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ABERYSTWYTH. TiiiE TABLE—The first tide to-day (Saturday) will occur at 1.59 and the second tide at 2.30. THE --During the week ending uesdavri-ht 429 book-! were issued from the town librae. This is an increase, as Lnday "as a holid.-iv ftnd no books were sent out. Several neu volumes have been added to the stock, and tnose 01 the most popular writers are greatly in demand. THE ROYAL FURNITURE.Wo beg to remind our readers that the furnishings of the Royal reception rooms in this town will be offered for sale bv Mr J. E. James, at the Assembly Rooms on Wednesday and following days. TIP- VV.IIXG OF HOUSES.—I he Post Othie officials are becoming bewildered with the names of to the occupants adopting the names already borne by other residents'm the same street, thus making the addresses contused. Care should be taken to avoid this as much as possible S i o -Several excursions entered the tow'n during the week. On Thursday there were Sunday school trips from Welshpool and Newtown but unfortunately the weather in the morning was squallv and wet.. NAVAL TRAINING STAT lOX. Steps are being taken to obtain the sanction of the Admiralty for arranging that an ironclad should be sent to the bav. on which the Naval reserve men could be put through their drills, this being considered a tar more satisfactory course than sending the men away to another port. The Mayor recently pre- sided over a meeting of the Town Council when it -svas decided that Councillors Dr. Harries and Isaac Hopkins, together with Mr. A. J. Hughes, should wait upon Mr. Yang-han Davies, to bring before the proper authorities the fact that there were at present in the town and neighbourhood a sufficient number of reserve men to form a Navai Reserve Station in the town. A SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER. A mau who gave his name and address as George Daynes, of 11, High street, Carmarthen, was arrested on the day of the Royal visit on the charge of pocket picking. The man was handed over to P.C. Griffiths (31) by a gentleman, who said that the man attempted to pick his pocket. He was brought up before the Court on Saturday, and was then remanded until Wednesday, when he was sent to Carmarthen jail for three months imprisonment with hard labour, PETTY SESSIONS.—The sessions were held on Wednesday before the Mayor (Mr. Thos. Griffiths), Messrs. Thomas Hugh Jones, Griffith Williams, and Kdward Evans.—For being drunk and dis- orderly on Tuesday a man named John Kilev was 5s. including costs.—David Phillips, Evan Jones, and T. and E. Morris were summoned for obstruct- ing the street by allowing their carriages to remain thereon for an unusual length of time and for tout- in"- for passengers.—Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk) prosecuted and Mr. W. P. Owen defended.— David Phillips was ordered to pay costs in each case, T. and E. Morris fined 2s. 6d. and costs h. Morris for touting-^ordered to pay costs; and Evan Jones ordered to pay costs. BEER AND GINGERBREAD.—Elizabeth olan, of Carmathen, hawker, was charged before Messrs T. Hugh Jones and John Morgan, at the Police Court, on Saturday morning, with being drunk on the Royal visit dav.—P.C. David Davies said he found the defendant making a disturbance and otherwise making things uncomfortable along the streets of the town. She was drunk and using bad language, and in polite terms she was ejected from the rail- way station, afterwards retaliating on her husband by Trefechan bridge. Defendant for the defence said that she sold gmgerbread for a living and she got a drop of beer.—The Bench did not consider the fact that she sold gingerbread any qualification for getting drunk on beer, and she was ordered to pay 2s 6d and costs. A ROVAL VrsIT CELEBRATION.—The Mayor (Councillor T. Griffiths), and Councillor E. P.Wynn. were on Monday engaged in listening to a charge brought against Ann Jenkins, of Spring Gardens, Trefeglwys, of the theft of a purse of money and cheese and lard from a house on the Terrace where she was employed as cook.—The accused was in the employ of Mrs Ankers, and on the day of the royal visit was given permission to go out and view the procession. She came back some few hours later somewhat boisterously merry and she was told to go. She went to pack her boxes, and by some mysterious cause or other she mixed np pieces of cheese, lard and butter with her boxes. It was also discovered that a purse of money containing about 15s was missing, but the accused denied alll knowledge of it, and the police could not hndtanv j. t, wtie admitted taking the jar of lard, and was bound over in the sum of £2 to come up for judgment when called upon. SALE OF PROPERTY.—At the Talbot Hotel, on Monday afternoon, Mr J. E. James, auctioneer, offered for sale several lots of valuable freehold property to a large attendance, there being some brisk bidding. The property consisted of several excellent farms on the Rhodmade estate, consisting of Rhodmade (inciuding Cyttir), Gorswganfach, Tyngwudwn, and Bwlchyrliandir, having an area of 320 acres; Rhodmade, with a rental of £80 a I year was sold to Mr Evan Morgan, Wesrbourne- j road, London, for £ 3,300; Gorswganfach to Mr James, Rhodmade, for £ 650 Tyngwndvn ( £ 44) to Mr Rees, Tynpare, for 11,470; anw (iwlchy. rhandir (£49) also to Mr Rees, for £ 1.300. Mr j nz James, acting under the instructions of Mr Bonsad, < also offered for sale. Pencwmwyre, a free! Id iarn. in the parish of Llangwyryfon, containii. £ ao nit 129 acres, which was knocked down to 1J Daniel Jones, Loudon, for £ 3,000, and the ireehold farm Gwarcacau, Mr Thomas Davies, Llangwyryfon, being the buyer, and the price £ 800. Messrs Roberts and Evans were the solicitors fr-r the vendors. A THIEF'S SAID. Whilst the country t',)! Is we,-e wisely enjoying themselves in the town on the 26th of June, the city thieves were equally as 'its-ii/ engaged in the country. Here is a nice little had for some mentber of the Bill Sykes contingent On the morning of the 26th a place called Ivy (j was broken into, and the following articles ere taken away :—Lady's gold watch, with gold -j chain gentleman's silver watch, with gold Albert! chain, to which was attached a gold locket and gold seal; gold brooch and ring to match g-jntlc- man's gold ring having a blood shot stone golo ditto, with red stone lady's gold ring, with worn blue stone; gold locket in frame, two ladies' gold keepers; silver pencil; silver brooch with crystal stones; silver sugar tongues scarf pin with red stone and silver American dollar brooch. FINANCE COMMITTEE.—There were present at A meeting of this committee on Tuesday evenin(,, I Councillor R. J. Jones (chairman), Alderman W. H. Palmer, Councillors D. C. Roberts and Isaac Hopkins, with Mr H. L. Evans (accountant)- and Mr Rees Jones (surveyor).—There was no business of interest to the public. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—A meeting i,f his committee was held on Monday evening when there were present—Merman Peter Jones (cha nnan). Capt Thomas Doughton, Councillors Thos. C nPiths c (mayor), and W. Thomas, with Mr Rees Jone=i • siir-1 veyor). and Mr H. L. Evans (accountant), letter was read from Mr David Phillips, Terrac-- T'Nl.d, asking the Corporation to let to him the olc: Rope- walk. 1 he Chairman said that the Cori )i,;iLion were anxious to retain the Old Ropewalk f. their own purpose, so the application was notente rained. Mr Thomas suggested that the committee -4iould inftruct the Council to authorise the sur* avor to place a few stone slabs at the various entrances to the Board School.—The jjroposition was agreed to. —The Surveyor suggested that they should sell by auction the t'imber used as barricading on the day of the Royal procession. They might make it up into lots of about a standard each lot. -On the motion of Mr Thomas, seconded by Capt Doughton, this was agreed to, and it was further decioe< o advertise the sale in the local papers. T1' !,om" mittec also arranged to sell the hay on tht ats, and to get the accumulating shingle removed irom the harbour mouth, these being the propositions of Captain Doughton. THE ROYAL YISIT. "G 11. BETTER OF THAXKS TO ABERYSTWYTH BOKOTGH. Councillor T. Griffiths (Mayor) receiver the following letter on Friday' evening 1 la* Machynlleth, 26th Jnne. 1896. My dear S;r. L am desired by the Prince and Princess of Ws.'es to express their cordial thanks toyuu and the nE."Iuers of the Reception Committee for the admirable manner in which the arrangements that wer i made on the occasion of their visit to Aberystwyth to-day were carried int.. effect. Their Royal Ilig meases were much gratified also with the very kird and warm welcome which they received from !,e ha ntants of the borough.—I remain, yours n,ith- y fnlly, I RAXCIS KNOLLYS."














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