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o SELATTYN. N, ANNIVERSARY. — On Saturday Lodge of Oddfellows celebrated n 1 Versary• A service was held in the irri Church, when the Rector, Rev. Rossendale J preached from the words, They marvel." Mf ^Cellent dinner, supplied in first-class style by i(>' °Seph Davies, of the Cross Keys, was laid out kq4 lèirge marquee. Rev. Kosscndale Lloyd pre- 4"ion' Dr. J. D. Lloyd was the vice-chairman, and V those present were Messrs. J. Porter, T. ^OK_ > Turvin, Samson, Bowyer, J. Vaughan, (^ron)i David Jones (Selattvn), and Dr. Cel1' Ample justice having been done to the fare, the usual loyal and patriotic toasts h 11 v honoured, after which Mr. Gill proposed ?f °f The Bishop, Clergy, and Ministers '"g dominations."—The Chairman, in respond- St^tulated tlie club upon certain improve- Pin -^e "30Uac^ to congratulate them upon lQ every way to make the anniversary day j^UI} and most successful gathering. Selattyn t] be the smallest in the neighbourhood, clt)h Was no reason why)they should despise the people were not always the worst — Vb )"—an(i though the club was small in thfit might be a very good one for all that. 6>e^e time he thought it was the duty of mtnem^)er try Tnalce ^bat day successful, c'ib in every way a success. They might -nat Was the good of a club !J What benefit t0 them ? Nobody realised the good of a Ptoll Until they stood in need of it. -Mr. Turvin eSei>Se(1 the toast of "The Army, Navy, and 6 forces" in a vigorous speech, commenting 6 recent attitude of Germany and America XP England. He coupled with the toast the H0lll ^r- Gill and Mr. J. Vaughan, both of resP°n^et^ humorous little speeches.—Dr. 0 Proposed Success to the Oswestry district ^fellows," which was responded to by Mr. j°Q Bowyer, who said the Oswestry district v a good financial position. The last time it ZOOalued in 1880 there was a surplus of nearly 5m | number of members was about 2,300, ^Ovy 1 ey had a capital of nearly £ 20,000.— Mr. HKjr, next proposed Success to the Harlech' ^a^' Porter, in responding, said the lodge Kn-r6' a ^efctor position than at present. The :Vh'??? e was also progressing. Since he took Qe had done his best to promote the pros- ?ecj.e? the lodge, and as long as he remained Va^ry he would do the same (cheers).—Mr. latl Proposed the health of the surgeon, to §9,ve tPr- Lloyd suitably replied. — Mr. Porter ^vid T Honorary Members," to which Mr. a.l1d ties replied.—The toasts of The Visitors pile." Host and Hostess were also given by «p0r. ^rtnan.- The following are the resnIts of the ^Uarf "^00 yards race, 1 T Grittiths, 2 R Baker. >?'le ^"tfile race, 1 T Morris, 2 G Davies. Half- ^°bp lur^le race, 1 T Morris, 2 T Griffiths, 3 R ^hili^3- yards race, 1 W Roberts, 2 W <^e) iS" 200 yards race (men ove- 50 years of (vv0' EdWarci Morris, 2 D Jones. 100 yards race j6tl °V('r 50 years of age), 1 Mrs llay ward, 2 Jnf8- 100 yards race (boys under 10 years of J Hotherham, 2 E Foulkes. 150 yards race HlH ^een 10 aiul 16 years of age), 1 G Rother- 'ol^ Foulkes. The band of the Ruabon was in attendance. Dancing afterwards P*tice*

ga whittixgton.