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CRICKET NOTES- Crle^'t Hourlshes at Newtown. In most towns of the size of this there is often great difficulty in securing one good eleven, but here two good teams can be placed on the field at any time. The Otters- poo' team found this out last week on their visit. S.W.W. drahhed them fairly but the Newtown team gave ri,et,i even a sounder beating. The batting of the home team was very regular, no less than six getting well into double figures. W. E. Prycc- Jonea nd W. F. Richards started capitally well fur Newtown. Both played as well as evei they (lid, and to r.iii'ir credit be it said. both seem as enthusi- astic ris of old. W. R. Wood found the bowling to his liking and scored 43 in his best style. C. Parry carried his bat out for 20, and he got them well. Charlie is becoming quice a first rate cricketer and be is without doubt one of the best bowlers in the county. The sooru of 170 proved too much for the visiters. They began fairly well. E. Iiecs21 (good old <tr'i'spool). W.J. Sprott 11 and J. Wilson 14, showing good form, bnt the others fared so badly a.gaill;, the army of bowlers on the other side that the total was only 63, and Newtown won by no less than 102. A capital contest was tlie result of the meeting between Welshpool and R.W.W. on the ground of the latter. Both teams were well represented and the fight was a keen and interesting one. The home team made 87. Ev. Rees was top scorer with a well played 21, and W. R. Wood, C. Parry and A. Marston got double figures, while all scored a few. Hart was in rare bowling form and took 6 wickets for 15. Welshpool started badly, Tallis being run out for 1. Harrison and Hart made a short stand, and Worth with 10 and L. Jones 18 made things -took promising for the visitors, but two more good men were run out. and though Makepeace played exceedingly well for 11 not out, the innings fell short of R.W.W. by 11 runs. The game was a very pleasant one and with just enough excitement to be refreshing. When the Welshpool men arrived at home there was a quiet smoker" at the Oak, and a beautiful bat suitably inscribed was presented to R. F. Parry, who has left the Estate Office for an appointment in Hampshire. The bat will remind Mr Parry of the m,ny happy days he bas spent "with the Welshpool Cricket team. Chirburv. though assisted by Chase Davies and H. Hibbott, were no match for Montgomery on Saturday. C. Williams and A. Eaton were in grand bowling form and got rid of the village team for 28 runs. Barker 11 and W. H. Langford 9 played well but the others seemed powerless against it. C. Williams took four wickets for 12 and A. laton took four wickets for 13. The innings of Iont- gomery reached 89. E. Jones carried his bat for a good and useful score of 23. Harris had a merry inninsrs of 15, and W. Fitzhuirh got a dozen. Agairis: the other bowling of the team Chirbury made 52 in the second innings. The analysis of W. Fitz- hugh i- a line one -4 overs, 5 wickets, 4 runs. Another good bowling performance took place at Oswestry on Saturday when Ellesmere and Oswes- trv met Ellesmere took first innings and were dismissed for 47, F. Brown with 16 not out alone doing well. Codield took five wickets for eight r,ans. Oswestry made such a sorry start that at one time even this smail score seemed to trouble them. When the captain and F. J. Gough faced each other they quickly made their supporters happv. Both played well. Gough's 31 following on'his previous gccd work stamps him as the most consistent batsman in the team. Good form has been displayed by the Oswestry Grammar School in their late matches, the bowling of Parry and Owen being very deadly. In the match against Arnold House, Chester, Parry took all the wickets except one for very few runs. This was a peculiar match. A. Malkin 11, H. F. Thomp- son 10, with extras scored 27 out of a total of 32. The other nine players did not give the opposition mnch leather hunting. Oswestry scored 85. Trevor 22. Harry 17, Edwards 12, and Mason 10 did well with their bat. The second victory was a better one even than this as the opponents, Ellesmere College XI., were much stronger. Owen and Parry bowled splendidly and got rid of a good batting team for 41. The Grammar School scored 75, Mason 15, T. W. A. Jones 11 not out, and T. Ll. Harry 21 being top scorers. The return with Ellesmere College on Wednesday was a grand match, the bowling on both sides being excellent. The College won by 13 runs. scoring 60 to 47. Penn bowled in his best form. He commenced with taking two wickets with his first two balls and altogether got eight for 15. Owen and Parry also bowled well. For quick scoring the match between Wem and .7:1 Salop (really Anthony v Salop) gives us the best example lately seen in the district, but of a total of 149. W. Anthony by batting of the most brilliant description scored 115 not out, and carried his bat right "through the innings. As Shropshire only made 99, Anthony bad the pleasure of beating the County off his own bat. In addition to his good batting he met with fair success as a bowler. The once old Whittington player, G. Galloway, took a team to Park Hall, on Saturday, and had the pleasure of taking down the Park Hall men on their own ground. The innings of Park Hall amounting to the fair number of 136 runs, Clapp, 36, and Brooklield, 34, doing best with the bat; Clapp's career closed with a smart catch by G. Galloway. The visitors were in no wise daunted by having to face this large score, but they started badly, and the first two men were bowled by Baguley before scoring. Beech and Purgold added 17 and 18 respectively and brightened the hopes of the visitors, but it was left to Galloway and J. C. Jones, to settle matters. The latter played steadily for his good score of 68, while G. i allowav hit away in his best arm tor 54. The total reached 186 on 50 on. Cliff and Baguley bowled well for their respective sides. iianks to a tine not out innings of 30 by Mr tn ir' c -S School defeated Wrexham Wel- come by 5o to 38. Hughes and Home bowled well for the winners, while Simon and Mitchell were equally successful for their side I-lanyn-iynech were only able to place a very weaK side m the field against Knockin. The latter had a good team, and on winning the toss put Llanymynech in. Pugh and Rees "started steadilv and scored 24 for the first wicket. Flick scored 4. f other batsmen failed before the goodfowling of Welsham, Jones, and Eyton. Pugh batted steadily and well for 37 and made some good cuts and leg hits fr>»- i,;c, 1 The total reached 70, and only about an hour re- mamed for play. The bowling of Morris was good for the visitors and run-getting- difficult. Dr Mortis played very well for 11 not out, and so did R. Evton for 10. Score 37 for four wickets.—Mrs Griflitns kindly provided refreshments for both teams, and on the motion of the captain of the Llanymynech club. and seconded by the jovial umpire—Major Conelly-a hearty vote < thanks was accorded to this good lady and the other ladies assisting for their kindness. In first class racket the feature of the week has been big scoring uy Sugg, Ranjitsinghji and others. Sugg's innings of 2 was a brilliant display, and was all the more valuable for the pickle his side were in when he removed danger. Yorkshire have had three slaps at the Colonists, but have failed each time to score a win. The Australians are a good lot notwithstanding their failure in the test match, and it will be no surprise if they do well in the next encounter. Storer's work in scoring 342 for once out will take some beating even in this year of heavy scor- ing, and he is now in the first dozen batsmen with the fine average of 42'12, and a total of 810 runs. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday June 27 inclusive. BATTING AVERAGES (11 innings). No. Times Most of not Total in an inns. out. runs, inns. Aver. Abel 22 2 1152 231 57.12 Eanjitsinhji, K. S. 24 2 1214 17F 55.3 Gunn .1 24 5 1003 207* 52.15 Leveson-Gower, H. 11 2 458 93 50. 8 Marriott, 11. H 11 1 486 145* 48. 6 Wcods, S. M. J 19 2 814 158* 47.15 Palairet. L. C. H. 12 2 458 147- 45. 8 Jackson. F. S 17 2 678 117 45. 3 BrowjjJ.T 28 5 1032 203 44.20 poel 16 2 627 210* 44.11 Grace, Dr W. G. 26 2 1065 243* 44. 9 Burnup, -i 16 1 629 95 41.14 13 2 657 201* 41. 1 ^ay-ird 22 5 688 229* 40. 8 HuSt 17 3 561 107 40. 1 Havrnan, H. U 19 3 584 152 38.14 Sir 0 400 137 36. 4 Ovi'iif' 'V. G 16 3 455 105 35. Sig-nifies not out. BOWLING AVERAGES (23 wickets). O. M. R. W. Aver. Hearne (J. T.) S15.4 340 1465 137 10.95 uohmaim 502.4 106 536 39 14.10 Fu,<-dstftrf 181.2 62 398 27 14.20 i!-t 722.2 337 1074 74 14.38 CmEffe, F. H. E. 383.4 127 804 54 14.48 Hallam .d 319.4 124 614 41 14.40 ■Void 515.2 177 1165 76 15.25 i'-I ard^on 777 246 1894 120 15.94 Ham-arc: 350.1 120 786 48 16.18 p.Jviiu 245 77 567 30 18.27 VV^i iwright 471.1 142 1091 58 18.47 ShÎ1. B. d" 261.1 90 666 35 19. 1 PRESENT POSITIONS. PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, aud drawn games are ignored. W. L. D. Tot'l. Pts. Surrey 11 2 1 14 9 Yorkshire 8 0 4 12 8 I..aacashire 3 1 0 9 7 Middlesex 4 1 1 6 3 Essex 1 2 0 3 -1 Hampshire. 4 2 2 4 -1 Notts 1 2 2 5 -1 Sussex 1 3 2 6 -2 Somerset. 1 4 2 7 -3 Warwickshire. 1 4 2 7 -3 Do-rbvshire 1 4 2 7 -3 Gloucester 1 5 2 8 -4 Leicestershire. 1 5 0 6 -4 Kent. 0 5 1 6 -5 j MONTGOMERY V. CHIRBURY.—The return match between these teams was played at the latter place on Saturday, when Montgomery won by an innings and nine rans. The bowling of the winning team was excellent, A. Eaton in Chirbury's first innings doing the hat trick," and Captain Fitzhugh in the second obtaining 5 wickets for 4 runs. Scores :— CHIRBURY. W R Shaw c Harris b A Eaton 0 b Tomley 2 W H Morns b C B Wil- liams 0 b Fitzhugh 1 W H Langford b C B Williams. 9 b Fitzhugh 0 Chase Davies run out 1 c Williams b Tom- ley. 10 H Hibbott c A Eaton b Williams. 0 b P R Eaton 16 R Barker Ibw b Williams 11 b Eaton 7 E R Morris not out 2 not out 8 C Butler b A Eaton lb Fitzhugh 0 j C E Elwell absent 0 b Fitzhugh 0 E Tudor c P Eaton b A Eaton 1 b Fitzhugh 4 P Jones e Harris b Eaton 0 absent. 0 Extras 3 Extras 4 Total 28 Total 52 MONTGOMERY. A Eaton b Butler 4 R T Harris b Shaw 15 T, Tt Eaton b Butler 5 J E Tomley c Shaw b Batler 9 C B Williams b Shaw 1 E E Davies lbw b Shaw 6 E Jones not OTtt 23 J Tipping b Shaw 3 W Fitzhugh c Davies b Langford 12 T H Evans c and b Langford 1 H H Wood b Shaw 5 Extras. 5 I Total 89 WELSHPOOL V. ROYA r, WELSH WAREHOUSE.— Played at Newtown on Saturday. Score WELSHPOOL. C F Tallis run out 1 H Harrison c Taylor b Wood 12 R F Parry b Wood 2 J Hart c Taylor b Prvce-Jones 8 C W Worth c Taylor b Lewis 10 Lumley Jones run out 18 .J B A(ldic b Parry 0 T F Hiles run out 0 W Makepeace not out 11 H Blackith c Pugh b Parry 4 Extras 10 Total 76 R.W.W. E Rees c L Jones b Harrison 21 W R Wood b L Jones 14 E R Pugh c Harrison b L Jones 3 W G Cannon b Hart. 8 W E Pryce-Jones run out 1 Marston b Hart. 10 A Taylor c Hiles b Hart. 7 C Parry hit wkt b Hart. 10 A 0 Davies c and b Hart. 1 J Bird b Hart 1 H Lewis not out 2 Extras. 9 Total 87 NEWTOWN V. OTTERSPOOL.-This match was played at Xewtown on Thursday week, resulting in au easy victory for the home eleven. The scores are as follows :— NEWTOWN. W E Pryce-Jones b Barratt. 37 W F Richards c Rees b Armistcad. 24 H Hibbott b Wilson 7 W R Wood c and b Armistead 43 H E Breese b Armistead 1 E C Morgan c Chapman b Sproft 0 T Worthington Ibw b Barratt 14 C Parry not out 20 H Morgan b Armistead. 14 P W Jones lbw b Armistead 4 Harper not out 1 Extras. 5 Total 170 OTTERSPOOL. E S Thornburn c Richards b P W Jones 1 E Rees b Hibbott 21 W J Sproft c P W Jones b Hibbott 11 J Wilson c and b Pryce-Jones 14 A Barrett b Pryce-Jones 4 D Nieto c Hibbott b C Parry 0 W Hough c C Parry b Pryce-Jones 5 T Armistead c and b Pryce-Jones 4 J Hennin c Harper b P W Jones 5 R Armistead not out 1 G Chapman st Breese b Pryce-Jones. 0 Extras. 2 Total. 68 KNOCKIN V. LLANYMYNECH.—Played at Knockin on Saturday. Scores:- LLANYMYNECH. J Pugh b Eaton 37 C E Rees b Wilshaw 10 Flick b Evton 4 G Pitt b Jones H. 0 R Morris b Jones 2 W Coleman c and b Jones 0 G. Davies c Roberts b Wilshaw 9 R Brown b Eyton 0 D Jeffries b Eyton 0 B Sockett not out 2 B Smith b WiJshaw H, 0 Extras 6 Total 70 KNOCKIN. W Williams run out 3 W Davies c Pitt b Flick 7 Dr Mortis not out 11 R Eyton b Morris 10 1 Wilshaw b Morris 0 J J ones not out 0 Extras. 6 h Total 37 R t-k Ilereditb, W Wells, E Bill, J Richards, and E Richards did not bat. on sltwdly V' Score :ME* 0swestr*V n TT T ELLESMERE. H Lea c F J Gongh b R T Gou«-h 3 G Inglis c Corfield b R T Gough. 8 Boot (pro) c Corfield b F A W How"" 4 G Tabor e and b Corfield 7 RHPhmipps outfit bPAWHow 7 F Drown not out T P Jones b Corfield Rev L M Owen c Campbell b Corfield' n H Skellore b R T Gough ^ortleW 0 Extras Total 47 OSWESTRY. F B Corfield b Boot g W K Minshall b Boot 6 F A W How c Lea b Boot 0 R T < lough 1 b w b Moot 2 Capt Hav hurst France b Boot 18 Capt av lUr 3 F J Gough b Boot 31 F C Campbell b C Tabor 4 W H Ellis 1 b w b Boot 0 N E Tidy c Boot b Tabor 0 H Gough c Inglis b Boot 4 G Whitfield not out 6 Extras 7 Total. 87 OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL V. WREXHAM WELCOME Played at Oswestry on Saturday. Score :—- WREXHAM WELCOME. Fisher c Horne b Ben Held 4 Mitchell b Horne 2 D M Jones runout 0 Simons c Waterhouse b Horne 10 Poole b Hughes 4 C Prescott b Horne 0 J E Hughes run ont 0 Hayes c Waterhouse b Hughes 8 Rowlands not out 3 P Davies b Hitght-,s 4 Roberts b Horne 0 Extras 3 Total. 38 OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL. Bentield not out 30 Horne b Simons 0 Wheldon b Simons 0 Hughes b Mitchell 3 Mills c Mitchell b Simons 2 Kersiake b Mitchell 0 T J Jones b Simons 0 Waterhouse c Jones b Mitchell 9 Lew-is c Hayes b Mitchell 0 R A Lewis c Prescott b Simons 4 M W Davies run out 2 Extras. 5 Total 55 PARK HALL v. ASH.-Played at Park Hall, on Saturday. Park Hall won the toss, and commenced batting with Clapp and Charles, to the bowling of Cliffe and Purgold. Ash commenced rather badly. losing two wickets for six runs. Beech and Pur- gold made a useful stand, but the feature of the innings was the fine batting of Jones and Galloway, who carried the score from ninety-three to 176 before they were parted, thus winning the match. Scorc PARK HALL. A E Clapp c Galloway b Cliffe 36 J Charles c Purgold b Cliffe 14 W Sanderson b Manley 10 E Bagnley c )[anloy 13 Cliffs 15 W Jones c Galloway b Manley 2 S Brookfield c Jones b Cliffe 34 T Copper b Cliffe 0 W Williams run out 0 H Youens c Wootton b Mitcheson 3 H Reed c Wootton b Cliffe 2 J Jones not out ••• 2 Extras 10 Total. 138 ASH. A H Manley b Baguley 0 W Davies b Baguley 0 W Beech c Williams b Charles 17 A D Purgold b E Baguley 18 j T Wootton b E Baguley 7 H Mitcheson c and b W Sanderson. 5 J C Jones b Baguley 68 W Porter c J Jones b Baguley 5 G Galloway c Clapp b Charles 54 ".Iui-phy b Ba,uley 0 W W Cliff not out 1 Extras. 11 Total. 186 — ♦ — CRICKET FIXTURES. (All matches played on the ground of the Club.) JULY. 4- Welshpool v. Oswestry 4—Oswestry 2nd v Chirk 4—Montgomery v. R.W.W., Newtown 8 Ellesmere v. Oswestry Grammar School 8-Oswestry High School v. Ruabon Grammar School 11—Ruabon v. Oswestry High School ll-Ellesmere v. Overton 11—Shrewsbury Schools x. Oswestry 11—Wem v. Ellesmere College 11—Oswestry 2nd v. Gobowen 11—Montgomery v. Welsbpool 18-Ellesmere College v. Oswestry 13-Ellesmere v. Hanmer 18-Tedsmore v. Oswestry High School 20—Montgomery v. Meole Brace 20—Oswestry High School—Past v. Present 24-Llanidloes, v. Montgomery 25-0swestry v. Nantwich. -+- n_




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