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JUBILEE NURSES AT WINDSOR. INSPECTION BY THE QUEEN. The Queen received, at Windsor Castle, on Thursday evening week nearly 400 of the "Queen A ictoria's Jubilee Institute Nurses," who, by the Royal command, had been invited to the Palace. Rev Mr. Peile, Master of St Katherine's (President), Mr W. Rathbone (Vice-President), Lord Balcarres, M.P., Lord Alwyne Compton, the Earl of Meath, Mr Samuel Hoare, M.P., Sir J. Paget, Rev Dacre Craven, Sir Dyce Duckworth, the Hon. Sidney Holland, Mr Bonham Carter, Mr Timothy Brvant, Lady Penrhyn, Lady Lucy Hicks Beach, Mrs H. Grenfell, Mrs Theodore Acland, Miss Paget, Miss Guthrie Wright, and Mrs Power Lalor, members of the Council, accompanied the party, which included English, Scotch, Irish, and Welsh nurses, many of whom had travelled long distances in order to be present. The numerous visitors, who wore nursing costumes, the Queen's badges, and dark-blue bras- sards embroidered with her Majesty's monogram were conveyed by special Great Western train to Windsor.which was reached at half-past one o'clock. Headed by Mr Charles Fraser, of the Royal House- hold Constabulary, the party walked through the Castle precincts to the lawn tennis ground, opposite the east terrace, where luncheon was served in a spacious marquee that had been erected upon the greensward. The members of the Council lunched with the Royal Household. By the Queen's com- mands the nurses were afterwards conducted through the State apartments by her Majesty's Inspector of the Palace, and during the interval that followed the visitors were permitted to walk in the east terrace garden, the paterres of which are now in all their summer beauty. The Queen saw the visitors in the private grounds. Shortly after five o'clock in the evening her Majesty and Princess Christian drove from the victoria Tower in an open carriage drawn by a pair or grey horses, and preceded by an outrider, to the tennis ground, whither they were followed by Princess Louise and the Marqueso of' Lorne, Princess Yictoria of Sclileswig-Holstein, and Prince Alexander and Princess Victoria Eugenie, the elder children of Princess Beatrice. Lord Edward Pelham Clinton, Sir Arthur Bigge. Sir Fleetwood Edwards, Sir James Reid, Major General Sir John M'Neill, Lieutenant Ponsonbv, the Hon. Harriet Phipps, the Hon. E. Cadogan, Captain Walter Campbell, and other members of the Royal Household were in attendance. Upon the North side of the lawn a hollow square had been formed by the nurses, 398 in number. Miss leter Inspector-General of the "Queen's Nurses" had charge of the 284 English, Miss Wade the 69 Scotch Miss Dnnn the 20 Irish, and Miss Leake the 25 Welsh nurses, amongst the latter being the Newtown district nurse, "Miss Brogden," whose mmistratious in the habitations of the very poor as in the homes of the well-to-do, havebeenofsuch an unnslially devoted and self-sacrificing nature that it is no wonder her services are heh 1 m such deservedly high appreciation by all classes of the community. en the Queens carriage passed, the nnrses curtseyed twice simultaneously, the effect of the salutation, which Her Majesty graciously acknow- e ged. being novel and pleasing. The President of the Institue introduced the ladies and gentle- men of the Council to Her Majesty, and then a verse of the National Anthem was sung. After this the nurses filed past the Queen, whose equipage was subsequently driven into the square, when Her Majesty, addressing Rev. A. M. Peile, said :—I am pleased to see my nurses here to-day, and to hear of the good work they are doing, and which, I am sure, they will continue to do." The Queen drove from the lawn at the close of the ceremonial and resumed her drive, in which she was accom- panied by Princess Louise (Marchioness of Lorne) and Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. Princess Christian, who had previously alighted from the Royal carriage, remained with the mem- bers of the Council. The nurses left Windsor later in the evening on their return to the Metropolis. -+-