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LLANFYLLIN. PETTY SESSIONS.—YKs-rr.r.NAY. .Pl)il F I!; i.J !<¡: í !l:1 r 'V. Hollow. li-'tr iijrr :it <! en ht'lJ,r «.f :lr Edward Newell f >:• Davies. Rock Cot!go MolforL—The- application was adjourned ::t ?! <- Court owing to the scrvice of notice to qui: being proved to their worships' satisfacti'i. Z.Ir I>tt applied forthe order under the Smjil! Holding Act. and contended that service by post 1. il;i Tl.e Act did not require personal s--i vice, so long as the intention of the landlo,i the tenancy came to the knowledge of tin.' tennr.r that was suiffcient and it was for Worships to be satisfied in their own minds that snrh i!f1,'P did come to the knowledge of the wiis b post. n'i i.e called Frederick Davies, clerk to Mr Martin Woosnam, solicitor for Edward Ncweil. who proved that he had posted the letter which con- tained the notice fo quit to John Davies. Rock House, Meifod, and the receipt produced was the one he received at the Post Office.-P.C. Hughes deposed to serving the notice of these proceedings. -Mr Bott said if the Bench were satisfied that such notice came to the knowledge of the tenant they were bouud to make the order.—Mr C. R. Jones We are satisfied that the notice came to the know- ledge of the tenant but we do not consider that the notice was properly served, and on the ground that there is no evidence of the service of the notice to quit we cannot make the order. --Appli(,ation refused. DRUNK ON LICENSED PREMISES.— John Morris was charged at the last Court by P.C. Roberts with being drunk on licensed premises, viz., at the Three Tons Inn, Llanrhaiadr, on the 1st May. The case was then adjourned to enable the police to get further evidence.—P.C. Roberts said that at ten minutes to ten on the evening of May 1st "he went to the Three Tons Inn and found defendant in the parlour with his head down as if asleep. His cousin was by his side. Defendant was very drunk and witness and defendant's cousin got him up and helped him to go out. The landlord told him to go out and he went ont on his cousin's arm.-Ctarles Jones, landlord of the Three Tons Inn, said he saw John Morris about Ten o'clock on the night in ques- tion. He seemed to be drunk, and bad his head down as if sleep. He asked him to go out and not get him (witness) into trouble. He did not notice anyone helping him to get up. In reply to defendant, witness said "You were drunk and asleep." Defendant: If I was drunk why did you serve me with drunk Witness said he did not get any.—Hugh Morris, deposed that he was with John Morris at the Three Tons about ten p.m. on May 1st. John Morris, who was sober, was sitting by his side. He was not asleep but he put his head down as the constable came in. Witness did not take hold of his arm, and as far as he could under- stand, the police officer did not do so either. They had been in the house about an hour, and had two glasses of beer there. Defendant was not drunk neither was he sleeping. He said in reyly to the landlord I will not do you any harm and went out.—The Bench said they were bound to believe their officer's evidence, and defendant was fined 5s costs. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—P.C. Roberts charged Thomas Vaughan with committing this offencej on May 29th, at Llanrhaiadr. (This case was also adjourned from the last Court, in order that the Police might get further evidence).—The Police Officer said he saw defendant about 10 minutes to 10, coming out of the Plough Inn. He was cursing and swearing. His mother tried to get him to go home. Witness also requested him to go. Defen- dant became very noisy, and he took hold of him and threatened to lock him up. His brother begged him not to do so, and he let him go.—David Jones, shoemaker, could not say that he saw defendant, but heard him. He (witness) was on the bridge, and defendant and his mother, were on the path below the bridge leading to the factory.—The Clerk: How do you know it was defendant; you said you did not see him ? I did see him and was not a yard from him. Witness did not hear him cursing, but he heard him say I will grind him." By what he heard witness understood that he was drunk.— Margaret Jones said defendant came to the Plough Inn, about 10 minutes to 10 p.m., on May 29th. She refused to serve him as she thought he had bad enough. She asked him to go out as there were sick people in the bouse.-Fined 5s. and costs. RIDING WITHOUT REINS. Evan Phillips and David Benbow, waggoners, were charged by P.C. Hughes with committing this offence on the Meifod main road, on June 3rd.-P.C. Hughes said he met them about 11 a.m., going towards Llansantffraid. Evan Phillips was in the waggon and David Ben- bow was on the shafts. They had four horses.— Evan Phillips, the head waggoner, was fined 15s. including costs, and David Benbow, the under waggoner, 10s. including costs.—Neither of defen- dants appeared. ALLOWING A HORSE TO STRAY ON THE HIGH- WAY.—P.C. Brumwell charged Mary Price with allowing her horse to stray on the Winllan road, on the 13th May last.—Defendant said she had come up to see her son, and as he was not at home she had nowhere else to go to so she went to this road. —The Clerk: I see you are an old offender, here's a list of 10 previous convictions against you.- Defendant: Eh! No; It is not me, it must be another Mary Price (laughter).—The Clerk I am afraid you are too well known for the police to make any mistake.—Defendant: There are other Mary Prices (laughter).—P.C. Brumwell said the horse was 200 yards from the cart and from defen- dant.—Fined 10s. including costs. BEGGING AND SLEEPING IN OUTBUILDINGS.—P.C. Rees charged John O'Brian and Thomas Dorking with begging at the New Mills in this parish on Wednesday last.—The wife of David Edwards, New Mills, said on Wednesday last one of the defen- dants came to New Mills about 9-15 p.m., and begged some matches of her husband. He gave him some and he went away. In about a quarter of an hour afterwards they both came and asked for lodging, and being refused threatened to thrash her husband, who was an invalid.—P.C. Rees said they received information from New Mills, and P.S. Meredith and himself went in search of prisoners, who were found in the Grainery at Cwm Farm. One of the defendants stated that they received permission to go there from a man who assisted them to get his perambulator and two children into the grainery.—P.S. Meredith stated that he enquired at Cwm if anyone had given prisoners permission to go to the grainery. They replied that they did not know there was anyone there. He had received complaints in the town about the conduct of prisoners.—Prisoners were sentenced to seven days' imprisonment.