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♦ — WELSHPOOL. D. JONES & SON'S Indian and Ceylon Tea, at 2s. per lb. is absolutely pure, therefore best.-Noted Home Cured Ham and Bacon Stores, High Street. -[Advt.] LEGAL.—Amongst the successful candidates for the intermediate examination held at the Incor- porated Law Society on the 18th inst. is Mr Roland Gilbert Evans, son of Rev Walter Evans, of Castle Caereinion, articled to Mr Charles Howell of this town. PRESENTATION.—Mr Fred Owen has been pre- sented with a marble clock bearing the following inscription :—" Presented to Bandmaster Fred Owen as a token of respect and esteem by the band of the 4th Batt. South Wales Borderers. 26th June, 1896." THE FREE LIBRARY.—At a meeting of the com- mittee on Wednesday, it was decided to close the lending library from July 30 to August 12. Books will, however, cease to be issued, three days before the closure. On re-opening, the new books recently purchased by the committee will be put into cir- culation. A WARNING TO CYCLISTS.—About half-past four o'clock on Sunday afternoon a paity of cyclists were riding at a furious rate down the Church Bank, when one of their number, of the name of Barratt (formerly of this town, but now of Wolver- hampton) being about to turn the corner into Union street, dashed with terrific force into the shop window of Mr T. Hughes, with the result that two plate-glass windows were shattered, the frame also being damaged. Barratt escaped with little injury. The amount of the damage is between JE3 and R4. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—At the Police Court on Monday befoie Messrs C. E. Howell, M. Jehu, J. Reese and D. Jones, John Simmonds and Joseph Perry, labourers, hailing from Manchester, were charged with committing this offence on Saturday night, the cases being proved by P.C.'s Lewis and Roberts. Each defendant was sentenced to 7 days' hard labour.—John Stone, Bangor, and John Dodd, Stafford, stood in the dock on a charge of beinsr drunk on Saturday night. P.C.'s T. Hughes and G. Owen laid the charges which were, however, dismissed. THE ROYAL VISIT.-At a meeting of the Choir Committee on Tuesday in the Town Hall, a vote of thanks was accorded to his worship the Mayor (Mr W. Forrester Addie) for his generosity in offering to defray the expenses of the Royal visit choir. Votes of thanks were also passed to Mr Price (the conductor) Mrs Price (accompanist), Mr R. Owen (hon. sec)., and also to Mr Bond for kindly lending his organ upon the occasion of the Royal visit. The choir has been photographed by Mr Maclardy, of Oswestry. CRICKET.—A match between the County School, Welshpool, and the Grammar School was played on T uesday, and resulted in an easy victory for the County School. Score:— Grammar School: F Fildes b Lambert 3, Mr Maeler c Mr Scott 12, S Fildes b Lambert 0, H Hiles b Watkins 6, N Powell c Watkint3 0, H S Hiles st Hutchins 0, F Anderson c Mr Scott 0, E Davies c J Davies 0, S White c Hutchins 2, H J Davies b Lambert 0, L Davies not out 0, byes 4, total 27. County School: F Morris b S Fildes 0, A Hutchins c F Fildes 8, H Watkins b S Fildes b, Mr Scott lbw b Fildes 0, G Roberts c White 1 A Cowan b Fildes 0, F Lambert b Fildes 0, J Davies b Fildes 10, W Smith b Fildes 0, H Morris c Brides 3, F Owen not out 8, byes 16, total 51. PRESENTATION TO REV. W. H. BICKERTON JONES. -At St Winefride's Church on Sunday after Bene- diction, Rev W. H. Bickerton Jones, who was recently ordained at Northampton, was presented by the congregation with a handsome marble time- piece in recognition of his services to the Mission during the past few years. The presentation was made by Rev Father Moore, and was suitably acknowledged by Father Jones. The timepiece bore the inscription Presented to the Rev W. H. Bickerton Jones by the congregation of St. Wiuefride's. Welsbpool, on the occasion of his ordination, May 30th, 1896." Father Jone3, who was educated for the priesthood at Oscott, has now left to take up the duties to which he has been appointed at Pembroke Dock. WELSHPOOL CRICKET CLUB.—A desire having been expressed by several members to mark the club's regret at the approaching departure of Mr. R. F. Parry, and their appreciation of his services, the matter was taken up and a sufficient sum of money collected to purchase a presentation bat with an appropriately engraved silver shield fixed thereon. On the return of the team from Newtown on Saturday, an adjournment was made to the Oak Hotel, and, after speeches by Messrs. J. H. Addie and T. F. Hiles, the bat was presented to Mr. Parry by the captain of the club, Mr. C. F. Tallis. Mr. Parry responded in a suitable manner, and the ceremony concluded with a few words from Mr. H. Blackith and a song from Mr. W. Jones, Mr. Parry's health and prosperity being drunk with musical honours. The following gentlemen subscribed:— Lord Powis and Messrs. W. F. Addie, J. H. Addie, Blackith, Cronk, Groves, G. Harrison, Hiles, Hart, D. Jones, T. Simpson Jones, W. Jones, Manford, H. Smith, J. Pugh, Twist, Tallis, and F. Wall. BOWLING CONTEST.—On Thursday afternoon a friendly match took place between teams from Welshpool and Newtown Bowling Greens on the ground of the former. The following scores were made:- NEWTOWN. WEESHPOOL. P. W. Jones 34 A. H.Jones 35 E Powell 33 M. Powell 33 Norton 32 J. W. Griffiths 32 W J. Cottle 31 E. L.R.Jones. 31 J. Owen 28 F. Roper 31 H. Driver 27 E.M.Jones. 27 E. Lucas 26 H. D. Barrett 23 W. P. Phillips 26 R. H.Jones. 22 R. Bnckley 24 H. Handy. 20 J. L. Hughes 23 T. Morris 19 J. Danily 15 P. Barrett 16 J. W. Swain. 10 F. D. Ward 13 Total 309 Total. 302 ACCIDENT.—An unfortunate accident befel Mr H. Rudge, of the Mermaid Inn, about eight o'clock last evening. It appeared that at the time Mr Rudge, accompanied by Mr Ray nor, was at Trehelig training his two-yeai-oid colt, by A ictcr II ont of Lady's Maid, which he intended entering ihe forthcoming Leicester meeting. Mr Rudge was I holding the animal's head while Mr Ravnor was saddling, and the colt becoming frightened broke loose from Mr Rudge's hold, knocking him to the ground. and striking him on the forehead with the forelegs. Besides receiving a nasty cut on the head, Mr Rudge received a bruise on the left thigh. He was at once driven home and there attended by Dr Hawksworth. On enquiry made just before I going to press, we are glad to find that thf. injuries are not very serious, and that Mr Rudge is pro- gressing as well as can be expected. NONCONFORMIST SUNDAY SCHOOL TRIP.—It is now some time since the various Sunday Schools of the town decided to unite in a trip to Aberyst- wyth, that being the most popular seaside town within easy reach of Welshpool. It was accordingly resolved to make arrangements with the Cambrian Railways Company for a trip to be run on July 1st, a large representative committee being formed for the purpose. Mr A. H. Jones (chairman) and Mr Amos Jones (secretary) worked hard to nake the trip a success, and they were rewarded by seeing a great number at the station on Thursday morning, bound for Aberystwyth. In addition to the Welsh- pool Schools there were also the Groeslwyd Con- gregational and Methodist Schools, and the Mont- gomery Wesleyan School, as well as a large number from the Cefu and Forden Schools. Two trains were filled, containing over 800 passengers. The first train arrived about 9 a.m., the second follow- ing shortly afterwards. Sooa after their arrival, the scholars met at their respective denominational schools for luncheon, each school making its own arrangements. Luncheon finished, the children and adults rambled at their will, some wending their way over Constitution Hill or the Castle grounds, others enjoying the strains of Mr Harry Collins' merry minstrels, whilst others, more courageous, had a lively time on the backs of the Aberystwyth donkeys. A slight rain falling most J of the day prevented the excursionists eiiioying themselves as they would otherwise have done, but notwithstanding the rain, everyone seemed to spend an enjoyable day. The weather interfered greatly with the boating, still many exhibited sufficient nerve to sail O'l'r the briny," From 4 to 5 p.m. tea was provided for the scholars, after which they once more dispersed to have a little enjoyment before leaving for home. The train left Aberystwyth at 7 p.m., arriving in Welshpool about 9-30 p.m. The following ministers accom- panied the various schools:—Revs. T. C. Jones (Calvinistic Methodist), J. Kendrew and W. Lewis (Wesleyan), and D. Morgan (Welsh). The superin- tendents, secretaries, and teachers had charge of the children, and we are pleased to learn that no accident occurred during the day, everything pass- ing off successfully. PETTY SESSIONS—TUESDAY. Before the Mayor (Mr. W. Forrester Addie), the ex-Mayor (Mr. C. E. Howell), Col. Twyford, Messrs. D. P. Owen, W. Rogers, and M. Jehu. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY.—Mary Jones, Puzzle square, together with her two daughters. Elizabeth Lloyd and Jemima Jones, was charged by P.C. Roberts with committing this offence on the 13th inst.—The officer stated that the three defendants were very drunk and making use of filthy language. They were a terror to the neighbourhood.—Mr. D. P. Owen You have no right to say that.—The senior defendant maintained that she and her daughters had taken beer into her house, and that the officer came inside.-Fined 5s. and costs.—Mr. D. P. Owen I think I ought to have had a voice in the matter. The fine ought to have been 10s.— The Mayor You had a voice in the matter.—Mr. Owen The fine is not enongh.—For being drunk in the Smithfield on the 15th inst., R. Bebb, Mill lane was fined 5s. and costs. P.S. Humphreys prosecuted. DISISSED.- P.C. Roberts charged Mr. R. Scotson, Caethro, with having no name on a certain cart of his, but on Mr. Scotson proving that the cart belonged not to him, but to his son, the case was dismissed. ILLEGAL REMOVAL OF Swi.NE.-Evan Lewis, the Hem Lane, Westbury, and Joseph Lee, Hinwood farm, Westbury, pleaded guilty to a charge of illegally removing swine from Shropshire into Montgomeryshire, on the 15th inst.—A fine of 2s 6d each, including costs, was inflicted. FURIOUS DRIVING.—David Parry, Powis Arms Inn, Welshpool (who was represented by Mr C. P. Yearsley, solicitor), was summoned at the instance of P.C. Lewis, on a charge of furious driving, on the road from Garreg to Middletown, about 9-30 on the 13th inst. From the statement of the officer it ap- peared that the defendant who was accompanied by three men, was driving a horse and trap down the road in question, at a furious rate, cutting the horse with a whip. He pulled up a little and witness told him he should report him.—Cross examined by Mr Yearsley, witness admitted that there were no people on the road whose lives might be endangered by the furious driving of defendant. He did not know the horse was 27 years of age. He bad a witness whom he bad not summoned.—John Waring and William Mills, having tendered evidence for the defence, the case was adjourned, for further evidence. STEALING APPLES.—A case against Robert rryce, 15 years of age, Powell's Lane, for stealing apples from the garden of Mr T. J. Evans, ironmonger, Berriew Street, was adjourned.