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LLANFAIR. THE LATE REV. T. JEFFREY JONES. As briefly announced in our last issue the denrh of Rev Thomas Jeffrey Jones, M.A., Vicar of Llan- fair Caereinion, took place at Llanfair Vicarage at two o'clock on Friday morning. Mr Jones was held in high esteem, and he had laboured in- the parish with considerable success for close upon 20 years. The Rev T. D. James, Curate of Llanfair, in pathetic terms, referred on Sunday morning to the sad event. The rev gentleman did not preach, but pointing to the empty pulpit he said he who had preached so sweetly and so acceptably to the congregation for years was now no more. He hoped they would remember his sermons, and en- deavour to act upon his precepts, which would be the best tribute they could pay his memory. Their beloved Vicar was an abie scholar, having taken his degree at London University in the first class. He was a good preacher, and above all he had a christian character. References were also made to the Vicar's death in the Nonconformist churches. Mr John Jehu, Bronavon, said it was always a loss to a community to be deprived of a good man. Their departed Vicar was a very good man, a man they would miss greatly, and his death had caused universal sorrow. Mr. JJ. Ujyburst Roberts, organist at Moriah Chanel, played the "Dead March on Sunday evening, and the bells of St Mary's Church rang muffled paais throughout the day. Mr Jones, who was sixty-six, was a native of Car- narvon, being a contemporary and an old school- fellow of the Rev Griffith Parry, D.D., of Carno, Hugh Jones (W.), and John Pierce (W.), whom he always held in great esteem. jje beo-an jife as a schoolmaster, and worked hard as a° teacher and student, and by dint of perseverance he was able to take his degree with great credit to himself. That was in 1859, and he was ordained in 1860. He served his first curacy at Rhosllanerchrugog, but was presented by Bishop Short to the living of Minera in 1863, and lie became rector of Llangar in 1872. In 1877 he was presented by the late Bishop Hughes to the vicarage of Llanfair which living he held until his death. At>iLlanfair he laboured hard, and the congregation increased considerably, he threw himself heart and soul into the work of the parish, and his support of any movement for the good of the people might always be relied upon. The massive church tower and the church clock wh;ch combine the useful with the ornamental, will be lasting monuments of his energy and zeal, as also is the churchyard wall. He was an eloquent speaker and combined with pathos sound common sense. He was a man of peace, and by his death the Church loses a good preacher and pastor, and the town and parish a good citizen. It was only a month ago that by the unanimous vote of the Managers he was ap- pointed chairman of the Managers of the Llanfair Intermediate School. He took a deep interest in the school, and promised a handsome sum towards the new building fund, and no one rejoiced more than he did at the gift of a freehold site by the late Colonel Harrison; and at the rejoicings held at Llanfair he was in his happiest mood, and made an excellent speech. The funeral, which was a public one, took place on Tuesday, when tli 3 mortal remains were interred in the family vault in the Llanfair churchyard. The funeral was the largest seen at Llanfair of late years, and the sight was very imposing. The coffin, of solid oak with brass fittings, was made by Mr Joseph Astley, Llanfair. Mr. Astley also decorated the inside of the grave, on the floor of the vault the words, Rest in peace havin°- been painted in white letters on black ground. The following was the order of procession :—The clergy (in their robes), viz., Revs. T. D. James curate of Llanfair. D. Grimaldi Davis, M.A., Welshpool, Samuel Reed, Llangyniew, J. Wilym Jones M.A., ly I Meifod, D. 1.1. James, D.D., Pontrobert, D. C. Jones, B.A., Llangadfan, J. R. Roberts, M.A., Garthbeibio, C. Williams, B.A., Llanllugan. The following were also present: Revs. W. Vaughan Jones, M.A., Tregynon, T. Parry Morgan, B.A., Llandyssil, D. D. Evans, Dolanog, Walter Rees, Llaiigyniew, Edward Jones (W.), Llanfair; the Choir, precentor Rev J. K. Roberts. M. A., Drs Humphreys,Thomas, and Hughes; Magistrates, Messrs J. C. Hilton, ]{'_ (<_ Anwyl' Llngwy, T. Watkin, Brynmair, John Jehu, Bronavon. Col Mackensie. Eithnog Intermediate School Gov- ernors, Messrs W.Theodore, C.C., C. W. Humphreys E. Thomas, B.A., W. Story, Mrs Reed, Miss Morgan', etc.; the general public; the coffin. The pall- bearers were the churchwardens, viz., Messrs J. B. Jones, Goat Hotel, R. Humphreys, Bank ex-eliurch- wardens Arthur Humphreys, W. Morgan F. Bromley Jones, Tom Jones (sidesman), a,nd sides- men Levi Jones, Evan Morris, Ed. Puo-h David Jones, David Davies, E Hughes, W Humphreys, II Bishop., schoolmaster. The bearers were Messrs Ed. James, Edwin Breexc. Wm. Jones, Fir Bank, 1 homas Jones, Dolgead, Timothy and J YV Jen- son, Willie Arthur, Walter Leach. The mourners were: Mr and Mrs J. G.Jones. late 0f Brynpenarth (son «ind daughter-in-law), !Mr Ji] 'p Pick RaTf' iHa!1; 11CV" c Robert -Tonesj Bala (brother-in-law). Rev. S. Reed read the coUect ana prayers in Welsh at the house, and then Rev T. D. James gave out the Welsh hvmn, Yn y dyfroedd mawr a'r tonau," which was sung to "Diniweidrwydd." The procession then formed in fie above order, singing as going, '< Lead, kindly Light As the procession entered the church the organist (Mr T. Tilsley Roberts) played yital Spaik. Psalm 90 was then chanted in English. Hie cothn was pinned in the chance1 in front of the altar. The lesson (1 Corinthians, xv.) was read in Welsh by Rev. D. LI. James, D.D.. and the choir then sang the hymn, "Davs and moments. ltev. S. Reed then read the collect and prayers in English. While the procession was leaving the church the Dead March" was piaye(I on the organ. At the grave the prayers of com- mittal were read in English by ltev. S. Reed, and Rev T. D. James gave out the Welsh hymn, O fry man Caersalem." The service throughout was very impressive. Wreaths were sent by the followino- ■ r and Mrs J.,G. Jones, son aud daughter-in-Tav,- (cross) Miss Tarry (Llandudno), the Sunday School fhanl' the Choir, Miss Pickmere and Mrs Euis Mr and Mrs Travers Pickmere (Nantwich), Rev and Mrg T. D James, Mrs Thomas and irs Tom Jones fw, 1 rf J0neR' Capfc rO'ce, Cyf'ron vd.l (anchoi), Dr aud Mrs Humphreys (cross), Mr'and Mrs Morris au.l family, Miss Griffiths (cr08S), Mr, Hutches (W vim stay), Mrs Watkin (Llangyniew), Mr and Mrs Levi Jones, Mrs M. A. Jones, Mr and Mrs Humphreys (Penrhiw), Mrs Ingram, Mr and a! 'i' Jonies'.Mrs Hughes (Bon Marche), Mr and lh<! Bank- Llat'idloes), Mr and Mrs r a"i \U L 7,nmir'r)' Mr and Mrs H umphreys (The I/1, r,}' C- jHj-. IIowe11 (Welshpool), Miss Leech, Mrs i udor and iamily (cross), Mr and Mrs E. Puo-h (cross), Air and Mrs Anwyl (Llugwy). Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Hilton and family (harp), Rev and Mrs Reed (Llangyniew), Mr and Ifr.,3 Story, Mrs Jones 7y (ianhouse). The church had been neatly decorated by ^frs\^atnes' 1,ycoch, Mrs. Morris, the Lion, Miss Griffiths, Brynbanwy, and Miss Lewis the Crown. The pulpit was draped in black, lined on the top with a row of white lilies. The town showed every sign of respect to the memory of the departed, the shutters having been put up and the blinds drawn. The flag on the church tower stood at halr-nias; ,a:id the bell mourn- fully tolled throughout the day. Rev. S. Reed. Llangyniew rectory, will preach the funeral ser- mon to-:ii'jrrow evening. —