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MACHYNLLETH. THE ROYAL VISIT.—Mr H. Lloyd-Jones presided ovei a meeting on Monday afternoon in the Town Hall, and there were also present :—Messrs Edward Davies, Sackville Phelps, Rd Gillart, Edmund Gillart, R. C. Anwyl, Major Bonsall, Messrs Henry, Richard Rees, Ed Rees, N Lloyd-Jones, N. B. Owen, Mrs Trevor, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs M Lloyd, Dr Davies, Messrs Edward Jones (Lion), J Edmunds (Wynnstay), Joseph Evans, John Row- lands, Rev Josiah Jones, Rev John Williams, Drs Matthews and Williams, Messrs Evan Jones, W M Jones, D Davies WiJliams, John Pugh, John Lewis, J M Breeze, Capt Richards, J B Davies, B Pierce, G W Griffiths, John Evans, Peter Williams, T R Morgan, T Lloyd, C R Kenyon, etc., with Mr David Evans, hon see.-The programme was adopted and it was decided that the Plas grounds should not be open to the public on the 25th and 26th inst. It was decided to write to Sir Francis Knollys, asking him if the address should be read in Welsh. It was stated that proper provision would be made for the childrens' choir. OPPOSING THE LICENSED VICTUALLERS. On Saturday a special court consisting of Major Bonsall (chairman), Messrs Joseph Evans, Edward Davies, N. B. Owen, Edward Hughes, Dr Edwards, and Mr Edward Rees, sat to hear applications from the local publicans for an extension of their hours on the three days of the Royal Visit by two hours —from ten until twelve o'clock, and Mr Edward Jones of the Lion Hotel, applied for an occasional license from the Court to sell intoxicating drinks in the Town Hall.—Letters opposing the applications were read from Rev Josiah Jones, Rev D. H Hughes, Machynlleth Women's Temperance Union, Maen- gwyn Calvinistic Church, Maglona Lodge of Good Templars, Wesleyan Church.— The letters and petitions reminded the Court that at Aberystwyth similar applications were refused.—Mr Edward Jones of the Lion Hotel, pointed out that at Aber- ystwyth the hotels and other places were open until eleven o'clock. He strongly repudiated the insinuations contained in the letters that the repu- tation of the Machyni'eih licensed victuallers would be sullied if these applications were granted. Ever since he had been in the town he had never known a single case against a licensed victualler, and with all due deference to the rev gentlemen he considered that it was too bad to the licensed victuallers of the town.—Mr Edmund Davies asked if the rest of the publicans were willing that the occasional license should be granted.—Mr Edward Jones pointed out that none but he had applied in answer to the Executive Committee's invitation. Personally he would have more than he could manage, but he was going to supply refreshments for the sake of the strangers who would be in the town.—The Bench retired to consider their verdict and upon returning into Court said that the applications would be refused.—Mr Edward Jones repeated that it was not for their own benefit that they asked for it; he was pleased to say that none of them had come to a state of poverty that they had to work until 12 o'clock at night in order to make a living (hear, hear, from the licensed victuallers). COUNTY COURT, SATURDAY. Before His Honour Judge David Lewis. CONGRATULATIONS.—Mr. John Rowlands said as this was the first Court at which his Honour had had an opportunity of sitting since his late illness, on behalf of the Court and its suitors he heartily congratulated his Honour upon his return.—His Honour: Thank you very muoh. DAMAGES TO AN AXLF.Jobn Watkin, of Llan- brynmair, sought to claim compensation from Evan Owen, for damages alleged to have been caused to the axle of a cart belonging to the plaintiff. On behalf of Mr. W. P. Owen (Aberystwyth), Mr John Rowlands asked for an adjournment of the case, as the defendant and his witnesses were unable to be present that day, chiefly through illness.— The plaintiff objected to the adjournment.—His Honour: You could have taken your evidence on commis- sion, Mr. Rowlands. The Plaintiff said the defend- ant had asked for an adjournment before, and there was no reason why he should not be present on that day.—His Honour: Go on; prove your case. The plaintiff described the manner in which the accident occurred, which was due to a collision, and called John Stephen Owen, his servant, to support his statement. Judgment for plaintiff for the amount of claim, 13s. 9d. THE FLITTING DEFENDANT.—Thomas and Co., Medical Hall, Towyn, sued J. R. B. Godfrey, barrister-at-law, 3, Crown Office Row, London, for the sum of JE8 Os. 6d., being the amount due for goods supplied and the same defendant was sued by John Evans, tailor and draper, Aberdovey, for the sum of zClO Is., due for the supply of clothing, &c.-iltr Rowlands, who appeared for the plaintiffs, said the notice had been served at the known addresses of the defendant in the case, and in accordance with an order by Judge Bishop at the last Court, and advertisement notice had been in- serted in a local paper.—-The defendant did not appear.—Judgment was given in favour of the plaintiffs, and the costs of the advertising to be paid by the delendant. TAKING AWAY A GATE.—Lewis Lewis, Glanyrafon, Glasbwll, sued Edward Rowlands, of Derwenlas, for the sum of Ll, being the amount alleged to be due for the taking away of a gate and the damag- ing of the posts at Arddlas, Glasbwll.—Mr Rowlands appeared for the plaintiff, and His Honoui gave judgment for 8s. 6d. COULD'NT GET RID OF Hi,i.-Edward Heathcote Thruston, of Pennal Tower, Machynlleth, sought to recover from Evan Jones, Pwllbydie, Pennal, farmer, the possession of a cottage, cow-house, garden, and premises known as Bryn, otherwise Pwllbydie, situate in the parish of Pennal, in the county of Merioneth, and which was held over from the plaintiff, the tenancy having been determined by notices to quit, which expired on the 12th day of May. The annual value of the above premises was C3 10s, and the plaintiff also claimed 14 for rent and mesne profits.—Mr F. R. Roberts, Aberyst- wyth, appeared for the plaintiff.Mr Roberts said that the defendant maintained that the cottage, etc., was one taking with the land, but they held that they were two distinct takings, and his application was not to recover possession of the land, but only of the cottage and premises.— Evidence was given by Mr Thruston and Lewis Lloyd Jones.—The defendant said that he had no house to go to.His Honour: Can you give him any time ?—Mr Roberts He signed a consent to leave this house in last February.—His Honour: Of course, you can bundle him out neck and crop, but will you give him a little time P—Mrs Thruston was not willing to give much time, and sub- sequently 14 days was agreed upon.







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