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WELSHPOOL. TOWN COUNCIL. THURSDAY. The ordinary monthly meeting of this authority was held at the Town Hall, the Mayor (Mr W. Forrester Addie) presiding. There were also present Aldermen W. A. Rogers, C. E. Howell, T. R. Morris, and G. D. Harrison; Councillors T. Simpson Jones, R. Jones, C. T. Pugh, and T. S. Pryce; with Messrs E. Jones (town clerk), A. E. Breeze (clerk's office), and Geo. Snook (borough surveyor). THE LATE COL. HARRISON. A letter was read frcm Mrs Harrison, of Caer- howel, thanking- the Council for their sympathy with herself and family in thei- dreadful sorrow.— On the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Alderman Howell, the letter was entered on the minutes.. THE APPROACHES TO CANAL BRIDGES. Tlie Clerk to the County Council wrote that he brought the Corporation's letter of the 16th ult. before the County Council, and the matter was considered at the meeting of the Council on the 20th ult. The County Council had decided to take action themselves in the matter, and he was instructed to invite the co-operation of the Borough of Welshpool and to ask whetliDr. in the event of proceedings becoming necessary, the Corporation would be willing to contribute towards the cost in proportion to the length of approaches affected in the borough.- Alderman Howell remarked that they were asked to contribute towards the cost of litigation against the Canal Company, but upon the principle that those who puitl the piper should call the tune, lie thought it would be more satisfac- tory if the conduct of the proceedings was referred to a joint committee rather than to a body selected by the County Council only. The question was a very important one to that borough, and he be- lieved they had more bridges there than in the er county district. He moved that a letter be sent by the Clerk to the County Council in accordance with his suggestion.—Alderman Rogers, in second- ling, pointed out that they would, in the event of litigation being resorted to, not only have to con- tribute their share to the cost of the action, but also their share of the county rate.—The proposition was agreed to. REPORTS. The Paving, Lighting, and Highway Committee met on the 3rd inst.. and reported having received a letter from the clerk to the Castle Caereinion Parish Goaneil as to the state of the footpath lead- ing from Llanfair road through Upper Svlfaen to Moydog, which was referred l, the surveyor to report upon. The Finance Committee met on tlie 3rd inst.. and went through the list of bills amounting oil Borough fund to .616 2s 9d, snd I rban Sanitary to £ 16 lis which they recommended for payment. The Buildings Committee wore recommended to examine the ro)f of the Free Library and Art Gallery and to make suggestions For irs improve- mCIIL. A statement of arrears of ratos was laid before the Committee, and the clerk was directed to apply in case of non-payment ii a iN The Markets, Land an Buildings Committee met at Welshpool on the 7th inst., when the plans of proposed alterations to the National Schools were laid before the Committee. They saw no objection thereto, and recommended their acceptance. The plans of additions to the Church House were also laid before the committee, and they saw no objection, subject to certain* alterations to the drains. The surveyor was ordered to obtain further tenders for cleaning the Town Hall windows. An application from Mr Tom Davies, the superin- tendent of the fire brigade, to repair the fire engine house was referred to the surveyor to report and prepare estimate of cost. The Sanitary Committee met on the 17th inst, and reported that the old water meter from Severn roktd having been repaired, they recommended that it should be laid as a test meter for the Waterloo district. The Committee desired to ascertain from the Forden District Council what course they intend to adopt in regard to the seweraare of Castle Caereinion. The committee recommended that the supply of water be cut off from 7 p.m. to 6 30 a.m. ■—The Surveyor reported that there was only a six weeks' supply of water left at the reservoir.— Alderman Rogers and Councillor Pryce called at- tention to the waste of water which was going: on at certain places in the town, the latter remark- ing that the brewers were the worst people to deal with in this respect, as they wanted the water at night. He thought they should take their chance like other people. He moved that the Surveyor be directed not to turn the water on at night-time for anyone.—The Borough Surveyor, in reply to ques- tions, said exceptions had been made in the case of brewers on several occasions. It happened that after the water had been turn off at night-time that the brewers were in the midst of their mashing operations, and they consequently had to turn the water on again. They generally went to the men and told them that unless the water was turned on there would be a loss in the brewing.—Alderman Howell moved, and Alderman Rogers seconded, that the Borough Surveyor prepare a special report on the waste of water in the brewing trade by the next meeting.—Carried. The following interim report for the half year was read from the Medical Officer (Dr Marston) It is my duty to lay before you a short report in regard to the health and sanitary state of the borough during the first six months of the present year. During the period now under review 55 deaths have been registered, giving a death rate of 16'8 per 1000 of the whole population of the borough, which compares very favourably with one of 22 1 for the corresponding months of last year. The births numbered 79, one less than that of last year in the same period. The natural increase of the population is therefore 24, which is a consider- able advancement of the small total of eight last year. Diseases of the zymotic class have caused six deaths since the commencement of the year— two from influenza, three were due to measles com- bined with lung complications following it, and one from diphtheria. In the early part of the year a few cases of diphtheria of a mild type occurred within the Borough, but in a house which lies in a low and damp position. I regret to say that one case ended fatally. I personally inspected the house and its surroundings, and the suggestions I made with a view to the house being thoroughly disinfected, and some further improvements con- cerning the drainage and ventilation of the cellars have been carried out in a satisfactory manner. It is difficult to account for the Rource of infection in this case, but the house is liable to be flooded, consequently the foundations and cellars are damp, which is often a predisposing cause of this illness. Measles and whooping-cough have been somewhat prevalent during the past six months, and three children succumbed to the former complaint, and in consequence of the prevalence of the disease, it was advisable to close some of the elementary schools f1il' a few v.-e;;ks- I havii to repur i eam-t slight cases of blood poisoning of a typdoid uazure at Cletterwood Farm, which have lately occurred, and which doubtless have arisen from the revival of old germs from some cases of the same type in the farmhouse about nine months ago. In company with your Inspector I thoroughly inspected the premises, and the suggestions we made at the time for the improvement of the water supply and the sanitary condition of the house anq its sur- roundings are now being carried out in an efficient manner. The scavengingarrangements were under discussion at a Council meeting a short time ago, but I think it well, however, to again call attention to this matter. There are many ashpits in the town full and overflowing, containing several loads of refuse, and which cause discomfort and danger to the inhabitants of the houses adjoining. I have urged on previous occasions that a weekly system of carting away the refuse be adopted, and again repeat that these large accumulations of filth are very objectionable and a constant source of danger to the public health. I beg to call your attention to three cottages bordering on the Guilsfield road, namely, the Graig, the Old Toll Bar, and the Ceunant Cottage, which at present have no proper water supply. The occupiers in all three instances have to carry their drinking water from the nearest stand-pipe in the I town unless they ise the Ceunant brook, or a well on the side of the road, both of which are liable to pollution and unfit for drinking purposes. Some arrangements should be made to supply these houses with drinking water, and I would include the Rock Cottage also, which I have reported on many occasions to be in a similar state."—Alderman Rogers observed that the question of the scavenging arrangements ought to be thoroughly gone into at the next meeting.—It was agreed to refer the report to the Sanitary Committee. The Collector reported as follows :— Collected since last meeting. Our-standing. £ s. d. £ s. General District Rate 25 3 0 1 9 01 Inner District Rate 219 17 3| 318 17 2 Water Rate 1 3 9 2 2 9 Totals £ 224 6 41 E322 8 113 MISCELLANEOUS. The Mayor announced that he had received a letter from ill*. Edward Powell, chairman of the Newtown Horticultural Society, intimating that. they were endeavouring to make arrangements for excursion trains on the date of their annual fete, and the Cambrian Railways Company had ex- pressed their willingness to do so, on the trades- men of Welshpool and Newtown agreeing to close their establishments on the dates of the annual floral fetes at both these places. He (the speaker) mentioned the matter to the Executive Committee of the Welshpool Horticultural Society the pre- vious evening, and he had that morning received a document signed by numerous tradespeople in the town agreeing to close their establishments on the 14th prox. provided the tradespeople of New town resolved to close on the date of the Welshpool show. If the council agreed to the proposition, he would ask the tradesmen by public advertisement to close on Friday the 14th August instead of the Thurs- day. This was agreed to unanimously, on the motion of Alderman Howell, seconded by Coun- cillor Pugh. A letter was read from Mr. Edward Williams, Frochas Hill, near Welshpool, calling attention to a fence which was put up by the council's roadmen around a quarry on the Frochas Hill, and which had now been broken down. It had become a very dangerous spot for any cattle and horses on the hill, and lie would be glad if the council instructed the surveyor to see if it was repaired. The letter was referred to the Paving and Lighting Com- mittee for a report as to tlie council's liability in the matter. This was all the business of public interest.