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THE vexed question of the appointment of trustees on the Downie's Bequest at Aber- ystwyth has now been settled by the Charity Commissioners, who, taking the matter into their own hands, have ap- pointed Messrs J. D. PERROTT, F. R. ROBERTS, H. C. FRYER, HUGH HUGHES, and PETER JONES to fill the vacancies. Whilst this method of finding a solution of the difficulty may not secure favour in the eyes of certain sections,we are, however, inclined to believe that the settlement of the ques- tion will be welcomed by the majority of the inhabitants. The statement made by the Charity Commissioners that the publi- cation of the usual notices had not elicited any objections to which they could attach any weight, and that so far as they were concerned, they were quite willing., if the law allowed them, to appoint the whole of the gentlemen named, will no doubt occa- sion heart burnings in a more or less degree amongst those who sought for an inquiry. The objection taken by Dr. BEDDOES in the first instance has, however, been the means of opening the eye of the Churchpeople to their interests, and awakening them to a sense of their duty. We have known in other parts of the Princi- pality of attempts being made to reconcile the Nonconformists and Radicals to the Church by kindness and good wishes, but more often than not they have taken advant- age of this generous conduct only for their own aggrandisement. To some extent this has been the state of things at Aberyst- wyth. The money in the charge of the Downie's Bequest Trust was left by a Churchman for the Churchpeople. Of this there is no doubt but owing to some flaw in the will of the late Mr DOWNIE there has been left a loop-hole of which the Radicals and Nonconformists have taken advantage. For years together the Radical Councillors of the town took care to appoint none but their own colour on the Trust. True they were in a majority on the Council and they found a posi- tion on the Downie's Trust an excellent election platform, of which they made every use. Knowing as they did the rights of the Conservative party and the Church people to be represented on the Trust they purposely refrained from giving them a voice in the management of the Charity and arrogated to themselves all the credit which the position gave to them by distributing the funds at their command. Whilst they were in a position to give the Conservative and Church party a fair representation they absolutely ignored them, and year after year appointed their own clique. Appar- ently it has been the case that the Conser- vative party have not actively opposed the unwarrantable incursions of the Radicals upon their rights and privileges, and pro- bably the awakening which the Radical party here received at the present juncture will show to them how ♦mean and con- temptable have been their actions in their treatment of the Conservatives upon this matter. The longest lane has a turning, and the turnig in the present case has been reached. Political and religious bigotry are potent factors in the creation of local unpleasantness and, giving the Liberals of Aberystwyth every consideration that they are entitled to in this respect, they have much to atone for in their treatment of their neighbours who are opposed to them in religion and politics. Churchmen are quite able to manage their own affairs without the assistance of the Nonconformists, and if they are too modest to proclaim their ability to do so, that is no reason why the Dissenters should pub- licly arrogate to themselves the position of superiority which they have been doing in the past, and which has of late been accen- tuated.

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