out 18 C R, kenvon b Richards.. 4 sub b Parry 2 P Yanghan b Richards 47 b Rich-,trds 0 F Xeighbour c Breeze b Parry 0 c H Morgan b Richards 0 | G Griffiths c Harper b Richards 0 b Parry 0 A Hammond c Parry b Richards Onotout. 0 M ans b Richnrds 2 runout 0 J hamuncls st Breeze b Itichards 0 b Parry 0 J Edwards not out 1 Extras. 5 Extras 3 Total 73 Total (9 wkts). 29 1





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