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A DDBESSES. T- .1. BRATTON, liT PROPRIETOR AND CATERER, EAGLES, WELSHPOOL c — ^cts undertaken for Lunclieons, ^ners, Teas, Pic-nic Parties, &c. Áget for the White Star and Cunard ,ar,aship Companies, and County Fire Office. VISITOR TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD VISIT THE PlTBLIC BATHS, BATH STREET. HOT, COLD. AND RIMMING BATHS. WILLIAMS & KIDNER, DENTAL SURGEONS. OSWESTRY. ATTeNDANCE AT 22, SEVERN STREET. 5p WELSHPOOL every Monday. Hours 12 to <^LLANFAIR First Friday in each Month. I MR. KERSHAW, SURGEON DENTIST, A NEWTOWN, I Mr. COWAN'S, Chemist, 18, Broad 6.30 Welshpool, every Monday from 11 to W Patients attended at their own residences PPointment. I 'foJr?^oes—Every Saturday, at Long Bridge St., l2.3° to 7.15. iii r —Miss Jones, Bridge street, first Friday | **e Qirmth. *eOt8 attended Daily at his Residence, Croesawdy New Road, Newtown. ALFRED SLIM, '^E AND SPIRIT MERCHANT I; 'W ELSHPOOL. t gefor Messrs. Salt & Co.s', and Trueman, ) Banbury & Co.'s BURTON ALES. LODON AND DUBLIN STOUTS, &c., Ac. 4.tBs supplied in any sized CA SKS, and I 1 delivered free. ^e°ial Qualities for Harvesting Season, j from 8d. Gallon. I NOTICE. ) WILLIAMS & SON I TOBACCONISTS, the FINEST STOCK in the County of PIPES, POJCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, And every requisite for the Smoker. I LL THE LEADING BRANDS IN STOCK. NOTE THE ADDRESS I & 4, CHURCH STREET, f (Opposite the Bull Hotel,) WELSHPOOL. ii x for the Celebrfttfld L N PIPE, and j KIRK & SONS' TOBACCO'S. S THOMAS FARE, 04 °4 the late James Farr, of Salop Road COACH BUILDER, SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. C H. ANDERSON, J\BINET MAKER & UPHOLSTERER, 26, BROAD STREET, AND 9, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. ^°tJSEs COMPLETELY FURNISHED >. AT WHOLESALE PRICES. ^NG, DRAWING, & BEDROOM SUITES, {5^ Brass and Iron«Bedsteads, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, Feather Beds, &c. tSTIMATES GIVEN FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF CABINET WORK. 1] N ERA L S FURNISHED. w ^ITURE REMOVED & STORED. '1\ Removal to all parts-Estimates Free. e Wgest and Best-constructed Furniture Van Obtainable. 9 STORING WAREHOUSE RRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. ONW ATKIN, WILDER, CONTRACTOR, tld TIMBER MERCHANT. UNDERTAKER, &c, WELSHPOOL. ^1] ^iuds of Building Materials kept in Stock. P04 ESTABLISHED IN 183b. K THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. 8TUBBS' ^CANTILE OFFICES (STUBBY LTD.), Cbs HAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. Scribers, by obtaining timely information, through ^ATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY VOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read With WEEKLY GAZETTE, "'hich' ctl is issued a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS Dndef all the Important Failures. HE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS 1-, Contain more than MILLION ENTRIES, ^ts Recovered Promptly retnitted to Subscribers and FRIDAY in each week. StyAMQ™CHARLES ST. CHAMBERS, CARDIFF ARCADE, SWANSEA, Aberdeen, Bir- Poo] Set Edinhn»rL'BriRht°n, Bristol,Belfstst, Cork, Dublin, ,ndca fw G,asgow,Hull, Leeds, Leicester, f.iver- r.SnSSham p, End). Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oppjp Portsmouth, Sheffield. /P8Wi!?ter- Rni Blackburn, Cambridge, Derby, Exeter, J.imerSab?' Halifax, Hanley, Huddersfield, S £ n, 'Northart; Londonderry, Middlesboro', Newport °1vbIu ckton J1!011' Oxford, Preston, Reading, Southamp- » wrees> Sunderland, Walsall, Waterford 1 ^cester, York. ..Ph(vJ?ent8 s £ 2 2s., £ 3 3s., £ 0 5s., according to Vfi £ ECTTTq f ^ficea torwarded on application to any of the PUBLIC NOTICES. PARLIAMENTARY REGISTRATION. WESTERN OR OSWKSTRY DIVISION OF [SHROPSHIRE. ALL Conservative or Lnionist Owners of Pro- perty, who are entitled to be, but who are not already, on the Register, or who. being already on the Register, have changed their places of abode or qualifications, are requested to communica e either with the Local Conservative Sub-Agents for the districts in which their properties are situated, or with one of the undermentioned agents, as early as possible, and not later than July 17th. Conservative and Unionist Occupiers are re- quested to examine the lists, published on the 1st of August next by the Overseers, on the Church and Chapel doors, and, if their names and qualifica- tions are omitted, or incorrectly stated, to com- municate at once with the Local Agents, or with one of the undermentioned Agents. Any person who seperately inhabits any dwelling by virtue of any office, service, or employment (.c.g, a Groom sleeping over a Stable, or a Caretaker) is entitled to be on the Register as an Occupier, although he pays no rent or rates. Conservatives or Unionists who are entitled to be registered as Lodgers, as occupying Apartments of the annual value of 910, unfurnished, are also requested to send particulars to Local Sub-Agents, or to one of the undermentioned Agents. Lodgers mav, in certain cases, be entitled to the Franchise where rent paid by services rendered. Any further information will be given, and Claims prepared gratuitously by either A. FAY WILLIAMS (Principal Agent). Solicitor, 39, Church street, Oswestry Or WM. M. HOW (Assistant Agent), Solicitor, 9, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury. PARLIAMENTARY REGISTRATION. COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. ALL Conservative or Liberal Unionist OWNERS OF PROPERTY" (whether Freehold. Lease- hold, or Life Interest) who are entitled to be, but who are not already on the Register, are urgently requested to communicate with the local Conserva- tive Agents, or with the undermentioned Principal Agent as ea?-Iy as possible, and not later than July 17 th. The Overseers of each parish will publish lists of OCCUPIERS on the Church and Chapel doors on the 1st of August next. All Unionist Occupiers are particularly requested to examine the Lists for their parish, and, if their names and qualifications are omitted or incorrectly stated, to communicate at once with the local Agent or with the undermen- tioned Agent. Also, any Unionist who thinks he may be entitled to be on the Lists as a Lodger, or as occupying a room or dwelling by virtue of any office, service, or employment, although paying no rent or rates, should apply at once to the under- mentioned, who will give any information and pre- pare the necessary claims free of expense. C. SHUKER. Clive Place, Welsbpool. COLONEL R. J. HARRISON, DECEASED. ALL CREDITORS having any CLAIM or DEMAND upon or against the Estate and Effects of Colonel ROBERT JOHN HARRISON, late of Caerhowel, in the County of Montgomery, who died on the 6th day of June, 1896, are re- quested, forthwith, to send full particulars thereof to us the undersigned, Solicitors for and on behalf of the Executrix of the deceased. Dated this 3rd day of July. 1896. HARRISON & WINNALL, Solicitors, Welshpool. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ELLESMERE. TENDERS FOR GAS COAL. THE above Council require TENDERS to be sent to the undersigned on or before SATUR- DAY, 11th day of JULY, to supply the Council with Gas Coal, delivered at Ellesmere Station, or on the Canal Wharf, Ellesmere, for the year ending 3Cth June, 1897. Copy of Analysis to be Enclosed. The quantity of coal used during the last 12 months was 500 tons. Tenders to be sealed and endorsed Tender for Gas final," ""— JOHN PAY, Clerk to the Comncil. 11th June, 1896. THE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MACH- YNLLETH AND THE RURAL DISTRICTS OF PENNAL AND SCUBORYCOED. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that EDWARD J3I MORGAN, ESQUIRE, the Auditor for the North Wales Audit District has appointed the Audit of Accounts of the above-named Rural Dis- trict Council in respect of its Rural Districts of Machynlleth, Pennal, and Scuborycoed, and the officers thereof, for the half-year ended 31st March, 1896, to commence on THURSDAY, the 6th day of AUGUST, 1896, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Board Room of the Guardians of the Machynlleth Union at Machynlleth, and that such accounts duly made up and balanced, together with all Books of Accounts, Bills, Accounts, Vouchers and other documents men- tioned or referred to in the said Accounts, will be deposited in my office in Maengwyn street, Machynlleth, and be open during office hours thereat to the inspection of all persons interested seven clear days before such audit. By Order, D. EVANS, Machynlleth, Clerk to the said Council. 2nd July, 1896. NORTH & SOUTH WALES BANK. LIMITED. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEENTH DIVIDEND -XpmCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Divideud j3l of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 30th ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a Bonus of Tw Shillings and Sixpence per Share will be paid to the proprietors on and after the 14tb instant at the Head Office and the various branches, and at the London and Westminster Bank. The Income Tax will as usual, be paid by the Bank. The TRANSFER BOOKS will be CLOsKD from this date to the 14th instant, inclusive. By ordsr of the Directors, T. ROWLAND HUGHES, Liverpool Manager. Liverpool, 2nd July, 1896. WE LS H POO L SAYINGS BANK (SEVERN STREET.) BANK HOURS. Mondays H to 1 o'clock Saturday Morning H to 12 o'clock MONTGOMERY BRANCH (At the Town Hall, Montgomery). First Thursday in every month, 1 to 2 o'clock Interest allowed JE2 10s. per cent per annum. Depositors may now deposit from one shilling to L50 in one year. Depositors are requested to produce their Books for examination once a year as required by tne Savings Banks Act Amendment Act, 1863, and the Rules of the Bank. JOHN EVANS, SECRETARY CONTENTS OF INNER PAGES. PAGE 2. Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions, Machynlleth, Llanidloes, Newtown, and Forden news. PAGE 3. Shropshire and West-Midland Show at Bridg- north National Eisteddfod at Llandudno; Funeral of the late Rev. T. Jeffrey Jones, Llanfair Oswes- try. Ellesmere. and Llanfvllin news; Correspond- ence, &c. PAGE b. Cricket. Chess, Cycling Notes, and Parliamentary news. PAGE 7. Directions for Restoring the Apparently Drowned Agricultural Notes, Markets. NOTICE. Promoters of meetings, concerts, &c., are respect- fully requested to send early notice of their fixtures to the office of this paper, when, if possible, a repre- sentative will be sent to report same. We would point out that events advertised in our columns receive preference to others. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. News and Advertisement copy must be received at the COUNTY TIMES Office, Welshpool, by Wednes- day morning.

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