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LLANFYLLIN. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL, Thursday.—-Mr Evan Evans ill the elmir. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board asking the Council to adopt the Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1886. On the motion of the Chairman it was unanimously agreed to adopt the Act.—Mr G. D. Harrison, Clerk to the Montgomery County Council wrote calling upon the Council to undertake the maintenance of the approaches to the canal bridges, and asking the Council to contibute towards fighting the battle in the law courts as to who is responsible for the repair of canal bridge approaches.—Discus- sion of the subject was deferred.—The District Surveyor (Mr .John Storer) reported the bridges leading by the Mill weir from Newbridge to Pontrobert, the bridge by the river side between lower and middle main, Meifod, were in a bad con- dition. It was agreed to repair such. The question of the road on footpath fijom Glascoed to Glascoed Mill, Meifod, was referred back to the Parish Council. I he Surveyor recommended a horse bridge to be erected by Gwaelodymyndd. Discussion was deferred. The Council declined to take over and repair the road across Cyfronydd Gro to Brwyn from Pontsycoed.—The expenditure during the month amounted to zCl60 6s. 6d.—Specifications according to the Medical Officer's recommendation were submitted by the District Surveyor of the pro- posed Llanrhaiadr Water Supply Scheme, at a cost of Y,28.-It was agreed to send the specifications to the Llanrhiadr District Council for approval. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, -THURSDAY. Mr. R. Richards (chairman). MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported the number of inmates in the House at the end of first week to be 65, against 59 last year; tramps relieved 14 men second weelc 65 against 68 last jear tramps relieved 13 men- third week, 62 against 55 last year; tramps relieved 10 men. Fourth week, 65 against 56 last year; tramps relieved, 16 men. The Master also repot-.ed that there had been an outbreak of measles in the House, six boys and six girls having been affected. Some of the patients had recovered but others were still suffering from the disease. The tailor's room had been converted into a fever ward and the tailor accommodated in another room. Mr. Wm. Jones thought the tailor's room was not a suitable room for a fever ward, as it was immediately above the tramp ward and there might be a danger of spreading the disease all over the country.—The Master stated it was the only room available for a fever ward. The Medical Officer (Mr. Felix Jones) reported the fever cases, recommending the patients removal to the tailor's room from the receiving ward where they had been temporarily accommodated.—It was agreed to await the Medical Officer's report as to "whether the tailor's room was suitable for a permanent fever ward. AMALGAMATION OF WORKHOUSES. The committee appointed to consider the above subject recommended that the report lie on the table.-Atr Evan Evans: Quite right.—On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr Roberts, the repoit was adopted. APPOINTMENT OF INFANTS' NURSE. Five applications for the above appointment were received, and after some discussion Miss Lilly Lamb, Wakefield, was appointed. A QUESTION OF SECURITY. Mr Williams, recently appointed assistant over- seer of Hirnant parish, wrote giving two rate- payers' names as security.—Captain Mvtton said he thought it very objectionable that ratepayers in the parish should become guarantors for an assist- ant overseer. Mr William Jones cozictirrp-cl.O:i the motion of Captain Mytton, it was agreed to decline the security offered, and to ask Mr Williams to obtain the security of a Guarantee Society.- This was all the business.