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i ,1 -o iaOO maj. bo obtaiwd iniimniiau iv ;f to .Start j:t a to v y-k J: (; I; 1 i ;1" 0- f; ?>'• :o y ■■■ r-ts. tiiav !> v,;U •" —' t'.i' ik-m-.thtfs of^v; Money r t., and Coivk^r-rK-j- 1 '• ,1 °r r-'a-p)> Fanwvs all cla* ro.M.iiWVit" UM7"Men.a„d Tarj-ing £ .0. W. i-ii; x4;r^ £ ^ribCrJ* 1,18aEiS j tf r:i! 7 oVifv-fc n ra a:l No Ei,ckt'id .v! I. I'ERXSTEIN'. Ac CD IX 1A;>T, 26, CHKSTES STREET SHREWSBURY • AND 16 BENXETT-S HILL, BIRMINGHAM ■ £ 5Ir' Bern*tein thinks it necessary to Can'V.r. t w ir, a-aiiist P(""OLIS t,h(, wnrse posit-* B. th,, p,rso. ,-ho th, oix, I-) ei lied at a[-vp aclcli for at tr.,ir, ofliec, i't (*a,,ii.t got aTi:v,I,ere. If Borrowers ill with of 1,0 E¡;aLding MONEY. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO £ 500 LENT SAME DA.T AS APPLIED FOR *VlafeS 0f resPectable Householders, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others (Male or Female) ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND, With or without Sureties, at LOWER I-NTERES- AND EASIER PAYMENTS Thau ever offered in Shrewsbury. Information free and strictly private. Distance no object.-Apply to the actual Lender, S. 31. 11 ED HOUSE, Dogpole Hon se, DOGPOLE, SHREWSBURY Wednesdays at 41, Leg Street (Salop Road), Oswestry. PRIVATE CAPITALlTTTM^r ^^r. .i;n0WT1 wealthy Firm, having a consnVrv-l* sum or Lmn vested Money, iS prepared to AD V A X<" E the^same, in sums of not less than £ 10 to £ 5 oOO to i ersons of undoubted respectability in town or country (distance no object), on their'own Pn.wis 3rrnr?r te' Wltn°Ut askin* for sureties or security fR ,1M|'|CUr;;eS °r fees whatever, at a ]ow Reasonable Late of Interest, for short or V,*i«r perioas. Strictly private and confidential A? -his advertisement is not connected with H,fy Loan Sapp?.reqUeSted — not apply. For full particulars, apply per,on::dly or by [irect to the W. SPENCER ESQ., .WELLINGTON BUILDI-NGS (SOUTH) 2, LITHERLAND ALLEY, SOUTH CASTLE STHFB^ LIVERPOOL. THE OLDEST ADVANCE OFFICE IX SHRITWSBCRY. DV ANJES made privately and confidentially ^DVANCES made privately and confidentially T~r>™- s of £ 1° UP fco £ 500 v LPON PROMISSORY NOTE ONLY At much lower interest than usually charged neuter arranged to suit borrowers' require- nents. Genuine and extensive business done for 25 years NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN i-PPly personally or write for terms to GEORGE PATNE, AOOOLT.VT TOWN WALLS^ SHREWSBW OSWESTRY BRANCH—1, Cambrian Buildings )ewald Road (next to Cambrian Railway Statiof?" HONEY. MONE MONEY. ESTABLISHED 1869. JASH IMMEDIATELY ADVANCED. FROM X5 i, To Farmers, Gardeners Carriers, Cowieepo™ t £ opkeepers, Dairymen, Tradesmen, Clerks, Clergy.' f(en, Lodging-house Keepers, Private Householders id others, without Bondsmen, iT ON THEIR OWN SECURITY, gn Note of Hand alone, repayable by easy instal- ments, or arranged to suit Borrower's own con- science. All communications are received and pt in strict confidence. No genuine application prer refused, and honourable and straightforward t"ansactions guaranteed. p NO ENQUIRY FEE. r Intended Borrowers are invited, before applying i^sewhere, to apply to 5 J. A. RENNIE, c 25, CHESTER STREET, SHREWSBURY. EDNESDAYS—AT 14,KING STREET,OSWESTRY. a'N.B.—Town or Country distance no object ektters immediately attended to. y Mr. R. can be seen any day at Aberystwyth by njjpointment. w imn JA EXTRAC LE pe,-F OF- HE R B S, BEER TJJ« most pala'ablo, t'vlrgt-qnenching, re- • 2 frejid71#'aniinatif].r i >-io drink produceable ■■ ti<fi Fof every 0»2K-AIK WORKER and all S he5 *n 3ll0P'. Mills, Manufactories & Mines. ARIL IMITATED BUT NOT EQUALLED. Agents WANTED. 9 fee! One (4-bottlemakes 8 graUans. Of allChemiitauid Storaa, V | SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE 9 STAMPS, 2 FOR 15 STAMPS. 5 re j jjfcWBAIiIi & MASON, HOTTIHGH&M. ■ f- wit A BATHINS, Nice Beach & Fine Sande. svo HOTEL DE PARAME, ST. MAL0, France. vriatjjl*sa Hotel •» t*f ■f»»oured by the principal !,|li imii Ill** T u. Lawn Tennis. &c. anQI HO Established wA A?r?rS2i (Jn?? y titled to money under gqflajg) London, IS* dil GREAT SACRIFICE,—Ecal SUver Plated r porks, King Geowe IL reign, or quaint old sfl-rer £ 2?Lil" pattern, BO rarely seen except in 8OUB SFLVK*. f»rvCr"SSriT, sad need of some money offers her Valuable t-y -private BA!O^»i1L.:B33S Of Dessert Spoons and Forks and Tea Spoons (S dozen Silver on pare white xm -ry rW wear for.;k5 yews. FAci, pwm bean qualit æ'SiI\'e1'; Will wear for N:l:;rs' ;Each piece be&r8 quaJi!;r 'Xrti Janm. 6d., oarnage paid to any address; on approval th<gept t t» responsible applicant. The SELVES Ins rei5Swsed. Would make a noble present. Letters only. ^S<?°?VNGTEY, Prima Lodge, North Brixton, Surrey. rer&BS. -kffiyrE-—Will sell half the Service for 38h ~Tfof070L^ THE NEW GARDEN fee Jj»JLJKJINE. For Greenhouses, Vineries, Conservatories, i — Jig gushes, Shrubs, Flower Beds, etc. Delivers a bean- uit iTee gpray in a most effective maimer. In various unulooEUi)UUrom 22;6 send fer price list. MACINTOSH l rW'|Ji\CoOL EXCHANGE, COX.KSL4JT STKEET, LOKW k pmy BSLL TENTS and MARQUEES DTSECT FB0M GOVEHNMKlSrX STORES for sale 161. Great Dover Street, London. 5.E. RCTW GOLD BUSH IN NEW ZEALAND. « -tain's colonies can among them produce —- Great y"Heces8aries and luxuries of life. retty well au js by no means the least •"ad, among the rich gold fields of been so long neglected passes exjew Zealand that the state of a Hairs in P&MPREHENSION.Dutu^ more serious, attention is sel°uth Africa has ^iches lying in New Zealand, Co img drawn V> w veaJ}e and prosperity. Taking an',here all the East Hauraki C'oni- case in 'V: tue Ooromandel Range, and i^any's P^Pf^J of miles of Coromandel Harbour. "l|thin a conpieu ^irty acres this Company p the small twenty distinct reefs, and the €>rikes no fewer phenomenal. Out of a parcel H »eld of gOw 4000OZ. of gold have been ex- Oh twenty ton3 of ore, 0f forty tons lOOOoz. S^cted.1 From another pan^rd ingtance 20oz per J^Ve been The Shares of the East has been ^P^Tobout 73 but they will most S^ki now standataD now that Ewrtainly reach a n*?c to tbe valuable PijVnera1 attentionhM^ee invest0rs m in our New 8ense a little more, and C<jPld mines used commo circulars sent them, _^d less attention to the n kets good service. /fey would be doing™ ^hown great promise, I.' Zealand mines gargantuan richness ,n0Tr that such a V«» big boom in