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— NOTES By THE WAY. The Quarter Sessions for the county of Mont- gomery were held at Newtown on Thursday, Mr A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P. (deputy-chairman) presiding. In the course of his charge to the Grand Jury, the Deputy-Chairman said he should be acting in concurrence with the feelings of many in the county if he congratulated the Grand Jury, and through them the county, on the auspicious event of the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to the county on the occasion of his instal- lation as Chancellor of the University of Wales. The circumstances of the visit of the Prince and of his installation as Chancellor had been of the most gratifying character, and not the least gratification was it for them to note that the address presented from the county received from his Royal Highness special notice in respect to the reference made in it to the late Prince Consort, which in his reply the Prince said would give special pleasure to Her Majesty as well as to himself. Mr Evan Kinsey, Maesmawr, was qualified as a magistrate, whilst Major E. Pryce-Jones, M.P., was appointed on. the Standing Joint Committee in the place of the late Col. Harrison. There were only two prisoners for trial, against each of whom the jury found a verdict of Not guilty," and they were accordingly dis- charged. *#* At the Shropshire Quarter Sessions on Tuesday a letter was read from the Earl of Bradford stating that his resignation of the Lord Lieutenancy had been notified to the Queen and accepted by her Majesty. Advancing years and infirmities are the reasons given for his resignation. On the motion of.the Chairman (Sir Offley Wakeman), a resolution was passed expressing the sincere regret of the Court and county at the resignation sf Lord Bradford, who had held the office twenty-one years. At the half yearly meeting of the Shropshire Mayors' Charity Football Association, Oswestry Cottage Hospital was voted a donation of £3 from the funds. At the National Eisteddfod on Monday the Degree of Orate was conferred upon the Hon. Mrs. Bulkley-Owen receiving at the same time the nom de plume Gwenllian Gwynedd. Miss Lalla Parry, Oswestry, and Miss Cissy Pritchard, Cefn Mawr, carried off the prize for the soprano and alto duet. They won a similar prize at the Powis Eisteddfod and their continued successes must be very gratifying. At the temperance meeting held in Oswestry on Tuesday evening, the chairman Mr. C. S. Denniss, general manager of the Cambrian Railways Com- pany paid a high compliment to the railway ser- vants and referred especially to the manner in which they had done their work during the Royal visit last week. He also stated that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales had expressed him- self as highly gratified with the way in which the arrangements had been carried out. At the meeting of the Machynlleth Board of Guardians on Wednesday, a letter was read from the Local Government Board in which they in- sisted upon that Board of Guardians at once pro- ceeding with the construction of tramp cells, so that a uniform system might be obtained through- out the country. The Guardians had written to the Local Government Board explaining that they did not see any necessity for the construction of the cells. What the effect of this would be at the London offices it is hard to say; but it is to be hoped that the audacity of the Guardians in daring to express any opinion at all, did not upset the equilibrium of the official mind. If the anxiety to obtain a uniform regulation is real and sincere, names of the tramps might also be affixed over each cell and these gentlemen provided with diaries in which they could book their lodgings for the twelve months. Every one is anxious that the tramp should be properly cared for and London is particularly anxious that so admirable an institu- tion as the tramps of old England should not die out for want uf proper care and attention. The letter was referred to a committee. The magnificent exhibition recently opened at Cardiff, by Lord Windsor, the present Mayor of Cardiff, and visited on Saturday last by T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales, together with the Prir:cf.s\Ïctoria and Mauri, may not unjustly be rigardfd as the chef-do;urre of that, thriving, progressive, and truly wonderful municipality. The extensive scale on which everything has been carried out, the infinite care displayed in the organisation of each department, the lavish manner in which the multitudinous sights are laid out for the delectation of the visitors, are a splendid tribute to the resourcefulness and genius of the leading townspeople, and entitle the chief town of Glamorgan to take rank with any municipality outside the metropolis, whilst all portions of the exhibition will be found interesting, the one that will possess the greatest attraction for Welsbmen- not only on. account of the fact that nothing of the kind has been seen in the Principality before, but because of its unique musical features-will be the water spectacle, depicting the bombardment of Santiago, which is worked into a musical drama. It is really an out-door opera, and the scenery exceeds in beauty and magnitude even the magnificent displays at the Belle Yue Gardens, Manchester. Oddfellowship appears to be in a flourishing con- dition at Ellesmere, where the anniversary of Loyal Bridgewater Lodge was celebrated with much success on Thursday. Mr. R. E. Lloyd made an excellent chairman, whilst the remarks of the new Vicar created a favourable impression. At the Shropshire Quarter Sessions held at Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, Dr Wm. Alma Aylmer Lewis, Oswestry, qualified as a new justice and took the oath. Dr Lewis was already a magistrate by virtue of his office as coroner, and his promotion to the County Bench has given the greatest satisfac- tion to his many friends in Oswestry and neighbour- hood, where he is well-known and highly respected. The tablet to be placed on the Rodney Pillar is now 0:1 view in the Monumental Works, of Davis and Mantle, Oswald Road, Oswestry. It consists of a slab of grey granite, with leaded letters. The following is the inscription :—" Erected in honour of Sir George Brydges Rodney, Admiral of the White, by subscription of the gentlemen of Montgomeryshire, 1761. Repaired, 1847. Renewed by subscription by the gentlemen of Montgomery- shire and Salop, 1896." At the half-yearly rent audit of the Plas Machyn- lleth estate held at the Lion Hotel, Machynlleth, on Wednesday, an abatement of five per cent was made to the tenants.