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NEWTOWN. SIR PRYCE PRYCE-JONES' RENT AeDIT.-The half-yearly rent audit of the estate of Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones was held on Thursday evening at the Public Hall, the chair being occupied by Mr E. Powell. A capital dinner was provided by Mr Martin Buck Inn, to which the following, amongst others, sat down Messrs W. E. Pryce-Jones, J Humphreys, G. H. Ellison, C. Morgan, and T. J. pUgh THE CRESCENT LITERARY SOCIETY.—The annual picnic took place on Friday, when some fifty mem- bers and friends spent a pleasent day on the Breid- den Lunch and tea were provided by Mr. Bebb, and'Mrs J. C. Gittins and Mrs D. Hughes presided at the tables. Admirable arrangements were made by the secretary, Mr J. T. C. Gittins. CYCLE ACCIDENTs.,On Friday week, Mr. Morlev Park, had a nasty spell on the Milford Road, sus- taining a severe cut over the left eye. -On Sunaay, Mr. Humphreys, who is employed in the Parcels Post Office, was returning from Aberystwyth via Llangurig, when he was thrown from his machine, through a dog crossing his path. On being picked up by°his companion, Mr, Humphreys was found to be seriously injured about the face. He pro- ceeded to Llanidloes, where he stayed the night, returning to Newtown on the following day. THE BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL.—The anniversary services were held on Sunday, when the preacher was Rev T. E. Williams. The singing at all the services reflictedigreat credit on the choir and their conductor, Mr Gilbert Trow. Mr. A. D. Woolley presided at the organ. Recitations and dialogues were given by the Misses Hilda Powell, A. Williams, G. Evans, E. Gentle, E. Williams, E. Pugh, A. Jones, A. Davies J. Morgan, R. Evans, M. J. Thomas, Davies, and Humphreys, Messrs E E. Thomas, Gordon, Lewis, Davies, D D. Edmunds, Ed, Williams W Hodges Lewis and Davies; solos, duets, &c., by Mrs M. J. Rowlands and Misses Maggie Humphreys, L. Davies, and Minnie Thomas, Messrs H. noms. G Da^cs, J^H. Humphreys, S. Trenchard, and C. Dalies, collections amounted to £ 23 4e>- COMMEMORATION OF SIB PKYCE PRYCE-JONES'S KNIGHTHOOD.-The annual half-holiday m connec- tion with the above was given to the employes of Pryce-Jones Ltd. on Wednesday evening last, and rejoicings were held on the Recreation Grounds, Pool road. The day opened out gloriously and but for a shower or two of rain during the afternoon, which however did not materially mar the pro- ceedings, the weather was very fine. The centre of attraction in the afternoon was a cricket match, which appears in our cricket column. About 6 30 a continent of the Newtown Silver Band plaved on TO the field, and on their appenranee dancing was indulged in in full swing until dusk, Mr U. lL Rhodes proving a most efficient M.C. The selcction of music was very pretty, awl;1 1Jw:-t enjoyable time was spent. During the afternoon Sir Pryce and Lady Pryce-Jones drove out to The field, and interested themselves in witnessing some tennis playing, and the cricket match, thev appearing just at the critical moment, when the homesters were just reaching the Otterspool score. Suitable refreshments were supplied on the ground by Mr. T. Jones. Blue Bell Inn. Thus, this happy annual event was spent in the most enjoyable manner and every one that was favoured with the holiday, and many others on the field, no doubt went to their respective homes wishing the hero of the hour many such anniversaries of his obtaining Knighthood, and thanking the firm, of which he is the respected head, for their consideration in giving the holiday again this year. THE ROYÅL YIIT.At Newtown the station had been tastefully decorated for the occasion, under the able superintendence of Mr. G. Shute, assisted by Sir. John Morris. On the "up" platform, at the foot of the pillars supporting the glass covering, 100 yards of turkey red had been extended, in front of which were placed, at intervals, large pots containing palms, begonias, calias, patagonias, i geraniums, gloscinias, &c., whilst small spruce trees were grafted to the pillars, which were fes- tooned with evergreens for a length ef 200 yards, The exterior of the waiting room on the down platform was draped with flags, the whole of which were supplied (also at Machynlleth) by Sir. J. Pilot. The plants were sent by Sir Pryce Pryce- Jones with his usual generosity. The Royal Welsh Warehouse as seen from the station, was gay with banners, whilst stretching across the road from the top storey of the Warehouse to that of the new Warehouse was bunting bearing the words Welcome to the Prince and Princess of Wales." About 4 30 p. m. the up" platform became crowded with a fashionable company which in- cluded Sir Pryce and Lady Pryce-Jones, Sir W E Pryce-Jones, Dr and Mrs Purchas, Sir and Mrs E Powell, Mr G H Ellison, Rev R and Airs Evan Jones, Rev E A and Mrs Fishbourne, Revs Elias Jones, T. Enoch, T E Williams, and G Roberts, Messrs R Williams, J C Gittins, Mr and Mrs R Phillips, Mr Meredith, Sir and Mrs Morley Park, Mrs M Woosnam, Mrs T. SI. Taylor, Mrs W. F. Thomas, Mrs Lloyd Hughes, Misses Jones, Bank House; Miss Swift, Misses Woosuam Savage, etc. A special train con- veying Sir Gladstone to Aberystwyth passed through the station, when the company accorded the "Grand Old Man" a hearty cheer, which was renewed when, about an hour later, the Royal train made its ap- pearance. The proceedings throughout were of a very orderly character.







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