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LLANSILIN. THE PROPOSED LIGHT RAILWAY.—A public meet- ing to consider the proposed light railway from • S",estr7 Llansilin was held on Monday evening in he National Schoolroom, Llansilin. Dr. Jones presided, and there were also present Revs. D. r GS' Williams, and Richard Jones, Messrs. J. Morris, Pentref (late of Lloran), J. M. Hughes (Penybont), W. M. Richards, W. Carey Roberts, R. ewis, Roberts (Bodlith), J Roberts (maltster), M. Richards (Fron ucha), Hughes (Derwendeg), Jones ( ymawr, Cymdy), Harry Williams (Lawnt), H. S- Williams (Llansilin), Jones (draper). — The hairman explained the objcct of the meeting, and speeches in favour of the proposed railway were elivered by Rev. D. Davies, Mr. J. Morris, Rev. R. T° w^' ^r" ^ic^ards, Mr. J. M. Hughes, and Rev. • Williams.—After some discussion it was decided to present a petition to Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, and canvassers were appointed to call on the inhabitants to ascertain what they were prepared to do in the way of shares. i t 1 J I 7 1 A c 1 t, c t, 0 8 P fl il Prices rnleu as follows :—Beef from 4 £ d to 6|d per lb; mutton, 6d to 7|d veal, 6d to 7d lamb, 8d to per lb; pork pigs 0s Od to 8s Od, and bacon pigs 6s Od to 7s Od per score lbs. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET, WEDNESDAY.—White wheat, 4s Od to 4s 2d per 75 The red wheat, 3s lOd to 4sOd per 751bs; oats (old), 12s Od to 14s Od; per 235 lbs malting barley, OOs to OOs Od per 280 lbs.; beans, old, 14s 6d to 15s Od per 240lbs; peas, 12s Od to 13s Od per 2251bs. OSWESTRY GENERAL MARKET, WEDNESDAY. Better, lOd to Is per lb eggs, 14 to 00 for Is potatoes, old, 2s 6d to 2s 9d per cwt.; new, lid to Od per lb beef, 7d to 8d perlb; mutton, 7d to 8d veal, 7d to 8d; lamb, lOd to 10|d per lb pork, 6d to 8d per lb; fowls, 4s 01 to 5s Od per couple; ducks 5s Od to 6s Od per couple; geese, 0s Od to 0s each • turkeys, Os to Os each; rabbits 2s 2d to 2s 6d per couple carrots, Os Od to Os Od per cwt. +


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