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REGISTRATION OF VOTERS. The Registration of Voters, both Parliamentary and Local Government is now being attended to in order to compile the Register for the year 1897. As will be seen from our advertising columns the registration agents are calling attention to this work and requesting all Unionist occupiers that are qualified, to see that their names are in the new lists now being made out by the overseers, and to be published by them on or before August 1st. Owners of property must however take action themselves in order to have their names placed on the list, as this is no part of the overseer's duty. The overseers of every parish have on or before June 20 last placed on or near the Church and Chapel doors (1) a copy of the present ownership portion of the register, and (2) a notice drawing attention to this list, and calling upon any owners of property in the parish (whether freehold, copy- hold, or leasehold) whose names are not upon the register, or who, being upon it, do not retain the same qualification or the same place of abode as is given upon it, to send in a new claim to the over- seers on or before the 20th day of July next. The following are the necessary qualifications for an ownership vote: 1. Freehold property of the annual value of £2 2.-Freehold property during one's own life or the the life of another of the annual value of E5. 3. Copyhold property of the annual value of at least S5. In order to Decotne qualified to be put on the register, possession for six months previous to July 15 is necessary if the property is purchased or obtained by deed of gift, &c., but if it is obtained as heir, or by will, or promotion to a benefice pos- session even the day before July 15th is sufficient 4. Leasehold property (a) if the lease was oriei nally for sixty years then £5 annual value is sufficient. 5. If the house was originally for 20 years then it must be of C50 yearly value. ,I Twelve months possession before July 15til is necessary in the case of leaseholds. It must be remembered that women are not eligible to be on the register as owners. Lodgers also must send in a claim to be p^t on the register, and a lodger who is already on the lists, and eligible to be on the next list, tnust nevertheless make out and deliver a new c]a- each year or he will lose his vote. An old ]0(j im must deliver in his reclaim on or before July 25^ but a lodger'claiming for the first time need do so until August 20th. A person must have occupied a dwelling jjQ or land, &c., for at least twelve months previOU8 July 15th in any year, in order to be eligible to^0 placed on the lists revised in the autumn of ° h year, but if a person has occupied qualif^ premises in one part of a constituency for a tio of this twelve months, he is eligible to be ni" 10^ on the new list as a successive occupier in ^h parish in which he is residing on July 15^ the It is the duty of the Overseer to make out a r of all occupiers eligible and publish it in a. • on or before August 1st. If he Ie In the parish person qualified, such person may tnakn L i"7 any time before August 20th, and, if t}je cJaim barrister believes such claim to be a inst will add the name to the list. a JUSt one, he As will be seen from our advertising coin any information and assistance as to re«nSf ,?8' will be given to Conservatives and Unionists HI M Shuker, Clive Place, Welshpool, the resist- agent for the county, or by any of the local 0 agents.

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