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aberystwyth. The beautiful ,situa- l0n of Aberystwyth and its bracing air gives it advantages as a place of higher 8t"(IY, which are Rhire(I by few other ^"Hegiate centres. the posi- l0n of the College, Poetically on the lviding lines be- ^een North and outh Wales, results In the bringing to- gether of students each of the two sections of e Principality to an extent not at- tained in any other institution, and gives the College a pro- minent place in the of the Princip- al,ty as a whole. David Coxjpainted beautiful bay, Sir Cooper and °ther fashionable Physicians sounded abroad the virtues of its health-giving air, and in the days of stage coaches it already attracted nJitnber8 of Envlish visitors. Lodging- homes abound on the charming parade and in the streets of he town, nor is there >T scarcity of hotels Of gea bathing, we "eed hardly say eery facility is pro- ved, and the local a,,thorities have Jjjjent money freely increase the attractions of Aber- "twyth for people ABERYSTWYTH. (From a Photograyh by Gyde). in search of health. The water supply for the town is now brought all the way from Llyn Llygady Rheidol, near the summit of Plyn- limon, and visitors may have the satis- faction of knowing that what they drink is pure and unadulterated. The Corporation has spent £ 20,000 on the water supply, and many thousands more on paving and sanitary works and other pnblic ini provements. THE CASTLE. The first attraction of Aberystwyth next to the beach is the Castle. The ruins stand above the sea, westward of the town, upon a little rocky promontory, reached by a gentle walk. Theview,from Pem brokeshire south, to Carnarvon- shire, north, which bound Cardigan Bay, is seen to perfection on this spot, for we stand about midway between the extreme points, and have the curving shore in view a good part of the distance. Of course the look-out north is the most charming, for it includes the hills which rise round the Dovey, and far beyond, with Snowdon itself on clear days.