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NOTES BY THE WAY. We are asked to remind intending exhibitors that the entries for the Welshpool Flower Show should be sent in to the Secretary on or before Monday, July 20th. We understand that Mr Pierce, photographer, Machynlleth, intends issuing a souvenir of the recent Royal visit, which will be illustrated with views and photographs of the most interesting ceremonies and the principal actors in the f'"nriin!fI. Among the many enterprising steps which the Cambrian Railways Cnmpnny are taking with the view of popularising rhe district through which the line passes, is the is-ue of weekly season tickets enabling tourists to travel by all trains and between an coast station, including Machynlleth and Dol- gelley. The ticket covers a distance of 1,000 miles, and is available for seven days. The price for first- class passengers is 25s. and for third class 15s. This is one of the most important concessions ever granted to Welsh tourists, and it is hoped that it will result in making the many delightful spots on Cardigan Bay better known. # # The perfect tact which comes from kindliness of heart is the prerogative of princes. That the heir to the throne possesses it in liberal measure all the world knows, but he has seldom shown it more gracefully than in the letter he sent to Major Pryce- Jones, M.P., which we have been asked to publish, anent the passage of the Royal train through the gaily decorated and crowded station at Xewtown. The townspeople will doubtless be as much pleased at this evidence of Royal consideration for their feelings as they would have beenhal the Prince's train steamed through the station ft the slowest pace possible. The boys of the Liverpool raining ship Indefatigable will go into camp in Brogyntyn Park, Oswestry, on Tuesday next. The last time the boys visited Oswestry was in Jity, 1893, when they made themselves exceedingly ppular with the townspsople, their camp being a ce tre of interest during their short stay. Favourd with good weather the boys should have a plevant time of it. At a meeting of the Welsh FootaH League at Oswestry on Saturday, Wrexham all Whitchurch gave notice of withdrawal from tP League and Welshpool United was admitted to t League. The other teams in the League are theDruids, Chirk, Oswestry, Rhos, Westminster Roves! Flint, Rhos- tyllen, Aberystwyth, and Newtown. Our Oswestry readers will hear ¡'ith regret of the intended departure from OswefTy of Mr N. E. Tidy. Mr Tidy has been connecte with Lloyd's Bank for about six years, during to of which he has acted as manager. Througho; that time he has made himself extremely popiar) taking an active interest in local affairs. H promotion to Shrewsbury proves he is a tborou,A business man, and we are sure that his many frilds in Oswestry wish him every success in his lar/r and more im- portant sphere of work. By the kind permission of t3 Dean, a Welsh Choral Evensong will be give in Canterbury Cathedral on Saturday next at.b p. m. by the Welsh choir and congregation ofCerkeIey Chapel, Mayfair, assisted by a few friend Arrangements have been made with the Soutastern Railway Co. whereby adults will be coi2vdd to Canterbury and back for 4s., children half ice, by the train leaving Charing Cross at 1.15 p. i All friends are invited to join the excursion, argood voices for the choir will be heartily w(orQe. Railway tickets may be had on applictoll to Chas. T. Saer, Esq., 4, St. Mark's cscent, Regent's Park, N. W. An organ recitalVill be given in Berkeley Chapel, Mayfair, by r- Arthur Bly, Mus. Bac., F. R. C. 0.. on Sundaevening July 19, at 6 30 p. m. Vocalists Sopra" Madame Edith Wynne and Miss Katie Thomas,. A. M.; contralto, Miss Lily Heale, R, A, M.; barit, Mr. Dan Price, Vicar Choral of Westminster APY; violinist, The Sister Isabel. A collection" be made at the close of the recital in aid of the elsh Choir Fund. The Paris correspondent of t Daily News in a recent article gives a description the commercial condition of France under Protean, as though such condition is to be attributed tot aintenance of that fiscal system. Whilst the poS|>n of affairs is cer- tainly deplorable, we feel that unfortunate error has been made in selecting agtn instance of the evils of Protection," a courty whose national motto seems to be let us eat:'rink) and be merry, for to-morrow we die." It absurd to give one instance-and that a very fge one-of a country where Protection has failed, villst we have the United States and Germany; Iggessing the same fiscal system, yet whose corncial prosperity is almost without parallel in TIlO times. Franc e, notably, is distinguished not for,,e the perseverance and industry, but for,tlielassitle and gaiety, of its people. # At a general meeting of thechynlleth Recep- tion Committee held on Mond-at the Town Hall a resolution conveying to theTarchioness (D) of Londonderry the thanks of thnhabitants for the honour she had conferred npO\e town by enter- taining the Royal party, and sconouring Machyn- lleth by their presence, was "nimously (passed; and it was also decided that cok of the resolution should be circulated amongl the inhabitants. Lady Londonderry is much relcted for her kind acts, and we join heartily in t ^a(- s^e may long be spared to live amongsthe people whom she loves. *#* Machynlleth Radical Council] t are in a predica- ment. Deserted alike by frientind foeg they are unable to form a quorum, anconsequently no work can be done. There is n°sgity t0 remind the Radical Councillors of amoun^ 0f work that lies awaiting their attentii They have not made any advance during ta t and are in the same place as t, decided to get rid of Mr. David Evans r clerkship They have a majority over thtonservatives, and a quorum might easily be fo ed if their own members stuck to their gnn^ .g & remarbable coincidence that whenever a m* CoQncil is called, there are certain me«l Radical party unable to be present home or other causes, home present at the meeting on lue de8ignated the conduct of the Conservatives at.. Jing childish, and that they were doing that « h, at some future time, they would regret.. „ j-H'iiat about their own party r Are thevregrettu .(.he part they took in ousting from office a gentien 6 ,B ..of Mr. Evans's integrity, that they fail to puc An appearance at the ordinary meetings of the r e yncil. These are questions which the Radical i „„iincillor does not care to touch, because thev cul mi i n- "e Jithe quick in his own case. The holding or u n ^'nation meetings was suggested in order that I. A cfu r< -ii childish" atti- tude of the Councillors migHt 3 exposed to the public, who, we are persuaaea, with the position ot f Radicals can recall their wandt an u° 1 „ s to the fold they have no special grievance to i», as to the treatment they are ore 1 e Pu 10 of their foes. nng at the hands At their meeting on Tnesd Town Council passed resolutioi^^e Aberystwy borough surveyor (Mr. Rees jpmplimenting the constable (Mr. Howell Evan/3) and the chief manner in which they carrion the excellent fell to their lot on the occasi^ the work that of the royal party to the towi* *he recent visit that the conduct of the people All were agreed was excellent, but there was tthe 26th of June opinion as to the cause of febt difference o Councillor Thomas thought it)1 good behaviour. ing given in Sunday and Da1 <^ue to the train homes of the people, whilst bhools and in the sought a solution of the po^rman Dough ton was due in a great measure toy stating that it were no drinking booths en »e fact that there ever opinions might be held t streets. What to the influences that acted -dlese gentlemen as is every reason for being t ^lie crowd there ended so satisfactorily. ikful thafc matfcers J A discussion took place at the ordinary meeting of thoCuersws Board of Guardians upon the ques- tion of out-relief, in the course of which one member stated that he saw one of their paupers at Aberystwyth on the occasion of the recent Royal visit, whilst another member surprised the Board with the information that the same pauper shortly after being granted out-relief was able to purchase for her son a zE12 bicycle. It is almost unnecessary to add that the meeting immediately ordered the out-relief to be stopped. The extent to which extreme Radicals will some- times display their antipathy to Churchmen is astounding. At the last meeting of the Board of Guardians a case again came before the Board which has for some time past been a source of conflict between the more tolerant members and those who are diametrically opposed in their views to a reason able policy. Unfortunately there happens to be an inmate of the Workhouse, an old sea captain named Evans. This man, the story goes, deserted his children at a tender age, leaving them to battle with life as best they could. The son became a student and by dint of hard work and the assistai. ce of borrowed money to pay for his education, rose to the position of a Curate in the Church of England. When it was discovered that the father had a son holding a post in Holy Orders, every effort was made by certain members of the Board to compel him to pay something towards the mainten- ance of his parent. The more humane members of the Board refused to support such a proposal, deeming it unjust, and totally at variance with the principle that is generally followed in the levying of maintenance charges, and on Monday the pro- posal was negatived by a large majority. Mr. John Jenkins was, however, not satisfied with this, but asked that the Local Government Board should be called upon to state a ca-e. Mr. Jenkins is appar- ently one of those persons who would have justice at any price and he would force this young man, who has to support his wife and family, as well as his mother, and who has not yet finished paying for his education, to contribute some sum towards the maintenance of a man who it is alleged, has been to his children father only in name.







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